It's Morning, America: Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Domestic terror plot foiled, Biden spars with Trump, Rod Rosenstein resigns and more.
20:22 | 04/30/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Good morning and a commitment and I'm getting are written here at the top I think you know this Tuesday number one a domestic terror plot foiled in Southern California. Prosecutors say army veteran mark to me go plant a bomb a white supremacist rally in the Los Angeles area. Recent Islam Byrd was allegedly seeking revenge for the deadly New Zealand mosque terror attacks in March authorities say he was looking to inflict mass carnage in even consider bombing the Santa Monica Pier during the summer. Leaving an attack on the popular tourist spot will likely end with I capital to its number two president Thomas looking to place new restrictions on asylum seekers of the southern border including our processing fee for their applications the president sent a memo to the attorney general and acting Homeland Security secretary ordering them to come up with new regulations within ninety days. It's not clear yet how much migrants if you are higher pay or if Bailey's fleeing poverty. Would be able to afford the new C the president also says he wants virtually every asylum cases cited within six months of when the application is submitted. On to number three the notorious leader of basis has apparently resurfaced for the first time in five years a newly released video shows the man believed to be Abu brought here I'll back Baghdad EU praised the Easter Sunday bombings that killed 250 people in Sri Lanka and vowed to take revenge on the west he acknowledged defeat in Syria but the fight with ice is as likely far from over. I'll bag daddy is still the world's most wanted man with a 25 million dollar bounty on his head. Number four there are new concerns about measles outbreaks across the country after a new report from the CDC reveal the number of cases have surpassed 700. A 25 year high nearly 88 new measles cases were confirmed in the last week alone with at least 89% of those cases. He's seen in unvaccinated. People despite pleas from doctors lawmakers. And religious leaders to get to immunize the rapid spread is spurring officials in New York State to introduce a bill that would do away with not medical exemptions for all seniors attending public schools and finally number five NASA is a working out a disaster plan for an asteroid. That they say doesn't exist the agency even have a web page for the drill with the disclaimer does not describe a real potential asteroid impact. The fake but potentially fatal rock has a 1% chance of being hurt. My 20/20 seven officials are working on math evacuation plans and strategies to destroy the object. Candidate there's an accurate we're on a call Bruce Willis Ben Affleck Armageddon stopping Iraq call ghostbusters. I'm afraid L asteroid it's born in America. Or everyone's so what the other big asteroid. And it's an Armageddon. What's the other way that they're going you hit Tea Leoni within it. He's only doing this because he knows that I hope it's a ton of movie predator impact. The impact of the US where we are looking for OK brand. A better question is now. What would you deal if you know an asteroid was. Headed for earth you can tweet isn't ABC news live to tell us what you think I said that. I would wanna know the approximate area where it's gonna hit right and to know like what is it better to his take me to or can I go somewhere far away that I might. I accept remote Thailand where it's beautiful I can Lou about those final d.s. This is so low orbit. It's really is that we want to all those movies all the time because you really that is sort of thing. I am but don't you think if I mean why is NASA doing this is their possibility. Or they have the earlier got at least skeptical right critical thinking. Anyway let's take a look at the front page of our our top earnings knees are com right now president trump. Along with his family in the Trump Organization filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York against Deutsch of banking Capital One. To prevent them from turning over documents about the tribes and their business to congress. Drug Bailey attorneys called the subpoenas issued by house committees unlawful and a legitimate. You can anymore about that on Now the crowded. Democratic yeah fields that the respiratory funny 20000 people were running on the democratic side that they might twenty. Or vice president Joseph Biden hitting. The campaign trail in Iowa today after taking his message during a lot voters and pits. Merck Biden used the first rally missed when he when he arrived for the White House the blast president tropic accusing him of only represented it's based. And not the whole country. And he told our Robin Roberts wife he thinks he didn't win back from voters despite the economy ABC Serena Marshall