It's Morning, America: Thursday, March 21, 2019

Trump escalates attacks on the late Sen. John McCain, mom behind popular YouTube channel charged with child abuse and more.
21:57 | 03/21/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, March 21, 2019
Good morning amongst more candidate arbiter of the top five things to know this Thursday number one the news overnight from New Zealand just days after the mosque attacks that left fifty dead. The prime minister has announced an immediate ban on military style weapons a ban affects all semi automatic weapons like those used in Friday's attack. Prime minister expects the law to be in place in three weeks. And fills the country will support her decision. Number two in the new evacuations underway in the heartland because of historic flooding one official said that the river flooding looks like it. Ocean entire towns are now under evacuation orders with rivers breaching levees in several states including Missouri. The small town of Creag has been evacuated. People along parts of the Missouri River are being told to leave immediately. Others are forced to wait for tanker trucks to deliver drinking want. Flood damages in Nebraska alone are now estimated at one point three billion dollars all to number three now president Trump's attacks on the late John McCain even criticizing the former senator for days but his newest attack. Got even more personal and now White House staffers are reportedly questioning the president's strategy. On to number four now nobody won last night's 515 million dollar powerball jackpot but that means Saturday's jackpot grossed an estimated 625. Million dollars. What's will be the fourth largest in the game's history and he. Check your ticket yet here are last night's numbers they were 1014. 5053. And 63 and the powerball was 21. They still got a chance at a filing number five's some video shot by pet snake removal expert. And Texas you may not want he has thought it was shot under client's house as a worker was removing it. Does it rattle and AM this happened about a 160 miles west of my city of Dallas the guy was under that house for quite awhile I'm all right when. All the work was done he had collected we live rattlesnake. Homeowner had no idea. It was learned he then. We've got everything you need to know the start this Thursday coming up its morning of America. We're Democrats Nate Berkus who we are. There's snakes you know. I can't look I I can't look at I know anybody said that. Wild when they were first called out they said that there were few snakes forty I don't. That's if you mean let's assume the quite a few so what happens if they didn't get that word that would dole is going to say it's gonna come up through the pipes. I mean your city Perrier. To point out hey David how do love I don't know I don't know I have so many question but I bet that homeowner is grateful pool didn't even know why. That they were underneath now ash wow. The well yeah been up for that back to the big story this morning president trumps intensifying attacks on the late John McCain ABC's Elizabeth her. Is he Rick Moore and Allen that this has been going on for a few days at this point a few days and there are no signs of her the president she stopping this at this time McCain's daughter has chimed in and right now she says this is a bizarre new low. And Politico is also reporting that some staffers close to trot our. Even asking why are we doing this. President trump ramping up his attacks on Senator John McCain who died seven months ago speaking at eighteen factory in Ohio BO. John McCain received me. The fake and phony. Dossier to hear about the dousing. He checked and the FBI hoping to put me in jeopardy. The pro military crowned remaining silent as the president blasted the least senator and war Hugh rope over his funeral I gave them the kind of funeral. That he wanted. Which as president I had to approve. I don't care about this I didn't get thank you that's okay. Overnight Politico citing people close to trump reporting that the president might be consciously trying to remake the news environment creating a bizarre spectacle. To displease criticism. According to Politico of his tepid response to the New Zealand massacre. The administration's timing of the grounding of the Boeing 737. Max jetliners. And the imminent release of special counsel Robert Moore's report. Strategy or not. Some Republicans on Capitol Hill aren't coming to McCain's defense. On Twitter senate majority leader Mitch McConnell calling his good friend an American hero Walt not directly condemning trump. But other GOP senators did go further it's deplorable what he said. Proceeds. Comments about Senator McCain hurt him more than they are the legacy of Senator McCain. And the president continues to slam that mullah report calling it ridiculous but he says he believes it should be released to the public to thing. All right Elizabeth her thing PO a new ball that binds a third of Americans are extremely or very confident in Muller's investigation. 