It's Morning, America: Tuesday, April 16, 2019

France vows to rebuild after Notre Dame Cathedral saved from total ruin, Trump investigation latest and more.
28:56 | 04/16/19

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Good morning I'm gonna vote handing earlier this uprisings you know this from saint number one shock and devastation in Harris. After a massive fire engulf the world famous notre dom cathedral just days before Easter backfired erupted shortly after closing time. Got it parts of the cathedral but spear the structure and its famous twin bell towers overnight we got our first look inside the damage cathedrals across near the altar. Still in its place and officials are already vowing to rebuild thankfully many of them notre com's most prized artifacts were saved including the problem thorns. Believed to be worn by this number to other countries is days away from getting its first look at the much anticipated Muller reports the Justice Department plans to release ever adapted version of the report this Thursday grand jury testimony and other sensitive information from the Russian investigation. Will be blacked out White House sources say president fox advisors are concerned about information on obstruction. And testimony from some of the witnesses. The president slammed the report on Porter saying it was written by and we Democrats until number three now the number of measles cases in the US jumped 20%. In the last week there were ninety new cases in the past week for a total of 555. Confirmed cases this year. Outbreaks have been found in twenty states. But New York City alone has more than 60% of them most of the New York cases are any ultra orthodox Jewish community which is fighting immunizations. The city just ordered a religious preschool clothes of parents' lawsuit says the city's health emergency declaration. Is unjustified. We got to Florida for number of work dramatic footage of a life saving rescue in the Gulf of Mexico thirteen people need to be safe after their small hunt who vote. Went down in a rough seas and strong winds and and your camp Bob. Body can't video shows a sheriff's office marine unit pulling people in the water the crew got to the victims quickly after attending a blessing ceremony whether broke. And finally number five and inspiring scene at the Boston Marathon one runners rumbled across the finish line. Mike got burned then had been running for three hours and thirty minutes when his legs locked up he was just feet from the finish line. So the former marine decided to crawl the rest of the way. Even refusing help from other runners that is determination he says he was and the worst physical pain of its life. But wanted to finish the race in honor of three people killed alongside along point. In Afghanistan. And we thank him for his service and marble act as practice incredible we've got so much part of about coming your way it's more in America Smart it. Morning thank you for joining us us you didn't want to get right to Paris we're getting our first look at the damage at notre dom cathedral the French government is asking for international help to rebuild. World leaders are coming together pledging support won a world leader set at bats saying different people spirit of liberty equality and fraternity will never be dashed by flames. But recovering from this tragedy will likely take years. One of the world's most iconic landmarks up in late summer. This is the moment notre dam spire fell crowd gasping as a came down. American Kelly way Mitt starting abroad in Paris took this video during a sunset cruise on the river send. And you get heated smoke just praising god and man who eventually they are connection that you can dispute the claims are up and eventually the park inbound. There's this very minute Traci. John tickets watch from a balcony as fire in cool for the cathedral. There's no question now is the most horrifying moments my my partner and I we're were stand and on the balcony watching over the the moment she showed. We are staffed fire fall down it it's just you know it's it's not like an iconic part of of the Paris skyline. Experts say the church's AG in designed fueled the flames with its large open spaces and lack of fire protection systems. Leaving firefighters with few options the lead roof used to waterproof the church providing yet another challenge. Onlookers stunned as the flames tore between distill involved in the wooden frame some unable to hold back tears. And smell the old wood it was only when he loses hung in 52 uncle meat is on the opposite of the sand. And you could just be a heat coming all. So wolves here the cathedral has stood for 850. Years with stand in two world wars and after narrowly escaping total destruction during the French revolution the battered church was saved by Napoleon. It served as a coronation site for kings and a grand tourist attraction with more than thirteen million visitors each year. A reporter with the Daily Mail was one of the first people inside to see the damage overnight. He says the world famous stained glass windows are in quote smithereens. Firefighters say two thirds of the roofing is now gone but the cell towers and facade are intact and the first pictures from inside the church are offering some hope. Rows of wooden pews a pure untouched one image shows smoke rising from the altar at the cross is still standing. Here is that altar before. And after. A priceless relic that has also been saved this morning the crown of thorns said to have been warned by Christ before his crucifixion. Has been taken to -- City Hall for safe keeping. The faithful believe that's literally this is fit. Dick Dick pound that the