It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019

House Judiciary Committee to vote on articles of impeachment, investigators call New Jersey shooting a hate crime and more.
22:33 | 12/12/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019
California cannot move and I today Norman had a tough vikings had this Thursday never won the impeachment showdown in Washington house lawmakers have embarked on a marathon debate over the articles of impeachment against president from beginning what for hearing late into the night last night Democrats accuse the president of abuse of power in a structure of congress are. Republicans are questions fats. A committee is expected to vote today is that artists to the full house meanwhile sources say president compass considering hiring an attorney Alan Dershowitz to join his legal team. Number two an outpouring of grief after that attack managers grocery stores New Jersey. Two of the people shot inside the park Rangers have happened late rats thousands gathered in both north and managers take time victims authorities are calling the shooting a hate crime the attackers have been linked to the blackest this relatively. Israel lights. Anti Semitic group also known for anti government and tightly sentiments. On to number three new operation about that deadly shooting at the naval air station in Pensacola Florida last week sources say investigators have determined the shooting was likely a terror attack inspired by radical Islamic ideology investigators say shooter had posted it. Raffle content online until the service members supporting them by officers. As a member of the Saudi air force in the US for training number for the space company owned by Jeff basis has scored another successful spaceflight or analog sets tough fight at this year's effort spacecraft. -- for instance face the booster rocket successfully landed back on the path the company plans another couple space flights before putting people on board and filing of her five Google is out with a top searches of my in nineteen they're separated into categories for the number one overall will make our parent company happy it's Disney plots in the eastern service that kicked off last month. For stories in the news or as hurricane story and for people. And athletes Antonio Brown topped the list. Top item here was in her that in fact. People also really wanted to know how to make a shepherd's pond that was the most search recipes. I'll write that morning appearances thanks very Washington with a house has kicked off a fiery debate on the articles of impeachment against president trop. Democrats he's president of the trading the nation by going on a constitutional crime spree but Republicans. The Democrats are just out to get them in the meantime is on the president may soon hire a very famous attorney during his legal team ABC Serena Marshal is on Capitol Hill where more fireworks are expected today Serena good morning. Can't get a good morning to both of you makers spent more than three hours last night debating for and against impeachment all forty members of the Judiciary Committee. Giving some type of this statement now this comes ahead of today when they reconvene at head of a vote later this evening. Each side or drink devotes only moment in history with the other side on the wrong side split back to two that. Not to say this is the year you put a dagger in minority rocked. I hope that none of us attempt to justify behavior. Now we know and our heart is wrong. The fiery debate to last only eat into the night Republicans just crying when they quality hot garbage impeachment. Congress doesn't get to remove a president just because they don't like him. But Democrats counter this no more than politics a huge in the president of cheating and pointing to the thirty hours of public testimony and twelve witnesses. As evidence. Saying it's clear president committed high crimes and misdemeanors. Wrong is wrong from your workplace to the White House. There's no time to spare here no time to waste this is a constitutional crime spree. As the debate continued the white house office that was responsible for putting a hold on the military aid Ukraine sending a legal memo saying they wanted to be sure the 400 million dollars was being spent. In an efficient and effective manner consistent with the purpose for which the funds were appropriate add. The letter dated December 11 doesn't explain why the president first asked about the aid or if it was used to put pressure on Ukraine to investigate the Biden's. And now sources tell ABC the president is considering an addition to his legal team controversial lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Once they reconvene Republicans will be able to offer amendments although there Alec could have the votes to make any substantive changes addled end give voted out of committee later this evening and head of a full floor vote expected sometime early next week. Kenneth Jeanette. Answering after the four outs those we expect the senate trop to began after the holiday recess what do we know about how of that war. Well it's looking like Republicans are gonna push back against what the president wants to see he said time and time again he wants a full senate trial line witnesses at all. We're now hearing from a lot of Republicans that they are not leaning. Towards going now weigh in fact that they don't wrap this up quickly if in the house they say it's not it's going too fast and over in the senate apparently it's not gonna go fast enough so instead of it. Dragging out for what could be up to six weeks like that Clinton impeachment these and they wanted to send in five to ten days. Some Republican lawmakers you guys are even saying that witnesses cut both way is Ron Johnson and number two Republican in the