It's Morning, America: Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Treasury won't release Trump's tax returns, the Met Gala goes to camp, a royal birth and more.
24:50 | 05/07/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot vote. And I today Norman near the top priorities at this Tuesday number one the fight over president from tax returns Treasury Secretary Steve minutia of refusing that a man by house Democrats to turn over the president's tactics. But exercise at the request lacks a legitimate legislative purpose. But Democrats argued that the law is clear the standoff could trigger a legal fight that may go all the way to the Supreme Court. Number two a presidential pardon the president has partner former soldier convicted of killing it al-Qaeda suspect on Iraq Michael cannot. Initially sentenced to twenty partners in prison with parole and when he fourteenth the suspect was stripped naked and shots. And then insisted it was self. On to number three a new clue on what may have contributed to the airline disaster. Our way in Moscow month Russian news media is quoting the pilots saying the plane was landing when accessed wait. Because the crew fails to dumping fuel before the emergency landing. Which is common procedure for flights landings so soon after take off. 41 people were killed including a recent college brat. Omnimax. Investigators reportedly believe pilot error was the likely cause of the disaster and emergency response for the airport is also being closely examined. Number four now the controversial and to Saturday's Kentucky Derby now appears headed to court Kentucky racing officials have denied a request to overturn maximum securities Dequan. Disqualification. The horses co owner. Now plans to soon. And probably number five you back often call the Oscars of fashion that Mac Dallas did not disappoint this year. This year's theme was going keep escalating got got made. Quite an entrance to the general fund raiser she changed a fork times I'm looking carpet eats look. More KF. Then that. And previous. Accessorized with it dancing men umbrellas that dazzle cell phones am yeah. You can't really of the show Billy Porter Sherrod I've been I've gold ensemble by the blondes channeling. Elizabeth Taylor. Cleopatra and like his TV shows that his interest was. Packed with drama here him by six shirtless man before revealing a set of wings. And a Grammy Award winner Casey must grades went full on Barbie in a platinum way hot pink leather jacket. Combo Jack out combo nicely with Kate in the low hurts. So much more to talk about today starting ran me not. Including that new baby I'll go and American we've. America. Good morning everyone killer title of the met gala later on yeah. Have this out about this show it's going to be we have more fashions for you all the craziness. You were eating on the red carpet. No hot actress or stay with we're gonna get that big story the drug administration push back against Democrats in congress. I'm multiple fronts a let's bring in ABC news is Trevor also in Washington to break at all down Trevor good morning think you. For joining us let's start with the Treasury Secretary Seidman agent. He's denied house democrats' request for six years of the president's tax returns. What reason is he giving to this. Well he's not giving it to many specifics Canadians it's going to be both with you and Kenneth what we do know was that the Democrats requested those six years of president's tax returns. Under a provision in the tax. Tax go to goes back to 1924 they can submit a written request of the Treasury Secretary and that they are expected to turn it over but C diminution released a letter to the house Ways and Means Committee yesterday. He says that he doesn't believe there is legitimate legislative purpose for the request from the House of Representatives has he talked it over with Justice Department he doesn't believe it will be lawful to turn over the president's tax returns and says a post serious. Kate constitutional question so at this point he is not planning on turning them over and now. We're looking at a likely legal bat. A live report and we knew that legal battle was coming we didn't think BI White House and or higher restaurants and say hate. Here the tax active turn right on over there we knew this battle and so it could go pretty far I'm Trevor also there's a fight we know between the executive legislative legislative branches. When it comes to AG attorney general William Barr who has refused to comply with the house subpoena for the 400 active Muller reports so he is facing. Contempt. Citation from congress. Yeah I it is it's a definitely a possibility what's happening today is a meeting to may be possibly avoid that the contempt. Is because attorney general Barr has ignored a subpoena from. The house judiciary committee to turn over the full un redacted Muller reports. Today they are having a meeting to negotiate maybe they can reduce a less redacted Moeller report that's the Justice Department. And the Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler so they're gonna try to figure that out but of course moving forward. There is a scheduled vote on Wednesday if we don't make any progress where they very well could it. Find our attorney general bar in content. OK and Trevor all this stems from the Muller report one of the big questions at this point is will each year. Firm Robert Mueller himself will he testify in front of congress we know that Democrats would certainly like to hear that. May fifteenth has been set as a preliminary date oh what do you eat what he knows apart. Well the wheels are moving for sure that may fifteenth preliminary for sure there's still some. Decisions to be made but the talks are still ongoing the Democrats especially when he hear from Robert Mueller we know that the president has changed his mind originally he said it's up to the attorney general whether Robert Larkin testifying now he's saying. Robert Mueller should not testify but we have learned from sources close to the attorney general that he hasn't changed his mind he's testified he says that Robert Mueller has the right to sit for a hearing he still believes that and also another interesting wrinkle is some Republicans. Are disagreeing with the president but in support of him kind they're saying work that they and they want to and they know that president trump says Robert motion testify some Republicans are saying. I want him to testify because I want to grill and repair represented Tom McClintock from. California said he wants to ask Robert Mueller about its conduct during the investigation he feels that Robert Moeller undermined the president so. He's disagreeing with how the president feels about testimony but he definitely is supporting him with the questions he wants to ask. Again we'll have to see it may fifteenth is the hard date but the wheels are motion to get Robert Lawler in front of a committee. Cover your fabulous. Depth thank you are associated they see all the updates just as Michael Collins going to jail yet yes a lot there's a lot happening in Washington there is and you did a great job we'll sort it all out force we appreciate you my friend thank you. And more than 6000. Navy personnel are heading to the Persian gulf this morning putting US firepower on Iran's doorstep. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo calls the move appropriate after US. Intelligence indicated possible attacks being planned by a running its US forces in the region. The US aircraft carrier bomber wings from now been deployed the White House says is not looking for war but is prepared to respond. ABC's Martha Raddatz says the method of potential Ronnie an attack remains unclear. There have been no specifics revealed about this potential attack. But they shell of four certainly sends a strong warning to Iran that if they do attack. They will face what the White House is calling an un relenting response. I think some Martha they aired tomorrow marks one a year since the US pulled out. The Iran nuclear deal Iran's president is reportedly planning a speech to be tell Iran's next steps are answering your par from the UN finds one million plant and animal species are now on the verge of extinction the landmark study blames human activity. For ravaging the plane at one major issue is a clearing of forests especially in tropical areas. Along with packed plastic pollution in the oceans but their report found. It's not too late for humans to reverse these negative trends but it says that we need to overhaul. You know a number. Oh wait we dispose of our trash yes I'm grow our food and so a number of things to take away from there. And Denver could become the first city to decriminalize the use of magic classrooms today residents of mile high city head to the polls to vote on a referendum. The measure would make personal use and possession of magic mushrooms by people over 21. A low law enforcement priority measure does not legalize their use. So this week suffers emotional win at the masters Tiger Woods picked up an even bigger award was received the presidential medal of freedom one of the nation's highest civilian awards from president trop. The president praised what's for his spectacular achievements on the golf course. His triumph over physical adversity in his relentless will hope to win. Congratulations. Again and your amazing comeback and you're amazing life. And for giving sports fans everywhere a lifetime of memories. We can't wait to see what's next tiger it's going to be good. Certainly didn't quite come back for Tiger Woods would think this mother and children for their support telling them you've seen the good and the bad the highs and the lows. I would not be in this position without all them. While the measles outbreak is expanding the CDC has confirmed 764 cases this year sixty more than a week ago. Pennsylvania has been added to the list bringing the total number of states affected to 23. Meanwhile people on that Scientology's own cruise ship with the measles patient remain quarantined