It's Morning, America: Monday, July 22, 2019

Iran seizes British ship, Hong Kong protesters attacked, Marvel unveils phase 4 and more.
24:20 | 07/22/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, July 22, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna move not a lot is accurate account find things to know this Monday morning number one. Millions of Americans finally getting some relief from the heat. But it's coming at a cost thunderstorm the slicing into the record setting temperatures a lightning strike on a Florida beach injured eight people. One critically and temperatures plummeted in Minnesota after powerful storms rolled through creating flash flooding and bringing down trees and power lines. Number two the UK is trying to figure out how to respond to Iran after it seized a British oil tanker. Newly released video showed Iran's revolutionary guard taking over the tanker with nearly two dozen crew members on board our British warship tried to intervene but it was too far away to help. British officials say Iran is calling. In retaliation for the UK's seizure of Ronnie tinker just over two weeks ago. And that what's believed to be headed to Syria a breach in sanctions. On to number three Puerto Rico is bracing for a massive protests today with a one million people expected to hit the street. They're demanding that governor Ricardo rest Seau who resigned on Sunday he announced that he won't seek reelection he's stepping down as leader of his pro statehood party but that's not enough for the island's residents. They've been frustrated in her years with a weak economy and corruption. For the final straw may have been he's leaks offensive messages between for sale and his eighth. And we head to Cooperstown born before. Where six men have joined baseball legends in the hall of fame and. Classes turning acting with a abducted yesterday left by former yankees closer an all time saves leader Mariano Rivera. He's the first unanimous selection to the hall. Also brandy Howell they fought back tears as she represented her late husband Roy he died event Wie seventeen plane crash. Also inducted Harold Raines Lee Smith anchor Martinez. And Mike Mussina. And it finally number five vendors and game is now the highest grossing movie ever be throwing James Cameron's avatar. A vendors earned two point 79 billion dollars globally in thirteen weeks. It is large home that yeah I'm. They've come to Canada. Dodgers in game. Good morning everyone welcome to. Good Morning America let I don't care. Her body is lot of that commit. Not that I admit that they had cut the. Do I ever hit the I'm. Hearing you my friend cannon at. We're doing it. These early morning hours. You know you know that Clinton having canceled due to aegis as did I just get out like I don't. Like its. Type indelible got was great to have you here to be here let's get started with BI today's big story the UK is trying to figure out how to respond to rot after it seized a British oil tanker and what's being described as an act of retaliation. Newly released video shows Iran's revolutionary guard taking over the tanker with nearly two dozen crew members onboard. The British warship tried to intervene but it was too far way to help. Eighteen Megan temper the N has more on the rising tensions I can't. Hi Lana and Kenneth plaza says crisis plays out in the Middle East president trump has ordered more troops to be deployed. To the Persian gulf. Tensions with the Ron escalating this morning. New video released by Iran showing the moment a Ronnie in a Revolutionary Guards seized a British flagged tanker in the Strait of Hormuz a vital oil passageway. Notice the empty Jack and Ronnie and flag hoisted from the ship's bridge in this newly obtained audio listen to the exchange between the crews. Do you all day a little bit bit then the this is that the that we should all strokes increased six tomorrow all they're saying get your. Do I played as big there. It's big the could leave immediately. This ship captured Friday that passed the writing commandos. Riding officials say the vessel violated international maritime line. But British officials say Iran is calling it retaliation. For the UK seizure of an Ronnie and tinker just over two weeks ago that was believed to be headed to Syria. A breach of EU sanctions. Let's be clear that this was a whole style and aggressive acts. This latest seizure coming one day after the US Downey of an Iran Ian drone that was flying too close to an American navy ship in the gulf. On Sunday secretary of state Mike Pompeo saint despite the fact these are not the actions of a country headed toward the right direction. The US is willing to talk more. Prepared to negotiate across a broad spectrum of issues with no preconditions. And British leaders are expected talked to parliament today to discuss what they should do in response to this six sees her back to back filming and what exactly are the options that Britain that. The UK is looking at in terms of its for spots. Well on either one of them could be targeting a Ryan leadership by freezing assets in the UK. And the other one could be further further in the sanctions aimed at Iran but there really aren't many. Great options for London to take because the US has RD impose the maximum possible economic sanctions. Banning all Ronnie an oil exports worldwide. Aren't there maggots have reds in hey before you leave us. Making your debut here on your honor to welcome to ABC news thank you so going to be here odds are you've been out for I know a couple of weeks but again this is your day before its morning America and so. Typically we have. The reporter come down to our studio here but you're on another floor where are you hearing our governor why do you want to air mag and. Do you I'm not the honest answer. Could lead manager for her I am I'm not we're in right issues and senate lacks the rich I'm Larry like. I'm not. Flexible and cooked black flats