It’s Morning, America: Monday, Dec. 2, 2019

Winter storm takes aim at Northeast, Democrats make big push in Iowa, Mexican cartel shoot-out and more.
26:55 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Monday, Dec. 2, 2019
Why have done and I'm aware that her here other top five things to note this Monday number one. The major storm is bearing down on the northeast is already cost hundreds of crashes and flight cancellations the National Guard is on standby in New York. Cities from Philadelphia to Boston could see snow by tonight but inland areas of the northeast could see up to twenty inches. Number two president trump and his lawyers are refusing to participate in the next public impeachment hearing set for Wednesday the president has called investigation ridiculous tweeting that he'll be in London at the NATO summit and the White House counsel questioned whether. And hearing conducted by the house judiciary panel. We'll be fair. But Democrats are moving forward tomorrow the House Intelligence Committee is expected to approve its impeachment report accusing the president of. Abusing his power for political gains on to number three a reward is being offered by police in New Orleans investigating a mass shooting just outside the French Quarter. Ten people were shot all of them suffered. Critical injuries a person of interest was taken into custody but no rest reporting it came as tens of thousands of college football fans gather. In the city for the value classic similar shooting followed the same game three years ago. Number four of their personal data of millions of Americans has apparently been exposed and security lapse researchers say a data base housing millions of private ass and ass text messages. Was left open an unsecured to contain access information online medical services along with passwords to web sites like Google and FaceBook. Cyber security experts are blaming the Texas company truly dialogue which uses text messages to send marketing materials no immediate comment on the company. And probably head to the movies for number five or frozen to sent another box office record. It is now the highest grossing Thanksgiving weekend movie ever it took in more than 132. Million dollars between Wednesday. And Sunday and were Philip frozen because the weather. It's cold it. Good morning everyone welcome to it's morning in America unless checked again on the race for 220 Democrats hoping to unseat president trop. Are crisscrossing Iowa with the first primary of those only two months away. Former vice president Joseph Biden has kicked off an eight day bus tour mayor Pete with the judge's surging as he takes on the parties. Progressive wing and a question from a young voter. While senator Elizabeth Warren to tears Sunday ABC's NFL locker Tara has more on the campaign trail and that's good morning. Good morning Canada and Lance former vice president Joseph Biden is trying to re gain momentum in Iowa with that bus store. While mayor Pete good a judge who's surging in the polls is facing fresh attacks from the more progressive wing of the party. When the Iowa Caucuses just two months away Democrats are going all in in the Hawkeye State. Former Vice President Biden in the midst of an eight day eighteen county 800 mile road trip he's calling it the no Malarkey bust war. We're going the last twenty. They say. Your good time to peak. Not so quiet and still leads in most national polls but the latest state polling in Iowa shows him trailing mayor Pete vintage edged and he's statistically tied with senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. The candidates also flooding the airwaves over 5000 ads airing just this week including this one about the big ditch plan to limit tuition free college or. Some voices saying well that doesn't count once you go even further unless three even her current kids millionaires but only one make promises that we compete. That proposal drawing fresh attacks from the progressive wing of the party senator Warren switching up the way she campaigns taking more questions from voters and sharing an emotional moment on Sunday. I was wondering if there's ever a time in your life where some that you really let them Stew. May gain access to news months in home. A home. To treat it. Can't take me so first Davis couldn't. And senator Carla Harris who is also it at this stage the New York Times is reporting her campaign. Is in turmoil with the top aide leaving to go join mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaign and calling here is his campaign dis organized. And then as we have another debate coming up soon do we have any idea when this big field might be narrows down. After it's a minute debate will be held on December 19 but so far just six candidates have met the donor and pulling requirements for that debate. Tom how this is the great question by the way Elizabeth because we've been waiting for this bill will be here down for so long at its Moran asked that. The answer to that question may be just next summer. And for the democratic debate every for the Democratic National Convention at this point