It's Morning, America: Monday, May 20, 2019

Trump distances himself from Alabama's abortion law, Texas girl found after kidnapping caught on tape and more.
23:41 | 05/20/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, May 20, 2019
They're more and cannot move him I'm hitting army near the top I think snow this Monday number one severe storm alert another round of dangerous weather today after dozens of tornadoes already touched down in six states including this one in Kansas the Dodge City area was there are quite several twisters. Homes and other buildings were damaged and power lines knocked added some massive twister the greatest tornado threat today is in the Oklahoma City area. Many school districts there have canceled classes today because. Of the concerns number two a rocket fired into Baghdad. Heavily guarded Green Zone have land at less than one mile from the US embassy has no official word on who was responsible and no injuries have been reported. That region is already on edge amid concern that neighboring Iran may be plotting to attack American forces in the region president Travis issued a new warning to Iran's leadership saying quote never threatened the US again. He warned in need military engagement with the US will mean quote the end of Iran. On to number three now for Americans and a Canadian are dead after a plane crash off the coast conference they're small plane piloted by the Canadian crashed into the sea shortly after take off my popular tourist destination. Honduran officials said all four tourists aboard the single engine piper Cherokee were male the cause of the crash. Is not known we have the door different number four stunning surprise for nearly 400 seniors that Morehouse College billionaire investor Robert apps meth and went off script during its commencement address announcing. He plans that pay off the entire class of 2019 student loans. Costs of about forty million dollars according to the Wall Street Journal students who attend historically black colleges and universities like whorehouse. Typically graduate with about 29000. Dollars of loans 32% more than students from other four year schools and finally number 58 at both ends of the game look for roads and what some critics will say go down. Some critics say it will go down as one of the most controversial series finale at all times don't worry no spoilers news or there's no spoilers but there was still plenty to rave about like this shot. A canaries target here you. And her dragon wings sending fans into a frenzy on Twitter everyone loved the final episode though the review from the Detroit Free Press was meant. Despite mixed reviews every trending topic overnight was gala thrown related in nearly 28 million people. Are expected to miss work arrive late working left her adoptive than usual today because of last night's series finale. One website even making counselors available to viewers. Going the rule would fall. Are coming your brain including no spoilers Good Morning America. Good morning everyone. I think. This will be a thing would game of throws where people say that now. But they're gonna re watch it you know and it wasn't so bad this was pretty epic so. Here is what how idol breakdown. Disagreeing with you and it's from John I heard on a pod cast your husband the big geo T fan and basically. They show was originally was based on a book and it seems that they were really good at making a television adaptation of that Bob. But then when they had to keep the story going on their own then it kind of all crumbled yeah. I get it sell maybe that's what it is said hey maybe there are some people out there who feel like it was everything they dreamed up. And it was the end so there's that and for every the time to and everything including something epic like this and apparently number two episodes ago. Ever was like it looked at best ever and maybe you take that and say that's my enjoyed it time and now. I thought get to that big story the battle over abortion unifying Democrats and stirring up divisions among Republicans and he's Mona Kos are. Abby joins us from Washington with the latest good morning Mona. Good morning Kenneth good morning today over the weekend we saw hundreds of demonstrators take to this street. And protest in the Alabama State Capitol we saw thousands more in Kansas City, Missouri. All chanting mind body. My choice now the demonstrators are protesting against strict anti abortion measures that were recently passed in both states an Alabama. It and the law that has already been heard abilities Nina has already been signed into law by the governor. Is in. That would ban abortions at eight weeks now. Once in a fat to both laws criminalize the procedure for doctors. And make no exceptions for rape or incest which as kind of may as a divided a lot of pro life. Supporters and so Alabama and Missouri right now are part of a wave of conservative states aiming to legally challenged. Roe vs. Wade so we can expect a lien. To play out there and add this year alone we had a four other states. Past heart beat bills which means. That once a heart beat is detected the abortion is no longer allowed it is outlawed. Had not as we see in a lot of response to this we know we reported last week that's not conservative Pat Robertson. Even said that the Alabama law goes too far as you're just mentioning there are even so pro life Republicans or distancing themselves from these new state law office. Right the point and made earlier about no exceptions to rape or incest that has been a point of contention. For a lot about pro life supporters who say that. That Alabama Lott and the Missouri lodges and are going too far we saw Mitt Romney over