It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019

Sondland’s explosive testimony in the impeachment hearings, Democrats clash in 5th debate, Prince Andrew steps back and more.
21:43 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Nov. 21, 2019
Good morning and evening Norman on cannot smoke here in the top apartments and of this Thursday number one the final day of impeachment hearings this week. Today house lawmakers will hear from two more officials who may be the final impeachment witnesses. They'll follow testimony from ambassador report Scotland who admitted there was a quid pro quality of pressuring Ukraine with someone said no one ever told him that 400 million dollars in military aid was part of the quid pro quo. He only preserved it was. Our live coverage of today's hearing begins at 8:30 AM eastern. Number to their races an investigation at Syracuse university for students have been suspended after a verbal assault on a black student meanwhile a joint task force including the FBI is now investigating it and tired and that it email threat made against the faculty member. The schools chancellor says reports of a racist manifesto sent to students phones. We'll clock we hope students walked out of the chance speech last night. They say he's ignoring their calls to address diversity at Kate and they are demanding that he resign for turning to the weather for number three a powerful winter like storm is pounding the southwest. The system has produced heavy held stretching from downtown Los Angeles. The Phoenix. Sparked widespread flash flooding and check out what happened overnight in Flagstaff Arizona and Lincoln a freshly fallen snow. Meanwhile northern California from people in the middle of precautionary PowerShot ops will get their electricity turned back on today. Have higher humidity is lowering the risk for wildfires peaking he says. It's been able to scale back drastically on the number of plants shut off the company says it's closely watching wins he's number report apple has canceled the premiere of its first major original movie. The bank era drama starring Samuel L. Jackson as well one day before its debut at a film festival in Los Angeles. It's based on the true story about two entrepreneurs recruited a black. A white man to be the face of their real estate business in the 1950s a relative of one of the man reportedly raised concerns about the movie apple has not elaborate. And finally number five new figures show most Americans are thankfully census data released yesterday shows just under 10% of Americans moved in the last year. The lowest figure since the agency started tracking our moves seventy years ago what reasons cited its aging countries getting older and older people those who was office. Numbers also fell millennial are saying in place and lack of movement is blamed on high rents low wage job also. No one really likes the movie no one's. Good morning. Let's get right to the big story two more impeachment witnesses going before the cameras today after hearing testimony from president comes dealmaker on Ukraine. EU ambassador Gordon silent confirmed that the president previously denied the existence of a quid pro quo. The front page of the stories New York Times you see there quotes Tomlin saying we follow the president's orders Allman also told lawmakers that other top officials knew what was going on. But the president and his allies are pushing back it comes as we learn new details about weighing Ukraine who knew that his military have been frozen. ABC's mega tempers in has more from Capitol Hill Mike and good morning. Good morning today and Kenneth even though ambassador summoned don't we needed a million dollars to president Trump's campaign. The president is now distancing himself. From the ambassador. The most anticipated witness in the impeachment inquiry Libby not tech expectations. Delivering the most explosive details yet. Who would benefit from. From an investigation of the buttons I assume president trump would then there we have it. US ambassador to the European Union Gordon Som link confirming deals lack of sleep pro quo regarding Ukraine and implicating several top officials including vice president Mike Pence and secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Everyone was in the loop it was no C great. He named names many many people as well secretary bump pale yes and acting chief of staff mull Laney yet. Republicans hammering at Solomon on whether the president explicitly told the ambassador. Aid was contingent on the investigations. Nobody else on this planet told you that Donald Trump was tying aid to these investigations is that correct. I think parity testify don't answer the question. Yes and new this morning details on the timeline on when Ukraine new aid was being withheld. Top pentagon official Laura Cooper testifying. The ukrainians were aware that the US was big holding military aid. As early as July 25 the same day of that phone call between president trump and Ukrainian president to Lansky this contradicts the Republican argument that Ukraine didn't know about the delay in aid so there couldn't be a quid pro quo. President trump declaring victory seizing on a small part of Solomon's testimony. Now. There is my every thought that. Again. I want not. That's what I want from you as well as all I want not things. I said it