It’s Morning, America: Friday, Sept. 13, 2019

Breaking down the Democratic debate, Dorian relief effort in the Bahamas, Felicity Huffman’s sentencing and more.
26:22 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Friday, Sept. 13, 2019
Good morning I'm Laurie imagining Norman near the top by thinks this Friday number one the big debate in Houston. Democrats squared off during a debate marked by heated clashes on health care guns and immigration front runner Joseph Biden stood between progressives Elizabeth Warren. And Bernie Sanders who vigorously defended their Medicare for all plan fighting challenge them on costs and argued for an improved version of obamacare. Meanwhile battle over our had a breakout moment I'm gun control saying quote. Hell yes we're going to take carry ar fifteen and the most tweeted moment came when who Leon Castro accused Joseph Biden for getting something he had said. Just minutes earlier. It turned out Biden had gotten it right more highlights and analysis from Houston in just a moment. Number two I spy mystery at the White House Israel's prime minister denying a report that says Israel planted cell phone surveillance devices. Near the White House. And other sensitive locations in Washington according to the website Politico this so called sting ray devices were planted in the last two years. It's unclear if any information was collected Israel's prime minister calls the report quote. A blatant lie. And on number three the Bahamas on alert because of another storm friend asked tropical storm warning is posted for part of the country that was devastated by hurricane Dorian. The US is sending an additional four million dollars in aid to the comments that brings the total amount of American assistance to ten million dollars. The number of people listed as missing after Gerald Dorian. Has now been lowered to about thirteen hundred and number for the patriots receiver Antonio Brown has spoken out for the first time. That's accused but since being accused of rape. Brown posted a video last night from quarterback Tom Brady's training facility. Talking about staying focused is unclear brown will play. In Sunday's game against the dolphins he could be placed on the commissioners exempt list. Which would prevent him from taking the field brown denies the allegations against him. And finally number five we have an update on a Florida schoolboy who continues to get a last lap on his classmates who bully him this week we told you about the fourth grader. Who took great artist homemade T shirts supporting the University of Tennessee post poll found out about it and made his design into an official T shirt. Proceeds going to an anti bullying group but wait there's more now the school has offered him a full scholarship to be a member of the class of 2032. And it. Credible we've got so much talk talk about coming your way and it's morning America. The very bold affected about his own shirt made by the University of Tennessee and now as before it scholarship. I know he's a young guy now so who knows where he'll be when it's time to go to school but now he knows. He can be a volunteer. I think you might wanna be if I can assure. A tossed. Let's get to that big debate in Houston the top Democrats gathering on the same stage for the first time. Everyone was waiting to see if Elizabeth Warren would attack Joseph Biden that moment never came. But there were plenty of other confrontations on stage and the question now is will it matter did anything shake up the race. ABC's three martial begins our coverage she is at the debate hall in Houston with highlights Rina good morning. Today well good morning to have both the view and that these candidates each making their pay tell why did you get the party's nomination to be the next democratic candidate but perhaps the I think they could agree on is they want to see Donald Trump out of the White House. A single night of debates. Polish roster yet and for the most part the punches is not leaning on each others on the president's. One of the night's biggest moments when better loans work was asked. Are you favor of confiscating guns yes we're gonna take your AR fifteen or AK forty. And when it comes to gun control commonly Harris lasted president trump claiming he treatable in the recent shootings in El Paso. I mean obviously him pull the trigger but. He's certainly been tweet happy and in this. Early in the debate former vice president Joseph Biden's closest competitors. Avoided attacking the front runner except for going on Castro. I'm fulfilling fulfilling the legacy of Barack Obama and you're not 44 year old Texan he would touch on concerns about it I didn't eight which he accused the 76 year old deal would forgetting DTL about his own health care what can. Not have to buy you just said that he says that two minutes ago you just two minutes ago that there would have to buy in order. You said they would have to rely had divided if I qualify are you forgetting what you had a strategy that they've. While that moment quickly went to viral it appears Castro was the one who got are wrong because by an did not appear to say that people would have to opt in to his plan. Here's but he really sad. Anyone who can afford it it's automatically enrolled and not in the in the Medicare type option we have as. Biden who's in favor of improving on obamacare sit his