It's Morning, America: Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock announces 2020 run, China retaliates with more tariffs and more.
23:44 | 05/14/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Good morning I'm kind of mode acting army near the top I think that is to say number one at least four people are fed into others are missing. After two small planes collided in midair during a sightseeing excursion in Alaska the passengers were tourists on memorial princess cruise ship returning from a trip to a national park your country can. The planes were not under air traffic control and were in a remote area. An NTSB team is expected to arrive at the craps theme this afternoon joining after eight A investigators. Checked on air the company that runs. Edwards announced it has suspended operations during an occupation. Number Terry China's latest move in the deepening trade war have sent Wall Street and we'll slide as Beijing retaliated with tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of American goods. The Dow plunged more than 600 points losing more than a trillion dollars in value making it the worst day since. First of the year for president trumpets as the US is and a strong position and is promising to help out hard hit farmers. Offering fifteen billion dollars in new bailout. We had to California term victory were jury has awarded billions of dollars to a husband and wife who say roundup weed killer heat from cancer and Oakland jury ordered the company to pay more than two billion dollars that the couple. And say they use the herbicide and their regard for years the jury found the active ingredient in roundup. Blithely calls non hodgkin's lymphoma this is the largest of three verdicts against Monsanto and its owner Bayer AG in less than a year. Company says it plans to appeal on to number four record setting explore says he's found plastic pollution. In the deepest part of honor now awful Specter best overall has successfully completed a solo dive in the Pacific Ocean area on the French. He was nearly set and a mild and he worked his deeper than any other person has ever gone to pot down there he says he found what looks like plastic. Bad news bears the fact. Better and finally number five there's a new question and that is burning up the Twitter verse this morning we don't even know how it's a question you have to do with personal hygiene. It all started win this week from. DC based graphic designer on our part well asking do you watch your legs when you take a shower as if there's more than one correct answer. Well the poll took off like a runaway train. About 150000. People were spot this thing they go. They argue diagnosed grabbing is needed because the soapy water already run down your legs. We've got perhaps this out yet again evening got a lot harder art map you know I've. Wash your legs America and that he hypocrite thing. So that's a question of the day do you lock your legs. They going to keep watching. It. Let his other comments or lead at eight ABC news live. Right there and have lower comments section eleventh mellow. Because. I really think that this is not a debate even wrote a lot of it will not viral pose for saying that they don't like because it trickles down there's no need. Whatever. This also brings up B wash cloth not a washcloth. Moved out a little bit eight is really just comes down you cleanliness or not yet and so we are elect watch. Yes how about that they are. So from now we'll move on to breaking news this morning Montana governor seat Bolick has announced that he's running for president and funny funny. Book was reelected as governor on the same day Montana electoral votes went to then candidate Donald Trump. And he thinks he can appeal to voters both sides of the aisle take a listen. As democratic governor. State patrol won by twenty points I don't have the luxury of just talking to people who agree with me you're democratic governor of that state whose pro choice for marriage equality and expanded Medicaid you've expanded spending on education you protected the environment from corporate interests I go all across her 647000. Square miles and look for common ground to get things done. That's how I was able to bring Democrats and Republicans together to fight dark money. And pass one of the strongest campaign finance laws in the country. I'm Steve Bullock. And I'm running for president. With your help we will take our remarks van. Bullet is the 22 Democrat to join the race he tolling events today in Montana before flying to New York or hold talks with ABC news who keep an eye out for that interview. Mark Beaubien Helen which is. Very very nice place so sticky things up there. I'm now but I've heard about it but he's taken big that was second in information and one out to the big story the escalating trade war with China driving down stocks and fueling new fears with neither side backing down. The Dow tumbled Monday as China fired back would new tariffs president drop overnight offered a new timeline while insisting the US is and a strong position. Meanwhile farmers are hurting and soon everyone shopping cart will be killed or more expensive ABC's Trevor all has the details from Washington good morning Trevor. Kenneth good morning today good morning to you as well he had spent kind of tough stretch sense China finally announce those. Counter measures retaliating against the US tariffs or. Put into place last week yesterday China announcing the terrorists of their own and it resulted in a pretty rough day in the markets losing. More than a trillion dollars it was the worst day for trading that we have seen in months but still as is this thing as this is now unfolding the president says. This is a