It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020

Hundreds of troops deployed to Middle East after embassy siege, GOP senator “open to witnesses” in impeachment trial and more.
21:55 | 01/02/20

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020
Good morning kind of an engine in Norman. Atop I think said Thursday that a lot of possible and institute a seizure at the US embassy in Baghdad for running back protesters have withdrawn from the US compound the Pentagon this thing on top. Prices sending hundreds of additional troops to the Middle East overnight just in case of new violence breaks out. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has canceled a planned trip to Ukraine because of the tensions in Iraq. Temperatures with senate reconvenes next week as major questions surrounding president comes impeachment trial. President trump will ring in the new year Mark Fox says he sacked if or trying to take place one especially. Eat your potential witnesses present personal turning Giuliani he buildings he's here thoughts he's willing to testify. A duck appointments that for an impeachment Robinson at believes its calendar for them when he with the entire month of January left light. On the number three it appears five crew members about fishing boat that sank off Alaska or lost the Coast Guard has suspended its search address. Two others from a lifeboat but found another lifeboat nearby empty this candies rose was a crabbing boat based in Kodiak. The crew of the crap for time they ended featured on the show Deadliest Catch pleaded that they were deeply saddened by blocks. We did Texas for have a four where a woman killed on New Year's Eve by what police say may have been silent for gunfire in the Houston area. 61 year old Philip but Ashford what's the setting off fireworks the family and friends when she spots for bodies that quote I think I've been shot she fell to the ground and died. We have a did citizen on our hands. If it was celebratory gunfire all want retribution I want the person. Those responsible for this to be held accountable. The family deserves that. Authorities believe the gunfire came from outside the family's immediate neighborhood and probably number five different medical problem in Atlanta area second grader swallowed one of his air pots. And the X rated shows it right there stomach. The boy was worried that it would play music from his old phone and set of the one he got for Christmas. The ER doctor says this too. Shall pass but for now his stomach we'll hear some good beats. I think there are here. First show up its morning America. Of the new year which when it's funny what are eating here Barbara Walters point when he the press yesterday. That we all did everyone was doing at the entire country. Get your dad do know how. Let me do know now that happening. All right let's get to that big story what appears to be the end of a two day siege at the US embassy in Baghdad running back protesters have withdrawn from the US. Compound the Pentagon is staying on top of the crisis sending hundreds of additional troops in the Middle East overnight just in case you violence breaks out let's bring in ABC the nets their locker tar from Washington with the. Good morning to name Canon things have calmed down for now but the situation remains volatile and the US embassy remains arm lock down saying in a statement that all public operations have been suspended. Overnight hundreds of additional troops deploying to the Middle East. More than 700 soldiers from the 82 airborne division Fort Bragg North Carolina making final preparations in boarding a plane. They want to get out there and find out exactly what. Heading to Iraq and bracing for a possible third straight day of clashes outside the US embassy in Baghdad I'm just. Round of the work up. More than a hundred Marines have already been scented. On Wednesday they fired tear gas to disperse the crowd after the roof of a reception area was ignite it. And a protesters eventually forced to withdraw. It was the second day siege that began after weekend airstrikes by the US reportedly killed 25 members of a militia group backed by. Those US airstrikes coming in retaliation. For an attack by that militia group that killed a US contractor. The president holding you Ron directly responsible for the chaos and threatening pay back. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo canceling his first official visit to Ukraine to stay in Washington and monitor the situation. Tweeting over Nate. Spoke today with Iraqi prime minister all Mahdi who agreed that he Rockwood continued to uphold its responsibility to keep US personnel seek year. And would move the Iran backed attackers a wave from the US embassy in Baghdad. We'll continue cooperation to hold Iran and its proxies are responsible. And tensions with Iran have been at an all time high ever since president Tran gotten rid of the nuclear deal and increased the stations on Iran. Many worried that the situation here will only continue to escalate to name Kenneth. I it really does vikings are fever pitch there and that's thank you now to the major uncertainty surrounding president Tom senate impeachment trial House Speaker Nancy Pelosi