It's Morning, America: Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2019

Officer who put Eric Garner in chokehold fired, White House considers tax cut to jolt economy, natural hair has its moment and more.
27:53 | 08/20/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2019
Good morning I'm coveralls and hitting early in the top I think snow this amazing number one a possible plan to put back more money in your wallet White House officials say they're exploring another tax cut to avert a recession but they're denying reports that a payroll tax cut is being considered president trump is accusing the media of trying to crash the economy so he doesn't win re election. Number two the new York city police officer fire further choke hold death of Eric garner is filing an appeal to get his job back ABC news has learned the police commissioner's decision to fire the officers surprised even the top members of his staff. Some of them learned about the decision on TV it comes after an administrative judge recommended Daniel mentally ill be terminated. Despite the officers denial that he used a bands choke hold the judge found canceling of actions were reckless during Gardner's arrest triggering a fatal asthma attack. On to number three a developing story from California where police are on the hunt for a killer app for stabbing a college campus police say a retired administrator was found dead inside discard cal state Fullerton. And officers found an incendiary device and weapons under the car police say this appears to be a targeted attack not random the suspect reportedly fled on foot. Number four now seven terrifying video as a bear. Wonder through her home in northern California while two teenagers watching TV in a nearby room. Cabrera opened the refrigerator. 82 pints of ice cream and the boys tried to hide with struggle to keep the door shut as the pair came searching for them. Then we heard the fridge beaten because it was open for too long since I turned to Bobby Harrison I'd be there isn't there are how we do not want the parents. Know that we work and not room and Blair tried to get in there are scrapped Merck's on the door. One of the boys used his apple watched a collins' mother upstairs and tell her not to move. And then they called 911 they say was the scariest moment of their lives and finally number five looking for friendly place to visit me last. Minnesota OK a survey of one point five million people by travel site ranks the gopher state has the friendliest in the union citing its extraordinarily friendly residents. Minnesota's followed by Tennessee South Carolina Texas and Wyoming. Sounds like a lot of southern hospitality maybe. The bottom five have a decidedly north. East feel it from New York that laughs that focus appear to be at New York City where visitors are advised not the blood and blocked sidewalks. Or hold up traffic while taking ends are Graham shot because we've got to get home now right place nothing personal need yeah line and I live here but I get yet. OK so why did you started with that big stories about your money and where that the White House is considering a possible tax. Tax cuts. In order to boost the economy comes amid growing concern that we're heading toward a recession a concern the president is downplaying ABC's three Marshall has that story from Washington he Serena. I Trevor hygiene name well remember this all happens after last week's precipitous drop 800 points in the Dow and of course as that trade where would. China continues to be waste. As the old adage goes hits the economy is in bed with recession fears looming fingerpointing rampant and it's quite funny election and the cross hairs. President remains optimistic. We're doing tremendously well I consumers are rich I gave a tremendous tax cut. And they loaded up with money. But behind the scenes ABC news has learned of the White House is in discussions to potentially push for additional tax cuts to counter any possible recession. But it's partly those first tax cuts along with the trade were with China. The has the Rihanna for economists according to a new survey expecting the country to slide into recession by 20/20 one I do think the economy. Is slowing down. And typically a warning sign for the markets that inverted yield curve which historically predicts recessions. The president admitting the possibility is there are all welcome playing the blame game on the independence Federal Reserve. I think I could be helped out by the Fed. But the Fed doesn't like helping me do much. With the election fifteen months out of vice president predicting that recession only happens about Democrats takes over taxes would skyrocket. The stock market would tank. Democrats argue it's the president in his policies that are the problem I'm very worried we still have time to pull back. That don't want just doesn't seem to understand. And when it comes to those additional tax cuts in the white is dismissing an airports that are going to be going forward with a payroll tax cut. The last time that was used was during the Obama administration following that Great Recession cover today. Right -- at biggest much for joining Hassell the Latin are closely also outstanding use of precipitous. Download I don't I can get it out that I have not flawless and strong words have a tendency in. I think yeah that