the weekend say that he doesn't support the Alabama law. And most notably the president also weighed in this weekend he treated out. That he is strongly pro life. And that he though he believes in three exceptions for rape incest and that protecting the life of the mother he aligned himself. With former president Ronald Reagan said that his stance is the same as Ronald Reagan stand so. It be interesting to see how this all plays out in coming weeks and it will not be playing out anytime soon this is against. The wild run I think it's not for joining us this morning. Me well Democrats running for president are seizing the issue of abortion and these new laws Bernie Sanders took part in an abortion rights march in Alabama Birmingham Alabama he told the crowd the legislation. Was part of a well funded attacks coordinated by right wing extremists to deny women the right to control their own bodies and their own futures. Senator Kabul Harris held a rally in the Los Angeles area Andrew some of the lattice applause when she condemned Alabama decision banning abortion. In a rare move president profits criticizing his favorite news channel Fox News for airing a town hall with democratic presidential candidate he wouldn't judge. The president tweeted that fox is wasting airtime on the South Bend, Indiana mayor saying it's moving more and more to the losing side in covering the Democrats. Fox News commentator break you defended the network saying it covering candidates of both parties this part of the job of a news channel. Classes resume this morning at Portland organ high school where a student brought a loaded shotgun blasts Friday football coach king and low is being called a hero for preventing another school tragedy. It was a star wide receiver in college but that tackle he made last week may be his biggest plane ever. And during an exclusive interview he told ABC news it was the longest fraction of a second in his life. I lunged for the gun and we both have begun yet for hands on the gun and students are run on the back to a classroom. And I'm just trying to make sure that they ended again isn't going towards where the students are running but also now pointed at myself so I and didn't again from him in the gun with my right hand and and hold them off of my left hand. The eighteen year old suspect is due in court today meanwhile life is returning to normal for the other students they held their prom this weekend as scheduled. Well coming up the graduation speaker who applies to erase the student debt for the entire class of when he nineteen this shocking announcement during the commencement address. After that. Welcome back not the abduction have a little girl caught on camera and Texas too good samaritans are being called heroes for helping to fight it rescued the eight year old in the middle of the night. Hours after she was kidnapped. This morning the dramatic moment an eight year old girl was taken from her mother on the street. That chilling abduction caught on a neighbor's doorbell camera in Fort Worth. Police say Salem so bock and her mother were taking a walk when a man ground Salem and pulled her into his car. According to investigators Salem mother jumped in the car and quote fought ferociously. Even pulling a piece of jewelry off the alleged abductor but police say he then shoved say rooms mother out of the car and sped away with a little girl. Mother accidentally after her child as any mother would be expected to do. The mother was literally thrown from the vehicle then twelve hours later at 2:30 AM. Two men voluntarily searching for Salem spotted the suspect's car and hotel parking lot. About ten miles from where she was taken police knocked on the hotel door rescued Salem and took 51 year old Michael went into custody. These guys are heroes you know we're here in police uniforms badges and guys and everybody calls us he rose and now we have to citizens that went out of our way. One of those men was Jeff King a local pastor who knows say norms dad says they were searching apartment buildings and hotels when they spotted the car. King says he decided to join the search because he's a parent himself. I have two boys and I would have won as many eyes looking out heard my voice. As possible. I feel like god to allow the maybe tool. Police described the suspect as a transient with no connection to the family asked for Salem. She said to be in good condition. Across the pond now to Julie McFarlane in the London bureau who's been monitoring of bombing near the famous pyramids. And. Morning guys yeah out what I mean what a blade two this amazing. Site is one of the seven wonders of the ancient while but that's. Huge tourist pool you know how many of us of have gone no would hate to see the pyramids inch impairments of Giza findings leave. Though a sixteen people injured in the blast but none of them seriously now this happens a good weekend. On Sunday that was footage on social media about shades. The box. That was damaged in the attack now we believe it was a raid inside device that was decimated behind defense. As the boss went costs and this is just outside. The new national museum which is still under construction. And this new museum it's part of the government's efforts to try and bring tourists back. To Egypt because the tourism industry is one of Egypt's biggest contributors to its economy and it's taken a real battering in recent years. Because of the number of attacks as he said. It's not the fast attack and he's there was 16 months get in December four people were killed three Vietnamese tourists and their addiction to guide. United Egyptian government they crackdown. On militant networks opt every attack but they still they