It’s Morning, America: Monday, Aug. 26, 2019

President Trump says China wants to resume talks, Amazon fires rage, Hong Kong clashes escalate and more.
26:29 | 08/26/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Monday, Aug. 26, 2019
Good morning and commitment and getting Norman Davis Cup by feasting on this Monday number one president comes as China wants to resume trade talks the president made that comment this morning and he started his final day of the G-7 summit is unclear exactly when US and Chinese negotiators who return to the table uncertainty about the trade war sent stocks across Asia sliding overnight US stock futures turned into positive territory after the president's comments. Number two the fire prices in the Amazon rain for more than 44000. Resilient troops have now been deployed to fight the fires. Which now cover an area the size in the west from Detroit to Los Angeles. Firefighters are understaffed and many are lacking right cool world leaders of the G-7 summit are vowing to help Brazil would. With the response it's on to number three now the tropical storm heading for the eastern Caribbean Dorian is now heading for the windward islands but forecasters warn it could threaten Puerto Rico by Wednesday after a category one. As a category one hurricane the National Weather Service says it's too early to speculate if Dorian will impact. Florida number four the new site natsios since president conference floated the idea of dropping nuclear bombs into hurricanes to stop them from hitting the US the president reportedly made that comment while meeting with. Security officials. I give destructive hurricanes with nuclear weapons have been floated before a. Federal and whether document says it's unlikely to work and would probably cause more harm again end up filing number five the frenzy surrounding pop buys new Schick is fair way lines have been so long one restaurant in Georgia is considering taking the sandwich off the menu. Apparently it's so popular local police had to be called to deal with the traffic crunch. And some people of Florida have been waiting in line over an hour. Meanwhile there is this doctor shortage the wrapper play modes offer to sell the sandwiches he bought. Four thousand. Dollars. Each my goodness they are work gold. So that's reason so our question of the day right away how far are you willing to ago. Did try this pop pies chicken sandwich. You have tried it is nor the hype to be dreading yet haven't tried yet the tireless maybe. A hundred or so would you go a hundred miles. Not even a mile would you go to all four of the locations here in Manhattan. Tell us that her conduct and if it ABC news letter. Now apparently. The sandwich is all the rave people said Lee high. So. Tell us Wednesday. Well in the meantime we will get right Deb breaking news from the G-7 summit where president trump spoke to reporters about the tree what we're trying to. He says China wants to resume trade talks this statement comes after a wave of confusion at the summit after he appeared to express. Second thoughts about the trade war and Wall Street is watching all of this very closely in the wake of Friday's big losses. ABC's owner Kos are Abdi is following those new developments Mona good morning. Good morning today good morning Tenet. After all the back and forth president from says negotiations are finally back on. After China reached out last night about resuming trade talks making this the latest turn. In this complicated trade war. This morning president from from the G-7 summit in France announcing trade talks are back on between the US and China Senecal. Or if you. And send it back they're also getting back. Drama going on to praise China's president saying he is great respect for the country this is a very positive. Tomorrow the announcement follows a tumultuous weekend between the two nations which set a ripple of uncertainty through global markets. It also comes after a rare admission from president trump when one point signaled regret over the trade war. I'm just how much less. The White House quickly pushing back insisting the president's remarks were misunderstood. 88 and he doesn't have second thoughts about what he's he's he's done if anything you want to clarify if he had second thoughts. It would be raised to tout. But today it appears and he plans a further escalating tensions are on hold. As both sides once again attempt to strike a compromise that would get on her forward. I think in when American you're much more than I do the trade war with China is already hitting US consumers even before the new tears were announced Friday. JPMorgan estimated American families will pay an average of 1000 dollars a year more because of the higher tariffs on China. And the president's remarks were reaction to earlier calls from Chinese officials are com negotiations to resolve the trade dispute today Kenneth. Yeah the president calling this a very positive development. For the world Ramon also