It's Morning, America: Thursday, July 18, 2019

Record summer scorcher, Trump's "send her back" rally, Area 51 prepares for an invasion.
25:13 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, July 18, 2019
I love that there were no longer going to call it history. Her story first third. Well that's why they're still hasn't been engendered mutual has called the fact that ha ha. Ha ha. Berkley is always at the forefront of these beings when it comes to being political. Politically correct so there are a lot of people who may be rolling their eyes are criticizing this move. By Berkeley there. Yeah well. If that considered the vast. We begin with the youth oppressive heat that's already grabbing more than. Half the country forecasters say the dangerously hot humid conditions will break records and will likely last through the weekend. Watches and warnings have already been issued in at least twenty states and the heat index or real fuel conditions will be well into the triple digit. It's ABC's smokers are Abby begins our coverage down in Washington Molineaux we thought it if you like a 113. Degrees down there this weekend. We are already in the thick of it in an ethic with two C. But an all serious and as honestly experts do say that the combination of the sunshine high temperatures. And the humidity can prove lace threatening particularly for children and the elderly. This morning a dangerous and widespread heat wave spreading across much of the United States leaving more than 170. Million people. Exposed to the hottest weather of the summer. New York Philadelphia and the nation's capital. Already under a heat emergency New York City hasn't seen a 100 degree temperature since 2012 I really think we'll get close this weekend. Meteorologists calling for DC's feels like temperatures to feel almost as hot as Death Valley and in the upper midwest Milwaukee's mayor getting the word out. About cooling stations. We're very very concerned about people with physical challenges were. We're concerned about elderly were concerned about children. Meanwhile emergency rooms are on alert bracing for an influx of heat related emergencies that he is really something that is. Can suffocate you you can develop some symptoms especially if you don't have a plan they heat and humidity already taking its swollen from summer campers in Newington. We're seven children were brought to the hospital because of dehydration and heat exhaustion it's very important to hydrate your children. Two hours before they go to an event. The conditions particularly dangerous for outdoor workers. And although other work must go on John why Dell of superior roofing in Chicago says they still trying to take every precaution they can we let the guys take as many. Race is possible myself included make sure we are planning a water with a soft there. And again exchange he can post and serious safety concerns so remember to stay hydrated if you're thirsty experts say your are ready dehydrated. Also you can find a cooling station as some good I had some good polices. Is your local library or maybe an indoor mall and members attack on your elderly neighbors but today can it can even say heat stressing sheets. And the alienation and usually yeah. I don't think. You know those are all great tunes Mona items is thinking about downing DC which it can get. I believe yes hot. So have you seen media on news reports of their frying eggs yet to you know we like yeah news. Aegs I do what's right Ed them at the Shiloh. Yeah headlining at exit at a date yet. I'm my view that government Avant has backed this if I could God's. There yeah not that they. If MS for joining us. I called you know we're talking about this earlier were looking at things that out cities around the country are doing it like in Madison Wisconsin the homeless shelters. They are not gonna turn people lay even if they've reached capacity there in DC hormone is. The shelters going to be open 24/7 they're gonna keep pools open later so lots of cities around the country will be making those adjustments to help people. Stay cool and this oppressive heat yet take you. About F scenes secret life on his private island in the Caribbean. A former contractor tells ABC news he saw groups of teen girls. Constantly visiting the island without supervision. Also says Epstein had peculiar habit like keeping stacks of brand new white polo shirts. Wearing them only once and then giving them to housekeepers to users were hacked. Also new video has surfaced showing Donald Trump and Epstein party with cheerleaders in 1992. The president recently said he. Quote wasn't a big fan of Jeffrey Epstein. Well now to president trump setting up his attacks on four minority congresswomen after saying they should go back to their countries last night he held his first campaign rally since the firestorm over his racist tweet any focus on a one congresswoman. Whose morning Somalia prompting the crowd to start Chad team send her back. At his campaign rally in North Carolina president trump stepping up his attacks on four democratic congresswoman. Angela moon. And I. The crowd breaking into a chant of send her back. Referring to Minnesota congresswoman ill on Omar an American citizen who immigrated from Somalia as a child. It comes just three days after the president's racist tweet calling on before lawmakers to go back to the countries they originally came from. Even though Omar is the only one of the four not born in the United States they. And now watch I'll go back and I don't sir that was so controversial. Sir. I'm just saying it's their choice they can come back when they were wrong. I did they don't love our country. Overnight Omar responded by invoking Mya Angelou tweeting you may shoot me with your words you may cut mainly dry it's you may kill me with your hate for illness but still like hair all rights what trump supporters after a rally told our Terry Moran. The