It's Morning, America: Monday, June 24, 2019

U.S. to impose new sanctions on Iran, doctor who treated migrants says camps are "worse than jail" and more.
28:13 | 06/24/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, June 24, 2019
Good morning I'm kind of smoke and turning army you're the top I think snow this Monday number one of the showdown with Iran Iran's naval chief is warning that Iran is capable of shooting down more US spy drone of the day after Ronnie lawmakers. Shouted death to America. The threat comes as president drop a set to impose a new round of economic sanctions on Tehran today. Number two more witnesses are coming forward to say that migrants along the southern border are being collected inside government facilities one doctor compares the conditions to torture. Meanwhile overnight we learned the bodies of three young children have been found near the Mexico Texas border. Dehydration may be to blame. On to number three Major League safety concern for the second time in less than three weeks of man has turned victim out of its behalf are. I'm lying to ride in a woman in the face at Dodger Stadium she was taken to the hospital. That incident has renewed calls for more protective netting at state these days more fans are looking down at their phones adding to the concern and one report found since 1998 there's been at 12% increase in the number foul balls. It during games ever for an out the big night at the BET awards last night was jam packed with high energy performances and LA but this year's awards also doubled. The celebration of late wrapper Nancy hustle. Gunned down back in March here is clothing store in Los Angeles. He was honored with humanitarian award Mary. ET's ultimate icon award. Trying to help somebody cross. What everybody's fine parsley to the table talk about hospice allowed us to the want to think they'll go into that but why you fight posted at the table I'll be down in Atlanta build in my home. Know for sure that about it just build this table Bob we're prepared for me in the presence semi in a. Earlier in the night party beat kicked off the show with an explosive. Performance every single press took home album of yeah. And volley number five today marks 25 years as the Lion King first hit theaters. We're feeling the love our parent company Disney has released a new teaser was upcoming remake beyonce and Donald Glover perform their rendition of can you feel. The group kings of the past. Don't want us from those times apiece being. Whose fiance asked the voice of not a lot Glover is Simba. Critical. The movie hits theaters July 19. We're excited we're very excited or can't hide it you know this morning America morning. Gotta be bear Israel could be big we have a hot. Who in but dot have backed that big story thanks for joining us this morning president rob imposing a new round of economic penalties on Iran today. He's turning up the pressure hoping to force Iran into a new round of talks that comes after he called off a military strike last week. The regime is not budging Ronnie lawmakers Sunday chanted death to America. And just moments ago the head of Iran's navy issued a new warning ABC's Trevor all passed those new developments from Washington Trevor good morning. Good morning to both of you yet today the United States is going to be presenting what they say is proof. That that drone that Iran shot down was in international. Airspace and this comes as president trump. Is trying to negotiate a deal but he says a military option is still very much on the table. With tensions high between Iran and the United States today the truck administration says it's rolling out new sanctions targeting Iran's economy. In an effort to force them to the negotiating table. They're. A lot line to become a wealthy nation again. We'll call it. Let's make a rod great again the president saying he called off a military attack on Iran after learning how many Iranians would have likely been killed. Telling NBC I'm not looking for war. And if there is there will be obliteration like you've never seen before and I'm not looking to do that. The president says he would be willing to talk with Iran with no preconditions. His top advisors saying a deal can be reached but new video from inside Iran's parliament shows Iranian lawmakers chanting. Death to America. ABC news has learned that while president trump called off those strikes against Iran on Thursday the White House did quietly green light a cyber attack this same day. Disabling software on computer systems used to control rocket and missile launches secretary of state Mike Pompeo now meeting with allies in the Middle East about containing Iran. This effort we've engage. To deny Iran the resource for the moment here to build out their nuclear weapons system to build up the missile program. We are going to deny them the reason they need to do that. Now over the weekend I asked president trump about the possibility of Iran shooting down another unmanned drone in what he would do it he said that we would have to see but he didn't think Iran would do that but of course now this morning we have this new warning from Iran's naval chief. Who is saying they have the capability to shoot down more unmanned drones this conflict. Far from over even though president trump says he's trying to negotiate a deal today Kenneth. Yeah and Trevor the president is trying to get a Ron back to the negotiating table but he's