29%. And the AP poll a moderately confident. And 37% say they are either a not too confident or not confident. At all and presidential said he is in no way and that report is coming but he said let's see if it's fair. Well the FBI has now doing investigation into how Boeing's new 737 jet was certified it comes as senators call for Boeing executives to testify before congress about those two recent crashes. That killed everyone on board. During October's light air crash in Indonesia the New York Times report. The pilot gave control of the plane to the co pilot. So he could flip through a technical manual to try to pick a route what was happening. Experts say it is clear the pilots were not familiar with the jets anti style system. There are ways to cope with the failure. And what we've seen a lion area potentially Vizio Pia is pilots were trained to cope with the problem. Imagine being that pilot who handed over control trying to figure out what was going on as his plane. Is going down and they don't have control bowling. Is releasing a software update from the jet which remains grounded. The senate holds the first hearing on the issue next week both Europe and Canada have vowed to conducted their own safety reviews so lots of questions that's only cancer. And a lot of stakeholders who awaiting yet winning only answers. A a Connecticut woman says Harvard is illegally profiting off of up portraits. The two slaves she says are her ancestors. Terrill and here is suing the school over the 1850 pictures of a man. Named routine and his daughter. They are believed to be the earliest photos of American slaves. Premier says Harvard has ignored requests to stop licensing those pictures Harvard is not commenting on that sent. And this seat in the skies over Los Angeles caused quiet a bit of confusion on the ground here it is. Some people who saw this that they thought it was a flaming meteor looks or even a UFO or something fallen to earth but listen it turned out to be. A pair of wings who flyers wow trailing sparks behind them all part of a stop by rebel. Let's say the LAPD treated letting this city know it wasn't meteor or an alien invasion just another film shoot adding quote. This is tensile town after all just another day in Southern California immediately I mean Hollywood magic right before Iraq yeah has little downtown LA is a lot of fun that is added to the fund and you'll read them the fun and it may be a little concerned that just just. A little bit yet. Going up a new restaurant in Norway with. Quite a view. But how fresh is the seafood. But that's all I wanna know will get across the bottom right after this. Welcome back we turn now to the shocking allegations against a woman. Who started a popular channel on YouTube that channel featured her seven adopted children who she's now accused of abusing. This morning a mom behind a popular YouTube channel is under arrest each week 800000. Subscribers tune in to follow the fantastic adventures of one Arizona mainly on YouTube. Their videos racking up nearly 215. Million views in just over a year. But despite what looked like fun in their online video. Police have charged Michelle Hobson with seven counts of child abuse they say her adult biological daughter Megan and this video. Tip them off saying one of her adopted siblings told her that cops it was arming all seven adopted children. Using pepper spray on them depriving them of food and water for days and locking them in closets word. Sent to the house deal welfare check one of the the kids was offered water. Medicaid consumed three bottles of water and a short amount of time they had any and they had made statements that they sometimes don't need for case. In interviews with authorities the kids say Hobson took him out of school to report the YouTube series and discipline them if they did not recall their lines or participate as they were directed to. Hobson denies the allegations telling police she only grounds. Banks or has the children stand in a corner as punishment neighbors say they saw no signs of the alleged abuse we never seen him outside. Mrs. Ike has Nvidia's a shine an outside. Police have also arrested hobson's two adult biological sons Logan in Ryan hackney. Who often appearing YouTube Ceres charging them with seven counts of failure to report the abuse of a minor. Tawny inception nor say the Brothers recently brought to a hobson's children to their home to collaborate with their family on their YouTube channel. They say they were shocked to hear about the alleged abuse and deleted the videos they made. Being in the Foster system and being adopted hadn't probably argued then there's so much trauma of that and know that they had day and German born. I just wish there was something we've seen. Authorities removed all seven children from hobson's home she's not yet entered a plea but she is due in court. Next week let's get across the pot now to ABC news our London bureau were Vernal rover is keeping an eye on the biggest international stores. I don't want to Grunow. Moaning you know yesterday the president said the fight against prices would be won overnight. The question is where