wide. And the timing of when president Tran told this to ambassador some Lynn matters here because it was after the White House officially found out. About the whistle floor complaint. Kenneth today. Aunt Maggie and looking back at that hearing really. I feel like tourists to statements that really stuck out there and we mentioned one we follow the president's order and they haven't we've reported is. Silence saying that every one was and the loop so break that down force about what he meant by everyone within the Lou. Yeah of course Kenneth had ambassador silent song living really means means yesterday particularly. Mentioning secretary of state Mike Pompeo and also the vice president Mike Pence. He said that the State Department is not writing and get into those emails at the State Department but he did bring an email that showed an exchange between him and secretary Pompeo. Talking about. Breaking up the log jam regarding security and then he said that he personally talked to the vice president. About his concern of delaying aid to Ukraine. And we have a clip listen let's listen to the testimony from yesterday about an exchange. But I think I spoke up at some point late in the meeting and said it looks like everything is being held up until these. Statements get made and that's my you know personal believe. And vice president pence does not at his head. Again I don't recall any exchange or where he asked me any questions. I think he it was sort of a duly noted. Well he didn't say. Gordon what are you talking about now he did not he didn't say what investigations. He did not. And then vice president pence and secretary of state to Mike Pompeo have pulled denied these claims. Pets today. All right meg and thank you and a new poll from the swing state of Wisconsin shows. 40% of registered voters believe the president should be impeached and removed from office that's down 4% from last month. The drop in support was seen in both parties the poll was conducted between Aaron the thirteenth and seventeenth before this week's testimony. You subpoenas have been issued stemming from the investigation into two of Rudy Giuliani's associates who were charged with campaign finance violations. Sources tell ABC news the subpoenas from federal prosecutors in New York were sent to a lobbying firm into a super pac that's backing president trumps reelection campaign. The same prosecutors have been investigating Giuliani for allegedly violating lobbying and campaign finance laws. Is he associates have also been linked to the pressure campaign against Ukraine. Now to the big debate in Atlanta the Democrats running for president facing off in another fiery debate crossing over health care foreign policy and taxes. But ABC's Trevor all reports all ten candidates did agree on one thing. After the historic day of impeachment proceedings in Washington ten of the top democratic presidential candidates sparred over who deserves to challenge president trump. We cannot. Simply be consumed the boy Donald Trump. Because if we all get what we're gonna lose the election the candidates largely agreed on impeaching the president we have to establish the principle. No one is above the law it is a criminal enterprise. Engaged in by the president from what we heard today the vice president the secretary of state and the chiefs just ask don't tell doesn't want me be the nominee. That's pretty clear former Vice President Biden was asked if he would support a criminal investigation of trump at. After he leaves office look I would not direct more Justice Department like this president does. I'd let them make their independent judgment there was plenty of disagreement on other issues including the legalization of marijuana this week I hear her little Laurie say. I don't think we should legalize marijuana I thought that I thought you might high when you said. And the candidates once again clashed on health care. The reason I insist on Medicare for all who want it as the strategy. To deliver on that goal we share of universal health care. Is that that is something that as a governing strategy we can unify the American people around the fact is that right now. Vast majority Democrats do not support Medicare for all it couldn't pass he Wednesday's senate. Right now won't we but bite. He's getting the most attention for his gaffe when talking about his support from senator Carol Moseley brawn. Saying the only black woman ever elected to the US senate endorses him. He said that with senator coddling terrorists standing just feet away from that they're only about black African American woman who never been elected. To the United States senate a whole range of people nine point oh true the other side true. Biden clarified that he meant to say broad was the first. Black woman to be elected to the senate. Look the part vice president team is gonna say that he often has slips of the tongue and enjoy is really strong support African American community. But this is a moment in the campaign for the four by its president needs to be expanding. His base. His numbers look plus have been a little stagnant and he needs to be growing support. This may have been the last time on stage for some of the candidates only six of the ten F qualified for the next debate happening next month. Cover all ABC news Atlanta. Writer thanks Trevor former Louisiana State student