It’s Morning, America: Monday, Jan. 13, 2020

Trump warns Iran not to kill protesters, impeachment trial looms, British royal family meets to talk “Megxit” and more.
23:00 | 01/13/20

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Monday, Jan. 13, 2020
For more Africa about. And Kimberly brought us here in the top five things you need to know this Monday number one anger spilling over an eight run the massive anti government protests erupting. After the regime admitted it accidentally shot down a passenger jet. In the heat of its confrontation with the US last week police used tear gas on the ground president warned Iran not over protest. Number two president cups impeachment trial is expected to get under way as early as this. House bigger Nancy Pelosi is warning that senators will pay a price. If they block witnesses he's now preparing to send articles of impeachment the senate even though she's received no details. About the terms of the trial and Pelosi is not ruling on a possible house subpoena for former national security advisor. Are right on to number three and the weather extremes this morning as that messy morning commute for people on the Pacific northwest where snow is falling this morning. Even at Seattle and Portland the snows RD blame for some power outages meanwhile in the south at least twelve people were killed in a series of tornadoes over the weekend. One twister was on the ground for forty miles we have to Canada for no report work authorities say an alert warning about a nuclear plant emergency was unintentionally released to the public. Residents across Ontario received the alert Sunday saying there had been quote an incident. At a nuclear plant east of Toronto about ninety minutes later they received another alert saying the first one with issued by mistake and no one was in danger. And chili number five Serena Williams is celebrating her first title since becoming moms they're gonna want the pay as being classic and that day her last title. Years ago when she was pregnant this time her daughter Alexis was there to celebrate with her. Serena is donating the prize money to the wildfire relief efforts to strike well done Sabrina. Good morning everyone this woman next to me needs no introduction great if you live the dividends you all are. Kimberly Brooks here hello candidate Neil Ana. It's morning America it how about that I'm happy to be here it's good to see you outside I thought I mean you're well how this is. We can't live it's where you. Apparently I'm never up this early about that's what makes it knew what a great to have you here this morning and let's get right that it's already anger and Iran there's new turmoil in the streets this morning after the admission by Iran's government. That it accidentally shot down a civilian passenger planes. And as a street protests grow president trump has a new message very rhymes. Here's ABC's Megan have breezy and is here with the new. Good morning Kimberly and catch it in a stunning turn of events or Ronnie and who just days ago were protesting against the U last. Are now turning your anger against the U Ronnie regime denouncing that they call lying and incompetence by the country's leadership. Thousands of protesters on the streets of Iran Saudi anti government slogans after the revolutionary guard's admission. That it accidentally shot down that Ukrainian passenger plane. Mistaking it for a missile killing all 176. People on board. Just last week our audience were united protesting US after the killing of costs in Seoul money. Now Iran's immunity weekend in his sudden reversal protesters tearing down posters of the slain leader. In on this street marchers avoid walking on the US and Israeli flags painted on the paid. Lynch's days earlier so people could step on them in disrespect. President trump offering support to do Ronnie and people tweeting in Farsi and an English my administration will continue to stand with Gil. And later sending a tweet aimed at their leaders in Iran's. Do not kill your protesters the world is watching. More importantly the USA is watching turn your Internet back on and let reporters roamed free stop the killing of their great Ronnie and people. Here at home trump insisting Constance to Amani was playing attacks against American embassies. Before he was killed in that drone strike but Defense Secretary mark asked her with ask on CBS. If there was specific evidence of any imminent threat. I didn't see one with regard to foreign embassies what I'm saying is I assure the presence view that probably my expectation was that when you go after our embassies. A new ABC news is post poll finds a majority of Americans 56%. Disapprove of president fronts handling of Iran. 43% approve all only 25% of those surveyed report feeling safer after the strike Kimberly. Thank you Megan. Berman our president comes impeachment trial is expected to begin this week after holding on to the articles of MPs are for nearly a month. I'll speaker Nancy Pelosi is set to send them to the senate any day now here's ABC's David Wright. The likelihood that impeachment will result in president trumps removal from office may be next to nil. But speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted it's not a lost close. This president is impeached for life there's nothing the senate can do. That can ever erase that. The president disputes that tweeting why should I have the stigma of impeachment attached to my name when I did nothing wrong they have. Rendered. The constitution of the United States and its words. Meaningless. Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani told Fox News there is a way the senate can clear his client's name by throwing out the case as soon as Chief Justice John Roberts gavels the trial to order the rules are set by the senate. Right then. The Chief Justice right interprets the rules okay Chief Justice will be given the power to dismiss. Dismissing is a cover up if they want to go that route again. It is senators who are thinking now about voting for witnesses were not. That they will have to be accountable. For not having a fair trial. Democrats still hope to hear from key witnesses the administration blocked from testifying in the house starting with former national security advisor John Bolton. We haven't. Eliminated the possibility of ever subpoena and going forward was out. Apple who. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has stuck to his guns on that point. There will be no haggling with the house over sun records leader. While senate Republicans have made it clear they want a quick trial no witnesses the president is calling for an expanded witness list including. Nancy Pelosi. As his former campaign manager Steve Bannon put it trump understands that the jury is not the senate. The jury is the American people trump doesn't want this to seem like it's being thrown out on a technicality politically the president wants to win. David Wright ABC news the White House. My thanks to David the Pentagon has identified two American soldiers killed over the weekend in Afghanistan. They're 29 year old staff Sargent Ian McLachlan of Virginia. In 21 year old private Miguel be alone of Illinois both were killed when their vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. The US is expelling more than a dozen Saudi military suitors after reviews stemming from last month's deadly shooting Rampage at a Florida navy base officials say the Saudi servicemen. Being sent home are not suspected of playing a role in the attack that left three Americans so you sailors. The Saudi government debt attorney general William Barr is expected to offer more. Iowa Caucuses are three weeks from today polls indicate a very tight race among the Democrats so tomorrow night's debate and the mowing could be crucial to candidates have already been sharpening their attacks against each other. As we hear from ABC's Rachel Scott. Senator Elizabeth Warren checking accounts in so opening night tenth. Senator Bernie Sanders is heading into this critical stretch with a slight edge on the rest of the pack in the Lee ST poll. Warne who was also courting progressive voters saying cedars need to take his campaign in a different direction. After reports his volunteers were given talking points saying warned supporters were more affluent and would vote for any Democrat. I was. Disappointed. To hear that courteous and his volunteers now to tranche. Cannot. Nominate someone. Who takes. Beach homes. The democratic coalition. For granted. The enters pushing back saying he never approved of that message people sometimes say things that the trip you have heard me give good speeches and answer when. All the battles the power. Warren also going after former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg who was skipping the state entirely. The next president of the United States. Michael. The birth instead kidney this weekend in Texas with CB instead student Judy thank you. And at hello Austin I am writing to defeat Donald Trump. Warren calling on Bloomberg to release nondisclosure agreements from employees who settled with his company over Haas Sal work environment complaints. Bloomberg will not be on the debate stage annual injured yank who failed to qualify. Rachel Scott. ABC news. Thank you Rachel now to a new warning about the flu this time from the mother of a young girl an Iowa. Who was left blinded by the flu. Yes four year old jade dilution was found on the response about her Iowa home she's been nearly two weeks in intensive care and during her treatment. A complication of the virus caused her to lose her eyesight. Her mother is now urging parents to make sure your kids are vaccinated. He was then you know just a normal bug. The flu for a couple days and a lesson and you know five days later she was unresponsive and it was the government and that she was sick or it's your child you know you want them to live long healthy life. To do whatever you can to make that happen any preventive measure that you could take take it. He jays doctors remain hopeful that shall be able to recover at least some a provision. In the next six months. Now to an incredible story of survival out of Alaska check out this video that is thirty year old Thyssen steel in front of the SOS message he stopped out in the snow. Steele had been stranded a remote area about forty miles north of Anchorage for more than three weeks. He was finally rescued Thursday still didn't have any shelter because his cabin burned down the week before Christmas. He survived despite sub zero temperatures this incredible there I mean he's a survivalists you know what to do but. It still seems ago a lot of elements against them there. I mean it's it's unbelievable but he was really Smart even said that he used like ash to darken SOS of people could actually see it I'm not sure I would think of all of that. Mad about it now. Who left camp who left about a week or so but. I'm pretty sure he gets a lot longer pilot definitely. Coming up why you might have spotted some people riding the subway in their underwear why commuters around the world say they're pants we're getting uncomfortable. But Harris. High drama in the royal family that queen calling a meeting over Prince Harry and that's just Megan's decision to step back. After this. We're back now as Australia's air dropping thousands of pounds of food for animals affected by the devastating wildfires. The drops include carrots and sweet potatoes and natural food supplies have been burned up by the buyers. It's estimated more than one billion animals have died in just from the buyers and now millions more. They starvation the government has put aside about 35 million dollars to hope wildlife. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated because of a volcano erupting in the Philippines the volcano forty miles south of Manila is already spewing lava and ash causing lightning. You know as airport has been shut down as many as 300000 people may be forced to flee. But the threat of an eruption couldn't stop true love this wedding a few miles away went on as planned. With the volcano providing just this beautiful incredible mother nature like backdrop. Also overseas this morning Queen Elizabeth is holding what can be one of the most important family meetings. In quite some time the queen has summoned the princes Charles Williams and Mary to meet face to face at her private home. C injuring him house about a hundred miles north of London. It will be a summit to discuss prince hairy and duchess Megan's stunning decision to step back from the royal duties. Let's go across the pot now to do McFarland and the London bureau we're Joliet we took we talk about three things with you when we go across the pot. But today there's only one top big. One Roy hill. Royal London royal pain in the behind I should say story. Time at all was now lying because yeah I mean this this is being cool if they shave down ads Sondra M. By the papal visit is leading all of the newspaper residence of Lebanese militants this morning a highly anticipated summit Chad by. The queen prince to causes going to be that Prince William. And Prince Harry and we didn't know Davis but we believe that meg in will be joining by saying she's in Canada. With baby odds she now this is of course. All wheel on the backs of dutchess Meghann and prince Harry's bombshell statement lost Wednesday what they said that they wanted to step back. From the roll front lines they wanted to step back as senior royals they wanted to be financially independent and they wanted to split spent time between the UK. And North America an Addison's son there has been a flurry of speculation about what this means because guys. This kind of believe prince was some kind of halfway in halfway outlets. And mortal but that Harry and Megan kind of insinuated that they wet aiming for it's not really being done before and they'll all sorts of questions about how this might whack. In practice. You. Credible there are fascinating. We will see what happens Julia IE can tell the future and we have are from now when you will be telling us what happened and that meaning giving us everything will be. Everything I think that we needed. Ayello we went then I won't look quite Gannett expects its it's kind and it's about that that there are tapes that that will be some fast steps a managing. From this meeting palace aides have been what I can run the cloak to try and come up with some potential solutions all parties. Might be able to agree with and they is different that this site is in the days plans are being discussed. Among the Ponte is that Sondra M. Today but in the meantime there's been some -- interesting things happening in the media of course the media has played a role. And Harry and meg and feeling increasingly apple adds an isolated. From that from that position within the book coming on Gaza to sort of put not team that. You might remember the how are in Macon document she that was. In Africa when they were on that royal to a that was done by that was made by now a journalist scored Tom brought me here. Is a close friends of the Sussex as he was invited so wedding. And in the Sunday paper is Tom McBride it rates. This fascinating article remember he has got a sideline with a Sussex is he told some law and his closed front of us. This all could that you read escaped from the poisonous palace. What kind of gives us a little insight. And to what the Sussex is off thinking and among beat really interesting things that he says does that. The a beginnings. All this for live Whitney started back in that wedding around the time of their wedding when he says that really damaging things west said. And Don he goes on to say that if the Sussex is dead and get that way in negotiations that could be. A no holds barred interviewed west some west things could get praise he. Ugly or O. Can we want a lot of 81 thing -- appreciate is that hairy and and Megan they've always made mental health. A priority and it seems like they're taking care bears. It does he. Yeah it's I that mean you remember when meg inspect about half of the year the impact that this presentation is hiding in her life and she says. Unit it's you need to doom. Within just so five you've got to rise yes I think it's a pretty revealing comments are Julian we'll see what happens and we know that you need here to report yes. All right thank units are. Let's check identification is now starting web Diego that's sexy tortoise Diego. Is returning to the wild after helping to save. If species from the brink of extinction. Yet 800 descendants sit but since the 1960. Diego was busy bear it we're gonna hide. Good for him that they go toward as a 175 pounds he put on a lot of work. But got the job done. You can rest easy now that to the return of the no pants subway ride. It's a chance for commuters to show off what they've got underground movement started in New York City nineteen years ago so yesterday thousands of people in nineteen cities around the world. Stripped off in the subways among the instructions for New Yorkers. If they