It's Morning, America: Monday, Aug. 5, 2019

At least 29 killed in back-to-back mass shootings, Democrats push Sen. McConnell to pass gun control bill, focus on white supremacy in El Paso.
28:39 | 08/05/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, Aug. 5, 2019
Good morning I'm kind of movement Nanjing army here the top five things to note this Monday number one those. Back to back mass shootings first in Dayton Ohio police are trying to determine what motivated a gunman to kill nine people. Including his own sister was shot in the less than thirty seconds after opening fire. Outside a bar at a vigil last night mourners interrupted the governor chanting do something. And make a change. Number two federal authorities are weighing hate crime charges against a suspect in the El Paso massacre. The 21 year old is accused of killing twenty people and wounding more than three dozen others at a Wal-Mart near the border investigators are. Treating the attack of the domestic terrorism case they believed Bruschi coast it races anti immigrant messages. On line before the attack. On to number three developing story received growing protests in Hong Kong are raising concerns. That are fierce crackdown from China. May be looming the protests and a citywide strike today have brought Hong Kong to a standstill flocking trains and canceling more than 200 flights. It files more clashes between police and demonstrators Hong Kong's leader since the protests which were sparked partly pros extradition law with China have pushed the city so quote. Verge of a very dangerous situation and we had to Florida for number 43 people are recovering from shark bites and. Over the weekend they include a man who was standing in knee deep water new Smyrna beach when he was bitten. On the foot and the bikes were not life threatening. And finally number five most parents we'll tell you nothing is more on the watching their kids soccer or T ball. Or really any sport. But a new study for me Aspen Institute finds that on average kids spend. Less than three years playing sports and are quitting by age eleven the main reason according to kids and parents is too much pressure it's all about. Winning than actual plane for. Fine so ESPN's burden with the Aspen institute on a new campaign called. Don't retire kid I picked off with a public service announcements showing a young athlete holding a news conference to talk about his retirement. The campaign will feature well known stars from all over the sports world encouraging kids to stick with Bork. Plus money have resources to help parents keep their kids. Like including lowering the pressure. Says you know I've talked tough place to start the week never gonna get there together everything you're feeling at home about. This awful news we are feeling here and have been killing all weekend so we will get right to the new. Emerging about this weekend's mass shootings in El Paso, Texas. And state Ohio 29 people killed dozens more injured we begin with meg and covers in in El Paso, Texas Megan good morning. Good morning today we're learning more about the victims here this morning they include a grandmother. Who raised seven children a mother and father who died while protecting their two month old son. And an army veteran who was also a long time bus driver and I'll half south. Overnight communities coming together across El Paso. Their work. Anything from a parade of mourners carried sunflowers to an estimated 1000 people gathering at this baseball field all seeking hope in the comfort in the wake of tragedy. It comes after a gunman opened fire at a Wal-Mart in El Paso Saturday killing twenty people. The massacre unfold lead as Stanley's have to store many of them back to school shop beam it. Surveillance images obtained by KTS jam appear to show the gunman walking through the entrance with a weapon pointed straight ahead wearing ear protection and tactical classes. Octagon a Gonzales was shopping with her mother. This senior citizen lady that I try to help. Then I could alienate just to hold you to move faster and she couldn't move faster so. I'd best get there. And I need to get. Getting closer and closer so it was just. Just I just told you to get down and high. Needed to brow ASCII sister 25 year old Jordan Rich Congo was killed protecting her two month old son on Saturday repeated pleas for help. Locating her sister's husband Andrei the infant's father. But overnight the Stanley getting beat heartbreaking news the gifted father had died as well. From my Anderson. The baby some of those to the big deal from. Nor does he fell to the the suspected shooter was arrested blocks away from the scene without incidence. We are treating it as a domestic terrorism case. And we're gonna do we do to terrorists in this country which is deliver swift. And certain justice. The mall is five miles from the border and often packed with residents of El Paso in nearby wars Mexico six Mexican nationals were killed. Mexico is now considering whether to bring charges. Law enforcement officials say the shooter is from Allen Texas. At Dallas suburb 600 miles away meanwhile back in El Paso hundreds of people lined up in a hundred degree weather to donate blood. As a community comes together trying to begin to heal. And the FBI is concerned that these kind of high profile shootings could actually inspire other. Extreme violent extremists and