things stand this morning. Well I think actually he's wrong it. It looks like fighting around abuse had stalled it's a sort of mopping up operation now US backed Syrian democratic forces and going through tunnels. Seeking out the last few holdouts. But several hundred of the remaining losses fighters of surrender the last couple of days and days very hard full battle does seem to be out of the battle for by the news this last flavor of this self declared counterfeit of the ice is sets up. Does seem to be it overran now obviously that's not the end devices as such because the leadership is spread. Wouldn't know where they are and they have been continue cools the sort of global Jihad is a me in that name but the actual fight for the physical and deceive that is. Ices in Syria does seem to be out of them. And Bruno OK so this disturbing report out of South Korea I mean. If you travel it is got you nervous for men arrested in a hotel rooms spite camera scandal. What did they do who was watching I mean people were paying for access. Yet to see what was happening at Friday's scare. 888 so creepy and and they say the rules of AA as well in this guy's it looks at a plugs sockets have found cameras amazingly in. Thirteen hotels across I'm soccer allegedly this group of people set up hidden cameras all over the hotels and they was spying on them 42 runs up to 16100 guests will be and lives strained. To a group of up to full thousand people who applying to be able to sort of monitor people's private goings on in a hotel it's so creepy and it's. Creeping we absolutely and it's so you wonder what will. What will be of the that the suspects involved in this case and I wonder if there's going to be any. Prosecution of the people who were paying two subscribe. Well that remains BC and I think this is a developing story and I think we'll. We're gonna see how things pat suddenly. It'll multiply the KC you can all in -- since its essentially illegal it's an invasion of privacy nation got to get away with it some hopefully some some will be how to count and not just of people is that's adopt with the people who bought into it as well. Okay what I Bruno that I heard. I heard that you have extended your hand and said it will we come over overseas that you'll take tests and Norway to check out yeah. I'll take you to Bali is no way I tell you on the war to restaurant that's open dop it some. It's it's about thirty feet below the sea you walk down and down the you'll sort of in your own. Aquarium there of us acquire him an air aquarium ha ha get it but can't get out and I. I'm view you sit you have the only other as a huge window fountain view and DC the on the walls of North Sea. Unfurling I mean it's it's pretty exhausted I mean not grateful claustrophobic. But I'm legal way it's also not seek. Apparently in caught up to 400 dollars pup Constance ally yet come over bio means that charge it on them ABC news that. Yeah I'm Jackson amassed. About access act tough and mom Andrea Day is provides this for you but let's get a look at aggregate agencies see what's trending I I've seen this done blowing up bottom line OK guys it is called the microwave challenge you know there's a new challenge every week but this one. Those kids don't like wizards haven't made to wait yet six. And you rotate to make it look like you're you know on that plate in the microwave that's who I still don't get it meet either meet eat and he's like hot. I I don't understand their hat that there has to be something some thing. Under the and there are so good act like look that person is not predict how are doing it. This is Chris what you know what we can do our home. They apple mighty way it is that the there it is a little that apple will my right where they got the yes. Are you had old school microwave equipment as it didn't have that the turning to the table it didn't it is that exists that them to you to flip it oh or I. Yeah and you got to move your foot around and are now hungry those kids until cried all right next Robert Downey junior he sparking an avengers sized battle on social media the Iron Man himself shared. Let this these throwback photos of his fellow of vendors co stars. Calling upon the forces of the Internet to settle an argument once and for all who sported the best stash was at him what that mark. What Chris. Natalie unmarked responded featuring a and Almonte as of throwback snaps and himself asking. I'm mustache. Does want to take out or different kinds of moves that are looking guy but being unique styles over the years. Low wind and fans away all saying. I gotta go with Chris Hemsworth did a good our most factual questions and take me a year and a half the gross that must yeah. This vocalist. Next to an update on the story we told you about earlier this month it was first discovered my Alan Horn rocking out to those look at yeah. This inside a dance studio in Jacksonville Florida we'll allegory who has been sent some dubbed the dancing beard oh. Patton now they were going by William C why of course yes. And you know and the natural progression of these things Alan