opponent's plans for Medicare for all is just too expensive. My plan for health care cost a lot of money. It cost 71240. Billion dollars. It doesn't cost thirty. Trillion dollars coming to Medicare brawls offense Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren arguing the cost will not be felt by the middle class how do we pay. Before we pay for those at the very top the richest individuals and the biggest corporations. Are going to pay more. And middle class families are going to pay less. Late in the debate by and taking some punches as standards blasted him on the war in Iraq saying he was right and bite and was wrong. One of the big differences between you and me I never believed what Cheney and bush said about Iraq your vote. The war in Iraq. And help lead the opposition. Andrew Yang who's in a recent surge in popularity made a surprise offer during his opening remarks at an entrepreneur or saying his campaign will win easily collapse and gambling is give them each 121000 dollars over the next year. All part of gangs universal base sticking come plan. We'll get our code you working for us again the American people. Already there's questions being raised about whether that offer violates federal election law. The charm campaign pouncing this morning. Saying Angus wrote openly buying votes in the debate is a whole offered nothing new adding president trump will dominate any of them. One of the other big moments they got a lot of table talking ozone vice president Joseph Biden suggested people on their record players so children. Could hear more words apparently part of his pitch to address any racial inequality and the education system to name well. Our Wright's remarks are there in Houston they you've joining us this morning. Now let's take a closer look at where the candidates sand as they prepare to face off again next month. ABC's deputy political director Mary Alice parks offers her take on the memorable moments and who still struggling to set themselves apart. Last night marked a turning point in this campaign. The former vice president Joseph Biden full length by those two power house progressive senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. For the first time. And yet it was raided that rocked the fight even on their signature issue. Though he leads in the polls Biden has struggled during some of these past debates but in Houston he seemed to find his budding. So did Texan better or work the former congressman capitalizing on his home field advantage over and over again thanked by his colleagues for his leadership. After the domestic terrorist attack in his hometown of El Paso. Sender Bernie Sanders took some serious incoming on its health care proposals. But defended his Medicare for all policies to end. Going into the rest of the fall few have to show that his campaign has not run at a gas and went idol winner tonight the former president Barack Obama. At the last debate among the Democrats started to criticize parts of his legacy. But here in Houston that was a risk no one seemed eager to repeat. Will today. Thanks to Mary Alice there and here now is more post debate analysis on the winners and the losers of the debate. From ABC's Cecilia Vega Mary Bruce Jonathan Karl and Martha Raddatz. A state one. Lost two of the best night where the worst night. I do think Joseph Biden had a good night in the sense that he came out a little bit more forcefully than he has in the previous debates Ricky kind of stumbled in the first debate that the second debate. He did no harm but I don't know if you really didn't sound too many favors and today he sort of he was more aggressive and he did go after some of hit his counterparts trying to establish. That distinct division between what he is arguing is is the need for a return to stability promoting his electability which is what we've seen driving gains boost in the polls. And trying to draw distinction between his vision. And what he you know well argue it is those of his progressive candidate at rivals who are arguing more than really just. Shake up the entire system. I mean I think it was a status quota bears great debate status could have been out quickly changed the race so that's good for Biden it's good for warned. It's good for Bernie Sanders I don't think the you know I think they remained. The top three but the fiber to pick a winner. I'm gonna go out of Milan and on the same manner Peter I think mayor Pete had eight I think he had a really solid debate he kind of carved out. A coherent position us in the center left. Firmly in the Biden camp on the on the on the health care issue any. Kind of rose above it in that moment when they were all fighting cast tournament after Biden in the back and forth and and he said. Yeah you've made an appeal to democratic unity. Ener1 I think when it out yet go ahead a humanist candidates on the wings really happened to have that kind of you know spa hot late stealing moment to really try and give your campaign a boost. And it jolts and did we see that I don't I don't think he saw that but I I think we saw a jolt from from Castro and I don't think it was a very good when and I think it probably helps. Joseph Biden and hurt because. And sold it went Cooley Castro and Joseph Biden certainly making waves so let's check in with our ABC news contributors who joined Byron Pitts in the spin room to talk