still continue to tell that to happen so the government has promised. Heavy handed response on those responsible and to bombings and six months of Julia switching gears a little bit India just how the largest election in the world tacos about the results there. So yeah this is an election of huge scale and 24 to in the last election they spent five billion dollars because it's such a massive operation India's got 900. Million. Eligible. Million people a lot of them obviously be eligible they does anyone maybe the age of eighteen. And it is the biggest election in the wild because of course the biggest population China is not a democratic country. Say 10% of the well as economy. Could have been facing these elections that take some six weeks to carry it out so we think of Election Day we'll have election study nine days. For the Indians now it's pretty interesting these elections the cause. Missed a may. But we even talking a lot about nationalism right around the wild in India is not immune to that an estimate he has been branded as a Hindu nationalist. As many people and the countries become a lot more divided on the hand set exit polls say he's likely. Two win a majority but it may be a hung parliament because the country is becoming increasingly divided Sobel made the results later this week. Joy of the royals there the British royals they have a way of just keep an us hooked. We thought that after baby Archie you know we have a little bit of a moment to go brat they said we have some pictures for yet. Yeah I mean this is I mean the soft six's radio I think things there and way it was a close that one. Wedding anniversary. On Sunday of course that stunning a lavish semi that was beamed across the world than what it is of always seeing now is that paste on Intel may Mott Donna bastard by releasing this slide show picks. Some of them never before seen pictures behind the scenes of the big day some gritty lovely pictures that accompanied by a massive. Saying frankly until the well wishes are on what he made it even more special. And that music a come thing the pay. Is this little light of mine I'm gonna let it China which if you're a member is the song the top that complicates is that an exceptional song. So luckily and available a snapshot of a complex with the suffixes. We remember and we remember well I'm I hope you are enjoying your. New baby royal there after you spend what nearly a week now RIR couple weeks how little some. Napoleon the yeah ended its two weeks today I think if they advance on an album day I. I'm happy to do we have been put my weight Julie have you watched the game at her not not not. I feel like doing need to take this out I just what is your opinion but the annual the last about it they're even I was reading the news this morning and our news stories about it and so it's like a mine CEOs on yes it like public and the technology like are we wanted to clear again after you watch it. We'll check in with you about tomorrow took some hugs and I are strong opinions about I have the fifth I think it Juliet now let's get its act. Others are notification. Starting with this police sketch fail all. Police in right where camping ten. Getting some attention on social media opposing this picture of I mean what kicked this can't possibly be a suspect can. What the suspects for. Look like me look like he got hit on the head a few times may be. Is a public problem like it distracts PM one person posted asking was a distraction and Spain's holds on social media and those comments idea. How others stopped just casually riding on the back of this motorbike. Carrying his toy in Thailand. Out of this is a prize thereabouts. Men. Diddley beat him more people on that motor cycle. And title and Connecticut around efficiently. Unfairly I did not think that is bad dog died. Meanwhile. Uga. Now sick graduation shocker of the commencement speaker at Morehouse College. Giving students literally the surprise of their lives announcing he'll pay off all their that Robert. At Smith we're gonna put a lot of respect on that name he's a tech investor previously known as a quite billionaire until he made the cover. A Forbes magazine surpassing Oprah asked the wealthiest black person in this country. ABC several Ramos has more on his very generous gift and what he hopes it will accomplish. Yeah it was already one of the proudest days of these young men's lives at Morehouse College. But the reality of what they are commencement speaker told the nearly 400 graduating seniors sinking Ian. This is my class fully ninety. Is making a grant to eliminate their student loans. A graduation gift estimated at forty million dollars. Wiping out the student loan debt of the entire class of 2019. The announcement surprising those on stage. Parents in soft amid the tears. So I ask the person to the left to me as a person to write a mean person from me person back to me. Is this really what he said. Ernest Holmes top that means you racing that 101000 dollars he still close. I think we're all still in shock when we don't know what to say really that hauler that is going to be gone student debt is a real issue in this country especially at historically black colleges according to a Wall Street Journal analysis alumni from these schools have immediate federal loan debt of about 29000. Dollars 32% more than graduates from other four year schools in that. Moment I thought they don't having a clue. How monumental this news. For many of them. How it will steeped in the trajectory. Of Beers lives these students valley to pay full work I definitely want to be woods gets to a position where. I can provide for future morehouse students Smith had already pledged one point