court busted his Luzon. Island where he delighted the audience there the way. It's even better a group. Look at that featured Allen scored in his official music video for WASL. After it happens when you go viral hideaway on court set the record straight for apt outlet saying he reels hidden is that he looks sixteen. He only 43. I think he said he's only four Gary. But it doesn't. Saturday then it doesn't matter because he's moving like you said Clark. Who would like he's pointing straight ahead still ahead he's so young joint space that was pretty well yeah. That we we. Can't get. Size we handle did you get in the hand and little you know little soft salute. I can move racially running ring. Oh there you go back. RX don't know let's that's awesome for him yet OK now the scary moment in Bali. Captured on video take a look at this this tourist posing for a follow. And in leg away. Nearly washes her away she. He's okay showing up minor injuries and I mean doing it for the grants might have been warned her that home. Outlook rock that's based care and from back to something pretty Q a wallop. He just won't leave the car that he's not entail and how badly do you want to smuggle him. Badly already gotten awfully nice or koalas nice IEU. They look like they they they do you really look like they are all think he just problem. In the little eskimo kiss is I want to get out. I'll catch that is adorable of these videos OK we let his vetoes and you're gonna love this this even more coming up. Question is who would you trust an eight year old with your hair. You know after sing this little girl. You will. I was. Welcome back coming up later today on ABC news Lai president. Trump is expected to. Signed an executive order. Requiring colleges and universities to support free speech. If they want federal resources the order comes on the heels of the debate over controversial speakers invited college campuses in some cases. The speeches but canceled over concerns a violent protests would endanger his safety. Critics say the order is unnecessary because public universities are already thousands by the per. Amendment. And some fear funds could be withheld for political retribution let's don't forget to tune in to the debrief forward. Update on all of our top stories and the briefing room for breakdown of the latest politics. Headlines and anything else going on every all of the stuff. Are you know pair because of a lot of work to get writing you requires a fair degree of of skilled let me tell yet that you know. The genetic L yeah. You make it work thank you like big and this is such a fun story we're leading a remarkable girl from Philadelphia who was already getting a head start. And listen she is only eight years old be amazed. By this pipe outside little Barbour. WP BI introduces us to the girl. We've been dubbed the world's youngest female bar where. The contribute Chan Chris. Is it can cut. Barely tall enough to reach the top of or client's head. I didn't like it foolish not an eight year old need. As a barber called orphans and vulnerable thing else. I don't expect a cut lip and troubled bull and passed. A close. Now dubbed the world's youngest he now barbers the second graders and truth came about. After her brother attended an introductory class at the junior partner academy in North Philadelphia. He decided it wasn't for him but need. Not gong show recent pitching. Think can thank you. Chile. That they got kind of instilled. Certain things and talents and each child and it's up to us as parents to try unlock the potential. She was the youngest student at the only female in its six week training program led by master barber he Michael. And teacher. You know he. And bureau. You guys and anger of this. I was impressed when she came to class wouldn't know. And so like did not know what Marc Klaas who want to be involved with haven't no I have read that signals is sold me that this this is especially proud right. She now volunteers her time to the homeless in her community and neighbors like mr. Bagwell have also taken advantage of her services he ruptured. The young barber is still in training needs some assistance at times. But she's got big screens with hopes of adding celebrities to her growing list of client it's like oil cut. Before brothels. Are can't get high satisfaction is guaranteed just ask mr. Bagwell. Carlos or. That where. I just love that little girl and also would you get your hair done. I mean she skilled I certainly don't need or taken anything that buzzes or route head. What these girls are doing and I wonder you know we should be able aides you know which I bet I'd bet I'd actually do it now would you trust your trusting you know the lack of trust her yeah. And she's got. Justice whack. And skills and character helping to hold less so incredible well she's going to be fantastic which you old enough to get her license. Well that's all you need to know to get your day started now only four. We're going to bed. But yes we are going to that was expected tomorrow every Friday.

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