It's Morning, America: Thursday, April 11, 2019

Monster blizzard hits the heartland, attorney general suggests spying on Trump campaign and more.
27:00 | 04/11/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, April 11, 2019
Good morning and stepping Rahman's. I'm gonna vote you hear the top five things to know this Thursday number one the massive spring blizzard slamming several cities right now from the Rockies to the Great Lakes six states have been placed under a blizzard warning as people gear up for heavy rain and blinding snow. Some areas could see two feet of snow. The Twin Cities are expected about eight to ten inches but much more oval ball west of there and the Pacific northwest the problem is flooding a state of emergency was also declared an Idaho because of flooding. And near UG organ the water is so deep. A bogey Siri there was able to. Volleyed a cross this highway while in Pueblo Colorado this gust NATO blew through town. The storm lifting a large swirl of dust into the air making it look like a small twister. And I'll blowing dust warning was issued near Lubbock Texas as winds gusted to seventy miles per hour caused chaos on the road. At least six cars crashed on the interstate there. Number two stunning testimony from attorney general William Barr claiming that the US government spied on the truck campaign Barr told senators that he plans to get to the bottom of it. But Democrats are accusing him of doing the president's bidding. We had to Louisiana for number three a suspect is under arrest in connection with the fires that destroyed the three historically black churches reports say the suspect is the son of a sheriff's deputy. And it's father turned to amend the fires the fires were in saint landry's peers are a lot yet. Forty tells are being released at a news conference this morning. And number four a big final goodbye for two basketball legend. The NBA's regular season and at last night with a triple double for retiring Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade. The sixteen year career ended in Brooklyn with good friends LeBron James Carmelo Anthony Chris Paul. Cheering from the sidelines. And Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki. Got emotional last night watching video tributes and what they're doing then Antonio Nowitzki sort scored twenty points. And grabbed ten rebounds and dozens retirement as the league's sixth. Highest scorer after spending his entire 21 season career with the memory. And finally number five a photo of a plus size models wearing a bikini on the beach has triggered a debate on social media. This shot of and a O'Brien was posted by the razor company to let Venus and Twitter it's. Really couldn't handle it there was a flood of comments about her health saved pictures glamorizing obesity. But others praised the company's move including the model herself. If you like image it's joyful it's happy. It's inspired I'm leaving a great life. Before a lot of people all the concedes that we're taught that our bodies are boundaries. The third thing is that trap us into what we can and cannot deal. And all I'm trying to show women is that you can break through that boundary. Gillette said it's committed to represented beautiful women of all shapes all sizes and all skin types and. They've got much more to talk about coming your way it's morning in America. Born and every one let's get some. Some birthday shout outs us on this Thursday morning yet Jeremy Clark son. From up here at the Kennedy 91 years goal of the Kennedy clan weren't so happy birdied her Palin does not it's your birthday would like to be a shout out absolutely top of the show here on so very interesting debate there with that plus size model. That woman who says look I'm here I've represent a lot of people and to let saying the same thing. And again it's a debate that's going on but does that glamorize obesity and unhealthy or whether I'll many perceive as and he unhealthy behavior. Right inning she feels good about that she feels good about those pictures as we heard from her and something to keep in mind people feel awfully bold when there are behind their phones and posting to social media and there have been some. Pretty mean comments about breast photo but again she is in. Good spirits and she is standing by her photo and then we'll just considered it to see what else about it gives us confidently the good for her and a look at that massive spring blizzard slamming several states right now from the Rockies at Great Lakes about fifty million people are expected to feel the effects of this. Possibly historic storm six states have been placed under the blizzard warning as people gear up for work. Heavy rain blinding snow the impact on travel could be nationwide. But this morning a major spring storm bringing a temperature shock to millions of Americans this kind of a panda but storm. Overnight blizzard conditions in frigid air hitting the Rockies where record highs in the eighties quickly plunged to forty degrees. Colorado's governor has even activated the National Guard in case drivers get stranded. More than eighteen inches of snow has already foam and parts of South Dakota some areas could see thirty inches. In Minnesota. Near whiteout conditions south