been criticized for pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. In the first place obviously mainly by Democrats Democrats who are trying to replace them and 20/20 and there are some who are same that he may be running out of options. Yeah including some of that criticism Kenneth has come from people who are familiar with conflicts in the Middle East former us. Chairman of the joint chiefs Mike Mullen who was a principal military advisor to president George W. Bush and President Obama essentially says. The president trump might be running out of room here is yet to think about the fact that. We were minutes away literally from launching that military strike last week with Iran we are running out of cards to play as this continues to escalate. We very well could back ourselves into war with Iran or step forward aggressively with Sarah for that concern from Democrats. Senator Chuck Schumer has said he's worried that we were going to bumble into a war. But yet you mentioned the presidential candidate senator Cory Booker essentially said on this week yesterday. That we started this by pulling out of the Iran deal present from making that decision to unilaterally leave. A deal that's not just with a rod it was with several countries and now we might be putting ourselves on an island here the United States. And not really having any other options as long before there. Aren't won't cover off breaking it down for us in Washington thank you sir we appreciate it thank you anytime. Another developing story from the southern border Border Patrol agents and taxes have found the bodies of four people two infants. A toddler and a woman along the Rio Grande in an area known for human smuggling. Investigators believe they may have died of dehydration. And that discovery comes amid allegations of nick lacked and to this treatment at border facilities witnesses are using words like torture. In the meantime uncertainty is sending fear through many communities after president trump postponed immigration rates. Protesters in Los Angeles directing their anger toward president trumps threat to launch new deportation operation. Think he's gonna to. Do these massive depreciation and one day and then one day he guided the fear he's getting in our community is not okay. The protests come hours after president trump delayed raids by ice targeting more than 2000 people in family unit. Who would already received final orders to leave the country. The president treated at the request of Democrats are they've delayed the illegal immigration removal process for two weeks. Our families are still living here family still needs to be united we still needs a solution that's gonna cover everybody. ABC news has learned the president called off the rates after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged him not to go through with it this week congress will consider a plan to send four point five billion dollars in humanitarian aid to the border. Where facilities are overwhelmed with a record number of families this felt worse than jail. Doctor Dolly severe examined infants and children being held at a facility in McAllen Texas she compares the conditions to torture with babies drinking from unwashed bottles for days. And fluorescent lights on 24/7. The conditions at these facilities are placing them at increased risk for infection. Disease and attorney warned Linford who interviewed children at this facility in Clint Texas. Says children are left to care for each other sleeping on concrete blocks there are open to ellipse in the ground. There is no so when asked about the reportedly dire circumstances the president blinked Democrats. We're doing a fantastic job under the circumstances. The Democrats aren't even improving giving us money. Where's the money you know what the Democrats are holding up the humanitarian aid. In response Customs and Border Protection say they have limited resource is but they work to provide the best care possible. And as Democrats prepare to face off in their first primary debates this week yet another presidential hopeful. Has joined the vary it very crowded field former Pennsylvania congressman Josef sick just became. Candidate number 25. Retired three star admiral says he waited so late to announce he has a daughter was fighting brain cancer. Another candidate South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete booted jets says he will attend Thursday's debate following a heated town hall meeting about the death of a black man in his city booted jets listened as South Bend residents. And really call for changes in the police department after 54 your Erik Logan was shot by a white officer. The officer claimed Logan had a knife that he refused to drop ABC's terror primary question would a judge about his leadership on the issue. They're running on your record so how can you do that when you have so much division at home and yet you thing you can unify the country. Well we've got a lot of challenges at home of these issues are easy part of how you earn your pay check as the mayors is to walk into a no win situations but we've done a lot of work group got a lot of work to do together. But is that this calling for the Justice Department to investigate Eric Logan's death. That geopolitical standoff in organ where Republican lawmakers are boycotting the legislature in hopes of blocking a climate change bill. The state house a shut down Saturday because of a