very positive step he says that he loves where we are in he's kind of provided. A bit of a timeline for this trade war with China he says to take three or four weeks or so before will be able to measure whether or not these opening tariffs have been. Successful. And that will be able to move on from there he is looking forward to IG twenty meeting that's happening in Japan in late June where he will likely be face to face with China's president chief. And they can maybe Hachette some of these trade talks there face to face. And Trevor Adair and some confusion. At the White House this is immediately seen before where the president says one thing and some of his advisors Rhodes on yeah coming different. It seems like it S economic advisor contradicted the president over the weekend about who's actually paying these tariffs president trucking saying China is gonna foot the bill. So let's remind everyone at just what these terrorists actually do. Right and that is important to note because the president does keep saying that China is going to be paying these billions of dollars in new tariffs but. That's not really how the tariffs work and his economic advisor Larry Kudlow admitted. That is not how works either what it is is basically. And extra tax after those goods are paid to be imported so it's not China paying to send their goods over to the US it's. American businesses the US importers. Buying these products from China and that having to paid extra tariffs on top of that which of course. It's possible that the American businesses could say it's not worth it to pay the tariffs and not by the Chinese products which could hurt China but as we know a lot of these businesses are counting on importing the Chinese products. That's gonna make their costs go up in as we know very well they. Businesses tend to pass on the cost to the consumer. And those products that you buy could very well get more expensive some businesses are already saying that they're having to raise their prices and a pro trade group. As announced an estimate that these tariffs are gonna cost the average family of 4767. Dollars a year so that's just from the US side of the tariffs. On the other side China has announced their own retaliatory. Tariffs on a lot of different product a lot of it is farming farmers are really going to be feeling the squeeze take for example. Soybean farmers China was a major importer of soybeans were hurt. That they would take as much as 60%. Of soybean crops there is now a 25%. Terror from China on importing soybeans over there farmers believe. It's possible that market may be done now 60%. Of that soybean market though so the president is. Announcing since that's promising to try to help out some farmers authorizing as much as fifteen billion dollars in a new bailout for farmers and echoes on top of twelve billion dollars that was authorized last year that was when the trade war first started to ramp up so kind of trying to provide a life raft but as we've said he's got this time one of three to four weeks before we get the next step. This trade war could go well into the future and the impacts are already starting to arrive. And Trevor those numbers can make your head spin that you're here to sort it all out for us thank you so the best thing. Well Leon attorney general William Barr has assigned the top that the top federal prosecutor in Connecticut to look into the origins of the Russian investigation. There's named John term the US attorney will try to determine if intelligence collection surrounding the trump campaign was lawful. After bar accused the FBI have spying on the campaign is separate from a similar investigation led by the Justice Department's inspector general term as a career prosecutor. Was nominated ten. His current post by president trop. We'll meanwhile we're getting new details behind the subpoena ordering a Donald Trump junior to appear before the Republican led senate intelligence panel. Committee chairman senator Richard were reportedly told colleagues at the president's on it backed out of two scheduled interviews. They want to ask him about previous comments related to the Russian investigation but senator Lindsey Graham said he would advise Don junior not to comply. President drum celebrated a Muslim holy month of Ramadan at the White House last night saying all people should be able to worship without fear he hosted and if tar dinner. For Muslim diplomats as they broke a daylong fast the president that he's been. It's been a rough time for people of all faiths citing recent attacks against Muslims New Zealand Christian as the Sri Lanka and Jews in California and Pittsburgh. Or president Jimmy Carter is in the hospital after falling and breaking his hip mr. Carter fell at his Georgia home yesterday morning as he was about to go Turkey honey. Yes surgery hours later at a nearby hospital. And 94 former President Carter is the oldest living former president in US history. And he's apparently in good spirits a spokeswoman says the former president's major regret. That he will be able to do any more Turkey hunting this year look at it all decked out there at all heck am applies he did have a very successful outing. Just last month so wishing him a speedy recovery hoping next season he's back out there. They'll be back Adam Georgia woods pretty soon I'm sure. Prosecutors have recommended a four month prison sentence for actress Felicity Huffman. She tearfully pleaded guilty Monday in the college admissions scandal admitting she paid 151000 dollars. To have an SAT Procter correcting answers are her daughter's exam. The judge will decide the sentence in September prosecutors also want her to pay up 20000. Dollar. Spot so here's an example