was great. Moving up the Pentagon has tested a ground launched cruise missile which had been banned for more than thirty years under a treaty that's been abandoned this month by the US and Russia. The test took place Sunday off the California coast with a modified version of the navy tomahawk cruise missile flying more than 300 miles. The new Defense Secretary disputes the notion that scrapping the treaty will spark an arms race. S and now to that nuclear mystery in Russia that's deepening this morning several nuclear monitoring stations in Russia have gone silence after the explosion at a missile testing site this month. An independent organization that watches for nuclear testing violations. Says the station stops transmitting data within days of the deadly blasts on August 8 sparking concern that Russia is trying to keep radiation levels under wraps. But we're prudent says there is no threat from the explosion. The measles epidemic in the US is slowing but it's not over yet the CDC reports there were 21 new cases last week. For a total of more than 12100. Cases this year in thirty states. The number of new cases each week has been going down measles was declared eliminated in the US in 2000 and it's not just the US number of cases worldwide is surging this year. And in Southern California a school district is strongly condemning a video of students giving a Nazi salute you see them there the 82 video also shows ten boys from Pacifica high school in Garden Grove. Singing a Nazi marching song it was recorded last year during an off campus student athletics banquet. The students were reportedly discipline but the school district didn't provide details they're citing privacy law. Amount to an emotional message from the two Muslim congressman and blocked from visiting Israel representatives Eli and Omar and Rashied at the league sharply criticized president trump and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But they urged fellow lawmakers to go to the West Bank to expose what they described as quote. The cruel reality of occupation. ABC's terror Palmieri has more. Democratic congresswoman ill Honda Omar and received tell me speaking out after being barred from going to Israel on a congressional trip the decision to back and me and my colleagues. The first my colleague the first to look for them American women elected to congrats. Is nothing less than an attempt to buy an ally. The United States to suppress our ability to heal our jobs as elected officials. Omar blasting Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for blocking their entry. Israel eventually grant you conditional offer to lead only to visit her grandmother on humanitarian grounds. Provided she would not group boycotts of Israel while she was there. And speaking out against president trump who encourage Netanyahu and neither visit. Donald Trump would love nothing more than to use this issue to pit. Muslims and Jewish Americans against each to lead growing emotional as she reference that visit with her elderly grandmother who lives in the West Bank. I watched as my mother have to gulf. Dehumanizing. Checkpoints. Even well she would the United States senate said. The president praising the unprecedented move to block US lawmakers. I think would be a terrible thing frankly are. Israel to let these two people who speak so badly about Israel. Comment. Congresswoman to leave initially accepted the offer to visit Israel with conditions but changed her mind with her family's support. As for congressman Omar she said that she thinks her colleagues should visit Israel they can see for themselves. Today cover. After the first sign of hope the Coast Guard is stepping up its search for two firefighters who vanished on a fishing trip. Crews are now focusing on an area off the Florida coast were Brian nick Clooney's fishing back was found he disappeared Friday along with his friend Justin walker after they set out from port Canaveral. Nick Clooney's wife says she believes the man threw the bag overboard to say we're here. Com find out. Stand now to the latest on accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein ABC news has confirmed he signed a will look less than 48 hours before he took his own life. Court papers say exceeds a state it's worth more than half billion dollars. And so far there's no details on his beneficiaries. But lawyers for some of his accusers are vowing to fight for the money to go to their clients. Meanwhile attorney general William Barr has removed the director of the Bureau of Prisons amid reports that guards failed to monitor Epstein as required. To check out some scary moment that played out at the demolition derby and Indian this is crazy video school bus in the event slams into this fence here that separating the crap from the action watches across from just inches. From a toddler than sitting in the front roadrunner that child suffered minor injuries but is expected to be okay. And the drivers had. And president trumpet is now making fun of his idea to buy Greenland from Denmark each weeded. This image of a gold tower looming over small village in the Arctic territory saying I promise not to do this to Greenland. Denmark's prime minister says Greenland is not for sale in call the president's idea of buying it quote an absurd discussion. Well coming up the effort to discredit the