they want your help if you notice any suspicious activity whether the online or in person to contact law enforcement. Today and headed back to you. Ray and Mike didn't you know and being in use it seems like we're reporting on mass shootings more. And more frequently as some would say they're appears to have been an increase lately. I know today ER right and unfortunately. That is correct the FBI started tracking active shooter incidents in 2000. And then there are roughly roughly six active shooter incidents a year. But in 2016 there were. Twenty a year and then into when he 1730. Active shooting incidents in that he. And yes target. And Megan thank you so much for joining us and a the FBI has said it is investigating 815. Domestic terrorism cases. About the same number as active basis. Cases related cases and a significant number of those domestic terrorism cases involve racial and ethnic hatred those are staggering number yes you think of. Staggering. And as we talk about the numbers again taking the lie that the innocent people. We don't often have talk about that he would over the suspects. But we don't often up talk about that people and so I'm really proud that we share so many stories of the victims here this morning and I hope that we continue. To lift those people up and to talk about those were taken. Too soon and out of that she gained the highway nine people were killed and dozens were injured before police killed a shooter as former classmates say he was once suspended from Iceland for allegedly. Making hit list but this morning the motive. For the shooting remains a mystery. The crowd of people at this candlelight vigil in Ohio you showing their frustration with gun violence. Governor Mike DeWine with an erupting multiple times by chance of do something as hundreds gather for the vigil in Dayton. Less than 24 hours earlier a masked gunman wearing a bulletproof vest opened fire on a busy street nine people were killed including 57 year old Derrick fudge. Thomas Nickels the father of four who's being remembered as a gentle giant. And Lois Oglesby a nursing student who just gave birth to her second child last month. Bury our breaking varied life. I never really as fair as they never really had to do was stolen dating he is so close to home. I just wish she would do is wake up in a hospital and. Or gunfire erupted early Sunday and Dayton's organ district an area packed with restaurants and bars. The surveillance video shows people running for their lives and police shooting at the suspect. I'll never get yourself some time. Just that it's. And in the people's brains. It's ram. The beer it sounded like a. The shots rang out as holly Redmond was walking into a bar. And after taking cover she ran to a wounded Meehan and performed CPR. I pat my hands on his honestly and and I couldn't get the blood to stop static at tank top on. Thanks pulled my tank top box and I just sat and I called the blood and she would do that concussions and I would lean over what my body lean on his. Saying industries for him and I knew he started getting good air you know we can't do NFL long time and I felt really hits. We I didn't hate even naked. The police chief says officers Kilby alleged shooter within thirty seconds in the first shot. Just 42 year old sisters among the nine victims police are investigating whether her killing was intentional. Please have a motive for the attack remains unclear more than two dozen other people injure were rushed to hospitals for treatment. The FBI has been tracking an increase in a reported hate crimes involving suspects who identify as white supremacist. Officials say most domestic terrorism cases are motivated by some version of white supremacy. Experts say the dark corners of the Internet are gathering places for these extremists they say the online messaging board eight Chan. Is one of those places its creator now says he thinks messaging board should be shut down. On Good Morning America. Gentlemen thank you for joining us this morning in. Jimmy let me begin with you weren't even at the scene but you're part of this group. Parents your kids play T ball together you've got that call you ran toward the danger tell us what happened. A right at the scene. The couple just getting there. Parked my truck. Run to the middle of parking lot looking for the kids because the father told me find my family my my kids. And I find a group of kids. There were hiding behind a vehicle. That there were low and they saw me in the shouted at coach coach. And I had pulled the knowledge this it was horrible. For the mouth got him out of the scene and then they kept asking for their parents please give my parents out there my mom's been shot my dad and shut. And came back for the mom on the mall we got her out of there too. The shootings in Texas and Ohio have renewed calls for political action in Washington ABC's Mercosur Abdi joins us now from Washington for a look at how this weekend changes the political landscape. More not good morning so president trump has offered condolences for the shootings he says hate has no place in our country. But critics are pointing to the language used by the El Paso shooter. Saying that it's similar to what president trump has set about immigrants in the past. And that's right particularly Mexican immigrants and the country of Mexico. Now the shooting has renewed backlash about the