of that just how crazy real estate market in San Francisco is right now realtors listed a rundown overgrown. Shaq. She and T even its nearly 700 square feet for 2.5. Million dollars the property offers great. Use of the city they say and the idea is to you is that the for the eventual buyer. To tear down the existing structure structure and start from scratch. The property is already been approved for more than 4400. Square feet of living space in the renderings of what could be built. Include an outdoor porch with those stunning views you know to give the people in ideal what you can do with this. Plot of land because obviously if the land that's where grab that money. I think is going to be grades crazy awaits them there yeah and that little lot silt 2.5 million ballots. Coming up the passing of a Hollywood icon from Calamity Jane two pillow talk what you may not have known about Doris Day. Well obviously you're a woman who lives alone doesn't like it. I haven't liked living. Look I don't know what's bothering you but don't take your bedroom problems out on May I have no bedroom probably doesn't in my bedroom and bothers me all. Oh that's too back. That's the Earth Day and Rock Hudson in 1959. Fellow talk. One of days nearly three dozen bill. The Hollywood legend that died of pneumonia at the age of 97 at the height of her career she topped both the billboard and box office charts. Here's a BBC sandy Kenyon. And I'm the window and she was a great singer. I'll fine actress and a heck of a day it's huge doors today showing off all three skills as Calamity Jane. Her onscreen persona was often described as bu general. But this star known as America's sweetheart. Came to resents the label but the image has been so boring. I know that virgin. And the goody two issues and all that nonsense which is you know it's not human. They gave as good as she got with a leading men like Kerry going at the end of Hollywood's gold in the era. As a singer day has the top of the charts just spoke for a rock and roll took over. Hey is there. If there. Days signature song won an Oscar. And her pillow talk with Rock Hudson defined wrote me it's just before the sexual revolution. We're getting out of that better in my coming in. The pair made a couple more hits together in a reunion in the 1980s. Shocked the public. It led to Hudson admitting he suffered from aids it was. A heartbreaking. Time for me. The star known for her cheery personality had her own share of challenges most notably when one of her four husbands died leaving gay broke. After a long and successful career. TD revived her fortunes but she already had her eye on giving back. Go to you're at city sheltered today. She founded the Doris Day pet foundation to lobby congress to protect animals. And that earned her the presidential medal of freedom. This incredible incredible actress and she made her mark. On Hollywood and American society and so. She definitely will be missed chances are you hoping also across upon to Julia McFarlane in the London bureau was then a filing the alleged attack on as many as four ships in the Persian gulf. Philip president trump is now warning Iran that there will be consequences. If they act. Money today mourning Kenneth this is obviously are really consenting story but. It's hard to tell exactly what is getting own hands so what we do know is Scott. Full oil tank has in the gulf. The Arabian gulf with a passion cub depending on which side he said on not a pitch to you all have allegedly. Being damaged in some sort of suspicious. Incidents live there was video sharing. Saudi television video game needs to be pointed out purportedly showing one of the time is having a lodge gash and that. They say possibly from projectiles or some kind of explosion. Two of the ships. With Saudi add to ship two another nationality one of them actually it was a Norwegian ship and initially when these reports. Fest came out there was a lot of confusion and a lot of on sentencing as to whether the Saudi allegations. Were accurate but then the Norwegians can muffins and yes our our ship appears to sustain some kind of and Karen some kind of sabotage as the wide being used. So now it. There is now an investigation underway. As he said president child has issued a warning to Iran in case it is behind the attack but he seems a bit hesitant to place the blame. On a Ron just yet there as I said there is an investigation under way. And in Sweden on Israel and a rape case we understand doing against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Now he may face another extradition. Exactly. I thought Asia's problems are mounting a study as days go by associated jump Huskies as yesterday. The held a press conference announcing that they were re a pending. And I rape case. Allegations made against him a few years ago which. Those cases dropped because they thought they would be unable. To take that if other while she was holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London now he is and homage prison. Subbing a fifty week trustees may sentence for jumping bell charges. Back into any twelve. They've now announced that. Coming from the lawyer that reopening that Miller of the alleged victim they're reopening the case. And that the European arrest warrant may now be issued. Right you know you'll keep an eye on that one thank you so much for joining us this morning. Thank now let's get check her notification starting with no more mr. nice guy for bill Nye. The scientists went on I had hair on HBO's last week tonight Madonna Oliver woods about climate change and what he believes it's me this thing of the earth take a listen. Warm things like what I understand is the plan had sought and fire. Through the up