It's Morning, America: Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019

El Paso suspect's mother called police weeks before shooting, massive ICE raid in Mississippi, Trump visits shooting scenes and more.
25:32 | 08/08/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019
Good morning I'm GO anytime stagnate or repair the top I think sooner this Thursday number one major development in the El Paso shooting investigation the mother of the man charged in the Wal-Mart Rampage says she called police weeks before the attack concerned he had an assault rifle. A family attorney said the mother did not believe her son posed a threat but she worried. He was too immature to own an AK style weapons. Number can now new details about a major immigration raid agents say nearly 700. Undocumented workers have been arrested. Across Mississippi they were rounded up at food processing plants it's being called the largest immigration enforcement sweep in one state in US history. Managers of those plants could also face charges and imagine that's the rates have left some young children without parents. Community leaders how some of the children that helped her summer. On to number three now the severe weather hitting millions of Americans across the look at this tornado that touched down at Springfield New Jersey Wednesday. Video shows how heartless can thrive in the area with. All that debris flying around the storm also flooded roads across the Philadelphia area and as far north as Connecticut. Where people had to be rescued airport delays or up to five hours long. Lightning was the big concern around Norfolk Virginia where church was hit but no major damage is from. Number four now US Olympic champions and on Viles is blasting USA gymnastics. And and you interview claiming she still cannot trust the organization in the wake of the Larry Nasser sexual abuse scandal. Miles revealed last year that she was one of doctor Nasr is victims. She says she is still traumatized and says there's no manual for healing from the scars of abuse. The gold medalist says she's reminded every day. Use when she spoke Wednesday actually began pursuing her sixth championship title. It's hard coming here for take part in at least in it and having this old time. And that we had one ball we've done everything that they asked to sport even though he didn't want to and they couldn't do wind. Dion job you had one job he literally had one job and you live protect. In this is very fat it's just hard and we try to words drip away. It'll take some time I'm strong all get through it but it. It's. Absolutely strong and still so much love to burn all those victims filed says she is still in therapy to try to heal Nasser was given. A life sentence after pleading guilty to multiple sex crimes and finally here number five. An actor known for playing bad guys turned into a real life hero in a way Danny tray how helped save a special needs child from at this roll over crash. The boy's grandmother were trapped after another car ran a red light and hit their vehicle Tran home crawled into the wreck and helped. Good news panicked in the U we have these are superpowers. And so he screamed so proud that we've started like. You can superpowers that and I just do this through the muscle was much older than ML and so we got kind of like what. A bond a history. Every Credo is best epic character machete he played in several felt. He said everything good in his life has Ben a result of helping others it's another reason Bob how good for good man. All right let's get right to that big story this story new development in the El Paso massacre the suspect's mother. Has not reveal the she contacted police. Weeks before the shooting yet family attorney says the mother was worried her son. Wasn't mature enough to own a high powered rifle as he faces capital murder charges president trump traveled to both cities reeling from the mass shootings. He was met by hundreds of protesters and took aim at his political rivals. Let's get right over to ABC's Mona cause our ad. Good morning GO good morning today president from said that his visits El Paso and that attacked local lawmakers who he says miss characterized his trip. President trounced. Calls for unity and healing overshadowed by his poll rising visit to console to grieving communities. Trump and firstly Milan he first touching down in Dayton Ohio. Miami Valley hospital release in this image of the president's visit there. Greeting staff thinking first responders and console in victims all over the world that are good about the job you've done. Police law enforcement is first responders but outside the hospital doors hundreds lining the streets. And later a similar scene is Air Force One touchdown in El Paso. Grieving residents they are blaming his words for sparking violence. A lot of distance while his anger. There's promoted growth and I need to stop. Authorities say the suspected shooter 21 year old Patrick who cius targeted Mexicans in particular inside the El Paso Wal-Mart. Christie has stated that quote this attack is a response Hispanic invasion of taxes mirroring language from abused a few months prior president trump. Defending his words I don't. We're also learning that cruise use his mother allegedly called police weeks before the shooting. Concern about her son owning a quote. Eight K type firearm lawyers for the family say she was transferred to a public safety officer. Would allegedly stated her son was a legally allowed to purchase the weapon. They say the call was informational not a safety concern. And today in Ohio school board is set to decide whether to release the dean shooter school record. Classmates say he was suspended once back in high school for compiling a rape and kill list. So far the district has refused to release those records citing privacy laws and Andrea and Mona we will certainly be watching to see what that district decides thanks so much for joining us this morning. And in the aftermath of the El Paso massacre that come campaign is defending adds it posted on FaceBook highlighting the word. Invasion