positive development I heard you got a chicken sandwich from pop eyes. The veteran. Now from ship full and thorough review Ortiz said you're not gonna wait in those lines an idea that is that a but again. Egypt like always customer service can't be beat but not yet the pop by she's like I'm now we. Let fate is that what I and the president's faith in any challenger for the Republican presidential nomination former Illinois. I congressman Joseph Walsh announced his long shot candidacy NA BC's this week. He served one term in the house as a Tea Party favorite before becoming a radio show talk host radio talk show host. While says he's a legitimate option for Republican tour opposed to the president. I'm running because he's unfit. Somebody needs to step up in there needs to be an alternative. The country is sick of this Geist can trump he's he's a child. Walsh has his work cut out forum poll showing nearly 80% of Republicans approve of Trump's job performance. The drum campaign had a one word response to Walsh's announcement it said quote. Whenever. Former sheriff Joseph I've Arpaio from Arizona wants his old job back he announced last night that he plans to run for share from Maricopa County Arizona next year. He served as a carry share for nearly 25 years before losing his position in 2016. Arpaio was convicted of contempt of court in oh racial profiling case before being pardoned by president from two years ago. US officials say a six month old girl is fighting for a life after being brought illegally into the US from Mexico they say the baby crossed the Rio Grande. With her father and about twenty other people who was found by Border Patrol agents early last Thursday it's unclear why she was. She wound up in critical condition she's been treated at a hospital Corpus Christi, Texas. Well that's what's being called a global crisis the massive fire sweeping across Amazon warplanes are now being used in the firefight. As international pressure grows to protect the rainforests. This morning the Amazon rainforest is on fire 44000. Brazilian troops have now been deployed to fight the fires which cover an area the size of the US from Detroit. To Los Angeles this video showing military planes dumping water on two giant jets. Neighboring Bolivia is now using this American 747. Supertanker. Which carries 191000. Gallons of water. For those assets are miniscule given the scale fires erupting across this region. In Brazil alone about 80000 fires have burned to many of them set by farmers to clear the land. The fires have leveled a record amount of rain forest where it's believed 20%. Of the world's oxygen is produce. On the front lines at one fire twice the size of New Jersey only thirty men are fighting the flames with no poses sometimes just kicking the fire. Agencies mascot and is there tools they have a pretty rudimentary to see. They have these. Can look like floor mats and cars. And easing sticks. To slap down the fire and then through the smoke. This man appears he says he was first to report the fire and attack it himself. Showing us how he was putting out fires. The fire burning the showed off his back foot he stayed on the front lines along with those Leary firefighters. And meanwhile thousands of Brazilians are now protesting their government's response to the fire blaming president Wilson RO for gutting environmental laws encouraging the clearing of the land in the Amazon. At the G-7 summit in France global leaders are standing together vowing to help Brazil confront this crisis. Forecasters warned the worst may be yet to come the dry season rain forced lasts through November. We have new details about a Los Angeles county sheriff's deputy who authorities say emits UV he made up a story about being shot by a sniper. Has called for help triggered a massive manhunt last week but officials say they were suspicious right away because the deputy was called and bell publisher was too big for a minor wound. The toilet year old rookie have reportedly been struggling during training and was unhappy about a pending transfer. He now faces a criminal investigation. A death in Illinois may be the first in the US linked to of aping the patient had been hospitalized for an unknown respiratory disease. Officials aren't sure what ingredients for products the victim used. Health officials have been warning that they thing is dangerous one east agrees during Utah who was once an avid hiker nearly died and doctors blamed taping. It's not smoking cigarettes is kids VP and supposed to be safer and what count how it that it almost killed me is. I was pretty shocked I don't have the stamina but I used to. Night on the strength that I used to. The doctors told me in my lungs or diminish by 25%. And there are hopeful. A recover. The CDC report nearly 200 people. I've been hospitalized that they thing related illnesses this summer. Officials have not identified and the vice or liquid associated with those cases. Aren't so check this out history