seven S thank you so much we appreciate it. Well manhunt is underway for four teenagers who escaped from a juvenile detention center in Nashville tours of the teenagers are murder suspects. They escaped on Saturday night to reportedly slipping into an elevator and running away. When their supervisor with distracted by a fight national police say the teens got a 35 minute head start before officials even noticed they were gone. Police in northeastern Pennsylvania have issued an AMBER Alert for missing teenage girl fifteen or Samara terror when it was last seen Sunday at a high school about 25 miles. From Scranton police say a twenty year old man Jordan Oliver took the teen away in a stolen police SUV. Authorities search wooded areas last night and they're asking for the public's help. But now to the relentless winter storm pummeling the East Coast let's check the radar right now the storm is already blamed for several deaths after marching across the country people in thirty states have been facing travel delays after the holiday weekend and the worst is yet to come. For several. Major cities. This morning winter weather alerts for millions of Americans getting back to business after the Thanksgiving break. The Delhi storm that hit the West Coast and midwest is now making its final stand on the East Coast. Several major cities we'll see the first snow accumulations of the season today. Including New York. Philadelphia and Boston. Drivers should use extreme caution if they need to be on the road and they should avoid traveling if they can in areas of heavy snowfall people in Albany, New York are bracing for up to a foot of snow. ABC's Stephanie Ramos is there. The State University of New York here in Albany is just one of several colleges canceling classes on Monday. Take some of the pressure off of students struggling to give back to campus. After the Thanksgiving break we'll. In Niagara Falls this car pinned beneath the truck. Icy conditions likely to blame for the crash this plane skidded off a taxiway as it arrived in buffalo. An overnight snow pummeling the airport outside Hartford Connecticut. One of several airports across the country reporting delays and cancellations. Tried to get here was accidentally pregnant at its airport quite as bad back about what happened to him. Course. The airport early as South Dakota blizzard conditions turned deadly when a plane carrying twelve people crash shortly after take off. Nine people were killed including two prominent business executives from Idaho. Two children in the pilot in Minnesota snow drifts reread these cars in Duluth. After more than a foot and a half of snow. Plows struggled to keep up as drivers abandoned their cars on the highway in Maryland fog being eyed as the cause of this 58 car pileup. In the meantime a new storm is building on the West Coast already dumping snow in parts of Washington State. A brutal crackdown on protesters in Iran has claimed the lives of nearly 200 people. And that final death told could top 450. It is the deadliest political unrest in Iran in forty years. Triggered by a study increasing gas prices. In a country already struggling in the face of US sanctions that New York Times says 2000. People had been wounded instead 101000. Have been detained. And a family on a dream vacation to Cancun Mexico says their trip turned into a nightmare when two dolphins. Went on the attack Laura yelling yea note tells the British sun newspaper that her ten year old daughter Alexi was swimming with the dolphins that a tourist attraction. When he tried to drag her under water and the dolphins ignore the trainers commands to stop the girl managed to cling to her body board until she was pulled to safety. Dozed off your birth risky sexual drive doll are powerful and when those harm on state over can become very unpredictable and turned her dangerous. Let he suffered bites cuts and bruises the Tor company blames foresee conditions were stressing the dolphins. It says says a male dolphin should not had been inside that head. And Packard home civil rights icon Rosa Parks has been honored with the statue in Alabama. The life size bronze figure is located in downtown Montgomery Sunday was this 64 anniversary of parts arrest for refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger that led to that Montgomery bus boycott which was organized by a relatively unknown Martin Luther King Jr. And lasted for more than a year parks died in 2005. She was 92. And there is now an apple variety that farmers claim we'll stay good in your fridge for a year I weird that cosmic crest is expected in stores this week. It apparently maintained its texture and flavor for up to a year in the fridge it's called cosmic Chris because of the bright yellowish dots on the skin. Which some say look like this didn't stop arts. It was developed at Washington State University which said to have a good balance. Of sweetness and departments also it's also Alter Chris did you see. That's quite the review for a genetically modified apple it took twenty years to get to this point but he I don't know with many years got. Different