senate made a statement that it meant see an unproductive essentially. He Dina could open up an N pandora's box. Another lawmaker he didn't want to be named said he could mean that led senior advisors like in a small Gainey the president's chief of staff. Could be called in to testify we know the president want to hear from people like Joseph Biden and his son and but it'll be interesting to see how this will eventually play out at the present a winning get those like witnesses or for Republicans advice will be heeded by mr. Trout. Pants and I. All rights or air Marshal there are capital for us thank you we appreciate it. And another partisan battle what's playing out on capitol over the orders of the Russian investigation with the government watchdog in the hot seat Justice Department inspector general Michael Horwitz defended his report that from the FBI was justified. In launching the probe into ties between Russia and president Trump's 316 kicked. Campaign and he found no evidence of spying S trump and the attorney general claimed. We did not find documentary or testimonial evidence. That indicated political bias or improper motivation did you show. This report to attorney general Barr. Before it was released yet as standard process through the least provide this to the attorney general and to the FBI director did he suggest any changes. He can suggest any changes. Her or it's also highlighted major errors and omissions and how the investigation was conducted he emphasized the need for policy changes were set as your report of the vindicated anybody. At the FBI. Now to the new developments after that deadly gun battle in New Jersey now being called a hate. The shootout in New Jersey four victims dead including a police detective surveillance video here shows one gunman firing as he entered a Kosher market. The thirties have also revealed the suspects had a high arm in their stolen U haul. Investigation comes as president top analysis an executive order aimed at cracking down on anti semitism in order not without controversy. A massive crowd gathered overnight. For the funeral of 24 year old Moore should do which one of the four victims killed in the gun battle in Jersey City, New Jersey. This video is reportedly part of the investigation according to law enforcement. It shows a van pulling up outside a Kosher market to people exit a stolen U haul. Issued into the store investigators say the shooters for 47 year old David Anderson in fifty year old Francine Graham. It all started when detective Joseph seals encountered the suspects at a cemetery while he was investigating a murder. Police say Anderson engram killed the detective a father of five then drove a mile to that Jewish market. Police say the suspects shot until the owner Mindy friends along with employee Douglas Miguel Rodriguez and Deutsch who with the customer in the market. A few hundred bullets. Went into Bosnia for twenty year 24 year old sky. How can we. As a community and speak for. He had that. The suspects have been linked to the black Israel lights and anti Semitic group also known for anti government and anti police sentiments there's no question that if they hate crime leaves out to quash. The monstrous evil of anti semitism president from called the shooters which it murderers during the Honecker reception at the White House. Where he signed an executive order that target anti semitism. On college campuses by threatening to withhold federal funding but the order is expected to be challenged in court. Critics say it interpret studios and as a race or nationality. Not just a religion. A step against the Department of Education broader authority over anti Semitic incidents on campuses. Writing in the New York Times the president's son in law and supervisor Jerry questioner. Defended the executive order saying it does not define Jews as a nationality it merely says that to the extent that Jews are discriminated against for ethnic racial or national characteristics. There are entitled protection by the anti discrimination law. Critics are also raising concern about free speech but a crop administration official says the executive order clearly states it should be applied consistent with the First Amendment. The Chilean air force has its search crews may have found some debris from military transport plane missing since Monday officials say searchers have recovered spongy material that may be from the plane's fuel tank. It was floating in the icy waters of he and Arctic Ocean about ninety miles from where the plane last had radio contact the C 130 plane took off Monday from a base in southern Chile carrying 38. It is Election Day in the UK millions average voters head to the polls today the stakes. Could not be higher polls suggest prime or prime minister Boris Johnson and the conservatives who caught out on top. But despite cables in his favor Johnson apparently hid in a large refrigerator yesterday to avoid a reporter he sees Brad bill he has details about today's election Brad. Get your call breaks it started with a surprise election results so now experts head to the polls this morning the question is could it end with 12. Prime minister Boris Johnson got his jaw because his predecessor Teresa may. Clinic at the consensus on her bricks a deal so Johnson decided to essentially tell voters make up your minds today. Both for the conservatives and we will do this or vote us out and let someone else handle it. It's a risky strategy Al asked ABC's London bureau chief Marcus Wilford started when it's scheduled to selection and less he thought he could win woody. Boris hopes he can win it's no owner told clear. As this nation head to the polls foale walked by any measure is a really historic election. A decide the future of course don't some if he gets elected prime minister. He