president's rhetoric. Many pointing to the shooters words stating that quote this attack is in response to than Hispanic invasion of Texas. And that didn't American language that Tron abused and not too long ago. During a rally now the acting chief of staff make movie he says that. The that he also musician whose words saying that the attack was not about the president he says that. This is not the blame of any politician now top Republicans also. Instead diverting blame onto the violent a video game industry. But again saying that the president's words are not to blame here. 20/20 candidates Democrats. They have a different opinion a lot of them directly pointing to the president using some very strong language. Now you mentioned those Democrats who are working to replace the president and Democrats in congress are also calling fraction on gun control sort of a saying Mona on Capitol Hill and how have. Presidential candidates responded to the shootings and I say that about the Democrats on Capitol Hill but there are recess. Right now correct. And they are so Jess on Thursday. Senators left Washington to start their five week summer recess already the house was on their six week summer recess. But now we have minority Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Who's calling on Mitch McConnell to cut the breaks short so that they can come back and vote on gun control legislation particularly. A universal background check bill that has already passed the house. A lot of the Democrats right now are just pressuring him. On cutting this break shore and not taking action and Mona Leo is also getting pressure not only from other lawmakers brought from. News that many Americans last night on Twitter hash tag massacre Mitch was one of that. Top trending topic number one 10 lots of people speaking out you know on social media also. I will moan there are trying to us sort through the political landscape after these very very horrible tragic incidents Mona I think you again. And more to come stay with us. Welcome back recapping the pair of mass shootings shocking the nation this morning sources say a gunman and I'll paso Texas told police he was trying to kill as many Mexicans as possible. The 21 year old suspect who could face domestic terrorism and hate crime charges is accused of killing twenty people. And police are still trying to determine why shooter and beat Ohio kill nine people including his own sister before he was shot to death by officers. Are gonna go across Rhonda here McFarland and then London bureau for an international perspective on what has really become. An all too familiar all too familiar tragedy here in this country Julie good morning I mean. You're watching from a distance there but here in America that we. Today you're obviously any right. But I will say it doesn't really feel like we're dealing. With the story from. Inner from a distance because it was. The main news story. On domestic bulletins throughout the weekend. We're watching sky news the BBC it. The online editions of the newspaper says all led very heavily with the US shootings and I actually trying to find some international headlines. ABC news radio amazed of the foreign news stories circulating in the UK YR about the shootings. I just want to res just a little bit of an act of an except I read by Nikki will his abuse of Brett. Whacking an America which I think really sums up how missed Brett somehow a lot of people across the side of the ponds feel about these mass shootings as a happen in America. He says rising about gun violence in America is starting to feel like being the vegetarian. Writes in residence at a slow to house this age will be defined. By mass shooting drills just as the cold what was defined by act some bomb drills. It's just part of what America is now gun deaths seem factored into the discourse acceptable. Losses. People up Paulus at a Condit goes on I have written this piece say many times since 2012. Too many times. There is little more left to say Koppel was that from did new statement America by Nikki will. Very powerful there. We do have some international news to get to tensions between India and Pakistan are high this morning we understand Juliette as the Indian government is announcing the removal. Of Kashmir's the special status and thousands of troops are already deployed in that disputed region. It Vatican at this is quite a worrying and consenting development. For cash Mary's the the area of dummy I'm cash met it's an Indian administer dead. Pot of cash merits caught sort of semi autonomous status which it has held for decades because that area of Cashman is disputed between India. And pockets Don they've been atop separate controlled all enclaves of that Tara treat. But to be reeling BJP party in India which is a very. Nationalist Hindu. Ponte. They announced that they were removing Cashman is special status the Indians out of Cashman special status and this has attracted op rule from opposition. Parliamentarians and India they've attacked it as unconstitutional. Thousands of troops IDs at the plate onto the streets of cash may Kashmiris this morning have woken up to does that to streets the schools are Claes. Internet service has gone down. And tourists have been told told to leave a lot of Indians speaking to relatives inside Cashman say that they off. Fifth wheel about going outside and that just waiting