has been sentenced to five years in prison for the hazing death of a fraternity pledge Mathieu may Quinn was convicted of negligent homicide for pressuring freshman. Max Gruber to consume so much alcohol he drank himself to death. At most make when it's expected to serve two and a half years but his term could be cut to less than a year with good behavior. All right a George Fisher and helping to real and has some bass Lake Lanier and instead found a sunken minivan with the audience I'd. Sheriff's department says it's the body of a man who was who has been missing since last June. So far investigators say they don't know how the band got internally or if foul play was involved. Check out this video from New Jersey and Amtrak train heading from your work. Philadelphia Tuesday night's why it wipes out a disabled car on the tracks know what was inside. No on the train was hurt several other vehicles were damaged by debris as well as some of the cars that frame. The woman who been driving the destroyed car was charged but do you get why. We're hearing new details this morning out that wild airport chase earlier this week in Oklahoma City it involved the sixteen year old burglary suspect who jumped from his plane. They made a run for it here's ABC's David currently. Moments after this united flight arrived in Oklahoma City watches sixteen year old squeezed between the jet way and the aircraft and jumped to the tarmac. Off he goes running across that active tarmac. Within moments workers realize what is happening and give chase. Authorities tell us the sixteen year old was being flown back from Houston. To face a felony burglary charge. The team got into the terminal running through a mechanical room and a camera catches him in the distance as he drops from the roof of the terminal. Just as his pursuers were getting close. The lending below didn't go well ending the fifteen minute chase the sixteen year old breaking leg boats and was not only taken into custody. But taken to the hospital for treatment. Oklahoma authorities say the sixteen year old will not be charged in that airport incident but he does still face that felony burglary charge. David Curley ABC news Reagan national airport. Our thanks to David and Cleveland Browns defensive end miles Garrity is waiting to hear whether his suspension for last week's mayhem against Pittsburgh will be reduced. The leak her gears to kill yesterday he banned indefinitely or hitting Steelers quarterback in Mason Rudolph in the head it would also help. A decision on the appeal is expected by the end of the week. Well coming up would you say at a hotel room for a dollar a night. What if everyone could see everything you're doing I don't know if not at all but first the bombshell from Buckingham Palace Queen Elizabeth son Prince Andrew six a highly unusual decisions. Few details on what could happen next. Welcome back return overseas now to the historic move by Prince Andrew he's stepping aside from the royal duties. With the queen's permission it follows his controversial interview about his friendship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. And now a new report says Buckingham Palace is bracing for injured be subpoena. This morning new fallout for Prince Andrew after his widely criticized interview about his relationship. But accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein he was staying at the house and has convicted sex and it was a convenient place to stay. The royal is now stepping back from his public duties as saying in a statement that his past association with Epstein. Has become a major disruption to my family's work adding. Therefore I have asked her majesty if I may step back from public duties for the foreseeable future and she has given her permission. The move being called unprecedented. For the modern era printing Andrew no longer working for the palace means he will no longer receive public funds. But he does still have access to the queen's private funds if she so chooses. Multiple sponsors have ended their relationship with the prince after his interview when he denied any sexual contact with an underage accuser. Time I'm not 12. Does it work. Hug and public displays of affection or not some things it took pride do. But several British media outlets have published pictures like these of the prince seeming to contradict his claim that he was not a party year. The 59 year old maintains that despite multiple visits to several that seemed homes he never saw any indication of unlawful conduct involving underage girls. And now Britain's Daily Telegraph is reporting that bucking ham palace is bracing for US authorities to issue prince Ian drew a subpoena. Requesting he provide testimony under boat about his friendship with Epstein. The telegraph says the subpoena for Prince Andrew is eminent. Buckingham Palace declined to comment on that report are let's switch it up now. Jakarta vacations starting at the warning for bosses during the holiday season. Don't blame me up just the messenger more than half your employees are likely to be shopping online instead of working Smits. News survey finds that 52% of people will be work shopping this season and have those 42% admit their productivity suffers. And that's our question of today Kenneth and Ron Astor yes. As we give this 44% for salaries have 42% solved. But that is our question of