health officials have tested passengers per vaccination or immunity. No one has allowed to get off the ship until test results. A ride what's interesting about that it's kinda like ignore on the ship and you didn't it's it's like. We're keep you here and you may get it now yes. Because older quarantine and here's that don't breed any of the air. Those cruise ships. Pratt created a real buzz during baseball game in Cincinnati. That's because beast that's right bees that swarmed the diamond has seats that read out. Insects insects delayed the start of the red giants game Cincinnati's Derek Dietrich took matters into his own hands. You run around would be spray which earned him the nickname Derek Dietrich. No one was stung except the giants who lost the game twelve to four. At all rattle coming up we celebrate the birth. The royal baby we'll talk about everything there isn't no bacteria negative newborns after this I'll. Be calling. Cook with Booker backward Niagara Falls limp and blue. Felt right to burn have been newest member of the British royal family was a member of our mainly due. That's we're so giddy this morning because it's a healthy baby boy the big question now is. What will be the new baby's name were likely to find out tomorrow and Prince Harry and new mom mega Markel greet the media together. It's eastern partly explains why this trial baby is like none before. Did morning Canon today the was has been waiting for this maggot and Harry captain political attention with that well when drama was. And now everyone can't wait to see their new baby boy. As the sun sets in wins. The royal couple's spending theft just might together. With Bettany baby boy the duchess of suspects went into labor at the in the morning. A few hours late says Buckingham Palace. Announcing Magid hats safely deliver that little boys. Weighing seven pounds three ounces a beaming Prince Harry Betty able to contain his joy. I'm so incredibly polymer orders. Items. As every full of and parents whenever said he didn't you do but it is up to an amazing group. This little things is itself sees thoughtful so I'm just over the moon. He wasn't the ND one this royal bad warmly welcomed at the UK and around the blow it here in wins that rural fans celebrating the house. I. Or the baby's new laws and uncle women Kate Olsen is saying best thrilled to meet the new list member of the royal family and warm wishes from his great grandmother Queen Elizabeth. Megan's mother is by has side and her estranged father also has sent well wishes to his royal grandson. We expect to see the whole Sussex found in a couple of days time and the baby's. Name it's being very instinct how did you conduct as the suspects who wants to play it is the duke of Sussex has a great deal more freedom. I'm Gil music to protect his wife and not has little boy lover I'm David doing incredibly well. As being. Reuters amazing it's ridiculous. With this little baby boy Magid and Harry make history with us bi racial Anglo American baby born into the British royal found me. ABC news. When. D'auria thank you and ask for than name of baby Sussex odd makers say Oliver Parker and Philip are among. The top bets meanwhile some media outlets are already reporting on the potential cost of the new baby meg and has reportedly spent. 500000. Dollars in her paternity wardrobe alone well that's not a cost of a baby and I think we're just saying like. That's kinda equal those I hate look. She said that's much so how does that baby gotta follow. And in babies outside both going to be at least a million in this first month I think they've tried not to pay for day care they got nannies this to happen any. All of the nannies yes yes that your. Let's across the bottom out to Bruno rover and London for now good morning I'm excited are you about this baby. I'd say I'm very excited I have to say and sunny not at all if you're the Connecticut and then have what I'm actually I'm I'm I'm quite moved by the whole experience. Come on I will come to that later but are they here despite the cynicism to some extent there was or threaten some of the reporting in the lead up today. Thus the papers are madly it's everywhere every paper hats it. The Daily Mail has 2323. Pages devoted. To the royal baby. The daily star's going to slowly post Malden palm iiroc high around. Soon passed strap line note headlined just as American actress has baby but Tom bag goes against the grain so that nobody cares lots of speculation. About the name of the babies he was saying. One of the name is being proposed dispense. Which is the famine name all prince Harry's mother lady down of course the much loud lady Diana unfortunately expense I have AF slightly different connotations. It's actually slightly Coleman nine you got Spain's south. Prize I'm I'm not sure is gonna kind of work prince spends but anyway they some if sort of way forward is he probably we might we might hit tomorrow we see. American actress hats they EB OI guess why it really at a broad outline for a move on to the next