has been made at the Little League World Series and a team from rim all grades look. Louisiana has called that titled setting out here at south ate nothing yesterday. If that by using its first a little league world championship and you see them going crazy to celebrate river ridge is also the first scene. The win at all after losing its opening game wow gradually. Right back there impressive. When they're saying meaning collected some dirt to take home to remember area guys what coming up the news escalation in Hong Kong. Protesters armed with sticks clashed with the police or fire a warning shot. We'll cross the pond to London bureau for back. The latest sports stories but first the star quarterback surprise retirement. What Andrew Luck is saying about why he's hanging up this week's. Well that's the bombshell. In the NFL one of the league's top quarterbacks is retiring just weeks before his thirtieth birthday. With a new baby on the way Andrew Locke has walking away from billions of dollars now some of his critics are claiming millennial aren't as tough as the generation before them. It's the announcement sending shockwaves through football Indianapolis Colts star quarterback Andrew Luck retiring after seven seasons Bremer and retire. This is not news decision. Honestly it's the hardest decision in my life he was at the top of his game with the colts but is calling it quits just two weeks before the start of the regular season. Angela Davis he gave us the reason he just couldn't continue to fight. Injuring pain rehab and he felt like he just kept. Going for him quarterbacks are for years of debilitating injuries and was sidelined the entire 2017 season. But he wore back runs through the in the polls for the playoffs. Winning the comeback player of the year award and second this process I haven't Amerigroup where of the Wi-Fi model of the decisions done billions in his teammates at this weekend's pre season game. Sounds like some of these fans are. It didn't look starts to. Some fans learning the news in the stands booed law as he walked off the field I do line Clinton says her interaction. It hurt some sports commentators question looks reasons for retiring fox Sports Radio host Doug Gottlieb ignited controversy for this tweet saint. Retiring 'cause re having is too hard. Is the most millennial thing ever reports say Locke has been mulling retirement for weeks after announcing in June that his wife is pregnant with their first child. And with the dangers of the game becoming more apparent the young quarterback is now walking away from his 123. Million dollar contract. He feel like he can no longer give big game he loves everything that it takes to play this game and I respect that. More than anything. Looks former head coach chuck we're gonna releasing a statement saying it took great curse and make your decision to walk away from the game. He dear what is heart Holden and I am proud of him for being honest with himself in the team. The colts were poorly gay blocked 24 million dollars an unarmed bonus money they could've what health some fans are encouraged saying that leaves the door open reluctant come back. Next year if he changes his mind. Hong Kong is bracing for more chaos after a day of violent clashes police used live ammunition and water cannons for the first time against protesters. Let's across Fonda Julie MacFarlane in the London bureau for more Juliet good morning. So we have been seeing this ongoing for weeks at this point but this is of substantial escalation. Morning guys may you they write when I'm leaving it into. The thirteenth week if we see more protests in the coming days. But yesterday. On Sunday if there Latin Brady quite dramatic escalation as you mentioned. Police are confronted by pertussis who bombed with sticks. And poles and and batons as they were rushing act. The police and one police also say he fired. A gotten which was the first use of light ammunition. In these protests police say that they arrested 29 people. Aid to the weekend with on charges of unlawful assembly. On to instigating violence now we've seen these clashes in recent weeks that has been allowed use of take asked the fallacies of what's cannon. This Sunday. But things odd guessing more and more tennis a new theme that was kind of accused of the weekend as well. A pertussis have been protesting against police brutality and for democracy amongst other things. But they are ready anger this weekend at the surveillance. This comes as Hong Kong residents have been talking about how they have been detained by police coming back in from mainland China they say that they cut that savings that messages. And that's they taste checked by police. Police are of course cracking down there really trying to quell these rallies which have been getting on for several months now. And so many people are worried that if the Chinese move van if Hong Kong can't get control. That will be a real and I'm major conflict here more so than what