about that and the other big moments. Castro that moment with the vice president when he's questioned his memory in that moment didn't go to fox assumed speed and the uncomfortable moment the night. Dividends that your perspective I think younger voters I think folks who you know can. Understand this is the spirit of the debate I don't think they're gonna see it wasn't until moment that they did undefeated of the things I think they're probably some more traditional. Old school folks who like kind of and they see my other that they probably were a little startled by it. Democratic candidates make a mistake if they think they have to become their version of Donald Trump. If if the voters want to believe they got a fully pick up the biggest baddest police sitting in the White House can Democrats win with a gun control argument we talked about taking wave runs AK 47. I think it's a slippery slope and I think that when you start talking about registration. And mandatory five backs that to people seems to call a little too far between the progressive and moderate wings of the Democratic Party. Who who's winning that right now the energy in the future and the present in this party is with millennium with with the new American majority black and brown voters. Black women have saved this party for a long shot at we'll continue to do that energy is in the progressive nature right so what we're talking about now is bold leadership. We haven't learned anything from trump is that you need to deliver to your base. Then the base of this party of people have been waiting on the world to change for a long time and they're tired of waiting. This this is she's completion politics I'm a gun owning Texan right and the majority of gun owning Texans today. Want background check universal background checks want red flag laws want to ban on AK forty sevens now. Hi these rights is if you go too far in the confiscation of guns or whatever that's a problem. But that we big issue that Democrats used to run away from ten years ago or fifteen years ago on guns is now. Popular movement I'm among the majority. Of gun owner misses the point that more eyes and look at why isn't. Donald from hasn't put a position out. Casinos between his face and the voters he needs he's a troubled. And that Twitter verse has declared its winner of the debate it's. ABC's own Lindsey Davis. I asked Twitter and they ABC news hallways buzzing half hour after an exchange where she asked senator Kabul Harris why she didn't try to affect change. As a prosecutor one Twitter user. Responding with a GF of actor Jordan peel sweating with the caption the candidates whenever Lindsey Davis asks a question. Here's another one that Wendy Davis came with receipts for each of these people don't come for her unless she calls for you. And from a writer with the Detroit news these democratic debate question from Lindsey Davis are by air on say an. Blue after each one is a brighter playground and she's instigating something all of our moderator did a fabulous job. Lindsay was absolutely prepared she very pointed direct questions challenging. That candidates not only on their plans if they were to become president but on some of their history and things that they've said and done in the past. She did a fabulous job throughout. Questions that brought the candidates to places that they make might not of wanted to go have selves. Continuing and furthering the conversation as we inch closer to Election Day 20/20. A fabulous job. And other news president trap A shooting down reports that he plans ask Mike Pompeo to pull double duty as secretary of state and national security advisor. The president says pump hale will not be Astor place John Bolton his third national security advisor who was ousted this week. The president says more than a dozen people though are interested in the job. A lot of people want the job ad we it's a great job. It's great because it's a lot of fun to work with Donald felt that it's very easy actually to work with the you know why it's easy does that make all the decisions about the work. The president says he's focusing on five candidates are placed Bolton and plans to announce its pick next week. 145. American business leaders have signed an open letter to the senate demanding urgent action on guns. The CEOs of some of the country's most recognizable. Companies. Called gun violence a crisis and say doing nothing about it is simply unacceptable. Their letter calls on the senate to pass a bill requiring background checks on all gun sales and other provision. The drug administration is rolling back Obama air regulations for clean water protections the toy fifteen rules placed restrictions on. Polluting chemicals that can be used near streams wetlands and other bodies of water. Agricultural groups cheered the move but environmentalists. Say the rollback could cause health concerns an increase environmental cleanup costs. On Capitol Hill Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have approved ground rules for hearings on impeaching president trump. More than half of house Democrats now say they want some sort of investigation of the president. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is urging restraint things got testy at her weekly news conference when she was asked about impeachment. I said I had seven and going to say on the subject that's it. And justify look are you uncomfortable with the term impeachment inquiry is there another term we should be using the night at. Thank you is it a right. We are on our path. Where it takes us is where the we will follow the facts. That's when it is. Their first House Judiciary Committee hearing under the new impeachment rules is next week when former trump campaign manager according Levin Dallas he appears. The president says the Democrats planning for impeachment is an embarrassment to the country. Well worry more about an emergency landing by trans Atlantic flight caused by a coughing spell the at a Condo or flight. Had more than 300 passengers on board it was diverted to Ireland. Investigators say the pilot put his coffee cup on a tray table without a lid. The coffee spilled on to the control about not to my computer if this spill caused a strong electrical burning smell and smoke in the cockpit. No one was hurt thank goodness and fall is just days away officially but winter has already arrived in Colorado. The first snowfall this season was just enough to build a snowman keystone at Winter Park and Aspen. Are among the ski reports to see it dusting Thursday morning. Most of it had melted by the afternoon. Well coming up it today recognize any reckoning for actress Felicity Huffman she'll learn her sentence after pleading guilty how to. Listen scandal but first up Paris sailing franc dipping into jelly fish infested waters. After that's. Welcome back officials in the Bahamas say there is still a critical need for food. Clean water shelter and sanitation. In the aftermath of hurricane Dorian and the number of people considered missing has been revised. That number is down from 2500 to about 12100 the reduction took place after the names of those considered missing or checked against. Let's of people who have evacuated or are in shelters Lee Aguirre of our Miami station is in the Bahamas with more on the relief effort. The coast of the western Abbott goes seamlessly to rendezvous with this huge for us. This commission Coast Guard cutter as a floating command center loaded with thwart tons of relief supplies. Pretty much all. Those who need it the most. We got that whom I need us to clients. This is more violent the westernmost abaco Dorian I did not pass here spirit in this tiny fishing community the worst of its wrath. It's now become a haven for some 500 storm evacuees fleeing the devastation and horror they experienced. I don't miss that call my waist and lead to an opt these towards drive into the viability to see the dead bodies who modeled. Associate and I said I hadn't seen basically you know. The 700 residents who live here have had to make room for their friends and loved ones space is cramped. Power not fully restored and there was no running water. If you don't put attention on and then they'll be completely forgotten and in these are import islands because is also that the population is actually doubled now. Residents say the Bahamian government was here two days after Dorian. But not since things. Then Upton out. Would've been CNN's yes you US been out and right now. The main guy destroyed. Islanders used in hurricane debris to help fix it. If not for relief missions like this aid would not get here we gotta help walking common and because there's nobody from immutable. To bring craven but aid is getting to those who need it we can come and by parachute wouldn't amendment vote. The seat plane to drop in the ocean Airways was a game changer all the runways were closed this he plans actors awaits you you know created communication network distribution network as walls of acrid people from the apartment there. So many people working together to make sure no one is forgotten. And for those who lost everything. This year's average. Uncle a polite. Vogel a polite. And as more more people arrive here seeking shelter or seeking a new place to live now population goes up that need goes up that's why missions like this are so important. And why donations to missions like this. Are so important. Rob Morse island Louis jury local ten news. Are at let's take brick from the news in check our notification. Starting with a pair sailing prank that's going viral. These two men going into a panic as they're coming down towards the blacks in Bulgaria look below them. The water is filled with jelly fish gets you guys trying to stop their feet from going underwater. They are okay your two friends are driving the boat forgot to tell them about the Jones. So a big thing to forget yeah. Next to the kiss seen round the world also may be a prank Sean Mendez posting a video on answer Graham with his girlfriend superstar Camilla to bail. Poking fun trolling fans. Who say they kiss weirdly and it fans want to see a strange kiss they surely got one take a look or look away if you need to. Criticizing I really can't see yeah. So that's probably not right for some rehab video has been hit nearly twenty million times a thousand funny more hours even Justin Bieber of all people comment to quote you guys are weird and I like it our accident twenty million other people. Another Twitter user posted their Google's search after watching the video how to erase my own memory and another person pro said John Camilla. Upon with this picture no go areas. On the West Coast an integrated data stock allegedly stolen from his owner's