residents tweet was about patriotism. And not race baiting. Did what he said was racist. No I don't think you should play in the American government little white. Ordinarily don't go back to your own country. Bill it's. They would there was her burned of their beliefs not their total. Meanwhile back on Capitol Hill the house has rejected a taxes democrats' effort to impeach the president. Leading Democrat to say they're waiting to hear former special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony first before deciding to take any action. Mueller will answer questions from lawmakers about his investigation into the trump campaign and Russian meddling in the election. And one. Other development or calling from Washington the house has voted to hold the attorney general and the commerce secretary in criminal contempt of congress for blocking an investigation into the census. Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross called it silly political theater. In the meantime former drug lord helped pop sound may already be inside the federal super Max prison in Colorado we're health service life sentence. Among those already doing time at the prison. Kaczynski before being led away all chop O told the judge she was denied a fair trial he called conditions in jail. Total torture. There has founder Elizabeth Holmes aspect of a victory in court a judge has given the FDA 75 days to produce thousands of documents that her lawyers say they need to defend homes against fraud charges. She's accused of bilking investigators. In her tech firm out of billions of dollars. I mean he spent two decades in prison for a crime he did not commit was finally allowed to walk free Christopher tap was exonerate. Did in 1996. Rape and murder of an Idaho teenager after new DNA testing showed he did not match the evidence. From the crime scene now another man has been charged with the murder and tap is looking forward to a second chance at life. It's a new life a new beginning a new world. And I'm just gonna enjoy it every day but how do continue doing what I've been doing going to work it. Living the life that I should have been living for the last point two and a half years. Tax had a message for the public after all these years he said he hopes no one ever forgets. NG dot the victim in the case. While encouraging news in -- really crisis drug overdose deaths dropped by 5% last year that's the first drop since the 1990s but experts remain cautious saying that government data is only preliminary. Insert rim is trying to reduce the pressure to poke the comp. He is expanding its tasks of a new feature that will hide the number of likes to ever won but the poster of the idea is to reduce feelings about. Low self esteem and an adequacy especially young people are recent British study found that mr. Graham is the most hurtful social networking app. For young people's mental health. And a special guest dropped by the Obama Obama foundations Chicago headquarters. Leather than the namesake himself the former president. That's the grad thirteen teenagers who just couldn't contain their excitement. Taking part in organization youth job corps program the police thought they were supposed to be talking about their experiences with some of the Foundation's top officials. About the top top top official Wen said she was determined not to cry in front in this general. And a piece of advice he gave to those young people is it's okay to make Smart failures are failures loved. Up next house that was for sale for just ten bucks. Boy known about it but with so call invasion being planned at area 51 will be that a small towns about it when the pressure next. While in Tennessee bound up bears don't just climb trees using only on about me without bears decided it wanted to eighth. The look very easy to Matt Stafford get inside she shopped and aren't just. About there made it hunts of the act fast there. Faster woman. That bear says. Climbed so fast that old I have Taylor climbers but he's it's like excluded up. Yeah really using that your home. Your home and OK I'm garment on government and -- he wound his way out I'll and also that you there. Is incredible with gatlin in Bhutto gatlin berg Tennessee hands in the Satan meanwhile a woman in Lake Tahoe kept the camera rolling as they are trying to break into have been. Yet it managed to stick its nose or an open window. Police officers. Latest here that here away. Go to hear yelling. But how honey bargain and add New Jersey slip through everyone's fingers. The fourth thousands reverend how to Montclair built in 1906 was listen for just ten box but the buyer. But it had to move from the house moved move the house on the property and pay a hefty price for the location. Yeah that's because of previous deal with the developers are now the house that's been demolished the got to pay for relocation. And also. Move it. My pleasure really nice area Pacific theater though there's a beautiful home media man how the bones. I got to be concerned about how the bones are along these loans speaks little public. Excavating an event getting the attention of the US military more than a million people signed up to storm area 51. The top secret base in Nevada and that some say is home to alien secret. Many people are calling the FaceBook event the biggest joke in the galaxy but the town near the base and the US air force they are not Laphen. Morning a tiny town of the dusty desert. Prepare a report Bayesian I hope there's not that many people that are saying they wouldn't be here. People all over the world are asking about Rachel Nevada a fifteen minute drive from area a few you want. Our phones have been wearing an awful there's a restaurant one Bart and the only hotel called little Ali yen has only thirteen rue Paul is old. Full size bed. Okay fair it say that you now the town with a population of only 56. Is buzzing. And millions that they