want to ask you why your underpants tell them that they were getting uncomfortable. And it was a beautiful. Weather day over the weekend so what if not what is your supposed to be doing this when it's quite an out. Now is likely it will be degrees definitely do degrees summertime fun and that perfect swing apparently. Runs in the family Ford Tiger Woods. I got masses when are served as a caddy for his son Charlie woods over the weekend of for a junior event in South Florida and a ten year old appears to have inherited it isn't adds sweet watch this here comes here comes. And you know that's a good swing there. It picked up Charlie moving on outdoor health alert an estimated fifty to seventy million Americans are affected affected by sleep a leader problems like me. Yes being up at this hour but those problems only come pound if you're not getting enough sleep. On a regular basis so here's ABC's Dan here's break and it them. It's a scene that plays out in millions of homes across America attempting to capture that elusive get essentials good night's sleep. If we don't get enough sleep what happens there is no single to she within the body. No process if the mind that is an demonstrably and when we don't get enough. Matthew Walker UC Berkeley neuroscientist and author of why we sleep. Says sleep deprivation can be bad for your mood your immune system your memory and much more. But he says it's never too late to start getting them minimum of seven to eight hours a night that most of us need. So what can you do to start cut back on screen time. He need darkness and night to trigger the release of the hormone melatonin which tells our body it's time for bed also important for good sleep hygiene. And so that can improve the quantity and quality of since you're asking people fundamentally changed their their social lives some of that many require a change in social life. Yacht the short to you'll sleep the shorten your life. So I ordered and aura rage at track nicely this little device stays on you at night a contract your body temperature your body movements. And and within the Catholic. OK so looking at the at first thing in the morning and I didn't do gray investments is I got four hours and 39 minutes. Mostly this wasn't an isolated problem I wore their rate for several weeks and found that even though I was spending about eight hours in bed I was actually only sleeping for about 80% of that time. So I checked back in with the doctor walker during a recording of my podcast if I do. Live the rest of my life with those numbers unchanged would I'd be in real risk what we know is that route which usually relative to groups who campaigns have seven. To a SaaS of sleep a night. Arm risks for things such as cardiovascular disease together with cancer and alzheimer's decease those things typically start to increase. Once you start to go low than those amounts. Are things have been here is there got a limited springtime. And nightcap some alcohol. And. And he had to make sure your room is cool that we got another 67 degrees as optimal. I coming out it's a class of the tigers at tonight's college football national championship game. But only one school has an actual Tiger Woods and it's already down after this. Here's what to watch effort today president trump is scheduled to have lunch with vice president Mike Pence and receive intelligence briefing before heading down to New Orleans. Make an appearance of the college football national championship. For the defending. We're the defending champion Clemson Tigers will take on the Louisiana State Tigers. In the superdome. And it be don't know the difference between the two tiger teams have no fear will Ganz is here to tell you all you need to know the battle of the tigers at this year's college football champions. Louisiana State University. Vs Clemson. Number one ranked LSU was favored by about five point for the number three Clemson was 12 of the last three national championship. Fidelity was looking for its first title since the 2007. Season 2007 death. The year John Travolta played at the turn blood in the hairspray movie musical. Anyway the game is at the superdome in New Orleans which means Ellis Hugh has the home field advantage ominous. It might be able to hear the tiger they keep on campus in Baton Rouge cheering them on. No seriously Ellis you has a tiger on campus. His name is Mike and he residents to grant the other tiger team doesn't have a real tiger but Clemson game. It's home to south Carolina's largest Burr oak tree. And still pretty branches. In addition to the big tree Clemson football also has an amazing defensive line intact they had the best pass. Doubly last year. But clemson's only kicks thirteen of 22 field goals. Special teams not so special LSU's Joseph Berle on the other hand is super special he's having the best quarterback season in college football history. He says the secret to his success. Naps before beginning food group that naps make champions. After his nap Borough and the rest of the LSU tigers will take on the Clemson Tigers tonight at 8 PM eastern. And ESPN is offering fifteen different ways to experience the game the may get cast includes the main broadcast that sky cam. A Spanish language version and Ira for recap. That is our question of the day what's tiger team is your pick to take home the hardware tell us in the comments. Are tweet us at ABC news alive we will see. Many around here who are being cocked fans without gonna say LSU. We'll see aren't they great to have Kimberly Brooks fearing he ABC's live we back tomorrow got to get some rest it's more America have a government we'll see tomorrow.

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