of Minneapolis where part of this highway was closed after a number of crashes. In other parts of the country it's severe flooding and winds causing problems. This dust NATO blowing in Pueblo Colorado the storm lifting a large swirl of dust into the air making it looked like a tornado. Ana blowing dust warning issued near Lubbock Texas as winds gusting up to seventy miles per hour causing Kay also on the roads at least six cars are crashing on interstate 27. And to the Pacific northwest. Flooding in Idaho leading to a state of emergency. And near Eugene Oregon the water is so deep a boat was able to glide across this highway sir Alex and dangers could. Since there had definitely apple folks stay safe out there and now. To more on that other big story the stunning testimony for attorney general William Barr claiming that the US government spied on the front campaign. Are told senators that he plans to get to the bottom of it but Democrats are questioned in his independence. Accusing him of during the president's bidding ABC's Monaco's our op be. As the new. Good morning Kenneth this startling assertion from the nation's top law enforcement official has left Democrats questioning where do William bars and loyalties really lie. I just want to make in front of the senate panel on Capitol Hill attorney general William Barr dropping a bombshell. Saying he believes the FBI spied. On president trumps 2016 campaign. I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal so you're not you're not suggesting know that spotting occurred. I don't well. It should be I think there's a spying did occur. Yes I think spying did occur. Bard then went on to say he plans to set up the team to further investigate. How the FBI handled the probe into Russia's meddling of the 2016 election. The attorney general's declaration seems to echo the president's call for an investigation of the Russian investigation. Which she's long deemed a witch hunt. This would pay headed kept it. Food business and attempted takedown of the president. Yet after further questioning bar appeared to walk back on his assertion are no. Specific. Evidence that I would site right now I do have questions about it. Barr made the remarks as senate Democrats pushed him on how he reached his conclusion that the president did not obstruct justice. Even bells special counsel Robert Mueller did not reach a determination. That thing is you put this out there I mean the president went out tweeted the next day that he was exonerated. This morning Democrats once again questioning. Bars impartiality. He's not the attorney general. Donald Trump he's the attorney general of the United States. And during this hearing Barr said that he will be releasing a redacted version of Muller's report within a week. Hinting that he's more open to showing he's open to showing more to congress that he's previously acknowledged Tenet Stephanie. And Mona we know that bar hasn't spoken too much about what's exactly in that report. Injustices that there was improper spying on the trump campaign could do you think this could damage his credibility with Democrats who. Some may have been willing to take him at his word out about the ball report. Now we heard what Pelosi had to say they're questioning. Bars impartiality now it's important to note that the FBI has publicly acknowledged that there was a secret surveillance of at least one at trump campaign advisor. And house Intel chief Adam Schiff is saying that all this talk of spying is music to trump Sears. Yes I'm sure this is exactly what the president want it to say. Person that throws out there in preparation for the mole report saying that this is a coup attempt. Buying dirty cops. And what his attorney general say. He says he believes are slowing in the trump campaign I'm sure that was music. To Donald Trump skiers but I'm sure it was also a body blow to the part where men women the FBI. And several Democrats including Pelosi also saying that they don't trust Bard they do trust smaller though. And they want to see that full report again William Barr said that a redacted version of the report should be released within a week happening. Inside and outside of Washington so many people in fact a majority of Americans want to see that small report Mona. Thank you my friend we appreciate it. President rob is making it clear that he alone is in charge when it comes to setting his immigration policy White House advisor Stephen Miller has reportedly behind the administration's tough approach. At the border in the shakeup at the Homeland Security Department the president praised Miller the brilliant man but this is what he had to say when asked. If you'll consider tapping Miller to head the department. Frankly. There's only one person that running it. You know that is if they. This trip to Texas the president continue to make its case for building a wall and he suggested migrants are raiding the homes of American ranchers living in Europe. The Mexico border. The parent company of the national inquirer is reportedly nearing a deal to sell the tabloid. The national inquirer came under fire after admitting it paid former Playboy model chairman dual. 150000. Dollars to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Donald