line through article about. We loved it you love symbols and the mean of this and the fact that the Odyssey is a multi racial. And child first British royal. They say multi just because we're gonna debate right now and you know I mean based heritage there but the diversity here and so are people there. In Britain really. Looking at that's Matt symbolic way. The diversity of the young British monarch he really matters here. Yet now I'm in assisting on I think it's one of the surprising aspects of this of this may be I mean this is the first Anglo American. Member of the royal family shall seize some of control us and do you have of that. But it's also the first move by racial Charlton that's kind of a big get and I think that's played amongst back community and I had to declare it just myself I'm the parent to two biracial lobby biracial bullet. And I found myself actually. Quite moved and quite excited as as my kids learn about its missile quiet the President Obama mamet but it's another. Sign of how things are changing in my view that's really cool yet rep. We keep learning Mauritania have value and work there a bigger fan every now do I know. You're invited to the cookout as well. Thought oh yeah. Move radon now I'm to brew not for the sultan who made news have recently with the wily condemned law that would. Make gay sex punishable by death is now putting a moratorium on capital punishment so what's the latest there. Well he's he's I think he's bowed to pressure there's been a global campaign against. He's hotels around the world a hotels have an interest of the sultan of Brunei. Led by people like Amal and George Clooney Elton John Ellen DeGeneres has been a really a global outcry and a lot of people of canceled dom. Events that they weren't gonna happen some of these hotels is lot of pressure and said that in fact. Despite the introduction of this new show area and I'm criminal mole which actually has adultery and homosexuality powers to be punishable by death by stoning. He said that isn't actually going to be applied. Sure. What a relief is that having said that I'm used to be at hand cutoff of fuel cool thumb and found guilty of theft why yeah how it's obviously very. Disgusting disturbing. Com and that moment I read that headline I thought you know. What year is this weekend I know there are a lot of things that happen across this globe that. That would just amazed that so. N and granola bar two journalists who are imprisoned in Myanmar leader wearing of the nation's abuses of the working of Muslims are were pardoned and released this morning that is big news what do we know right now about their release. Well they were released act under presidential pardon which released six and a half thousand other prisoners as well the two Reuters journalists. Who have found guilty all of the breaching the official secrets that this is I should colonial era. I'm mole because they reported all of the matter all of us had met wreck hidden gun. Why soldiers. Jewelry can be well what the UN calls after it cleanse and I was all drinking goes from Iraqi province west 700000. Ethnic ring fingers were driven away from that land whether they didn't fold clothes that many many generations across the border into bagged a dash. And the soldiers themselves who would who would guilty of the matter was found guilty and sentenced to ten years hard labor but these so that he John listen cells nonetheless found guilty under the official secrets act that I said but they have been released. But Douglas still continues to be harassed and arrested in Myanmar so it's go to wild lands but bad and artists as well. I'm front one step one step at a time. They Breaux thank you my friend and again that great chatting with you assess whether royal baby and and thank you for reminding us again that families come in all shapes decide yes and colored it as well we appreciate humor thanks for now are so let's check our notifications. That's when the store guy right here he has been blowing. I am obsessed Gary C ride a puppy who knows how to play today. Wow how about that yet precedent for that block clean out and at new world record. A gigantic box of instant noodles incident Italy take them a couple minutes to make it and it fed. Hundreds yet people takes a back to your clouds in the that rom and took action seasoning please act stripped of its immoral. Oh my college's back and think in college for a century with Batman your body had been taken out that sodium at watch just Burge. Taking a shower whose interest they get back. I continue in the shower yeah but you know what's more interesting is your season human throws late but. They were right there are what I want I want someone sharing. Very different fares birdie don't look up. Well coming up we'll take you to camp. We're taking a look at the best words that can't be a look at next gala. Welcome back some things to watch out for today for Salim a lot of it from celebrates the anniversary of her being best initiative. We'll bell plans for the project's future