has those details. From Washington hace arena. Hey guys how Mario's so it's 553. Days and tell the election but she might not know it could it feels like work RD ramping up and that's exactly what Joseph Biden did and Pittsburgh yesterday now he's trying to woo backers working class Strom voters and it goes right through Pennsylvania. The power struggle for Pennsylvania heating up if I'm going to be able to beat dumped over toward maturity. It's gonna happen here Joseph Biden back home her trying to bring back the voters Democrats lost in 2016. Telling our Robin Roberts in an exclusive interview wow what I'd say eons. Did you get any benefit from the tax cut. Have your really your wages really know enough to think you deserve then not getting their fair share. The president responding tweeting Pittsburgh jobless rate hit its lowest point since the early 1970s. But the state Donald Trump won by less than one percentage point to do doesn't sixteen brought to losses up and down the ballot in two dozen eighteen. And in tweet after tweet the president seemingly concerned as Biden security key endorsement from the international association of firefighters. The former VP tweeting back I'm sick of this president's bad mouthing unions. Even as he comes to terms or controversies from his inappropriate touching to his role in the Anita Hill hearings as the committee chairman I take responsibility. Then she did not get treated well even so Biden leads the crowded democratic field in the latest ABC news Washington Post poll. And hopes his message of unity we'll carry him down the long road to the nomination for the voters in Pennsylvania many playing up for hours appears to be resonating. He knows how to be a really rather than an us vs. But it is called the race a battle for the soul of America and this'll runs through unions and their key to picking up swing states like Michigan Ohio and of course Pennsylvania biting could be Keating getting those boats but first. The battle out with nineteen other democratic contenders and it and I very crowded fields arena thank you. Presidential candidate Pete would a judge took a trip to Harlem as he works run his coalition by reaching out. To black voters he was swamped by reporters and autograph seekers. As he met with the Reverend Al Sharpton for lunch. At the famous Sylvia's soul food restaurant. Yet the South Bend, Indiana mayor discussed this policy agenda for the black community with some hot sauce right there in the middle pay any sad that time he would focus on home ownership entrepreneurship health education criminal justice reform and you see it right there because. But it does arrive. In Harlem like most new Yorker secure ride on the subway. Fellow presidential hopeful better or Warrick was also on the campaign fell appearing at Yosemite National Park toward bella five trillion dollar plan. Combat climate change. So yes he was on the trail as well and let's bring Serena back again attacked us girl. It's rail what exactly is the plane here that ghetto orchestra national climate change. Well we have some of the implement ambitious at day one agenda at the start cutting pollution immediately minds together set in his first hundred days. Mobilize a historic like you said five trillion dollar plan over ten years to come back climate change he wants to get back to net zero emissions by 2015 halfway there right when he thirty. While defending communities preparing for and fighting climate impacts so it'll be interesting note you guys know how he plans to pay for this big ambitious agenda are trying dollars it's not chump change. It is not straight out of you could see the picture of people and a judge and I've Reverend Al Sharpton had a Sylvia's. But they have hot sauce on a table do you think he has hot sauces backs are. Yes or no carrier Optus around I mean I I do now and I. I'll put my on the candidates are doing yeah. I ever got them hot sauce and his bags flags probably. I being so. Surrender we all know that images like that the we will see many of those. Crazy kind of awkward funny talk global images just like that wondered what the candidates or to Sylvia throughout this old when he when he campaign. Trying to distinguish themselves from one another and that's one reason a work put out this ambitious plan is he's trying to. Combat some of those criticisms they he hasn't had any policy plans put forth yet but. Good meal long road ahead you guys I said earlier 553. Days exactly and tell the election ends. It's really just kings started out long way to go Serena thank you heights are spreading as you tell ABC news. Lives were more of Robert exclusive interview with Biden's. Coming up later today we'll deputy attorney general rob rose inside has submitted his resignation after a tumultuous two year run at times. Frank criticism or praise from Republicans and Democrats. President trump initially used a memo written by rose assigned to justify