Trump. More recently Amazon founder Jeff pesos accused the tabloid of trying to blackmail him about his affair. Days o.s is expected to meet with federal prosecutors shown to discuss his suspicion that officials from Saudi Arabia were behind those revelations. It's where this morning at the White House is prepared to roll out its Middle East peace plan as early as this month sources tell ABC news the president's son in law and advisor jerk listener. Has been working on it for months with a small team and only a handful of people. Really missing the tax they see the peace plan takes a nontraditional approach to resolving the Israel Palestinian conflict including an economic development package for Palestinians. As of Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu will have a wall to play in any mid east peace process. His political opponents conceded yesterday meeting Netanyahu is all but certain to begin you record. Fifth term as Israel's prime minister. Forming a new government with his allies will likely take weeks Netanyahu took a congratulatory phone call from president from yesterday. More than 20000 people are expected a packed the Staples Center Los Angeles today to pay the respects the rapper and C council. The memorial will be followed by 25 mile procession through south LA passing by the site where he was shot the city is renaming the intersection. In his honor while coming up more unrest since it and it is this the beginning of another Arab Spring. Sounds of military. Teasing an important announcements. Mark S. Hung up. Welcome back let's go across the plot now to ABC news London bureau or where rover is keeping an eye and the biggest international news give warning Bruno let's start with some breaking news out of Sudan. We've been watching the mass protests there against president Omar opt share. Now there are reports that army has been deployed in the streets there are what we know right now. While I mean it's it's a developing story so we wind whipped piecing it together as we hear reports. But Reuters at all those news services have suggested are reporting that I'll mile Bichette has been toppled. Essentially got soft to buy the army off to thirty years in power out of this follows. Weeks of protests that by his authoritarian regimes and a sit down protests in Khartoum itself so it does look like. His regime days are over the questions what follows oft was. There's talk of a transitional council but the protests is on the street. As saying van open to be satisfied with simply an exchange of big tight as they want democracy and an open society as we say it another. Tom upheavals of this sort in the Arab Spring this doesn't necessarily mean the and all of although uncertainty and debris that that stability is restore what actually completely opposite so we've we're going to be watching this story closely. A huge development there we know all the shear has ruled Sudan longer than any leader since the country gained independence back in 1956 of this is. Huge development Alberto let's move on to India that we know India is heading to the polls today in the first phase of the world's largest democratic exercise. What's at stake in these elections. While it. I mean at bats as that in the distant and exercises an extraordinary event 900. Million eligible voters take part in up an election that's so huge. That it takes six weeks to conduct there's seventeen phrases. None of render Modi the present prime minister and his BJP Hindu nationalist party are looking to. Have a second time in office and actually consolidated that hold on parliament so it's it's it does it's an and is staying the event. If only because of the Cisco live it. Imagine a six week election here. At what age when he. Can't even handle election night. I was so let's switch it up a little bit to double 07. You would get my vote. Bruno for the next doubles so let's go right now we have won his name is Daniel Craig. And apparently he's gonna make some history here is the longest running James Von instead actually goes back to 2005 but now. Another blue eyed wonder may be poised to fill those really big use an interview with fitness magazine ballots Chris Hemsworth. Says he'd been up a shot at the role. There are now the. While I I think it's it's heresy the idea that you don't have a known British bones. Is that is upset re just who does he think he is now they give me got a he's just he's made it clear this is going to be his last movies I'm there's a lot of those a lot of jostling for position about who's going to be the next Bob. There's even Idris Elba has been told to back as being the first black balled. So who knows I think it's good it's going to be very interesting to see where it sounds from him but want to focus hands I think it would make a great bond probably hit yeah he's Gaza Strip directly. Yes but he does a good acts that he was in in rush way played the full at a one driver James content is bed sort of Patricia and English voice editor Robert wiles out. That a guy behind his goal is gone what it tags. That's that's the good endorse met IA and yes you. You help me not sound so expensive battle that alassane he Australian. Accent works right it's. And filled it with this I'm dense. C'mon I guy that's