still has not turned over. Articles of impeachment to the senate but when she does. Well the trial include testimony from key witness it. Public and the Susan Collins says she's open to that idea of breaking ranks with Senate Leadership. And it only takes 51 votes to make that happen it sees your Phillips as the tips. A new year and an impeachment trial looming. But the president kicking off 22 when he and Mara law go sounding optimistic. As far as I'm concerned I'd be very happy with the drought. Because we did nothing wrong. The key question for senators will that trial include witnesses as Democrats have been pushing for. Republican senator Susan Collins now says she is open to witnesses and she's taking issue with the senate majority leader. It is inappropriate. In my judgment for senators on either side of the aisle to pre chads. The evidence Collins is the second Republican senator to criticize McConnell. After he vowed to work in total coordination with the white house on the president's trial. As fellow Republican Lisa Murkowski said she was disturbed when she heard that. But the president does have one eager witnessed his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani who ushered in the new year at the president's bash here in Florida. The man at the center of the Ukraine controversy telling me he's willing to testify and more. Does the president want he would testify in the trial would you testify in the trial and I would testify I would. Do demonstrations like give lectures that gives some nations. Or I do what I do best I tried the case. And it looked inside the the big question lawmakers are asking now as we begin the new year is when or even if a senate trial will take place. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi still hanging on to the articles of impeachment. And has given no indication of a timetable for sending those to the senate and right now there is no meeting for senate leaders on the schedule. Keira Phillips ABC news West Palm Beach. And the new year brings a handful of new state. Long Illinois has joined the growing list of states to legalize the recreational marijuana doesn't overstate where the legislature adopted the law as a post voter initiatives. Also in organic collect the latest state advancing or use plastic bags at grocery stores shoppers must now bring their own bags or pay a small fee for paper one. And texting and driving is against the law in Florida the penalty for first time violators is a thirty dollar fine plus court costs. There's a sixty dollar fine if you're caught texting and a school or work sound. Well that's as deadly and devastating wildfires raging across Australia at least eighteen people of died. Firefighters are struggling to contain the fires rich have been burning since September and those splinter showing no signs of stopping. This morning dramatic new video showing people surrounded by ladies are taking a breath. I'm each in Australia and. The massive and deadly wildfires have already burned more than twelve million acres. Blocked roads and knocked out power for thousands of people strong winds pushing the fires toward homes leading thousands of people to flee to the shoreline. So we came down the can down the State's tip to tighten get a statistic finance. Fire drew in the South Wales was forced to take shelter in their top. When word in name in in the thick of it will we coordinate this could be it it was brought on one we know total truck on noted. Dozens of homes at one coastal town were destroyed before the winds shifted staring the rest of the town and people are now returning to see what's laughed. Really sad thing is that silent for them having vibrant youth. On my hand go but people can recognize kinds of stuff. This morning the country's prime minister urged people to be patient for those places where there is still. Stores and other assistance to to be provided it is on its white. These fires which have been burning for months are also taking a poll on livestock and wildlife. Australia's environment minister now says as many as 30% of Wallace in one heart hitting area they have been killed in the fires. Honest guy lent him five that was far as we head in the past would be a six out of ten they thought there a twenty entertain. Workers at this clinic tele BC's Maggie rule lead the quality rescued this year were in the worst shape they've ever seen pictures of future. Where there's a world without constant. He picked continue thought fifties and the conditions for fires could get even worse. Forecasters say strong winds are expected to return this weekend's back here at home it was a violent and deadly start to the new year in Saint Louis. They ever release any. At least seven people were shot at a part West Virginia on New Year's Day about fifty people were inside. Let's hookah bar Huntington when gunfire ring out please see a dispute between two people may have led to the shooting. Several people were found shot inside and outside the bar. No fatalities were reported no arrests have been made. That is from a sports world this morning S former New York Yankees pitcher Tom Larson has died after battling cancer is the only pitcher to throw a perfect game in the World