were anxious dead and another million said that me. We're coming. It all started nearly a month ago when someone organized an event on FaceBook. Inviting people to storm area 51 on September 20 to quote see them aliens. Adding if enough people turn up there won't be enough goers to stop everyone from Getty men. The base is considered a fortress of government secrets the gag scene of a joke your first the tractor rural world enthusiast. Was one point five million people signing up. The event getting more attention this week when rapper little nods acts both that a meeting with an alien and released an animated music video featuring area 51. You have an tick. Those who lives ruined I'm going round until June moon moon. But the air force is not seeing the funny side issuing a new warning that the military is ready to protect America and its assets I can't be possible. No one knows how many people show up September 20 for the residents of Rachel a talent pool believers all they can do was wait. All we can do is only gives you and they want to they'll ask. So this plan has been traced back to three anonymous FaceBook pages the air force says it discourages anyone from coming to an area where armed forces are trained. So we've settled debate that's are as crazy as really one of our favorite of the morning so the. The hotel. I will admit that and I will admit that I say it was like a light bulb moment. Land housing hope alien and. Outweigh he is I don't feel sorry he only got it after I heard it laughed in music only right easy get it right. Get I don't like well the and I boys whose story accent olive little Ali in the end our elected and I'm like oh so they hourly in or. A new VAN ALE and. That Aly and you say. That they a. The question of the day what do you think. I look. I think that the navy be news lives. Aren't covered on an attempt to get a great picture was led to a disaster Hawaii a couple of swept out to sea at a lookout in Honolulu they were taking photos in the tide moved them farther and farther from shore. Experts say to receive be careful when they're in the ways and that the perfect shot me not be worth it. People with tend to want to get that picture. And and the getting swept on into the ocean. From Forrester responded takes time they're not at a guarded beach where we can respond right away and get to them. Rescue team pulled the Kabul from the ocean they're both expected to be okay though pictured that's really not court that not everybody else David Yemeni like he got Saddam. It's other yesterday true. I was on the North Shore of Hawaii once the waters are really really rough and I I'm not gonna go too far out oh convict. He got during that campaign thinks. Now Lucia in the my methods that there is over earlier about the extreme heat across most that the much of the country today and people aren't the only ones bracing for the heat but. That's our Q governments met earlier our own world cans went to North Shore animal league America to dig up the details on how to keep pets cool for the summer. In these dog days of summer is there are some things you just can't plans so if you aren't going to be outside with your pets. And they're going to be getting a real wet where they're mad yeah. Yeah yeah. Can on the other hand. Work hard and there are things you should anticipate to keep your pets safe this summer doctor Gerard looking at North Shore animal league America teaching us the tricks. To make sure your four legged friends stay cool for the summer. Doctor L says first things first. You have to know your not every dog can tolerate people like every other. So Hugh great piece of Alec breeds violence but short noses like pogs are French cheese in Gaza medical conditions. Older geriatric dog overweight dogs they can't tolerate the heat and they just taken over he's very quickly enough but how do you know if they are overheating and understand the fine. The excessive panting difficult recovering and then on to things like vomiting and diarrhea they taxi way to become wobbly. Know that you have a situation as it needs he was. At that point clear dog off with water and call your bet. Lucky for us doctor L says it's pretty easy to prevent all of that these tips. Always supervise your pets when they're outside give them plenty of shade clean water to drink and play in like these kiddie pools and never leave your pet in the car. And if your dog does want to go for a walk early mornings and late evenings are best. We recommend that people actually place your hand on the pavement for most -- nations I've seen has been anywhere between five and seven seconds. You can leave your hand on the asphalt for that period of time and it's probably safe for your pet. Forty he give them some fashionable boutiques. Who knew and none old. And one more dog on di tale from your pet can get a sunburn. Yes we that they recommend country don't use the money is on yourself. At one that's actually labeled for there you have it appears to look Hoff to a summer day with your best friend. At a final summer safety tip if your going to be voting this summer doctor heaney says the most likely member of your family to jump out of a moving boat. Your dog so you'll like Jack because Wright State and they'll be cute. And generally you don't expect dad or like your sister and you just jump out of the now and add it all right so. Official of the West Palm Beach, Florida are using a shark to try to solve a homeless situation. They're trying to keep people from sleeping in a Parker cross from a high end banquet hall the plan is to play continuous loop of two children's songs baby shark. Yes and reigning hot goes all night takes keep homeless people off a wave via a knowing that. Musical aversion therapy is only considered as temporary fix things you know this sounds kinda like Hugh funny story because you hear baby shower right hair but. Its main write it it seems very