we're seeing now. Also in North Korea we understand Julie that Kim Jung and personally supervise the seventh weapons tests and about. The past months we know that this time a super large rocket launcher. What do we know about this latest test. Exactly haven't we seen for a number of weeks nodded and the north Koreans testing. Around two short range missiles. That's been going on for quite a few weeks now as you say they opt angry at based joint US South Korea military exercises. They long standing. War games that they carry on on an annual basis. Now what happened this weekend that was. I guess a term called a bit of an escalation because there was something new they came out with this announcement of bay the suit cut lodge multiple. Rocket launch they say it was a new weapon system that they. Had never tested before on the test. Was carried out successfully. Kim Jong Eunice says it was quite indeed a great. Weapon now in this statement that the state news food costs carried it said that's been the goal for this new weapon system. Was for resolutely frustrating the as a mounting millet treat threats and pressure offensive. All of the host all forces. Not quite to settle a lesion to Washington. And soul now present trump said that he wasn't consent he said that he had placed no restrictions on short range missiles and the missile as this weekend seemed to be short range. If that what we're watching for is if the North Korean stocks testing into continental missiles. That would sesame. Our and it Ronde returned to Manchester for a concert. This is the second time a cents 22 of her fans were killed in the bombing there talk to us about that obviously very emotional for her. Guys but it was a very poignant clones that and really a mission performance by Arianna gone day I and honestly I was reading a lot of the trees over the weekend and a lot of the coverage on the political outlets such as the majesty you've evening news that city. Rudy loves our attic on day and just remember she was twenty. Three he is old. When that horrific terror attack carried out by ice has inspired militants killed dozens of people out one of hug Cohen says in my chest up. As a 23 year old having to confront that she came back come on just a two weeks. Oft about attack she visited victims in the hospital. She plays. She carried out his performance. In aid for. For the victims of the charges trying to rebuild and regenerate the area she re released one of those songs as a charity single. And it was a very emotional said she Chapin has sat. Not with a song that she writes name what's his left to cry that was the first song that she wrecked off death. That's a tragic accident and it was a much more upbeat. And Pontiac and assistance that emotional charity performance off to the attack. And of course she is say honorary citizen of mine just and have fun is that since way just delighted to welcome back to the B Sissy. You know what you've got cover there we love her here and so glad that's who you big go back there. And in a strong way as well and really show. How to come back from something so dramatic hate thank you so much prefer we appreciate it aren't let's check our notification is now starting where it. Pete's idea. The rested as social media a divided so deep fry Barbie huge chick in case it. All your favorite things in one place right. That seems like. Indigestion. Waiting to happen. I'm interest that though. And sent Friday. Quite an adventure and kicked chin but they made it look they did the deed prior part it's when I'm. Look than they delivered the pizza that looks real good yeah now yet. Next to tell from the New York City Subway riders found the strange looking bug in made friends with it. Their first kind of freaked out by it but then they passenger rounds. Somebody told us on Twitter that it might be at Katie did. That case it asked that the stockade. And our cantv and despite an attack my app. LL OK mark reporter outlined. The Qaeda like how can. Well they took pictures but that they end Kellen. So our bodies friends there yet amp RIA is national dog day it is and you the dog and a scooter in address. Looking to you say oh Dora. Don't know where this target go line but is going to style. How about that. Hayden made it was time for the annual running of the ball. So the more animal friendly version of the running of the bulls took place this weekend participants ran away from a 65. Pounds styrofoam ball which had the bolt painted on it. No one was hurt this year. Which is good compared to last year when. A man was left in the hospital because much larger policies when it tended to offend. That fall last year it was like 400 power underground that some 65. Styrofoam and dire. Area. And watch me watch this terror prime moment. When a cliff diver and indeed that. Jobs. Bob but glass and then wait for oh. Commitments that you and I believe in me back here the water so blue beautiful. Loans in hit that he's got that right. And here's and mom. I'm about to break her kids pretending to cut off her finger just watch statement praising each other for a last of this is how she prepped it fake blood and all ready. City of so grad. Oh yeah. I don't. Not really the Rhode Island kids sending them back off to school. With a lot of respect for look at the funny. And they tell fans in San Diego's Rick were all moment. 