five million dollar gift to the school. The president of Morehouse College is thanking him for giving back and perks Lindsay these students' lives. Stephanie Ramos ABC news Washington. Could you imagine I'm your graduation day what. That would have been. I can hear her or my graduation speaker I were remember this. I would remember this and we you've heard us use the word we've been using the word trajectory a lot this morning because it really changes. The path for easy young men and when they can do what it frees them up to do and what they will now I hope many of them how they will pay afford. Well when you think about that this story got there about how Milan deals are buying homes less are having are not having as many kids as like previous generations at this point their lives. It's because so many are quick bold. By the debt that they walked out of college with I know we we both said earlier were both still paying student loans none examples of back. Correction I paid my C don't you Walter M does me the big applause that worries you when Sallie Mae. That he would stop calling me committee. I am thinking about what I will do what I'll buy it when I finish paying my student or they are allowing younger I'm a little further behind but I had to pay their. Little anger. But that's really good that you were able to ensure their planning people who can't sell that man is literally changing the trajectory. Of their lives. We look at HB CU's we know that Brady rarely get these large still get read donations like this had a lot of other institutes that a lot of other major institutions get and when it comes to. These schools which are so important vital coal truly what they've done in the past and history for African Americans. It is just incredible to see this gifts being giving to these 400 deserving. Morehouse graduates and so ever as we talking about it yet and we'll see what we're gonna follow many of those young men and see what's next for them. It'll be interesting to see if this kind of sparks other herds. Like Robert that's net to see if they do similar things because he do not have to be a billionaire to make a big difference do not. Well coming up game up rose series finale had no give the viewers holding their breath. But not. All of them are happy about the ending. Lord afternoon. Here's what to watch up for today Lori Lightfoot will be sworn in as the Chicago's first ever black woman mayor she's also the first openly gay woman to hold the office. Curbing gun violence in the city is one of her top priorities. President trouble hold a make America great again a campaign rally in bond towards bill Pennsylvania. And first year students at the US Naval Academy attempts to climbed the greased up. Moneyline is let's talk Herndon monument to celebrate officially and no longer being these. Watch that right here on ABC news live that is always very entertaining. But don't forget to tune in to the debrief for an update on all our top stories and the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. With the airing of last night's series finale gala thrown is now officially a thing of the past. Adios DOT there's life in general orally bringing in over thirty million viewers per episode in the US alone. Organza as the report. The only thing more hot than dragon fire from last night's game with drugs finale might be the ratings numbers. Fans including our own Amy robots viewing party. Stock. Approximately 27 point two million employees will miss work arrived late. Work remotely or be less productive than usual today. Because of the GOT series finale fans of HBO's most popular show ever. Wondering if they'll get a sopranos type of finale. Dramatic fade to black or a reminder that your face art as favorable as we thought they were just like sign failed. But regardless of how it ends the show going down in history. Over seven seasons game of the roads receiving 132. Emmy award nominations and winning 47 of them. The stars themselves saying goodbye to the show and social media. Nearly Clark saying did airs has taken up the whole of my heart I've sweated in the laser dragon fire shed many tears of those who left her family early. But TU dear kind of magical fans are you so much thanks and Gwendolyn Christie finding the humor. Captioning this post being told the ending to DOT. Every action also appropriate to fans who haven't seen the price tag for this season's episodes. The final season costing a star. Fifteen million dollars hurt each of the final six episodes. So this isn't totally in the end there's still the final two books in the series yet to be finished a baca had beat back could be very different from the show. And sped off shows reportedly in the works so I guess it's not a thing of the past. I get there early this TV. Series that we just saw that's having an about it. HBO gave up god as it. Gone gone gone gone with the wind fabulous yeah there can be found enough on the heels. That it Ed bring us the question today awarding looking forward to now that game left roses over tell us in the comments forward tweet us at ABC news live real important I. Going out. Can you weren't doing anything I think I was elegant apple or aren't now what I would doing the most is not saying the words spoiler alert. Yes ordinary Surrey areas or. Know some of the big geo TV he dragons though hunt snow. Who will sit on the iron throne of Starbucks cut popping up some land that nobody price until you are calling an out all of their flaws. Can't see it too dark what else Colleen Taylor complain about episodes insured through July. Yeah yep. And now that our watch it ended. For today we'll see tomorrow.

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