militia threat Republican state senators don't have enough votes to kill the bill. They are trying to run out the clock until the session ends and some of them left the state after governor threatened to send state troopers. To round them up they'll now be find 500 dollars for everything payments. Have an update on the recovery of retired Red Sox star David Ortiz a statement over the weekend's epic poppy is out of the intensive care unit. I Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. We're t.s arrived at the hospital two weeks ago today after being shot in his native Dominican Republic. A bunch of mugs only a mile makah who battle for the title of world's deadliest dog. Judy was way lower than skin deep and really McAfee for her in nineteen dot. Battle from the ugly I feel so we're glasses. More than a few had spiked hair but all only one and came away with a 15100. Dollar grand prize and title of under his dog and that was scam there if Graham who is now a chance and is proud owner of our. Camp and have plans did not have a stamp to tramp. They say scam is there be dog he was rescued in point fourteen he volunteers at his local airport. Unmatched but oh well I work berries and seniors and. So the way to win this obviously is to have your. Dog's tongue sticking out. It. But it was an equity don't like. I'm not gonna. I got but it it means there around here Illinois are those gifts and a note note I gotta do it. And the fact they're there every dog's scamper that there be dog. So we're not here either McCain. Isn't there like. I can't I can't Kelly yeah I do not met yet popular act. Ed they've brought it there yeah. All right move radon. I thought the bee's about that coming up the new alarm being raised about the bees and the butterfly in the morning we're hearing for one young expert after this. Welcome back now to the concern over the dwindling number of these experts are raising a new warning about how it's wreaking Havoc on our ecosystem even threatening our food supply CBC's rob Marciano. The workhorse is a pollination and fertilizing flowers and crops over 30% of the food American seat it's gone by honeybees. And recently the population of these vital coordinators is dropping at an alarming rate. Joey what's the only stand alone in vertebrate zoo in the world to look into it. Why do we think. The bee population is in decline. Sell it there a lot of factors that play into that decline at b.'s lack of habitat also pesticide use. And pathogens but about climate change what about a warming world so that can be a huge impact some of that has to do with wind plants bland so if you're -- You've missed your wind out. And those plants and struggle to bear fruit artist or take out our chief pol haters. Into dives I go with zoo keeper Sarah Tripplett. Well oh. But it almost d.s. So the first thing they'll do is the young bees can excrete this wax out of around glands on their abdomen and no format into these cells. And then the bees believe the hype and go collect nectar from flowers. But those negative factors now disrupting this very necessary pollination process appeared reminder to be as a kind of freaking me out. How to protect up about a flights okay and these other on eaters facing similar fights. Out if this is easy. Very cool very cool having butterflies flutter around here that overnight that thing over a thousand. From all over the world. And our resident butterfly expert eight year old Zelda oaks recognizes the importance of these animals. Would you talented kids that are maybe afraid of you don't like I'm it. It's usually me are helpful people who. And you can help. Count yet. Thanks to rob there let's go across the pond now to Lama hut's sign in the London bureau is watching that shocking election victory for Turkey's opposition party. In Istanbul Lama good morning. Yak good morning to you guys love ECB it would use Edison let's start exactly with what you set tacky because that all huge headlines coming out. Of a stumble overnight weather routing policy to AK party's course the party. Of president rest tip Tampa are to gotten. Has now lost control of as stumble which is a big deal even know they will mayoral elections because even the president's himself said that. If you win as stumble you win the rest. Of the country see when the rest of Turkey so. The president has been dealt a stinging blow and eating some analysts. To believe that did this could potentially be the beginning of the end for the president's had just our recap of how we got to this point. In March they did to have mayoral elections. And the yen leader of the opposition party won by and narrow margin they AK party we're not happy about it they hit back. Demanded another contest a mother Ryvon which of course they had. Yesterday and the results came out that the opposition these at this time one not any did you win Roth he won by a and even not to margin. Thing he did in mosques the president this time not contesting at. But actually congratulate seeing the opposition disease. And this it what this means is this ends a 25 years of rule and as symbols and it's a pretty big deal. And why are moving on to the mast per Tass and the Czech Republic. Hundreds of thousands have been demonstrating in Prague calling for the prime minister there to resign if the biggest protest. Since the velvet revolution that brought on the Communist regime back in 1989. Tell us what this is all about a yes so some