savior. Was put on his head. That's very much on the location where the price happens. The mayor of pierced weeding out this picture of other artifacts saved by a group of police officers in city workers who formed a human chain to rescue them. The cause of the fire not confirmed with the flames engulf scaffolding from a six million dollar renovation project. This video shows statues being removed just last week as part of the ongoing work. Authorities are investigating whether a construction worker accidentally sparked. The fire. Now prosecutors are launching an investigation into the fire even though arson. If not expected let's go to Paris now work. Correspondent Mikki K joins us on sky Mikey to tell us what are you seeing there on the ground a light of day. That I can diplomatic Tony stood on the elect aren't all the the but the new docile sawed and consume our media. Is Kathie Arnold should not meet these two. Twin towns of the iconic Gonzales is stunned. About 250 speak plus. Above the above the surface and then. Justify many of the fired him this aspect here this is that this is the east the arts are old the cathedral and it's this location right. Benefit beyond 300 foot spire. Used to stand proudly. Overlooking Paris and around 7:48 PM. Lost night's. I just go down and also right odds silently witness the east this child completely in Gulfport blames. Actually collapse and it collapsed in soup. The central main structure. But you can see now there was a westerly wind yesterday there was going through this directions in this direction so the smug. Claims unless he or rule being blown into wards. These two. Of the visits is in the tourists come. It's Ike got iconic shot looking dislike of the Twin Towers. And a Mikey I mean so your right out there a completely different site than just 24 hours ago what. So many tourists ending April regions there would've seen but that is a welcome sight. Because we really didn't know yesterday as this fire was raging what would be left standing. What are the feelings there of some of the people out and about and that area is their us cents or release. Or is there are still just so much heartbreak in agony over the damage that has been done. All three record trying to mean this morning. As a look around draw up seems to be Guerin around about its usual business. Odd little thousands Taurus and sound as east retrenching. It's also just lost Russia outside. Everyone sort of bum just interest in taking pitches it's a very very almost all. But try to sort of assess what what damage there was big equivalent of snort I was reporting for ABC news live at around 1 in the morning just cancel my left here. Estate as a bridge cold keep the lots and out. Storm and muscle not so. Just down towards. The bank in the distance the second prison you concede. There's a bridge called lone. Home collapsed on metal and about 200 people at a muscle breach. Class and world mourning and grieving for your area and expect the and looking at mulch and I'm looking at you could gloat it was still coming there was still fire fighters old elevated platforms. On the pouring tons of water into the central structure. I'm that was singing and they were singing. Beautiful songs said he mourned in grief and contemplated the lawsuit. One of like it has been one of France's national treasures. All thanks like he caves there and harassment we appreciate you being with us this morning trust bringing in foreign correspondent Julie McFarlane who has reported extensively on that parents the Juliet good morning to you been poring over social media out what does reaction from the French people today. Good morning guys it has been an emission. Nice send the morning and power say DeMint seems to be. One largely of relief a very very different made this morning as it was last night when days flames way engulfing. The not to dominate the Pia has now that the sun has risen other damage may not have been. As bad as people fans despite the loss of the spire despite the loss of the twelfth century. Wooden reef inside which we understand has not been completely. Destroyed by the flames but. It was so striking to see it. How residents how people of frogs how visits is to the city responded last night that was so many of the DA's. Oh French people in prisons and gathering. As close is thick head to the yield. The ponds the little island which the not Saddam his leg cases on. Many people on their knees singing hymns now it's good to be negative but is that fronts is it's a secular country has thought long. Stunning associations with the Catholic. Faced but. Religion is no longer a force that binds the country together it is a secular proud republic coming republic and yet you see these people. Nailing together and singing songs and I'm Anne hands a next that they was singing the ave Maria and a friend attends. And friends shunned often lacks an and it really kind of illustrates. How will they feel how strongly they feel attached to did not Saddam as a symbol. All of bronze and a symbol of the beloved city of Paris and the fact that it stood for so long. It has really come Tim Pawlenty got I mean you can tell the history. All for honest. Through the not put domino theory of the events that it has seen the speeches out of been given that the kings at a car and they said that. Amendments. In the country's history for exiled will of them must say the French National Anthem being played out in the not Saddam. The flora from mass following the powers attacks it's what people have doubted. The significant. Amendments. In the country's. History and say of course for the Palestinians. I'm foot of people across. It is this iconic. Building that is so