the day how much time do you spend shopping on line network what about social media or other not a work related proudly. How much is too much. Tell us what you think in the comments or tweet us at ABC's live. We look but we just all the boxes look 4442. You know what I mean villains in the hat. And an ever present its count. We're setting heartfelt well wishes to Queen Elizabeth and prince. The royal couple celebrated their 72 wedding anniversary on Wednesday the royal family's official ID account mark the day with a black and white. Wedding snap from 1947. And coupled with a recent photo of the happy couple today. On the morning of their wedding Philip made a life changing promise that he's managed to keep 72 years later. According to at least one royal historian Phil quit smoking that very day and as far as England knows. He has and take naproxen. I'm sure the queen's light look you're still here. You're still alive the stop the smoking. You can think me. A burden pay travelers and if that now have a chance to stay at a hotel that offers. One of those rooms for one dollar per night one dollar. But don't plan on having too much privacy. Yeah it got to stand hotel room number eight you'll be living in her own version of the Truman show your entire visit will be live streamed over the owners YouTube channel. It's video Lisa all conversations are private. There's really nothing else you are allowed to turn out the lights in the bathroom. Is off colon oh thank goodness the bathroom break off limits yeah but I get to see you. This get to your bed half to would you tune in. Well all right we'll also many children in need are waiting for that special someone to give them the loving homes that they deserve. And this morning just two days before national adoption day we're hearing the amazing story of one family opening their home to a child whose own loving home was slipping away. We'll Ganz has that story as families prepare to head home for the holidays Kerry dreamer will send her family's Thanksgiving table for one more this year. I fell in love with them instantly and then she got sicker. Back here and I just thought why wouldn't she and Taylor. The Massachusetts school teacher met Jake Manning and a single mother Jeanne more than four years ago Kerry knew that she was battling terminal cancer Kerry talk to their husband and three kids and Kerry made Jean an offer from one mom to another. If you need a backup plan for Jake and our family is happy to make him part of our family and she sat. I'll sleep better tonight and I slept in a long time. Jake's been the next few years getting to know the -- are spending weekends and holidays with the family. Jay didn't Dave Raymer fast friends. When I first veneman is back in care's bus it was long but. When we first decided to do this and I met him it was your your dad you're Dave that and that was it for very long time I was Dave the death. Last week's Jean took a nap after chemotherapy and didn't wake up. Single mom who loved Jake so much and gone in a heart the Cary David dad and their kids were ready. I'm going to hit him for ain't you tell mom she's you queen Angel. This noise in my eyes is thinner means so much. Do you love her so much. Paul thank you. Jerry says the real hero is Gene Lamont who selflessly paired her son for his future. State and loving home for the holidays. We shared our boy. And she will live long here and us. Incredible story incredible family there. Well coming up we'll tell you have to watch out for today plus the story of a pet cat found a long way from home. After this. Here's what to watch out for today public impeachment hearings continue as the House Intelligence Committee will hear testimony from Fiona hill the former senior director for Europe and Russia. For the National Security Council and David Holmes political counselor. For the US embassy in Ukraine. They hearings began at 9 eastern our live coverage starts screaming at 830 right here on ABC news lives. Meanwhile president trumpet for single idea trouble present the national medal of arts and of arts and the national humanities medal in the White House ceremony. But scientists are predicting a rare meteor shower it should be physically tonight of the eastern half of north. North America and all of South America and its national gingerbread cookie days we celebrated earlier this morning on world news now because. Ginger bread cookies are. Condition. They'll be. And finally I cap from Oregon that was missing for five years has just been found in New Mexico. Sasha the cat was just flying to Portland be reunited with its original owner Victor. The long cared feline somehow wound up more than 11100 miles away wandering the streets of Santa today. Sasha is microchips of the shelter called Victor to set up the reunion. He raised he Soviet yeah. Look what silence. Years there. And yeah it's there. Are. Army is that the real but Victor is he says he thought Clausen might have been killed by coyotes. No one is sure how the cat actually get up a New Mexico. Five years and along kind of the I know thankfully microchips. A lot of that about that now people just get those fixed microchip with a costly. Costing too much you microchips masters Hollywood has ran. Always. Thefts with me. Why you have that's with the at this from us today.

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