stunning images coming out of but the Czech Republic coming out of Prague where as you say hundreds. A thousands of protests is cut coming out in full force taking to the streets demanding the country's prime minister resign prime minister is facing. Criminal investigations of alleged. Four to using some just over two million dollars in subsidies which of course a prime minister. Disagrees with he will not and dismisses all of this anti Arab refuses to resign but of course the protests has been all gang any whacked. They even organized another demonstration which is due to take place in November to mock the velvet revolution which you just mentioned. Act and some organizes believe that it's 250000. People came out which would make it the biggest. Protests. Since the Ford of communism in 1989. So watch this space and this is definitely a story to keep an island. Happily keep renowned that went in Lama before you go briefly here. So apparently we found out that a woman on a flight in the deep sleeper and an airline half in the ash lane need to do what's up with that. Yeah I mean not one way of putting it this is the kind of story that really does need you shocks and sort of like scratching your head how could this take place so get this yes a woman. Was flying on act Canada and she was traveling from come back to Toronto. She is false asleep wakes up still buckled in house scenes. Act in toe soul darkness. The Ashcroft had been parks. And she had she'd been forgotten about and I'd and a high you would describe this but yacht obesity grounds often see had no one what crop. Has cell phone wasn't lacking she didn't have enough back she says she couldn't get any help she managed to get to the cockpit managed so finds a flashlight. Act and also manage to get the attention of a baggage handler. Who rescued her and you know you as you can imagine described her as an in the state of shock. Now at count as it did say that this disk. Confront the story and said that there investigation is investigating it but again and this is something that just reason DT baffled that you know something like this would happen because. We pulled some balk planes and you see people rushing on you know maintenance. People who team the planes. Think about how all how could they have not seen highs just remarkable. An ad that may point out earlier how. Could the flight attendants not wait corral where that hole put your seat back up her seat spend another thing I yes they're balding and Obama gonna happen. Yeah I'm definitely this from I've ever seen from the legally years. For all of I don't know the delay has saying that movie. Go Google it the lingle ears. If there is that if that that you're here of course you guys I already you know that movie from an oddity. On I doubt you know I'm laughing because I can just imagine because this really is something out of and you can't over the slippery he's making up the F that's he's leaving king put him back uh oh there you go in any of his hands on Netherlands. Yeah I don't know if there's enough hot continental. Is still at large Iranian Obama hunting thank you thank you you've been reading Stephen King novel since you like three. Yes pretty much that's why I'm so. Evil. Figures let's get a check cars. Gates announced are that good news for Bryant does this new court. Just the third successful artificial insemination but that. The baby was like a 125. Pounds or some than anyone wanting. Some that I bunch of how cold weather about not hot hot weather here may people who are a lot more in my baby she is pregnant are a lot like a year and a third 488. A it's a lot there are it's here effect. In selling a lot yeah well it's time but look we've got to be congratulations and another animal news it's curious. Honor made a new friend on the dot. Man's side. And he's that you ought to be my friend. Paterson gets an jokes bright I have by the one lottery wanna just saw half his winnings fly away to his ex wife he won. A thirty million dollar Mega Millions jackpot. But guess what his divorce proceedings were still ongoing with a finalized between eighteen he won this jackpot and we thirteen the judge roll you've got to split that with Europe ex wife. Hash tag got him. And celebrities apparently can't buy everything. Cecily Cam Newton a passenger captured this video on a recent ten hour flight of the Panthers quarterback appeared to offer a fellow passenger 15100 dollars. To switch seats on that flight from Sharaa compares to Charlotte. It apparently wanted more leg room but them hence said no with a long flight. Guess fact guide the extra room was worth the 15100 box of hand just. Went back to his seat. And Bali night notification some they have worn up Twitter over this weekend. Could you be beyonce this it's that OK so obviously the answer is. I would give it a good track I definitely way of our closest quarter thread that goes there and yet pick different options president that. If it's a couple like what would you getter for breakfast granola and strawberry is it five star park at fox are records I did the granola I think did you go down if you pick a year BS and Natalie if you picture and then I will say that I picked us swimming option and that was wrong how am I out by I have are getting ready in the car. She dropped and got fired. You gotta get up so that brings us to our question the date. Could you who served. Queen bee do you have what it takes we tried. We