mean spirited. Because and their could be more effort towards an initiative that actually. Help those homeless people might. And set up the spending. Exactly so welts that it will time check verification started a great way to explore nature and win yourself. For easier for life. Anheuser-Busch has announced the promotion for bush like saying it will build up pop up bar and a national forest somewhere in the US on Saturday. Somewhere somewhere the person who finds the bar will win free bus light. Reviewer rats. There last name. And from friends are here to ice cold beer aboard you taught is reminding everyone to read the fine threat. Eleven year old held a sign reading ice cold beer for sale. And a stand caught the attention of neighbors and police but if you look closely in the current route is written they every small Bob Baer one officer called marketing ploy brilliant. And says the boy's business is booming. And next the German shepherd that it's become an Internet start due course he posts it. There's video on FaceBook a motion detector on a security guarantees up something. Something to get returns and enough evidence court sees German shepherd stops you're asleep standing in the camera. Trying to figure out it Liu but when you're worried did see it to protect in the house. At a scheduling conflict. TV and radio. And now a new documentary is giving us an intimate portrait of the legendary sex therapist ABC's Lindsey Davis has at all. Wanted to make Dreessen wanted to show me this the sex reduction of as had a message for I could walk out of this without. Doctor Ruth can still talk about sex morning noon and night I can look at people and I know investment with help from the we've heard distinctive accent lets it go need to physically and let's head neglect to take six. And to menus to frame doctor Ruth Westheimer is a pioneer. Instead his penis into the vagina fumble I. The nine U one year old has been America's most famous and trusted sex therapist for generations. And that he. And it's all. It. Life story is now a documentary on who would ask doctor Ruth before aptitude and the ball is important for me education. And in depth look at the woman who's talked openly about sex for decades. Again with her radio show sexually speaking in 1982. You hold an annual duel constantly. And ultimately your fans who reflections satisfaction. Did you realize. In the moment how groundbreaking what you were doing one's. Identity and that I have. That nobody talked about it on national when he talked about moment to agent cremation. I think it brought me and a life. Of how effect sits in many important now wants. It's put and I didn't and I've made he had would have been locked up if I didn't know it then everybody listened to me Sunday nights from ten to twelve. They don't just engaged in this community through a willingness to talk publicly about what many had limited to private pillow talk. Launched her into the mainstream. I've never heard women tell the truth about sex before a Republican allies. Are free to discuss difficult subjects she was one of the first people to use her platform to address the aids epidemic. English exactly and open topic. Because gay people at the time not only am I know it's been at this ice. With all she is accomplished she says it's light itself means in the greatest gift. Think you're most proud if action. He adds that and my conscience and I think and I'm having success. For Nightline I'm Lindsey Davis New York. Incredible one it is incredible work and so rate of Lindy to bring us yeah no one like doctor Ruth never. No but next fifty years as the Apollo eleven mission we look at the cameras that beam those images from the moon. Head just how groundbreaking they really work coming up. Finally fifteen years after the Apollo eleven mission and we're learning just pumping groundbreaking took their equipment wise ABC's Maggie really reports the cameras that send those images back from the moon were as much of a technical achievement as the flight itself. Very various final great pleasure good closure of the. On July 20 1969. More than 500 million people had their eyes glued on astronaut Neil Armstrong is I recalled. The picture was not very good at it was very snowy and I think I can remember seeing movement in. In the snow on the television and saying there he is a grainy video that changed the course of history. But to capture those famous first steps it took a mechanical marvel. This is a tiny black annoyed television camera federal bring us the first live pictures of astronauts from the moon's surface. Back in 1969 a legendary ABC news correspondent jewels Bergman he doesn't closeup look. This little black and white camera weighs seven and a quarter brown billed by Westinghouse. The NASA standard simply name the Apollo lunar television camera it was melt on the descent stage of the lunar module and pointed out. Barton. Viable route for. That giant leap then really lied to NASA and TV viewers all over the world according to NASA this was just one of many custom built cameras needed. Including two motion picture film cameras and perhaps most iconic. Seventy millimeter Hassell glad camera attached Armstrong as he walked on the moon it was responsible for these up close shots of the moon's surface equipped with special film developed by codec to work in the moon's atmosphere today one of the cameras is on display at the Smithsonian museum in Washington DC where anyone can take a look at this feat of engineering. That still inspires us fifty years later. Mac neighborly ABC news New York. All right we'll city raising his life throughout the day for all your breaking news want the latest on that deadly fire at an animation studio injured. Hanna will bring you the judge's ruling on whether to grant bell in the Jeffrey Pepsi's case. That's it for us for now have a three day.

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