Series. It happened in 1956 and produce one of baseball's most famous images catcher Yogi Berra leaping into Larson's arms. Don Larson it passed away last night he was ninety your soul. And another passing to note this morning allege in a professional basketball. Has died David Stern was commissioner of the national basketball association for thirty years starting in 1984. And that time. He transformed the NBA from a leak in danger of going broke into a multibillion dollar industry starved for the focus on star players. Like MJ Michael Jordan there who tweet it without David Stern. They NBA would not be what it is today. David had a deep love for the game of basketball and demanded excellence from those around him. The brought James another star also tweeted a tribute saying thank you for your commitment to the beautiful game of basketball that has changed so many young adults in kids' lives. More importantly your vision to make our game but come worldwide with a vision only you can make happen David Stern was 77. Some candid revelations from Alex trip back about his battle with pancreatic cancer for an ABC news special airing tonight the longtime jeopardy host and his wife Jean sat down for the first time together. For personal interview with good morning America's Michael Strahan. With a tough four vote that you one thing I think. For me it it's when I see him in pain and I can't help them. And when he doesn't eat right. When he has too much diet soda. Back off Michael and then that's anything I'm 79. If you get to be 79 and be in as good as shaped zone with him and I'm and it could. Learn that hit that blew that one prevent. After back humor there you can see more Alex and Jean and the ABC news special what is jeopardy Alex for back in America's most popular quiz show. Airing tonight at 8:7 central here. And on eighties you better. Oil Rose Parade kicked off the new year in Pasadena the theme of the 131 parade was the powerful thousands lined the streets to get a glimpse at the elaborate floats it was also a celebration of diversity would reelect in a grand marshals. Olympic gymnasts Lorie Hernandez actress Tia Torres and the legendary Rita Moreno. He got winner eighty years young. Haven't to in Los Lobos performed a beloved mom. There. The surprise up our waitress that she said. Will change for failing site but first the Pope apologizing for losing its bases after slapping a woman's hand. But he's saying about this moments caught on camp after this. We're back with Hong Kong archery and when he putting the same way it ended in between nineteen chaos in the streets. Hundreds of thousands were out in force for the annual New Year's Day protest. People attack. ATMs and threw Molotov cocktails police used pepper sprayed tear gas and water cannon to patrol the massive crowds. 400 people were arrested for unlawful assembly carry offensive weapons. It's also oversees Israel's embattled prime minister has requested immunity from prosecution for corruption cases. Benjamin Netanyahu made the official request of Charlotte late Wednesday night. Then Yahoo! was indicted back in November on charges of accepting bribes fraud and breach of trust. He's dismissed the charges as an attempted coup let by the left in the media. The move will likely delay a trial until after the march election. Now to the pope's last seen around the world Pope France is addressed the faithful gathered in Saint Peter's Square in Vatican City for his usual New Year's Day remarked. But this year and the address included an apology for slapping away the hand of a woman exchange was caught on camera quickly went viral. Here's ABC's Adrienne baker. It's the truck had hoped Francis is apologizing. Hours after slapping a woman's hand to free himself from her grip. This videos seen by millions. The pontiff greeting to faithful after a prayer service in Saint Peter's Square on New Year's Eve smiling and shaking hands. Suddenly a woman grabbed the 83 year old and yanks him towards her. Visibly stunned he slaps her hand away. The Pope admitted at times we lose our patients need to and I apologize for the bad example I gave yesterday. Earlier at the first mass of the new year at the pontiff told worshippers who don't know women are sources of life. And every form of violence inflicted upon a woman is a blasphemy against guide. But Francis is known for being very approachable and greets and shakes the hands of hundreds of people during people visit. Some are questioning why the pope's security team didn't step in to assist the Vatican has not commented. Adrian bankers ABC news New York. The data keep enhancing yourself. Out of the Pope so paws up I understand why he did write that I mean got to leave by news for example that base that probably had the the leading by example. But the first thing. I noticed the first acting like it what's with the slap because. Not me yet. I mean yeah all right well let's certifications now. Started thousands let me say in Poland plunged at New York's Coney Island. This is the 116. At New Year's dates where I'm at the payments he sure. And may have been one of the warm as the air temperature was forty while the water was. 4580. Degrees I think it was that yellow little