failed. Yeah yeah our our friend Trevor I'd bring him back on track track where they're trying to look about semi serious thing yeah we haven't talking about a bill. Not merely curious the Gaza very Trevor could you be be I think this is that are would you get fired after a day. Blood first of all its chief beyonce corresponded. Cover all if we could please get that right now my official power. Unsurprisingly for as little as I know about beyonce I actually did this yesterday apparently in preparation for this and I made it really far I. Until I got fired because they didn't have titanium straws. I was like I only ask that got late game gas cellular data out car. I did yeah that apparently I'm preparing for error store in Iran you. Going through Twitter trying to be beyond things I mean you can kind of sleep walk through the conflicts in the Middle East but beyonce is really where the intense focus its that he has to come into the water term. And truck I'm so impressed how far you made it so where did you pull the inspiration from how did you know where you just guessing. A lot of it yup they'll come a lot of it was district guessing but I did I just assumed. This is probably the more just pick the more difficult to answer so you chose to play all night over sand castles. Yet all of the answer was no I don't know what either these sounds. I don't know what the sound out of carried out doesn't admit that you don't know what of the optics on air instead fly effective assistant because I'm just focused on getting her where she needs to be there. He wasn't Gerling like we were I think it like a vicious should she get ready in the cart like it doesn't act. I now I mean when years close to beyonce as I am you really have to drown out the noise like that aren't saying thank. And Europe focus like that you have already have the job brag that you have the job. It will happen. Fat burn out my year's up in the beyonce assistance we knew that we were making a good call bringing UN for this we had an idea how good the call finally ever yeah correspondent work that I am qualified yes. Trap rob and DC thank you so much again to you any time. All right well coming up the drama played out 25 story the Bob Times Square daredevil siblings blocking a wire for the first time after a near death experience. More when we come back. Here's what to watch out for today president trouble signing executive order on health care pricing. Completed over the weekend about the news sanctions plan they gets the wrong without providing details. Those sanctions are set to go into effect today. Senator Bernie Sanders is set proposes sweeping bill to eliminate one point six trillion dollars. A student debt as part of a larger initiative to make college's college tuition free colleges which is free to behave more. By attacks. On Wall Street. The International Olympic Committee will decide who will host the 20/20 six Winter Olympics final choice is between the lines in northern Italy and fueled bid. From Sweden Angela via the US women's soccer team takes on Spain in that first game of the knockout round of the World Cup. Winner of that game we'll take on France in the next round of the Americans have yet to allow our own goal in the end higher heard of it. They are forced plus representatives at the debrief for an update our top stories and the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. An activist rob so many stories about Times Square attention with high at a crossroads of the world is to remember that the pain will lead the family took a walk over the famed landmark. The walk seeing live on ABC with a specially nerve wracking in the wake of a major mishap two years ago I will dance was there in the crowd. Laurie. Now. A prayer twenties life stories above New York City particularly honorable ended defying death yet again with a lot harder to get on the wire than I had thought it was going to be starting a quarter a mile apart from one another on opposite ends of Times Square. The brother and sister watching the steel wire less than an inch wide. Only two years after this. The fallen nearly ending the Ottawa Linda's life. Breaking every bone in her face and several others and her return to the wired nothing short of miraculous. Two times higher Henry Ford times longer than anything she's ever done. I was worried as we mourn service. Fact that rice Israel the fear really is gone. At this moment when nick had to step overly honest that he can continue their high flying walk stopping hearts in Times Square. City that never sleeps crawl inside. But after 36 minutes he did it. Even nick himself he's surprised by what surprised him. Maybe the biggest surprises the wire was as stable as it was he and his sister beating the odds returning to the wire in front of a live TV audience. But for the flying will lend us. It's where they belong here kind of gripped me for a little bit after the accident and it's gone. I was home. So we wonder what will Mcquillin to do next he says now is mex not may be a high wire walk or were an active volcano yeah rights. How about that yeah. How does active here. At times we're in Times Square similar. Yeah I'd say he should keep the roaring crowds of the U wrote the book yeah yeah. My goodness have adopted and though they are credible they are on to the next ones yeah that's it for us today. Have a great Monday. We'll see tomorrow.

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