you're not children anymore I didn't. And explaining photos senses do you would you were twelve but you're adults now when this is an actual crisis got it. Safety glasses off. Staying. We'll bonfire. Quote I think we've all group consume high for a film I need to be morally that. Little girl's letter to a favorite basketball player is going viral she wrote to jolt and the aid consoling him after the sixers were eliminated. From the playoffs he took it pretty hard there yet I was they'll laughs that it. A little girls quote you're my favorite player and she and I laugh out of the auto body I lost a basketball games to. And essentially she was saying you'll bounce back yet. Very nice letter to him. Hot proposals are all over. But. Not many people get their picture put out in Times Square but this kid did because his dad is friends with the CEO of T-Mobile. Got some pictures up their vast dvd got a problem with them right in times where there's speed. Spin saying now could change. Now she couldn't because that would be. You can't quite. Embarrassing for all those involved yet which you know let's be honest there are some people who think that these public displays. For you know prom proposals or go we'll be too. Favre a little bit I don't think it was a limited have so much pressure on them anyway and it feels give me all sides this morning yeah yeah they're real clear but sometimes. Regular questionable. But we help those kids have agreed time yet and Domino's is now during the pineapple pizza one in better. It's offering though Hawaiian spaghetti pizza for limited time in New Zealand in cooperation with local food producer Wadi is. It is both spaghetti the ants pineapple. New offerings already stirred controversy on FaceBook and you can see why. Customers say dominoes should drop it from the menu right away others are pushing for more combos like beef meant eggs and cheese. For proof to me from chef or guiana Pete. You know college days at you that that ravioli. And that's it. Coming up a look at what. It takes to be a balloon man we go inside the audition process and see if our own Rachel Scott can make the cut. After this. Do not watch out for today secretary of state my Pompeo is set to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Sochi. Buffett told ABC news he hopes he can find places where we can happen overlap. In our interest something has been highly critical of the European Union and the UK and his European tour it acts first floor. Relations are under severe rain and anywhere near the former democratic congressman from New York will be released from president. From her being sentenced the 21 months for pleading guilty to sending obscene material to fifteen year old high school student. And president trump has the Louisiana today to toward export facility and talk about the economy. Amid the escalating trade war with China to watch that right here on ABC news five bucks don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on our top stories in the briefing room where breakdown of the latest headlines. Health are some. More than 35 million people around the world have been captivated by the Blue Man Group and now the brains behind the blue paint will be giving audiences a look into their training process. The new documentary. More than a thousand people audition for the group every year but few make the cut. With our Rachel Scott to the test take a look. Don't further innovative and mind blowing performances. These three blue men taking audiences on a thrill but becoming one of them requires much more than pulling off the look. This week Blue Man Group is launching becoming blue behind the scenes look at the additions an eight week training process and so I decided to put myself to the text. Well yeah okay the ballooning budget getting hit today I'm auditioning for our low earth so let's. Dictates. More than 1000 actors auditioned for moving at less than 1%. Actually make group. So I think your meat few pointers before I give our planet than analysts had. All. Boxing breathing. Seems simple right I'll put there is another layer today. This show has legal profession tricks like perfecting the art of catching gum balls and marshmallows in it. There's also no spoken language. So cracking a smile isn't an option whenever wherever we point is wonderful addresses to exploded so I got the instructions now they've given decent clothes. Here you know I've seen so quickly from luck. First he kicked things out could be. Once I got the written down I have that trouble keeping it here if you can not mine. We don't do that at all OK let's try to get serious parents to the beginning parts. Your audience he's maybe it had better luck with the marshmallows cost. I want you don't want to pull through this process is looking you're ready to kids don't the completion want to catch this morning after a few misses. All I newly. Some think that all. Okay. My efforts and up to get me as seal of approval. From the blue man himself. Won't I think believe it's the best. We've got eighty. I am I got your fans. Rachel Scott and that story was bad deal it's really what else trade Blue Man Group they are stellar I don't know how to do it. You we would know they were walking on the street back now and without what we know they were at blew by you. Police see you closeup of night you. Who wound. A and out of madam. That's all we have a cigarette for the thirty or five gas right here on ABC news live. Yeah great day don't forget that question of the day about watching your legs and if you wanted to tell me fashion during the Blue Man Group. Let me know a lot of my. We'll do our. What have we came on don't watch them.

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