bring threw bricks it relatively quickly but if he doesn't. One of the other parties or a coalition of the other parties wins Boris is cost into the political wilderness. And either way the country. And its future. Change course this is a really important election and it's really unpredictable. Remember this is a general election meaning the entire parliament is up for grabs and a big issue this morning is also. Health care with the minority labor party telling voters careful. If forced Johnson stays you could get. An American style health care system of a lot more on start here later this morning listen on apple podcasts refitted podcasting app genetic and a. All right coming up it's being called spy gate to. Ana FL commissioner speaking out here why he says he's withholding judgment. But Bertha shocking privacy violation for a little girl and her bedroom when a stranger starts talking to bird flu. We'll bring security camera. We turn now to the growing concern about home security systems owners say hackers are gaining access to their cameras. Even talking to me the microphone and in one case a stranger hacked into a pales ring camera. And spoke to little world or bedroom claiming he was Santa clots. This morning home security cameras facing growing scrutiny for essentially allowing strangers into people's homes without ever stepping foot site in Mississippi this chilling video from Ashley LeMay is home shows her eight year old daughter Alyssa frantically searching for an invisible intruder. On your desk or ridden. Cause you can hear the man's voice ask her to destroy her own stops. You do ever you want right now. And that's up your own. Can break your CE. And sprinkle our our and we know all I like icon Alyssa scared and confused cries out for help. Alyssa says she's been having bad dreams ever cents and then are real and regularly. And let Kamal. Meanwhile in Georgia a stranger hacked into the ring camera and this couple's bed true. The couple who did not want to be identified blocked the camera so they could watch their dog but the woman says she was confused after the surveillance flights suddenly came on. Greece should have the safety precautions. Already set in place we endeavor have to worry about it. In a statement the company says security is its top priority end. While we are still investigating this issue and are taking appropriate steps to protect our devices based on our investigation. We are able to confirm this incident is in no way related to a breach or compromise of freeing security. In the LeMay is case say it may not setting up the two factor authentication for Deere ring account which could've helped protect them. Another common problem. Customers using the same username and password from other were counts making it easier for hackers. Experts say one of the most important thing you can do to protect yourself is to change your password on a regular basis now some big headlines in the sports well every Major League ballpark we'll have expand a protective netting next season the news follows a number of high profile cases. A fans injured by foul balls last season including a young girl hospitalized. After being hit in Houston. Commissioner rob Manfred says the length of the netting will vary but all parts will have protection substantially beyond the end of each duck out. And NFL pressure Roger Goodell is withholding judgment on what's been called by gate to a New England Patriots video crew shot eight minutes of since and a bagel sidelined for Sunday. The clubs meet this weekend. The filming was against league rules in the path and that they didn't inform the Bengals in England insists the footage is for a documentary. Obviously it's under review broken. Be thorough particular time in nature re. Look at everything that's pertinent here and there won't make a decision and obviously. There won't be much time before we make a decision when you hear. Both the team and head coach Bill Belichick were find in the original spy gate in 2007 the club also lost first round draft pick. Goodell says that case does have a bearing on this one. Moving on now this morning Greta tomb Barry's shatters a record her record nearly a century old this fixing up climate crisis activists. You're the youngest individual named time magazine's person of the year. Before her 25 year old Charles Lindbergh was the youngest named person of the year back in 192 point seven we'll camp has more. My message is that we'll be watching you. Everyone watching as credit to bear was named time magazine's 2019 person of the year the teenage climate change activist who electrified the world in a speech at the UN. We in the beginning up in mass extinction and where you can talk about decent money and details of economic program. Well thank you. Tomb bear times youngest person of the year ever at just sixteen she's credited with starting a global movement traveling by boat and train to reduce her carbon footprint or global climate strike on September 20 remains the largest climate demonstration in human history. Tune Bair who has Asperger's explaining why that's an asset in the fight against climate change. If you own due to some inspection that makes you different and especially in. In a crisis like this we need to think outside the box full of people who think differently. She's met with the Pope. And sparred with president trump who mocked her on Twitter and now with time announcing her as person of the year the president's son calling June bear a teen being used as a marketing gimmick. But others online praising time magazine's decision brought a great I hope we all follow your lead tune Baird chosen from a shortlist of finalists including the president House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the whistle blower. But the award went to June bear who