efforts as apartment is back home safe and sound Kelly fit shared what she says his security video. Of someone opening her front door and abducting Otis the Pug. She canvassed the neighborhood and mounted a social media search campaign she even offered a 151000. Dollar reward. Then she says she got a call from a homeless man who letter to a homeless encampment. And that's where she and Otis were reunited. Fitch says police now have a few good leads Otis has 23000. Followers. I disagree and quite a story. Next up bad weather can go reporters right in the middle the story. And it happened here during a live report in South Dakota COLT in the last key. Was reporting on the flooding caused by seven inches of rain outside sue fall a car. Driving. Real deep. Could indeed through the water and a wave came along he had to cut things short cut to get out of that keeping a professional though the whole time. Nextel you can add a region near Rome to the list of places in Italy willing to pay for new Reza. The house that sounds towns and at mow lease that are offering newcomers as much as 27000. Dollars to calling area home. Taking the offer will learn residents new residence seven under seventy dollars per month for up to three years. Young people and couples with children are being encouraged to make the move the robbers fired a plan to revitalize the regions under populated. Villages not have a right not. That I'd take that but we move on now to sentencing day for actress Felicity Huffman. The Desperate Housewives star will learn her fate for her role in the college admissions cheating scandal Hoffman is asking for home confinement up prosecutors want jail time. This morning a judgment day for Felicity Huffman. The actors will be sentenced in Boston after admitting to paying 151000. Dollars to have an SAT Procter Alter her daughter scores. Prosecutors are pushing for one month in jail telling the judge. Hoffman's conduct was deliberate and manifestly criminal. Either probation your home confinement and large home in the Hollywood Hills with an infinity pool would constitute meaningful punishment or deter others from committing similar crimes. But Hoffman is asking the judge for probation and community service along with a 20000 dollar fine. And a letter to the judge she claimed her decision to pay the money was out of desperation to be a good mother believing that all I was doing was giving my daughter affair. Shot face on her own upbringing where she fell if she didn't necessarily have a lot of support she was cut on her own she wanted to go the extra mile to make sure that they had every advantage. Hoffman is also getting support from many of her friends and family who have written letters to the judge on her behalf 27 friends banning members wrote impassioned letters to judge. That's super plus he's character and talking about her as a friend as a mother as a quiet and just about what a good person she really is. Hoffman and her husband are among thirty other parents including full house star Laurie loch Lin. Who are accused of paying large sums of money to get their kids into prestigious colleges. While Hoffman pleaded guilty blocked Clinton and her husband pleaded not guilty and are now preparing for trial. As for Hoffman she tells the judge I have a deep and abiding shame over what I've done shame and regret that you carry for the rest of my life. And making their case for jail time prosecutors said Hoffman's efforts were quote. Not driven by neater desperation to buy a sense of entitlement the judge's decision on Hoffman sentence is expected this afternoon. Coming up pop rise making their next move in the chicken sandwich wars of 2019. What they're asking customers to do. Coming up after this. Visit watch out for today democratic candidates for us off that big debate last night are hoping to keep the momentum going. Or vice president Joseph Biden holds an event in Houston public affairs for the hundreds or Chicago very Sanders holds a town hall and a rally in Nevada. And candidates who were not on that stage last night are working hard to make the next debate. That includes told C Gabbert Steve Bullock Tom's daughter Michael Bennett they campaign in Iowa. Tim Ryan attending a mindful of this conference in New Hampshire president trop is scheduled to receive an intelligence briefing and meet with secretary of defense mark asked for. Team climate activist Greta thunderbird will participate in a climate strike at the White House demanding action from political leaders to address the climate crisis and actress Felicity Huffman is due to be sentenced in Boston after pleading guilty to conspiracy for her role in the college admission bribery scandal. Prosecutors have demand that Hoffman served prison time. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories and the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. Wily pop eyes is asking customers to be YOB. Pats bring your own bond after the restaurant's chains. Nutrients in it became so popular. They ran out so they say and isn't chicken tenders bring your own fun. Just do all the work do all the work they came out and because they ran out of their product come on top prize I don't know about anti blight. I here's Julie gets made loved. I'd that's it from us today it's Friday at every weekend rejoice.

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