divert point one every line. Apple crest back to be your fridge all year. That's what we've done virtually Tony I think. Already moving on coming up the emotional scene at senior night. The football player from Michigan State owned by plus actress Lori Laughlin is daughters speaking out for the first time since the cause of mrs. bribery scandal broke. I she's back on you to. Welcome back we turn out to northern Mexico the scene of a deadly assault being blamed on a drug cartel at least twenty people were killed in the violence including several suspected members of the cartel. Let's go across the pond to Julian a fallen and only London bureau for the latest Julia. Good morning and authorities are saying the reason for this attack is unclear at this time. Exactly Elizabeth it's not exactly sure what started off this original attack from this cots how. A tag force that happens. On assassinated now a an attack force from the IA cartel in Mexico to CD and the northeast and dying days of that initials. In Spanish they attacked a city a cool. On that sack today and today it took. A number of civilians hostage to civilians. In the end died oft about attack but as you say authorities said that they killed seven more members of the sky and resulting in a fourteen gunmen dead. School offices killed in the Mexican that. Operation against this cartel forced several civilians who had been taken hostage will win dead but potential civilian deaths told remains. Hot too now this town is about study five miles southwest of eagle paso Texas is very very close to the US Mexican board. And there are just some really worrying Stotts from. Homicides in Mexico which are up 2% this year at federal officials say that there have been 29415. Homicides. In Mexico are certified in 2019. Present time said and a radio interview last week that he was going to step up. Action on the cartels in Mexico and drug violence saying that he plans to designate the cartels as terrorist organizations. There their next by the. Moving on to NATO Julie icing you guys are about to be extremely busy London. Security is tight they are ahead of the NATO summit which comes just days after a violent terror attack there left through young adults an attacker. But I saw Qaeda dead near London Bridge. And this morning we're learning more about the victims and the heroic actions of by of the bystanders. Exactly over the weekend a lot of the conversation. Was about security measure is one at a match that's the attacker as manna con. Was a convicted terrorist had any subs half of his original. Prison sentence but the focus. A lot of it has been. On the victims and in a move that would probably from not from previous terror attacks a lot of the front page paper is. Stayed away from covering that terrorists on their front covers instead putting up big fan says. All of the victims and paying tribute to their lives a lot of people increasingly not wanting to glorify these attack has. At it in a bid to maybe stop these sorts of these sorts of attacks happening in the future but today it there is going to be and meeting vigil. In memory all of the two victims both of them young individuals had recently get graduated from Cambridge University one of the best universities in the country. And they had faith attended this conference on prison have their rehabilitation. And they have been described by their found Lee's. As a very caring individuals who wanted to come makes the bass good in society and the fact that they were in bold and these schemes trying to help. Business from re offending and trying to rebuild it rehabilitate president's. Pays tribute to that I'm into weekends at Tommy's paid tributes have them Sox did James here was 23. She was a funny kind positive influence at the sense. Of many people's lives a statement from haft family. Read out at a statement from Jack merits father he was 25 he said that Jack lived by his principles he believed in the redemption and rehabilitation. Not revenge and always took the side. Well beyond the dark. Some traveling through. Yen before we let you go the let's lighten things up a little bit with our next story a society. Aiming to preserve the apostrophe. Is calling it quits. What's this about. Yeah this is really Rivet touching story is say this is a man called Jordan Rich kids he's 96. And C. Mystery patents among us I very much and create myself and I Cathy gray will really really appreciate what you dead. Several years ago he stocks has the apostrophe protection society back. In 2001 and his aim was to per permit correct use. All of the up poster feet now he's stock sids this website. Also writes in a complaint in a medical newspaper I'm he's said that he had originally had to find may be a dozen. Or even half a dozen people who felt the same way that heated. Instead he got to have a 500 Lexus of support. A round the wilds from the UK but also America a stray the F front Sweden Hong Kong. And that Canada but sad news he's decided to shut it down not because he's getting all it he says he's trying to cut back on his responsibilities. And based damning label