much more than of those things that means so much more to them about the Eiffel Tower any of some landmark. And cars and you really felt that coming across from how the people reacted last night. And yes so much history there and and it means so much as you're pointing out there to. Furry hands and especially to the French people but really around the world. That cathedral me in so much and despite the catastrophic fire there its walls. Are still standing strong this morning reaction been pouring in from around the world our will be n.'s joins us now with some of those tributes. Gag good morning guys as he would expect of course tributes pouring in from so many people worldwide it's still trending on Twitter right now. Folks from all over sending well wishes to the city of love including many names you'll recognize from Glenn Close to Josh Groban. To Diane von Furstenberg the First Lady Maloney a trump even. Former president Barack Obama sharing this photo of his family inside the cathedral writing it's in our nature to mourn. When we see history lost but it's also in our nature to rebuild. For tomorrow as strong as we can't he's always been known of course to send a strong messages of hope Anne Hathaway. Who won an Oscar for her role in late may as posting this photo saying. While seeing her burned brings tears to my eyes I know even flames cannot diminish her sacred there's still not her please not her. And British singer Ellie Golding tweeting I am praying which I don't do often. For the fire to be contained soon. Utterly heartbreaking. So many seeming flip their voices to god this video of course that we've seen so many times at this point mourners singing ave Maria in the streets of Paris you'd nearly ten million times since it was posted less than 24 hours ago. And one more remarkable image to show you a Twitter user posting this photo. Saying I took this as we were leaving notre -- about an hour before it caught fire I almost went up to the data and asked if he wanted it of course that's the data the bottom their twirling his daughter around the neck candid moment. She says now I wish I had gone up to him Twitter if you have any magic. Help him find it. And really really wanting to see how this story develops because. That is such a sweet candid moment between just a data in his daughter caught now at you know such a crucial time really in history before this fire. It'll be amazing to see how social media plays a role in hopefully reuniting with. Yet history is any indication right Twitter and to Graham yes folks in come together as special and it's fair a good reason and we see this and let's bring Juliette back and we see people which you mentioned earlier people posting on social media you're talking about the social media impact and people want to be a part of this into. To more and really worldwide globally here and to share their own pictures. I'm about the times that many years ago we years I've seen picked pictures of old is in and the idea eighties of people standing there. Governor that's fire in front of that cathedral. And Julie. I have to ask you when it comes to unit talking about religion earlier I think when it comes organized religion yes it's an important place. But people there SEC they're singing. They're praying because they're leaning on what some of that some of the pillars of organized religion to get through this as well. And their faith because I'm sure there are asking themselves this morning. How does something like this happen to such a historic and a place that's really so important to christianity and to Catholics. Of clueless I mean the road of religion. Has. It and in the identity of fronts of tide a troubled pastas going through revolution is they could not Saddam was was sacked. And rebellions on some of the stock cheese inside would destroy injuring the revolution. But you know the old BP put in those crowds. He wasn't Christian here one religious but they were singing together because Saddam midst. Religion is say much more. Ban spiritual faith that summing that unites a lot of people because of its history and I think that's kind of why you so people. Serenading. The not Saddam until well into the hours of the night they wet warm king's land the united in song but another thing that has been ready. In moving to good to see is Ozzie say people from around the world sharing. Old picture is all of them having visited the cathedral I mean I did gotten myself. Last night. Actually I last visited. Because he tells the Sunday mass. A couple months ago and I was up ABC covering that the protests. On a quiet man went on a song that went says hi Manson listened to the bells ringing out in the sensitive organ. Hang up to mass sons. You know a lot of people on my decision mean disease have been Reed Hastings. Several of Fey says as a sort of tribute to the Cato. In all of it's glory and he knows how long it'll take threat to be restored but we're already seeing hundreds of millions of dollars being pledged. By people. Who once you've set to help them with the restoration that will be coming coming along. And again it's the timing of all of this also that just makes it at home so much so much harder because this it we're right in the mess of holy week we're just days out from. Good Friday and Easter Sunday so for something like this happened during that time just makes it even worse. I know but I I don't wanna take us to church the but I will say that may be this all happen for reason at this time it's something like this as tragic it. Happen at may be the perfect time. This our holy week when people are coming together there's a unity on either outside of organized religion or through