see what happens next there is expected that there will be on Iraq's in the wake of. This announcement and right and Julio we would like to lighten things up just a little bit today it's such a somber day here in the US but. Over there and here we'd like to wish a happy birthday to dutchess Megan Marcos that tell us how the royal family celebrating. Battier is young boy dutchess mag and it was have back there on Sunday pulled through all this it's of course have bus bus today. As a mom says he doesn't near a member of the Tommy twist happy birthday in his and the wives baby print Beatty oxy of course. That was eight and stick gum paste from the Sussex oil in Saddam account which was signed up by Harriett reds. Wishing age generates the duchess of Sussex a very happy best day. And then message from Harry red hockey buzz it's my amazing wife thank you for joining me. On this adventure love eight the State's heads. Of mechanism from that tour of Tonga dot tour of commonwealth countries. Lost no band making radiant and not me dress. And just underneath outpaced the at a temperatures may add to that and in full he loves he whacked with on the September issue. He said hockey Beth Dave Mankins. Fun fact guys that's just my again says about day with. Another prominent American I just discovered we what's your notepad. How it might there. Ago are you idiot dad president Barack Obama yes. Didn't get your number today do you never good. It was. Mrs. Obama and two Megan into the and that tiger in the bank have you guys. Had an had a Jones have a look at not yet know not yet not yet not to do list the rating comes bulls we've bought. We've got a copy in the news do email us. Mail us out of this out of green this Saturday here I come and gone in there if there are better minus it's just it's just that just. Colleen it has seen that in Italy England loosely use bats to dupe that's me this. Hairy guys say this could be the front government move a little shining at the Merritt investment to be. Whether reader sees themselves on its. An error. Fan yeah Sam because it's fifteen influential. Women that Megan's taser and plus she wants to read it to be inspired to unchanged but he says so weighty issue an Internet chat. I'm minutes even here I'm like I'm an influential woman to that's right. That's frightening there's one and all of us that hey Julie I think what I want we really appreciate it so let's stay positive here. And check identifications and rents are the Buffalo Bills. Bill bugging the Buffalo Bills shuffled ask. Mobility. He afternoon. Johnson band whose blessing other dancing and I think kicked off you have. Our necks of the Akron zoo and Ohio which have the new baby snow leopard and make I am a politically vulnerable that. Let it chooses own names EA UC like he went right to you that my U. By you there is they put out several names options then. It may remodeling buy it to you yeah. So by use the new name for that. NIC leopard check out this guy who'd time to sell the reviews just right. As an or breach. Right behind them. That was happen apparently in Southern California. Hand right at the scene. At the time they were on this fishing. And her as well watching trip there aren't trip out of the water. And now she would help us said we want to get on the Graham as well. He set free Willie style. Free Willy south finally some serious talent out there if you know at a lock this young man in New Orleans. Go to camp bottom of issues. They become. Perhaps you. It's hard to get a head down south this for Hubble beginning a baseball fans showing office go to stadium speed its cage ends up landing a minor league contract. It's a story that sounds like it was pitch strapped Hollywood. Here's ABC's Maggie ruling. He's a real might rookie of the year. Or Jim Morris from the rookie. They can Paterson goes from a regular 23 year old dude with a dream to a professional baseball player. After stepping into his B did you greater Booth set up for fans at a July Rockies game. Passengers and serious heat an impressive 96 miles per hour. His brother posted the video online and it blew up the Oakland a's were calling him with the deal just a few days. Later the percentage of prospects. Who do something like what. What may Paterson did who can make it's the major leagues. The odds are so stacked against you to do that the reason that this story is so interest aim is because it doesn't happen very often it's at all. Patterson hadn't played since high school but stepped back on the dime in last August then in the middle of his training he almost lost it all after a car accident. Patterson dedicated himself to physical therapy joining directly to stay in shape. Working to be ready for this moment. An instant Graham Paterson called the jury a roller coaster and thinks his family for always supporting him in his dream. Maggie proven ABC news New York. Coming up how one museum is highlighting black arts in America we'll have the story where does this. Here's what watch for today by the news from the scheduled to make a statement on the match he's in El Paso and beaten. And AM eastern tune in for full coverage right here on ABC news lies customs and Border Patrol and the US. Post carpal hold a joint event celebrating the 230 anniversary of the US Customs Service. Marking the first foreign vessel to be processed in the US at the port of New York. At a gathering and