Hughes says that ignorance and laziness how one. Yanks yeah there. But you know look before we have people writing to wasn't saying hey wait a second here you guys got this wrong on this screen there I don't know if Julie can see it there. But we have written below group leader admits the apostrophe there we know. It's wrong. The cavaliers are going to be. Well I didn't we only through so what little they produce sir but we shouldn't there and a bunch Bob. You know though we're poking fun at this holds W and I honestly we have a big O apostrophe in our title for this show this morning America adds it's its morning. And that is the correct use of the apostrophe you guys who ride their guys before you go yeah because I las vague to you it is not just some back. I want us do you because they want to get a you know what that is so we hadn't been home who Abu Lama again you can't. Okay okay okay this is another loss in translation thank you doesn't the iconic. British pop DO why I'm rights yes idealist George would George Michael guns the other one Eli. George Miami. We assassinate George Michael right. I peso hit I caught make Christmas tune last Christmas there is this Damon's Jason media. Look about right now become head of its called wanna get an end the game rules off. From midnight on that December the fuzz until midnight on Christmas Eve. If you hit the originals sought by wound lost Christmas then you opt outs now. The rules you go as long as possible without hearing that song. Your route as soon as you hit the original konduz are OK you can you sing it you can think about it you just can't hear it. And when you'll know it's you then Paris that you're out to hash tag while my dad and on say she'll media and people have already been playing it and people as saying that this here. It hot and an ad that. Because of dot is filled with Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding is all about this all along and say trailer is a full dot Feldman that's are showing that summons a lot of people are out already has some fun tweets. That it just what is that what you guys. Kate says Hyundai sun Obama getting caught makes more difficult another this year with a whole film based on the song mean it's TVs at jeering ad breaks godspeed. And see you'll and why I'm hot one Honda is of course wet we'll go when we ought knocks out of the day. While of course you. This teaches something Julianne now you have crossed. The time what that would win again Honeywell lost yeah I lasted all the way until Christmas Eve. Adding to replicate my outlets you do that would Mariah Carey all I want for Christmas. You hides and millions to his ubiquitous but I tell you what Israeli hide when you're shopping right because though the shots have. Christmas music auden and so that's where a lot of people tend to get knocked out. How many on the Google. Now after. Yeah because being mean I mean I can. Both hey we'll see like. Not my enthused about listening. I'm here now. Thank you so much should be do ours I got it. Rick gazes outside and with the scene endlessly and on Saturday. Spartans defensive back Josh Butler and his dog's been introduced to the crowd on senior night Butler brought rocks human meet with them because both his parents. She passed away while he was in college Butler had plenty to celebrate by dancing with the dogs after the game. Michigan State game boy eligibility. With this win over there. My next two magical sight after a recent snowstorm in Nevada I use corn spotted shoveling the sidewalk of the bet between a mother and a daughter and that's mom right there. Vision loss and it's yes he bought the uniform and costume on line way to afford to snow and waited for this exact moment to. Two what a sport yeah yeah definitely there you go. What next to some Border Collie puppies in training try heard this. Mailbox. Shaped like a cow that that was the couch. The mailbox but it's good practice for those border colleagues there my doctor so into it they really are and those dogs they have a hard time hurting those thousand roster better. XP or anywhere virtual reality because these cows here have on like these little VR goggles they thought. Hey there you go. The researchers there said they wanted to get to count the very peaceful peaceful so reunion. Surroundings so they put him in BR hope. That will help with their milk production and quality of milk as well. In church sting and finally to a celebrity admission. Guilt theory that's that your commitment to bail admitted to stealing from Kensington allies hunt the props are confessed and a radio interview that she stole an item from prince William and Kate Middleton was home. She's seven happened while she was visiting the palace last month for the teen hero awards. She had been triple dared to steal something and that something. With a pencil. Komando debate yield. Publicly apologize for the royal couple have now weighed and or at least their Twitter account there with simply an IE Mozy saying the queen is watching me. Maybe not the queen just royal watchers were watching you. And we turn out to actress Lori