the ads warned of an invasion of migrants at the border a white nationalist greed believed to be written by the gunman rails against a so called Hispanic invasion of Texas. But the campaign's communications director said quote Democrats and the media are trying to make it impossible to impose illegal immigration with out being called racist. Another sign that the nation is on edge and skittish after those deadly back to back mass shootings at Virginia headquarters for USA today one of the nation's most prominent newspapers. Was evacuated following reports of a man with a gun. You can see some of the hundreds of employees. Megan scramble to flee the building police later determining it was a false alarm after an extensive search to what's being called the largest immigration enforcement sweep in one state in US history. On Wednesday morning agents from US immigration and customs along with the US attorney's office for the southern district of Mississippi. Executed federal warrants at seven chicken processing plants across central Mississippi. Agents on foot and in the air at this Peco chicken processing plant in Madison County the mayor of Kenton unaware of the rape. Learned about it through word of mouth and. I now know that they are active in an advantage mind illegal immigrants. And those verses who are legal. Buses pulling into the plant empty. Later filled with hundreds of people now in federal custody in Morton workers were rounded up at the Coke foods processing plant and then driven away. I cannot be a rare thing the house they don't have time to go live an idea grandiose you know. This trophy over their way it is he data constantly Estes to order DiLeo knows that I he won't audience. I don't I don't know on scene. Ice is Homeland Security investigations team says the raids were not only focused on aliens unlawfully seeking work in the US. It is zeroing in on employers who knowingly hire them. This woman says there's another area of focus that should not be forgotten them. I'm concerned about. What went Ed's. Ability to take six. I'm really want to seem to have a lot to see the keys. In cages. Would know who knows that need to condition. I won't itself would be able to do. Taken care. In addition to the children some people including cantons mayor. Are wondering will the plants that were rated stay operational. My main concern is also what happens that he codes. Workforce. How that stunning impact Cass city. Troy Johnson sixteen WA PT news. Immigration raids on businesses were common under president George W. Bush. The president Barack Obama avoided them president trump has resumed the practice but they are uncommon due to the amount of preparation and resources were. Well moving on former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich may soon get out of prison president trump told reporters last night that he is seriously considering. Commuting the corruption sentence of the former Celebrity Apprentice contestant Blagojevich has served seven years of his fourteen year sentence. The US financial markets seem to be on a roller coaster right now the Dow and other indexes plunged. Sharply after that opening bell then recovered most of their losses investigators investors Laurie. Are worried that the trade war with China will sport a global recession now yesterday's recovery was powered by technology and consumer staples. And bargain hunting. And out to the third a leadership change in a week. And Puerto Rico justice secretary want a vast quest those sworn in as governor on Wednesday that after the island Supreme Court over turned to the swearing in of Pedro. Pay air Lou EC on Friday he took office after Ricardo roads they are resigned Colin Lisa protest. As was had previously turned down on the job saying she didn't want it but on Wednesday she said the island's needs certainty and stability. The FDA is now investigating a 127. Cases of people suffering seizures after reaping the agency has receipts in 1982 new reports of people especially kids and young adults. Having seizures after using. The FDA says they have not established a clear pattern or causes for the cases. Doing something similar would regular cigarettes is impossible. Because it would burn their lungs they be coughing to get nauseated and sick they could never have enough regular cigarettes. But windy sweet and fruity and modeled vapors that are rich in nicotine. Equivalent to that of regular cigarette it's possible overdose on the nicotine. And I believe that's most likely what we're seeing with this rash of seizures amongst American teenagers. Possible to overdose on nicotine's the FDA said it's unclear whether. And they note that the cases occurred over a ten year period. Well it'll be no Roman Holiday if you sit down in the wrong place in the Italian city. Yeah rooms official tourism website describes the famous the Spanish steps as a place for pleasant rats. None as of a month ago. Sitting eating or drinking on that land Marco -- no longer permitted. Officials say Rome is one big open air museum inter should behave we get that. And not doing so could cost as much as 450. Dollars that's what the fee is so when in Rome. Don't six I don't I sit on the upstairs. Coming up the group that famous models taking on Victoria's Secret why they are demanding this company CEOs sign an anti harassment fledged. Right after things. But for the music here. Welcome back now to the Tennessee woman who has a lot to celebrate after she became a Wonder Woman movement. Activists celebrities human rights organizations they all rallied around her cause after she was sentenced to life in prison. As a juvenile. This morning some Toya brown is enjoying her first full day of freedom exactly fifteen years after her arrest in 2004. The cause of her extraordinary record of rehabilitation. That she was a candidate for executive clemency. Brown now 31 was sentenced to life in prison for killing a man when she was sixteen. Prosecutors at the time said she shot a man she was trying to raw but her lawyers claimed it was self defense and she was being forced into sex