very American and I think you've oh it's nicely to be to suggest that I'm I'd Bible and I mean maybe if you're talking about an old age pension a bold. The rickety bond adds I don't play yeah and I think you'll be. Right bond as a seniors and I can now get it right now I'm confident. Yes senior citizen blog I love it took up all right I'll I heard a lot double 07 there in the London bureau for ABC by to have anybody thank you. That's checked governor vacations and see what's trending on social media. Doesn't time for national pet day a new study says dog owners are happier than cat owners we also know when it comes of the numbers. More families 85 million Americans by the way have pets in their homes here in the US. We know that dogs are the top. Four as far as how many dogs are and how many families homes they area and then Mike number two it's cats of course about also not list dish. Reptiles. And any pets in your home. I know we had Kabul finish at one point oh handing be wearing a weather story on big people over time. But and day so whatever you need benefits stuffed animal or something unique thing out of it is not a pat. Think it is for the kids if they want to Dodd you've got to stuffed puppy here's a Perrier I always tell my kids look. Our pet our dog whose names you know whatever big hits and changes every week our dog wasn't the store and we just go incident in the dialogue that's. Ged if the heat tingling and there pet store let them see those cheap had yet and it dragged them out of their life. We are Canada. They're gonna come back another Chad says that they find out at the clean up after that pat. And but there's also important day to not only thing I'll take care of your pet but also maybe adopt. An orphan animals they thoroughly remember that lots of work is completed there have your pet spayed or neutered. That legendary game show host used to thing. Idol next up the check this out he ever built fishing with corgi is. He just single out a bit bay in the backseat and bam there ago opening gowns and get it done hot dog you know look at not to do. Than I so watch this puppy getting by with a little help from his friends to break out. It is trying to break out of this area right here is trying to get over that gate and these icons Motley can't come Powell and it's a little help if yet get it over come on. Partners in crime is bullet has gotten there yet and like I won't be well there you got a name that night but a lot of the gate don't leave me. Looking under the let me know you're out but. That's pretty amazing. It helped him out and he did just that well here's a pet who is not a fan of Frank Sinatra want what the spirit does. One is humane. Let's music on. It. Or oh he's the parents said that girl who aren't settling at us aren't. Records private heard it here for yes. Given my lexicon Manson you know that hung it right about that owner there and the birds is China let this stop either down do you care I don't like frank gill blue eyes doesn't. Alexis and I doubt. Well coming up the creative you wait a college students are avoiding student loans find out more when we come back. Back now would be stunning image from space the first picture of a plot cold. One scientist describes it as seen and unseen able. Plot holes have been elusive since Einstein first theorized about that astronomers were finally able to photograph one using powerful telescopes but they also need of the help. Of a young student. We have seen what we thought was unsealed. We have seen. And take your picture. Of a black hole. Here it is. Scientists have spent decades trying to capture this an image of a Lee mean orange yellow and black careened. The picture was taken 55 million light years away with a global network of telescopes. Dot black called discovery Patterson and yesterday it's really stretching their minds. Black holes which or coop stars are so elusive and hard to see because there gravity is so strong. Not even light can its deep they're consider one of the great mysteries of the universe. Everything will. Be different from now on going forward because off the fact that he saw the most energetic part of the universe. A young scientist is getting the credit for that new technology Katie bell man of grad student at MIT led a team that developed the algorithm. Which allowed the network of telescopes to capture the image. The technology took three years to develop here's Bauman and tweak sixteen. Black holes still have not been directly observed. Although some idea as to what a black hole might look like we've never actually taking a picture of one before. However you might surprise you know that we need eighteen our first picture of a black hole in the next couple years. And now that dream finally a reality for Bellman who shared a picture on FaceBook over self reacting to ask the history making picture. With processing. And there's another headline from space a privately funded Israeli spacecraft is set to land on the moon to date. To study the lunar surface until now only US Russia and China have landed on the moon. So that will be interest seemed to see what updates come out later on today we'll have that for you here on ABC news live that photograph. I want it so right particularly things we