chilly there. We have very much of water temperature a late minute I'll near Minneapolis was less than fat but hundreds Adobe and anyway many wore costumes. Both events. Raise money for charity fund that's what a way to start the new year a group of South Florida fisherman world. Teeth but great white shark that's the big shark not be Abbott for three hours on their charter trip and then they. They knew they hope to pick one took everyone on the boat coordinate our real NN. They tagged it measured it let it go great white sharks are eight protect its. Be so just refine and research. And next check out these tumble weeds overtaking a highway trapping drivers and their cars and Richland Washington. The tumble weeds were as high as twenty to thirty feet in some places. The road was closed in both directions snowplows. Were used to clear the scene no injuries were reported could gym mat in the not one calls. Just how do you buying the person knowing that car care. Eight necks of the rare glimpse inside the beehive yeah. Beyonce has shared a year in review video on integration featuring a fastball right up some of the seniors think of and biggest moments early morning nineteen. Let tucked inside that video of the special treats you never before seen photos of Turks who year old twins. The final photo in the video shows two year old son sir and two year old daughter ruby posing with their celebrity parents along with. Big sister blue I guess that billion dollar picture. It there it is certainly is. Meanwhile Blue Ivy as birthday coming up she will turn eight. On January Sapp happy birthday beautiful. Once this sergeant to a new year for one waitress Tony Tony is off to an incredible beginning. And it's one that she says is nothing short of life changing we'll Gaines hasn't story. Minute Ilyce use. It I am not future. And I am. It's a big deal. You don't. A new year an a new start. For Daniel friend Sony a waitress in Michigan who says her life was changed thanks to the generosity of two customers the tab 23 bucks the tip. 2020. Dollars. Actually welcome Alec or are working to my house being ultimate aims its site in her ex supreme neighbor hacking you're out. Twenty challenged I tried to crank or its manager asked Israel. And I only a start I am late that doesn't happen like beat. The single mother of three kids with a daughter on the way is now two years sober from OPO aids. She just moved north of Detroit for fresh start with nothing but the clothes on her back. Spending time in a homeless shelter before landing a job at this restaurant the two regulars who left the tip likely unaware of the full gravity of their gift. A second chance. It's a glancing. At its earning argue ready and server maker money you know and I it's at our house. That was it hasn't acted accident they give my your legs that they don't even know. That didn't have this. End I have receipts. Daniels also going to be able to get her driver's license now for the first time in two years that will allow her to see all over kids and teach her daughter to drive next year's very nice story very next editors are. I coming up what to watch out for this Thursday the second day of the year. And what 20/20 could mean for people who use. Let's watch out for today millions of people are traveling home after the holiday more than two point six million travelers are expected. Friday at about 250000. More than normal travel day. And Sunday it. Expected to be even hear a compromise on baby live in the works as soon as today the trumpet and efficiently announced a ban on fruity sweet flavors and are just using cigarettes. A published reports say the restriction won't apply to the think systems used in the shop. Then UPS expects one point nine million packages to be returned. Through its network today that's up 26% from a year ago in what's being called. National return for Wednesday. The holidays are over people are getting around returning gifts bats. They don't like. We have so many national Dave so many of their national day for national days I think that there were actually it. That brings us to the question of the day what get did you get that you want to return. Meantime an in bot that you uttered her not to return to step stool okay popular way to put your loved ones on blast in the comments. Yeah I don't know at them at odds at ABC news live. Health about your least favorite gift when your returning. Volley from us this morning a woman in Atlanta drove for Cooper but got a lift from a passenger. But Tanya young kid dropped out Georgia State University because a 700 dollar unpaid bill the year ago she mentioned that took passenger have a match. He gave her 150 dollar temple before she could apply that to a college balance Jenna text the debt was paid off by. Edge past forty you're now she now has her associates degree in promote justice and back man. Who helped her out at tended her graduation. Just an incredible moment for every other way around there love that story is that didn't want to end I'm here for our first 03 Tony Tony. 2000. Forney Forney Forney this is quite funny. That's it from us like we're so happy with you. We'll have it by Avago would.

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