that don't go with the outfits and tomorrow I'm bringing heels and Albion steered back in not regret it tomorrow. Like Betty asks I guess they're scheduling on the eve. Maggie and one moment you're talking about something serious and in the next here on this show there's no telling what could have. Happened so as you see there parent. Link you react but now you now you blowing it up you really have our passion for Good Morning America we'll get away every it is severe tomorrow that they can't look at a game five. All right so there's also a rise. Intense is that Venezuela with the US accused in a Venezuelan fighter jet of coming dangerously close and American intelligence plane. US officials say the jet aggressively shatter the military plane in international airspace. The venezuelans say it happened over their territory embattled president Nicholas Madieu remains in power despite calls by the US and other countries for him to step down. And now give your popcorn ready because in watching kids a big watched week former special counsel Robert Mueller is scheduled to sit down for back to back hearings Wednesday on capitol. And Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler is hoping those hearings will highlight substantial evidence they make the public case for president prompts impeachment Mueller has said. You won't speak beyond the findings in his report on the Russian investigation but Democrats say the facts must be present at two the American people because. No president is above the law they Republicans have claimed the mullah report. As one side it. President trump fired off a new wave of tweets feeding into his ongoing feud with four congress women of color that evolves into supporters chanting. Send her back. President called the freshman lawmakers are weak and insecure saying that they're not capable of loving our country democratic congressman Elijah Cummings praised the women who said. And he said that he's honored to serve with that he also made it clear what he thought about the president. We were trying to integrate a Olympics ads for. Near my house and I heard the same kind. Of chance. Go home you don't belong here. Do you believe present sharp as a racist. I believe he is ED yes and no doubt about it. But White House officials of the president's campaign aides are coming to his defense they took aim at. The congresswomen. And they insisted that the president is no racist. Look I have worked with president from for two years and he is not a racist he is a results oriented president. Who is focused on helping uplift all Americans. But the president himself has been sending some mixed messages on this subject he did nothing while supporters in North Carolina chanted send her back about represented on Omar. He disavow the champ though the next day but that. Called the supporters at the rally quote incredible patriots and singer. That's according to his attorney in the singer's currently solitary confinement Chicago he's facing multiple charges that solved child sex abuse and not repeat. Kelly's attorney says he needs to finish the record so he can earn a living it's unclear for a formal request. Has been made. It's also unclear how many people would be interested in listening to songs are. Students in organ and now have something that we could probably audience mental health managers. Under the new state law students can have up to five and absences excused in a three month period it's believed me one of the first of its kind in the nation. Supporters say it's in response to the mental health crisis and schools. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among organ residents between the ages of ten to 34. You talk passed a similar law last year. This is apparent writer's view crashing face first into a Swiss mountain we collapse on the gliders can break over ten. To a clinic the Washington State native managed to get up and a few minutes then landed normally. He walked himself and his gear to a train station. They went to the hospital he suffered some cuts and bruises but is expected to be okay but there was over ten I think he overshot his landing. Yeah. But the case is that are asking what himself to the drain state spending why. It right no ambulance so I guess here is over its schemes or. You know over the ten Overton. Coming up pro death in Hong Kong turned violent. Hundreds of thousands rally for direct elections as protesters are attacked us. Welcome back protests in Hong Kong turned violent this weekend as masked assailants attacked computers commuters and protesters in a subway station. So let's go across the plot out our friend doing McFarland in the London bureau for more good morning Julie. Mourning Kenneth that's right it's dozens of people have been arrested often lost night's violence in Hong Kong around 45 people. What injured one critically. Often what a piston Ben all means a gang member is armed thugs. Attacked a large group of protest is as they were returning pay enough. From dot massive rally yesterday. Hundreds of thousands of people once again taking to the streets to the Mann's. Foot democracy and protesting against. What they say is increasing. Influence from Beijing in domestic Hong Kong politics. Now at the these sort of instigate says of last night's violence I as a reported eyewitness as a political agendas on the scene they were wearing white T shuts. And they have hit to be targeting the test is rural addressed. In black a lot of images. Shed on telegram that a cryptic communications web site. Showing a lot of people in gent a lot of people being attacked by these people wearing white carrying Maxwell abroad send. Back tons. And some lol make is on journalists were among those injured in that violence are very disturbing images coming out of Hong Kong last night and dean. And Julie there and naming prime minister trees today is stepping down what do we know now about who may be replaced. Well lineup couldn't