people's fate. And something that they believe and and so as we try to look at the silver lining here we talk about what saved what's left behind. And we will talk a little later on in just a few minutes about. The star of rebuilding yet comment that structure in their and that cathedral so well thank you we appreciate it we'll see a little bit later. Really a thank you for joining us. Thanks well coming up at the latest sign house Democrats investigation into president trump the subpoenas issued just ahead of the expect to release the Muller reports. More after this. I welcome back now to the latest effort by house Democrats to investigate president Trump's business dealings to committees have now issued subpoenas to financial institutions. Tied to the president aunts his faintly business. ABC's street Marshall is in Washington with those new details 3 good morning. Senay good morning have these as subpoenas went to multiple financial institutions including Deutsch a bank that house intelligence and by Angel services committee. Hoping to get more information on the loans the bank gave attended mr. trump and the Trump Organization. And the New York Times reports a Georgia bank is one of the only financial institutions willing to give loans. To that Tran dam land his business says Eric trump the president's son and the executive vice president of the Trump Organization called the subpoenas an unprecedented. Abuse of power in a door to big says it is cooperating with the investigation but these subpoenas come as it did you. As they country anxiously awaits the route never adapted release of them Muller report we're expecting to get first a look at that. On Thursday according to the Justice Department that's when the redacted version. We'll become available now White House sources tell us than advisors are concerned. That there were gotten smaller report will include examples of obstruction of justice budget man the president says. He's not worried. About Albright Toledo Democrats already upset about the redacted and that presently up again taking aim at the Russian investigation on Twitter. Serena we know that you'll stay on top of it thank you so much. Well president Tom now has a challenger for the Republican nomination and when he twenty the former Republican governor Massachusetts. Bill weld has now entered the race he says both parties are ignoring the American people with their quote. When it all cost battles. Either running for president than enough mayor Pete would a judge of South Bend, Indiana says he's going to have a baby the democratic presidential hopeful revealed. At a fund raiser in Brooklyn last night that he and his husband are quote hoping to have a little one soon but it just went on to say that the US. Should of paid family should have paid family leave just like other major country. So Chinese woman accused of breaching security at president trumps Marla RO morrow walked out club in order remains in jail overnight federal judge denied bail for using Yang after she pleaded not guilty to charges of lying to federal agents and entering a restricted area. The judge said he is particularly concerned at how much electronic ears and hat when she was detained he said it appears she was quote opt to something. Nefarious. United Airlines is extending cancellations for its fleet. A Boeing 737 Max jets the company says it's fourteen Max aircraft alarming rounded too early July bubbling works on a software fix to a flight control system. That system has been linked to the deadly Max jet crashes since last October the two of them. United's move follows similar schedule adjustments for other airlines American has canceled Max flights through August 19 southwest. Through August 5. And the queen of soul still getting her. Expect you to evict eight months after her death from pancreatic cancer reaper Franklin has received a Pulitzer Prize is special citation on her. She's the first individual woman to be recognized for the award the Pulitzer board honor at least sold for her being gullible contribution. American music and culture sell well deserved and still get no respect and her name yes she is far I think a look at our notification since he was trending on social media. Back controversy now bring in different this go where they want to charge cars to drive down. Lombard street the famous winding roads there eight gains though a lot of attraction when people are heading out there. Leo neighbors may not like the traffic jams right there's been thinking about charging for. I think that the towards there will still pay that ten dollars the navy surprised me how that war actually prevent some of the traffic now it well. Aren't I that's a sibling rivalry that's starting early watch these twin sisters who appear to be boxing and the wound but. We've got some other people here this morning say maybe there has planned a little paddy case adding any. Bakers man. Yup we think about sounds a lot the twin girls have been nicknamed cherry and strawberry which we are living 400. But honestly haven't gotten there right now. I love this that celebrating with adult fashion can steady pop by. That's upside down. It didn't write yeah. Where. And house have yet NC state and commitment to while gonna say. And after you should give Americans funny some didn't annex of the baseball player who helped the data make good on a. Two little girls are big fans of Milwaukee Brewers Christian yell ouch batteries and gave the sisters held up this time it said Ellis hit home run. And my dad buys me up puppy. Elements after the teen posted the picture on Twitter that Friday there it says is going going. And Ellis delivered hitting a home run before last