trafficking. When I was sixteen I do horrible team. And I have carried and listening this whole time. What I didn't. There's nothing to say it just you can't just. Yeah killed Tony Allen east. Former Tennessee governor bill has loan commuted her sentence on his last day in office I do think we made the right decision but we try to make it count of apps and all the noise her case garnered national attention for years drawing support from high profile celebrities including Rihanna and Kim car dash in west. This morning car dash in tweeting yes and LeBron James adding sin toy or brown welcome home while Lynn prison brown earned two college degrees and mentor to other young offenders she also wrote a memoir Friesen Toya. And even got married behind bars. If this truly is a story of rehabilitation redemption that's what you want to hear corrections system brown released a statement just before her release saying. Wolf first giving honor to god who made all of this possible I would also like to thank my many supporters who have spoken on my behalf and prayed for me. I look forward to using my experiences to help other women and girls suffering abuse and exploitation. And brown is requesting privacy and what her lawyer calls transition time. Before granting any interviews her book is being released in October and a documentary about her case is due out later this. Well slaying that nothing get a check of our notification starting with cuteness over her load it read. Hand is not just any red hand look at Rick and were. It's born at the Kansas City zoo it is rare to have triplets but the babies. And mama are all doing what so Hewitt they're speaking of cute here's a dog who's enjoying summer right now he. Doesn't want to go. We know if you don't generally like buddy again Palin not sign and tech this pizza chef and juggling and go. Like a champ like this is so impressive gotta love ESPN eight the goat show part of our parent company Disney but can this guy is unbelievable. With the Dow wicked. Yeah is a good movement bow. Yes biggest moods and moves Watson's want to break it down. Indian AT and investing. Bill and she had just finished. A bogey class which is incredible which is like amazing but and why she didn't sing it loud they actually belongs on clothes and yes. Come on pastor Matt Powell. All right next to those reboots in the pipeline earlier this week our parent company Disney announced that it had plans to re imagine several famous films like cheaper by the dozen night at the museum and of course that Christmas classic Coleman who they're. Yes it accounts are Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister but he came out in 1990 Culkin was ten years old. Now he's 38 and he's weighing in and these plans for a new version. Balkan tweeted this float prop hooked himself with the caption. This is what an updated home alone would actually look like recreating the scene when Kevin binge eats junk food at home was families stranded in pairs Hawkins. Followed up with the tweet that said hey Disney. Combing lower than economic and the bug another sequel in the works coming to America ot. We've been telling about Eddie Murphy is already on board to play prince a team and the followed to the 1988. Comedy called coming. To America and of that. And June. James soldier owns and Arsenio Hall will also reprise their roles from the original movie. But there are several U blisters joining the sequel including S and L star Leslie Jones actor Wesley Snipes and rapper Rick rather see. Will focus on protect team returning to America to find a long locks on in Queens. Coming to America has set for release next August start counting down the days can't wake up and don't touch some good if you don't know. This consequence so is that advice came from this woman who put an octopus on her face yup. She's a fishing derby ask some other contestants sit snap a photo I bet on her mug. And it bit her. She says she bled for thirty minutes in two days later part of her face with paralyzed. The swelling. May not go away for months the wild animals be careful what that means just didn't just don't yes don't we hope she's okay but yeah tuna and bring this to the question of the day. What are some things that you W immediately regretted. But not for same face tough tells her comments or tweet us at ABC news flat. All right we're gonna turn now to new trouble for Victoria's Secret more than a hundred models they're demanding. That the company do more to fight sexual abuse and harassment. It comes as Leslie Wexner the head of Victoria secrets parent company speaks out about his relationship. With disgrace finance here Jeffrey Epstein. This morning dozens of supermodels are walking the walk in a movement that now has Victoria's Secret under the microscope. More than 100 models and time's up supporters. Including supermodel Christie two Burlington burns. And former Victoria's Secret Angel south of crows have signed their names to an open letter sent to the lingerie giant CEO. Asking the company to take action to protect its models against sexual misconduct and sign an anti harassment sludge. Model alliance founder Sarah's if says because of the way models are hired and fired at will speaking up could be a major career rich. A lot of the time. Our agencies are trying to make the brands happy. We're disposable you know we come and go it makes you that much more vulnerable and at you makes you feel like healing you can just be replaced so you don't wanna speak up. The open letter follows allegations of sexual misconduct by several industry photographers. And allegations that Leslie Wexner the how to Victoria's Secret parent company. Knew that finance year Jeffrey Epstein who's accused of exploiting and abusing dozens of minor girls. Which try to pass himself off as a Victoria's Secret talent scout allegedly using his French ship with Wexner to get close to young women. And a letter obtained overnight by ABC news Wexner responded I have spent time reflecting and searching for answers asks how this could've happened. My heart goes out to each person who has suffered