Laughlin starters speaking out for the first time to assess their parents were charged in the college of mrs. bribery scandal block island and her husband are accused of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their daughters into USC it now one of them is making a return to her popular YouTube channel. This morning the daughter of full house star or a lot when is breaking her silence posting on her YouTube peach for the first time since March. When her parents were charged in the college admissions scandal. A diet or via a network. To my if you cannot. In the two minute clip released to covered nearly two million forwards. And the PG to her words carefully not addressing the charges leveled against her parents. I'm standing on third. Period of time and as much as I wish I could talk all of than they are means and it's just because they know that I. It's something that needs to get less. Rockland and newly are among 35 wealthy parent accused of paying large sums of money to get their children into prestigious colleges. Prosecutors say they paid half a million dollars to get a live via G-8 and her younger sister admitted into the University of Southern California opposing them. As they athletic recruits. Thank you so much for your patients are you stuck around for nine months just waiting so are not high. Make this about me. But I how are angry and it. Not appointed Ed. A live here is the first student to speak on camera following the scandal and she and her sister are no longer enrolled at USC. Prior to the charges only beauty built a brand around herself posting video blogs documenting her life as a child and being. Year old. Social media influence. Lucrative make that deals with. I and so for a support group companies have since cut tie he's. With her. Lock blend and junior Lee have pleaded not guilty and could face years in prison if convicted. Well coming up we'll tell you what to watch out for on this Cyber Monday plus Wyatt teenager in Phoenix is leaving the kidney to stand up from now on. Around. Here's what to watch for today president from for the first league years that the head to London for the NATO summit. We're trump is scheduled to meet with French president Mayo my chrome German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other world leaders. Keep an eye out for their departure from the White House at 9:45 eastern right here on ABC's live. We'll be there. The Supreme Court will hear arguments in its first major gun rights case in nearly a decade the justices decided to follow through with the case even though New York City has. Already repealed the regulation being talents. The regulation in question initially prevented licensed gun owners from taking their handguns outside that city. Then control advocates are now worried that the court's conservative majority will use the case to strike down gun restrictions across the country. Hey and this is ever heard a Cyber Monday and Americans are expected to spend more than nine billion dollars today that's up almost 20% from last year. A few key tips before you buy first you might save more by picking up your online purchase at a store. Retailers like the Children's Place Wal-Mart offers a district shoppers pick up. And that's store. Another tech wait until the end of the date third of purchases on Cyber Monday. I made in the final few hours and your fever retailer in just might send an email. Well about last minute deals and finally if you miss out on promotions today it's okay experts say you will likely CD similar deals in the coming weeks plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. Welcome back to Cyber Monday because that's our question of the day what. Do you have your eye on this Cyber Monday was the best still out there. Tell us all about in the comments or tweet us at ABC news lie your child something. Skin care okay beauty product yes that's me you don't eating you realism not think eating your way you are. Sick. And here it is more than three weeks before Christmas. We already talking about a rescue someone stuck connect chimney in Phoenix like Zantac seventy McGraw have the best of intentions the friend locked herself out of the house and those he figured. This time on up into that Stanley Al chimney. Ten and I locked the door. Well but what she did not know modern chimneys are not a straight shot to the bottom at the friend became stuck a snake. She's like yeah. She has been sued then it could you comment on land bridges checking the damage. Barbara say they don't get calls like this very often by the young woman. Is now fine and San as saying. Don't Friday do what I do you group in the Nazis and that is exactly yes but thankfully she's okay. Lesson learned let them learn yes have a spare keys somewhere hidden on the porch I don't know. Love it. Hey that is their problem this Cyber Monday are happy shopping happy shopping don't predict keep us on on ABC's live while you shop on another screen and share your tests are yet to operate as it attempts wanna hear from you. Have a good day. A wonderful.

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