night's game Ellis hand delivered the poppy. How good is that it just keeps getting battered the girls named the dog Ellie. Now how about this. What it to get even better one of the sisters has type one diabetes her family is already there working with a breeder so the dog little deli can detect when she has low. Blood sugar. How much heart warming doesn't get out of it though mind blowing through amazing story mother will love it up next a look back at. For dobbs influence on culture and the task ahead how France will go about rebuilding the iconic as well. Welcome back some things to watch out for today Democrats are on the trail as mayor Pete include a judge is an airport Booker. Campaign in Iowa and senator Elizabeth Warren holds and organizing events. In Aurora Colorado and. And the lead litigator Michael Jackson's state we'll speak publicly for the first time about the heat your documentary Levy neverland and a panel discussion. Let's not forget that into the debriefed or update on our top stories in the briefing room or break down I believe outlines of politics. On Notre Dame itself stands at the feet of architectural achievement many have never seen the cathedral in person but even so their familiar with it. The landmark has been a pop culture staple for hundreds of years and are Wilkins is back now with the impact. Notre Don has had all over the world he had that's right for so many of us we only know notre dom from what we've seen in movies and what we've read about religion classes are what's been referenced an art. But still that's more than enough to make a stand in notre dom from wherever we are in the world. This sketch echoing throughout the corners of the Internet this morning like the bells of notre Don themselves the and cigar and post showing Quasimodo clinging to the cathedral he called home. This particular version of Notre Dame. And it's most famous fictional inhabitant from the 1996 Disney film the hunchback of notre dot. The 850 year old church a staple of pop culture made famous worldwide and Victor Hugo's 1831 novel almost two centuries ago Hugo writing. The church of notre Don did Perry is still no doubt a majestic and sublime edifice. Filmed in 1939. And several musicals inspired by Hugo's novel is well. Notre dom providing the backdrop for many of the romantic big screen scenes taking place in the city of love Jeanne tell lease An American in Paris before sunset. I think that's not so that we have done that Owen Wilson at midnight in Paris even Disney's ratatouille. Note Saddam also the subject of some of the world's most talented artists Picasso a bit out. And Matisse. The feet of gothic architectural achievement drawing about thirteen million visitors each year. The most popular landmark in Paris even more so than the Eiffel Tower Catholics from all over the world coming to visit the cathedral. Whose construction began an 1163. And was open in thirteen 45 taking nearly 200 years to complete the home to religious artifacts including the holy crown of thorns which were purportedly on Jesus is Ed. When he was crucified millions more reading watching and hearing about the cathedral all over the world and while Paris is tasked with rebuilding the cultural. Visited notre down. Still standing strong. Religion architecture film it's easy to see when you're scrolling through FaceBook and Twitter. How this building impacted so many of us even those of us who have never been to France ever. That's events and seeing so many people and as we said sharing when they happen there until the media you know because of a connection. Into the could be April. So you will appreciate it you've got all the full extent of the damage remains unknown French president Ron has bowed to rebuild the 815 year old Turk ABC's grad LP on the daunting task ahead to rebuild this major religious. Cultural symbol afraid. As we start to learn how extensive the damage to notre dom really is the questions becoming how do we rebuild it as the flames spread yesterday. People was already undergoing a large renovation biggest contributor was actually American Catholics who now have placed in the timeframe are about to stand. I spoke to an architecture professor at the University of Notre Dame here in the states group holy crucial eight specializes in preserving a world heritage sites so Astor. How bad is. Indian tear it like people at Warner as they walk in. And there are everything will be buried hot but also went. Our charts you'd around it's gonna have a lot of destroyed would. There is a big laughs seen what he's curiously exist in the site imagine you walking and and yet the whole ceiling has opened up and turn up he only site while threw me. The front part of the building can be maintained packed back part has been lost to the site now. This is I'm actually millions of dollars of lost. It's so much that. Reconstruction is Conan mean you're going to have to remove. All those charred areas clean up all the walls and then actually seen which parts of the steam nods paintings all of those can be restored. And Pratt. Our Esther how long rebuilding could take she said in her experience this could last anywhere from five to ten years. We'll have a lot more on the next steps on stark here later this morning listen on apple podcasts refrigerant podcasting app genetic Kenneth. Are tired thanks to Brad milky there we will continue watching that developing story but that's it for us. On this Tuesday but left with the question of today why is notre dom special TU. Tell us your story send us your pictures tweet us at ABC news lie. Our big thanks a well again. And we will see you tomorrow.

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