the First Lady has visited hospitals and schools across the US and around the world to promote the best and its goals in the. Past singer. Including at least three between the ages of thirteen and seventeen. And Democrats at the campaign trail Joseph Biden visits the international union of painters and treats in Nevada and federal work takes part in town hall events and Iowa. Let's don't forget it into the debrief for an update on our top stories and every briefing room we'll break down. The latest headlines and politics. Vogue editor in chief Anna wintour got her party started in a big way at this year's met gala. And if you think this year's pink carpet outfits were a bit over the top there's a reason for that our own over the top correspondent we'll Kansas here with a all of that did you stay over the top look at them bullet into English some budget away. Located away. That that's highlights as yet the violence and we'll just you wait until I asked. Drip down the way Lady Gaga did it by the end of this four outfits later aides are. Up up up up. All right I'll spare you that but that theme of this year's met gala was camp which can mean a variety of things depending on who you ask but it almost always means. Bright bold shiny and in Tampa everything is an exclamation point is here's pink carpet at the met gala was all of those things. If you're looking for something subtle this year's met gala may not be for you lady got got changing not once not twice not three times. But four times on the pink carpet. Setting the bar high for the rest of Hollywood's only ready to dazzle at fashion's fiercest night that theme camp. Offering celebs the chance to take major risks Billy Porter channeling Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. Getting carried an under thrown Katy Perry literally lit. Dressing as a candelabra. Cohost Harry styles spending gender norms and Gucci Casey must grades hair like her album's going platinum. Walking the pink carpet it's a life sized Barbie and several fashion plates of writing as birds of a feather and a win toward Kylie and Kendall Jenner Carty be. Covering the carpet in feathery fashion. Emily Blunt are looking amid detailing deserving a metal going for the gold in these metallic ensembles but this year accessories stealing the show Jared Bledel getting ahead of himself on the pink carpet. Co host Serena Williams boarding her sneakers under a stunning for such he down Sierra stopping the show and this hair raising look. And Tiffany had a scaring the most important accessory of halt snacks. Passing out fried chicken on the carpet she ready but are you ready for Ezra Miller the fantastic B star blowing up the Internet things to this mind bending makeup look fashion's new first Stanley Nick Jonas entry on to Chopra stunning on the red carpet. Along wood Joseph Jonas and Sophie turner appearing in public for the first time as a married couple. But in case you had any doubts send day yet proving that the net Gallup really is the place were happily ever after. Can come true for Hollywood royalty former Disney star evolving into it Disney princess. For the whole candidacy even leaving her slipper on the staircase very un vote for fashion's fairy tale night. The day of Cinderella down there with Tommy Hilfiger pure magic one of my favorites of the night and that show stopping Carty be down. Oh it only took 35 people over 2000 hours to create. We people threw cold it down the pink carpet. I there was heavy sigh gathered this editorial (%expletive) hole squat yet lot of people I love how folks now make an engine that it's not just bear entrance they're hiring dancers with umbrellas likely I got Gator shirtless buff guys to carry adamantly Billy Porter did. It's you know a whole squad Nvidia. What happens inside. Quite what we we haven't talked about actually whether it happens inside a well for good reason the reason we don't totally know is because there's that strict strict no cell phone rule but this year share performed I saw her. On some in to grab stories that I'm sure out of wintour is not thrilled about that were posted but she's performing water. It every now and then we get elevator video all right right up front after the billion dollars on an elevator of course thinks go down as the though tomba the question of the day who wore it best the world works today. What was your favorite look at the met gala. That's a good question and it. Eight SEC I don't you're Carty be. I really liked that right Kerry regretted I thought someone on quarters say they look like. Can of tomato paste exploded. That's where I like houses and diets changed. Dallas and that it will malaria I'll update yet though some great looks there are pleased we've athletics announced. That's all the time we have thank you we appreciate it stay tuned to ABC news live for the start your pod cast coming up next maybe we'll breast milk you talk about meg gallons. I you can check Remorse throughout today and we see spot.

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