get it and focus please put the but just incredible. Image that they are so. Just hats off to that very young purse that yes who's really to give the world even. Out of this world so. Absolutely and it's a minute we've been talking about fourteen years for decades. This buckle and now to how this picture. I mean it's incredible ice age I thought I'd like I know. Like love and everyday. There. We're here now we are able some other things to watch out for today president troubled meet with South Korean president we'll NJ in at the White House to discuss North Korea and tree. Then our company Disney unveils its plan to plunge into the streaming media business including some new shows coming soon. Acting Defense Secretary Shanahan will testify to the senate armed services committee on plans to implement the new space force proposed by president top. And get your green jackets ready of the masters tees off today. At Augusta National Golf Club get a full preview of the turn it today. At eleven on the debrief as well as an update on all our top stories and be sure to watch the briefing room at 330 for more on the attorney general's testimony. And the latest headlines and politics. Planet in jackets but you know yeah I've got a green jacket in there AF ago. I think at Augusta now Uga and eighty degree weather down there sweated out an. Brings us to the question of the day Google has won the most green Jack it is it tightly at Susan Arnold Palmer okay. Jack Nicholson. Or Phil Mickelson. The guide to against IE initially guessed tiger it's at now than I've gotten all like. The kid and it didn't go to Google Arnold the Google. I think is our coverage. With a male -- Manila Jack Nicklaus and hey Bob proctor says Jack Nicholas youthful. All of that most masters victory with six green jackets. Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods are tied with full Moore and Phil Mickelson hats that read. It's fourteen Pearson's. Tigers last pastors Wang. Yet tiger is T and off during the 11 AM hour or when ABC news live will be on. And also another just a bunch of heavy hitters who are going to BT in off later in the afternoon. Om and it rules see what happens when it comes with a massive I always I enjoy it because I'm from South Carolina and that's just like next door down there Ana gusts up. So we will see. This should have good weather for later on the septa set morning but this weekend has be washed out so we'll see how much have an impact it really hats. Well it's a reality fork you know college life for millions of never seem to have enough money. This morning we're learning about a brand new way for students to finance their educations. By getting investors to pay their tuition here's ABC's Paul pharos. Me Charlotte Herbert the 23 year old is one of the millions of students in the US who was repaying her college loan. I absolutely do not think the price a college should be this time. But the twist. To paper her senior year at Purdue University she borrowed to 7000 dollars through something called an income sharing agreement it's also known. As an IS day. Students are just trying to find ways to finance their futures and I SA is a financing option that's typically funded by investors' interest free. And then after graduating. Eligible students pay a percentage of their earnings for a fixed period of time. Any time I change jobs or get a raise is they recalculate that they send in new amount that I owed them every month. Charlotte now works as a technical writer and is paying 10% of her income each month for the next eight years. This is about 312 dollars every month it is constantly scaled to whatever your bringing in. Wish. Is a pretty big reassurance when you're looking at a huge college bit older. To percent the graduate pace depends on what they study and the amount of money they make afterwards the less they make after graduation. The last that required to pay. And if they do not work. They don't pay anything. Purdue University started this program and 2016. Shifts the risk from the student to the investors so if things go a very poorly it's the investor who's on the hook and not the student. Exactly the reverse of what happens and I debt or long situation. And while taking out an eye at say doesn't preclude you from also taking out a federal loan. Some financial experts warn be cautious. At the end of the day these students are still forking over part of their salary for a set amount of time for students I always caution them. And gain go to a school lets you can afford. Bremer there are pros and cons one big pro you would pay off that debt like ten years but it con is that if you get a higher. Paying job. They're gonna earned more often set. Oh will get it'll take more out of your own you're your paycheck which right. At the same time it's like it's aren't we already been worked out for you right you don't have to worry about injury you don't stress over it. They've already kind of have a plan mapped out sell present months. If I'm I need to take got a loan to pay for the gas prices have because there are up stocks are up and that's what you need to note to start your day. Aren't they hit a great one thank you for joining us we'll see.

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