the Japanese consulate general in New York if that's right 74 anniversary of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan. Plus don't forget there's into the deep report available on our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. We do have some uplifting news today the year is 1968. Music artists like Marvin Gaye Taylor Terrelle Aretha Franklin Smokey Robinson were heating up the R&B charts. It in Manhattan's predominately black Harlem neighborhood a very different group of artists was getting together to create a very special museum celebrating in promoting. Black art in America. Today is a particularly exciting day because it is the opening day that sticking his hand in hand on exhibition are artists in residence this is a partnership a cost to incredible institutions the CD museum in Harlem. And mama PS one this is part of a larger partnership. Which has these two institutions collaborating during monumental parts of there on institutional history and it's easy in this case we're in the process of building and you Felton. I think most people knew that the city museum is going to be closed for a number of years. And because it plays such a crucial role in the artists' community and certainly in the African American artist community I think. Those of us around town with other institutions. Off felt real responsibility. To help out in anyway that we. Since its founding in 1968 the studio museum in Harlem has been devoted. To rethinking re imagining and in many ways through. The exhibitions. Are programs. Reading writing the Canon history. That decision to war with anything the mile high moment PS one happened very organically we. Are working all around the city with the many different museums and arts organizations. I was excited about it as opportunity to work with two institutions out lines and one as prestigious moment. I'm Hamilton high it's a neighbor had in Harlem. And I lived there my entire line. We'll verb meaning the past two decades I've seen it change alive I don't know if it will be the same in the future. A lot of this out of the center of everything renovated supplant it out of them and their parents think decades. The stated it was very important because as one of the hallmark cultural institutions in the Harlem. Adding to have that are really beautiful release Argentine the cultural centers are at the centrum. When I think of Bob Harlan and hopelessness that sense I think about Siemens you know. The body of work that I creative part of student museums show. Is as much about my memories of harmful messages about Harlem as an isn't present moment all those images were inspired by. Just being up individual work walking on the streets of Harlem in different people that I saw two people with and making. I think it art can be universally good deplorable anticipating it and are as dependent. On his audience. At this studio museum we welcome the opportunity to bring this year's exhibition to a new audience. Now in some ways our audience in Harlem always been to Paris people came from all over the city in the country he's in the world to see the work of artists of African descent. It's exciting opportunity to think about what these next steps mean for our institution and ways of reaching age he alliances in the public's going to be thinking critically about what the future institution should look like we look forward to the moment and we open until Lance on the news studio museum in highland in the new building what we hope is that we will continue. She's present artists of African descent. T Schiller collection to have a residency program but we also hope that in that new building will begin. Began to think about how art and culture can be an important part of the community. Of the city and the world. The big banks are producers do tricks the Shang and Michael. Vehicle for bringing us that very incredible uplifting story that we needed to hear it this morning app. Absolutely and so it is a very tough way to start the week really hard news the last couple days we haven't gotten to our question of the days that's or gonna do now and we wanna know. After days like this in the face of news like this tragedies around that country. What do you do to. Look to their experience gap to let my own youth to feel better. Tell us down in the comments treatise city BC news live. Tenet than me thinking what you do. I spent time over the we can with my family and that it president perspective about what's important what matters. And thankfully I had them over this week in my family from south karma mom and my little sister people I only see a few times out of the year. An out and we woke up to not one but two match she's in this country. On Sunday morning and so. Have been a little tighter my sister whose older now I mean she doesn't like me kissing honor but I see that the Big Brother do. And that helps me it does. Open it and for you for me say they have got the little guy at home as well as my husband we spent. All weekend together and after hearing these stories hearing about the families a mean especially the mom who shielded her. Young baby. In the face of all of that danger Alley and it is really hard and your family so let us know what you do. That is it for us today hopefully we've got a little bit better news from our. I'm ago when we'll see you.

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