represents the rising voice of younger generations. Affecting more than just climate change around the world. Like the Hong Kong protesters in the Parkland students turned activist. Greta says she shares of the Otto with climate activists everywhere amazing to think this all started when she decided to skip school at age fifteen to protest. In front of the Swedish parliament building. All partners L. Or certification is now sort of what the big question is Santa Claus real. Turns allied children are fighting the answer. Google has Siri. Or elects. Tell me I'm screen time using it wisely because they have questions and the earth curious. Reno's voice assistance they just answer on answers the parents your secret things but. Exxon and that's part of the holiday season ugly Christmas other's top prizes out what their own celebrating that. Popular chicken Sandler you can have ugly sweater. During the holidays here. At your next family gathering and may be have a chicken sandwich as well me ask the question of the day what's the best ugly Christmas what are you seeing Tulsa the comments. Didn't send us a picture we like to see it let us now. Tweet us. ABC news clock speed it up ugly it will allow you to go early if you're taking Alaska Airlines flight next week. On sir trying to carriers offering perks for pastors and ugly Christmas fighters. They will receive priority boarding up the offer coincides with national ugly Christmas. Saturday. Airline says this that it doesn't have to be an eyesore festive in school and not whatever party morning whatever it takes. Right to make it through travel easier. On the minds of children sit down to write their letters to Santa an annual Christmas mysteries playing out at an apartment here in Manhattan. Every year that one apartment gets hundreds of letters to Santa and no one seems to know why. Aren't your decision to BBC said Kimberly Richardson to try to crack this case it's been quite a magical and exciting journey Africa. Then it started here doesn't look like the North Pole but to countless kids around the country. EV. It's this sort of fluke has triggered the something that is now Christmas tradition. Jim moved into this building on west 22 street Chelsea got ten years ago the trickiest Tenet gave him a heads up. Oh yeah don't don't worry about it but you're gonna get these. Letters to Santa the lonely be a couple and it's really nothing to even think about. First year Jim got a few by year three. Hundreds. Y here one theory in 1882 Clement Clark Moore lived on the street and penned his classic the night. Before Christmas. There was talk that when he wrote that poem. That letters to Santa people thought that he was stance and had delivered letters. To his estate there were so. Many friends and family an army of elves help or fill all the wishes Jake got a silver cross necklace Hayden Puget spinners. And didn't suit. Last year. We needed a soup kitchen because she couldn't afford to make a Christmas dinner. Now it's all done digitally through Jim nonprofit miracle on 22 street Tina Fey she's even working on a movie based on all of that. And it just shows that there is. This need for hope and need for giving back and it really is the greatest gift. Jim has moved out of that apartment my mom doesn't have many of and you close. Meredith now lives there and the letters keep coming and Britain kind of weird obviously minute about the frightened solve real letter and then we've got our first letter was exciting you know we're like. My gosh this is real if you wanna join the elves find out channel at EBC seven and why. Kimberly Richardson thank you and god bless. Channel seven Eyewitness News. Marvel coming up another busy day of impeachment inquiry we'll tell you what's to come on this Thursday December plus plus or at times pence on press rightly remember. Covering their arrest Thursday the big first thing he brown. Here's what locked up for today the marathon debate that went late into. Last night continues this morning Islamic get ready for critical vote. Keep it right here on ABC news live coverage starts streaming at 830. Lighthouses polio summit today on tap care family leave lawmakers and business leaders are coming together to discuss affordable ways to accommodate workers. Reading of one day after the house passed a bipartisan bill that gives federal employees twelve weeks of paid parental leave for the first time. President trump is scheduled to speak about supporting America's working families before attending the correctional ball this evening. And it's Election Day across Britain voters there are going to the polls right now today's vote has been dubbed the crux of election. If the biggest issue has been UK's Little League exit from European Union polls have prime minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party. Coming out on top as the winners if that happens Johnson says he will take Britain out of the US food and the next month. And finally today we want to give a special birthday shout out to a daytime television legend. We all known for hosting the price is right for record 35 years the Bob Barker. Turned 96 years old today when her nineteen daytime Emmy Awards and a lifetime Emmy award. Barker taped his final episode of the price is right back on June 6 and seventy. Just a year before hiking face to face with me here rob at what I have the Arab Ramadan down we've missed and that's a few times. That I was on the price is right but I with a bagel. Loser. Work. But I'd still be able. To meet Bob Barker so really I'm a winner in about an materially. When anything. You want anything. It was the experience. I beware yet the price is always right when I'm sitting next to you. Yeah lives. At that. Avago and we'll see tomorrow Friday.

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