48 the Boston Red Sox and thousands of members of Red Sox Nation were and pick apart yesterday against the Padres when the eight inning rolled around. Sox fans were serenaded with their favorite songs sweet Caroline. Did this happen. Yeah. Good that everybody's present moment on their Twitter account of the captions say oh yeah it sit there and sit down at an overlapping. Very friendly very petty and I'm very much so that's good good stuff but coming up we're still celebrating national dog day. We'll gay and gives us an inside look at the rigorous training seeing eye dog goes through to help their partners. There's first we'll show you what's coming up in the day ahead. Stay with us. Here's what to watch out for today president hopeful told a news conference with president of the human colony of France this morning before heading home. From the G-7 summit of the watched back right here on ABC news live at 9:30 eastern. And a verdict is expected in the landmark trial against open to it manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. Lawyers for the state of Oklahoma alleged the company helped fuel the drug epidemic by misrepresenting the risk of addiction. Johnson and Johnson's attorneys say they did nothing wrong. New Jersey governor Phil Murphy and the mayor of Newark will make an announcement on the city's ongoing water crisis billed as a permit remedy for the issue meanwhile activist groups will hold a rally calling for clean water. And SpaceX plans another test launch and landing for its star hopper spacecraft later today. Eventually it's supposed to take people to the red planet police are warning residents near the launch site in south Texas that the task could break whole window. Besides don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. It's national dog day and we are celebrating. But first so they dog parents those furry little friends are so much more than just a companion for many people they are a lifeline. Here's will be. It's almost like having a baby it. If that figure finding out what kind of you know whether the gap girl replied without its a lot of emotions. For anyone bringing homeless dog for the first time happy today for Carol and John Paul it was life changing. When she was just 27 years old married and working as a gentle I tennis Caroline took which he thought would be a routine trip to the eye doctor. YE wait to get contact when sins and the doctor said there's something guy one on in the back of your eyes. Carolyn diagnosed with Britain died as pigments Melissa a degenerative disease that would cause it to lose their days in overtime which is why Caroline came to the guide dog foundation for help. An organization providing guide dogs training and support to people with visual impairments all at no cost. It's also where Caroline met her first ever guide dog. Coming here to. To get my guide dog was probably the best thing that really ever happened to me. That meeting was a long time coming. The future guide dog pups all born right here on the GDF's ten acre campus in Smithtown Long Island. And training starts almost as soon as these pups can wag their tails. At three to four weeks old is when we start ES breeding program higher skiing hear as far as the socialization they're getting to various objects. At about eight weeks all of them there ops he knew it there volunteer puppy raiser. During that time they work on basic training responding to positive reinforcement and making good decisions. Great decision that a feature guide that can't be beat Keane is to avoid distractions like ignoring bubbly reporters announcing tennis balls. Am once the cop or stock at that point turned fourteen to eighteen month old they're going to return to ask her formal training to make sure the dogs got that down pat they'll perform a blindfold test and they're going to spend about three months here at learning the routes learning how to guide add mentally impaired him. And at the end of that reminds impacts the. Clients and their new guide dogs taking trips to defeat to the city even practicing how to find a seat at different types of restaurants. Until finally everybody dogs and handlers had home together life changing forever for both parties. It's this time it is. Jeff so deep he just fall in love with them and they fall in love with you and you're a teen. They are service animals and they are friends they're law enforcement. Dogs are so important lives and doing all want all right well that's there for us thank you for joining us. Sega every week we'll see you tomorrow.

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