firing FBI director James school week. Rosen Scion also appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel and he later joined. Attorney general William Barr's determination that the president. Did not obstruct justice or add video of Rosen signs standings soul still there and not move and I need to do that. Out of group of the Justice Department. Both suspect and a California synagogue attack is set to be arraigned this afternoon the nineteen year old is being charged with both murder and attempted murder with special hate crime. Special circumstances. They also faces weapons charges and arson charge were fired a mosque last month he could receive life in prison if convicted. Meantime hundreds attended a memorial service for Lori K to sixty year old woman killed in Saturday's shooting. Included the three people wounded in the attack. K is believed to have thrown herself in front of the synagogue rabbi to save him. From the gunman he says her actions represented the way she lived her life. I think she took the bullet for the whole congregation that woman is so benevolent such a crime and generous. Philanthropists. And always there she's one of those people who call 2 o'clock in the morning shouldn't be there. Scout Howard and governor Gavin Newsom plans to dedicate. Fifteen million dollars from our security at houses of worship and other so called soft targets. It would include it security guards and reinforced door. Some of the nation's teacher of the year has been honored at the White House education secretary basket of author host of the event for Virginia's Rodney Robinson and state winners Robinson teaches social studies to incarcerated juvenile. After the ceremony he met the president and vice president in the Oval Office and we appreciate. Everything there that that man does. To help out of the teachers neutered coming up from Russia out with lover. The beluga whales suspected. As BN arts. Home rule or this. Welcome back. I'll tell across hunt on ABC news's London bureau were Julian Farley King and I and the biggest international news. He Julie out let's start with the search for human rights activists accuse of a violent raid against the North Korean Embassy in Spain. Ed tell us who is Adrian Hong. Morning guys you know this is a really mysterious fascinating story. And agent a home tying it is. Purportedly the rain leads. Of a group of men who carried out so allegedly a violent raid at the North Korean Embassy. In Madrid back in February now at the US has just issued a warrant for him he's believed to be. In California. Now the second stunts as of this raid. Really quite interesting now North Korea has claimed. Diet Henman six other Kong accomplices. Carried out a raids that they sold since members of stock for this embassy that they Tet. There is computer. Computer equipment which the warrant says he presented TV FBI upon his. Rutan TVU west the the US authorities have given back there is devices back to the Spanish you've now handed them back. To the north Koreans but the north Koreans claim that this was a terror acts and they cited mean is that. The FBI. Web behind the raid but a gritty gritty but is incident that happened just before doing think dad that's a critical summit and how noise. Between Donald Trump and Kim Jong been so it was bizarre items in happen really at the west time. For the Americans but not as I say they've now issued a warrant for his arrest his lawyer has criticized. The Americans for basing this extradition upon GB what he says dubious. Inflammation from the north Koreans. Now let's move over to Japan where history is being made at the camper there is aptitude units are after more than three decades so power the Japanese market me keyed Julia. Not the more I read about. And Pratt I can he says the more I find I find missile apathy fascinating and I had written encouraging gusted to look into and have some time but this is really really. A lie on mock event. For the Japanese this is the first time in more than 200 Yi is that a number has bold entirely. Abdicated the thigh are now there is elaborates. So are many that is taking place today. It's gonna Stotts to mesa today in the evening and it's gained two at the Imperial Palace and it's gonna culminate in his son. Crown Prince Naruhito. A sending the crews on that chrysanthemum throne. On Wednesday. And that this story of the Japanese one Acadia the amber and is found is a fascinating one. And I can he set himself as a radiant saying. Paxson he is ready and did himself to the Japanese people because of how wasted the country's through various difficult times Fukushima. Incidents in 2011 he was really instrumental in helping the country he aloft to dot. He broke with 15100 year is old Japanese world tradition by admiring it Coleman. That bid family. Didn't stay of the empress Tommy goes back 2000 years it's the oldest continuing hereditary monarchy in the wallet. So a really