unthinkable pain and I pray for their healing. In the face of all of these very serious. Allegations. That we felt that we couldn't just sit silently and not -- thing. Victoria's Secret telling ABC news we are always concerned about the welfare of our models and want to continue to have dialogue with the model alliance and others to accomplish meaningful progress in the industry. Meanwhile Wexner continues to distance himself from Epstein saying Epstein misappropriated. Vast sums of money from him holding watching that. Well coming up the worst celebrating Jamaican independence weak and we are sampling some of the island's most mouth watering who has seen love the celebrity chef stay tuned for his story. Here's what to watch out for today the Iowa state fair begins today in democratic presidential candidates will make their case of first primary state voters. On the fares political soapbox former vice president Joseph Biden and Montana's governor. Steve Bullock kick off the speeches somewhat right here on ABC news live at 1:45. Eastern. Know a will issue an updated forecast to its 2019 Atlantic hurricane season outlook. So far the season has seen only two named storms but with only Barry reaching. Hurricane levels and ready sat Robert ducking the annual rubber duck race benefiting the Special Olympics takes place today in Chicago thousands of spectators lined the Chicago river to watch more than 60000. Rubber ducks raced toward. The finish line. Plus don't forget to tune into the headlines in politics. A right to make tough a couple of great about those airline pilot to make it capsule celebrated 57 years of independence of sweet Ed this morning we're meeting a celebrity chef who is Jamaican roots are inspiring it cuisine that pays homage to his homeland one dish at a time. I was making. Steamed cabbage and accidentally spill curry inside the cabin yet. Shocked Patrick since in distinctively remembers his car read cabbage failure in the kitchen. As a moment that would kick start its climb to becoming a celebrity chef so my assistants not laughing at me in in the middle of she laughed and I saw a crime. And I said tourists. The national you've ever conclude 1 am going to be chef. And she did and now an executive corporate shaft who served presidents rappers actors even our own Michael Strahan but his journey from Jamaica. It wasn't an easy one. Sleeping on the cold concrete know your homeless knowing he wanted to work in food and nutrition chef Patrick worked his way up. From the local hotels where he hit on the property for places to sleep while homeless to eventually becoming a Su chef and executive chef for Royal Caribbean Cruises. He later moved to Florida to work at Disney before landing in New York City but despite how Fareed com. Patrick says there was a point when he wasn't sure he could go on. The pump in can't contemplated suicide telling us about the time at a number two subway station he contemplated taking his own life I stand there and at Conte. Three trains go by me would mark high schools try to make up my mind. My head for was on holds listen to K give up mile by Amir Mir. And I don't know how white took one step back. That's the reason why I'm here no because I didn't give up on a keep pushing myself until myself one more day one more thing. With the renewed sense of purpose chef Patrick was back at it bouncing around restaurants in New York City now serving as corporate executive chef. And even a recognized as an ambassador by the prime minister of this need a violent chef Patrick often returns to Jamaica and on a recent trip. Reflecting on just how Far East comes. Rested in the executive suite at the top of the hotel on the fourteenth floor. I was actually in the condone and all the places do you think that I used to sneak. And tell me what else was going to your mind as you look over at that spot thinking back on the turn there's so much that was going from moment this whole. As we talked with the chef about his path to success we have to talk about one of the most important part helping pave the way. It is food. What is it about forward that brings people together we want to create something that's enjoyable than something that's murmured and it's a part of us it's a part of me it's part of my heart. That I gesture to the table and lucky frosts the chef hat and apron from meat and shared some of his secrets in the kitchen within a beloved suburban. Jerk offs. That's what would. Still we start with lobster in season ended up adding some garlic powder salt and pepper red chili flakes and I added extra. And then some scallions green belt capped her fresh garlic and Maine go and marinade it with oil and now you're gonna put that in there we added fervent and jerks offs more Mervyn and then more seasoning. Around me good as the chef shares his passion through food here in the US he's also giving back to Jamaica. I decided okay I'm an awful on the colon or school it's going to be about a 150. Kids they don't subpoena things based on the comes out of my pocket. And just give them and after they graduate they also get a job placement chef Patrick is aiming to serve youth in Jamaica the kind of support he didn't have growing up. And his message of those kids is simple one embodies himself you have to always be number one cheerleader. No madam yes you need to support he need people to cheer for you when you gotta cheer for yourself from the older than anyone else I you have to believe in yourself. No matter who don't you don't give up. What an awesome man yes so great meeting in the Sox a delicious dish. He's cool. You know you're so you're still savoring it I am in accessing I think salmon last night but I when I was cutting up the mixing it up act as I was about to put it on the stove I was like what look at me like yeah you think might learn from. Shot Patrick. Chef today you looked. That's less today that's it yeah I'm I'm gee I'm not sure if you put on GO. He's Spiezio deals back tomorrow I'm I'm still have a good weekend enjoy DO trial. Fire Miami.

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