the consent of the party members have until 5 o'clock. This often need to submit that ballots now a widely. Expected to win net is Boris Johnson got flamboyant. Four and bowl former foreign secretary do because highs warm friendship went president Donald Trump. He's expected to win it's not clear how much by a majority but what's been happening at the last few weeks if he has been busy. Putting together that. His device in hand he wants to be in his cabinet's. A bunch of loyalists. Some controversial. Bars back is including Petit Patel here. Had to resign. From the Los cabinet an undisclosed meetings with the Israeli she's a very controversial. Choice to it's rim it may be the next ten secretaries she has called for the death penalty but has since walked days. Claims back. And Boris Johnson is of course he's he's been writing in the Daily Telegraph today. Writing off to the opponent fifty landing saying we just need to believe in Britain. And Bre X it will be fixed. Some bold claims and they got they can't or approximately. Half tries. Eight and I mean he's yeah and believe we assume that he when's he's also facing. A number of pre resignation as the treasury. Secretary and the justice the psyches say that they. Planned on resigning if he becomes prime minister and some more government ministers are out she announcing that they. Are resigning today ahead of that result coming out buried have been times of bush politics reducing. Quite a bit a fallout from that if that happens Julie before you go on so. Now to when we have a future prime minister he's had a close relationship with the future king who happens to be. Pres sorts out it I connected battery there the got to get yeah I have got a big part pay their respects for prince George. Number his name from prince George it is his bad day today tiny second of July he's just finished one yet. Pats his school. And classy and some beautiful pretty taunting -- days you can see that Kensington Palace have released all of this money prince. You Fijian came all the United Kingdom say you know Scott like me might set take a little umbrage at him wearing an England shut but not much can forgive that because he's a keep. But yet he's fainted and taken by the duchess of Cambridge eye and she is coming up quite a provision for the local fire quite a lot of bounds. Take us from the royal household of Cambridge's. Ones that she's taken a self at pavement in the guidance but some youthful picks that. So new yes nice nice little. As to identify an everyone's on that ice. Whereas others pictures would just think that I found I know there were acts with a professional camera. And I thought that is a professional should tell you I don't think I'm without it is all I got to I think bandied about it got. You know I am getting very top there with a knife bonus I just thought you think mom in the garden trying to take two days and I'll let you know how mom's yelling at the kid. But look into the situation like bat. Blood Neville Webb and children and animals I think that's there another cover times number one rule. Yeah. And if you do makes you have a southern accent when you do it that's for any. Look at that now and I decide I'm the gonna cause because if that the haven't seen a lot of nice bat. But that would not believe this. All right I've read is get this via we'll see next Sunday and I Jessica notification is now starting way. A two year old was born only. I take a ride to the fair on it. Toy tractor going what one point five amounts for our program you have part ago a couple blocks down to the county fair down the street they found him there. He didn't go there. The police. Were called repairs on that one in just a few minutes later they found little boy with the tractor. Next to a ride at the county fair and his name. Recourse debt at the battery out of his tractor. How old. Old Kenneth Lawson he did Hank. Check out this perfect wedding dress for a bride who is obsessed with. Effect at six tier wedding news. Dress. Pepperoni seeing there a look at that that UK and the ball. Yet that's part of us Chicago town. In the deep dish pizza is part of campaign may got going on but. I think it'd be like over the UK or something to get this deal like if you weren't going to be the winner sadistic if this dress. If nothing if that's what you want for your big day. Finex a close encounter with an apparently hungry great white shark off Cape Cod. That's when a fishing boat captain calling it exciting and scary exhilarating and Anderson and here it is that woman is polling at this toward the boat when the great white comes laden enjoys. Well though lots who enjoy doing and why they live in the average trading there in horror I would've done the exact thing they aren't all day you might get out of hand. A camera and now. Pretty steady the boy's father shot that video he called the incident of crazy fishing stories I gave everyone a pretty good. Few of the captains that like I think bigger Shaq. People look at the Fed earlier this obvious signal and a I really last week we have the alligator known as chips and snapped her he was captured at Chicago hasn't been a little bit different I execute her. I Grayson homeowner homeowners on Long Island New York found a small Gator in their pool just as they were about to go for a slam. There was about the clean up the pulls filter when he spotted the alligator he said he. Has no idea where it came from. BB Gator knew deep do do you know your baby you don't get that it might hit Italy's. All right amended and game has gone where no movie has gotten before our at a star tracker our friends. As marble pulls back the curtain on its cinematic universe. The company has unveiled plans for new movies he stars the return of old favorites all also bringing a monster new record at the box office. ABC's Diane Macedo has all the details. Avengers assemble. The box office battle for the ages it's complete and this is the