historic. Occasion. Happening in Japan right now really really fascinating. Founding history and a and doing a bizarre story out of Norway beluga whale all I'll strap with what might be spy equipment. This is there is say the Norwegian a direct threat of fisheries he has said that of the legal whale has been found. In the waters that was found by fishermen and at Pitt have a gay pride camera attached to it Dara concerns that may have come from. A Russian minute tree facility I mean this is such a bizarre story I just really want to quickly. Read a couple of lines they say say to repress reporting on the stories say. Russia does not have a history of using whales for military purposes but the Soviet Union did have a training program. The dolphins. And get missed the Russian Ministry of Defense published attendant many sixteen. 45. Dolphins for training program specifying that but they needed to have good teeth. And it dissipated off line shortly after it was pasted how about the news. The law fascinating mountain like she's yeah well that did big of them staying apparently is gaps by animals so dueling. Yet what a double 07 may not be addressed that may he be a common animal. We will say yeah really nothing you assume that's the subject of guides the united bill let's get check murder of Haitians now Croatian man mr. Carr 66 miles. It's a that's Heidi are. Annie was probably a neutral but still 66 miles fine previous record was 51 miles you know all right hats off. Them for those of us not pushing cars for miles we might rather hang out on the couch which we know a lot about right. According to a new poll the average doubts his six year old has been cried on seventeen times now don't know. 36 times hosts fit 21 sick days and 32 family gatherings 36 maps. Don't seem low doesn't it. Way it'll save for what you're doing your office couch nap. Everyday everyday. A look at this cat boosting the responsibility of looking after these kids so cute bears. Just like that at any moment. At watch out. Coming up next than the Indy year old college graduate. Why the Chicago man says you can never have too much education. That after this. Some things so watch out for today Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will meet with the president at the White House to discuss a massive bipartisan infrastructure package. Democratic leaders sent a letter to the president outlining their priorities including clean energy forward from confidant and advisor Rogers who is due in court on seven charges including obstruction. Witness tampering and Broadway is holding his breath this morning as the Tony award nominations are now spots don't forget to turn into the debrief for all. For an update on all our top story from the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. Finally a manna from Chicago who says we can never have too much education next Monday he'll finally be able to call himself a college grads. He's about to get his diploma at the age of ninety and he spoke with Robbie Bache wallop. Then periods. By nature it is a trait that fired bought the wires ambition to finally get a degree now afterlife. Signing up for the army getting married having a successful career got in the way. From the time I left school and I am I and it was a temporary. Thing. But time passed and then opportunity never really you are right for me to go bag. He traveled the world in the fasteners business but after retiring at eighty missed more intense human interaction especially after losing his wife Peggy in 2010. Because of that being Anderson thing here you're moving around you're going places you're visiting things visiting places. Talking to people I think all other things keep your body. Active. And your mind active. Northeastern Illinois university's interdisciplinary program was a good fit for him. A rigorous forty hour course that he's completed over the last two years. Other than ever to take philosophy sociology. Communications. Geography. Education. And political science. Communicating. Everything that I had hoped to communicate and to be done really efficient. And he's made a lot of friends would those fascinated with his ambition. I would ask your hero of the civil what are you gonna do Bob. Sizes of I'm gonna graduate this effort to do so. Dwyer is nine kids and most of his 22 grandchildren will be there when he walks across the stage on Monday. And he says he doesn't want to be the last senior to do so. But would viewed by fidelity run up against those. Yet though the higher than you might think but this felt like. But as they say when the going gets tough the tough get going. You're never too old to learn or to be something yeah I'm an inspiration 88 years old deciding he's got to go after it. At 9 PM also for his kids his grandchildren yes what a great example absolutely well thanks for doing enough have a great Tuesday. We'll see you tomorrow.

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