fight about. Avengers and game is topping avatar as the highest grossing film of all time. Making over two point seven billion dollars like this we'll. Marvel studios president Kevin by. It is surreal honestly and it is it is something we never thought about happening we want it to. We wanted to add to ourselves is is is is all we want to do compete with ourselves. But it's a testament it's a testament. To every filmmaker that worked in the MCU it's. But that wasn't marvels only big news the studio was also revealing plans for Disney plus. And asleep of new movies and with the announcement of another store and Doctor Strange fans can expect to see more of their favorites featured on the big screen. Including the long awaited black widow movie. The turn. I feel like crying and and we are dreamland it's very very strange and very exciting and get ready to see some new star power phase four of the marvel cinematic universe will include Angelina Jolie. My Herschel leak and some are high to name a few. Are things that Diane there somebody that things haven't a comic con and I was surprised by so big garden guardians of the galaxy three. Apparently. A black panther to keep. I thought I've not been that I haven't been to San Diego it. Very first comic con there was one woman in attendance and and and she was out this most recent until we are not critical to exclude cool. Well you know what that's a fair question of the day what are you most most excited about coming up from Marmol. The new door blade black widow. Tell us in the comments section or tweet us at ABC news live the wanna know what are you excited about from a no everywhere thanks. That your expect so. Coming up Hollywood and president trump rallying around asap rocky Grammy nominated rapper detained in Sweden now the subject of international negotiations. Here's what to watch out for today president Bob welcomes the prime minister of Pakistan to the White House for bilateral meetings and a working lunch demonstrators. Protests as they keep up their demands for Puerto Rico governor. Ricardo would CEO to resign. John. Paul Stephens will lie in repose at the Supreme Court the former justice passed away last week at the age of ninety mind. Nancy Pelosi will speak at the NAACP annual convention and discuss women's issues in Detroit. And presidential candidate told C Gabbert will appear on the. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories and the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. And now to the latest on that American rapper being detained in Sweden and now even president trump is involved. Arlo Ganz has the latest on how Hollywood and the White House are comforting a sap Rockies Phillies that is right you guys with started as came in Kanye now involves the prime minute. Sir Sweden the president of the United States. And Justin beaver. A SaaS rocky for music videos alongside Rihanna to the subject of international negotiations. The Grammy nominated artist under investigation and in jail since this June 30 altercation in Stockholm. As shown in this video obtained by TMZ. Although he still hasn't been charged president trump speaking to the prime minister on the phone this weekend tweeting afterward. He assured me that American citizen a sap rocky will be treated fairly. Likewise I assured him that a sap was not a flight risk and offered to personally vouch for his bail. Many saying that offer feels out of temple and a criminal justice system that doesn't even offer bail. The Swedish prime minister's Press Secretary saying in a statement the government cannot and will not attempt to influence the legal proceedings. A sap who's behind bars along with two of his back up dancers posting this video on answer Graham allegedly showing the moments leading up to that fight. Bob. Two men who had not been arrested appear to fall of the artist and his group throwing headphones that the musician's body guard. A sap whose real name is Ricky Myers maintaining he acted in self defense. We want to place. And rapper G easy posting audience Graham referencing his own arrest last year in Sweden. When he paid a fine and was released after day and a half shown in this video obtained by TMZ. The difference between me and Iraqis treatment and process in Sweden. Brings to mind two concepts that disgusting me go hand in hand white privilege and systematic racism. Other celebs tweeting their support like Sean Mendez and Jada Pinkett Smith. And Tyler their creator Valentin never toured there saying. No more Sweden for me ever. And Justin Bieber getting political tweeting to the president I want my friend out I appreciate you trying to help temple while you're at it can you also let those kids out of cages. President jumped sweeting over the weekend that he and Sweden prime Sweden's prime minister agreed to talk again within 48 hours prime minister though disputing that saying. Follow up conversations may take place but nothing has been plan so incredible so he has amid charges city joke for several weeks now. And I mean this is their deaths is system it's it's proper. This can use of the there's no bail so what do they normally do people just stay in jail until prosecutors. I got so and that thing that's throwing kind of weird perspective on all of this is how. GE he was treated. Just tears half going right the same thing was I when it had out there in your piece there are so we will see if president trump and them you know American muscle there can actually operates up rocky and obviously a lot of other people were chime in as well let. At Swedish prosecutor comments. Pretty adamant there right now impacting nothing's gonna happen because of this intervention so what does he how this all plays out. I thank you look as we appreciate it thank you that's it for us this great have a lot of Zack hear him for being normal day. Have a great day everyone we'll via tags.

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