Hong Kong protests online FaceBook and Twitter removing Chinese accounts posting propaganda. We have the details after this. A FaceBook and Ritter IVRoots several accounts they see the Chinese Government was using to undermine the Hong Kong protest so let's go across the pond to Jerry McFarland. In the London bureau for more Juliet good morning so what were these accounts posted. Mornings and they hit yes so as social media accounts are of course are rounding up that and taste. And T influence come Haines and as we get closer to the Tony Tony election but of course. As part of this of beefing up of that all in line. T monitoring this twisted cannot yesterday and they said that they hide. Deleted they had to have removed almost a thousand accountants. From that web site that released a statement yesterday saying that they had disguised a significant. State backed in summation campaign. Or urgent originating from mainland China said that this was a huge spy mean that the lack of around 200000. Accountants. And a range of activities from thoughts coordinated activity spam all of it to it's said. What is aimed at state king descent in home caught and now. Face spoke or say took action it said that it remain at seven. Pages on suspended a few pounds as a lot of people would drawing distinctions between the different. Purchased by bank decision made and that lets remember that FaceBook was essential to the turning sixteen campaign. And Russian influence which is still under investigation. Very interesting Juliette also we know that reports out today are saying a British consulate official has been missing for twelve days in May have been detained by China what's going on. Exactly tribe Simon Cheng man kit he is a columnist let's whack he is a trade office. The British consulate. In Hong Kong. Now he it was reported have gone missing on the eighth of August his girlfriend and found Lee speaking to a medical home home news outlet code HKO one. They have said that they fear he has being detained. By the Chinese authorities. Now the British foreign office has released a statement saying that they extremely concerned about this. They said that's we are providing support has found in seeking feather information from authorities in Guangdong Province. And Hong Kong now Simon was on a business trip to Shenzhen which is a southern mainland China. Region which borders Hong Kong and that he was on a high speed train heading back to Hong Kong. When he lost contact some reports say they he told his girlfriend to pray for him. But this is a growing problem not going away anytime soon ray they got their hands full Julie who. Julie we're checking in on the royal family there in Britain we know that Elton John are exposed sir Elton John. Is sticking up for Prince Harry and debts as Megan as they've come under attack by reports. About a trip on a private jet what is Elton John's saying about this. Right so the Los couple of weeks Harry and meg and have been under fire from a number of British toddler is Mason eight to be. The Daily Mail they have been following the young comic basically because they've taken a couple of holidays. This month one. To the Scottish island of ID theft of Megan's 78 fast day. And then that two Younis the south of bronze base of those trips they flee by private jets. Ions they have been attacked by a lot of the British press. Davis said that that the two who pay his eyes eco warriors that that'd Bette with the headline in the mail said. Demonstrated an element of hypocrisy by taking private jets which are up to seven times a carbon footprint of taking commercial jets. Now Elton John has responded saying he was deeply to stabbed about. That the royal pack coming under attack and also hearkened back to Princess Diana how she faced huge amounts vote from the media. And he actually said that Scott contributed to you had death really really stunned what's from Allison joined. And he said he wanted them to have a nice holiday and say he invited them to his residents in the south of fronts I'm provided that private jet for them together. And it Juliette. We not only appreciate you for joining us this morning giving us the latest on those two very big stories we appreciate you for finally clearing up how it is you pronounces that islands. Off the coast of Spain beat back as you know I don't not everybody here's call that the beads that. So we appreciate you Julie and we appreciate. There are incidents I've gone defendants responded Spanish buzz of mind again and yet they say graph via will be adding and photographed Nazi you know you know hotly higher and are thinking through it. All right now let's get check Burnett stations starting with a tweet that has sparked a viral debate. Over what temperature you should set your thermostat to you so Florida reporter Jennifer tightest. Treated about a report a government report saying it should be set at 78 degrees your home 85 degrees and an airway and 82 degrees when you're sleeping 82 degrees and your sleeping. Batting third peak energy efficiency but that's just the right energy of your house not your energy rappers you're not in the sleep when it's 82 degrees hasn't been hopes that yours is that's like iceberg I heated it real chilly yes. I keep it cool it. This guy. That's impressive today what is your ideal thermostat setting couldn't even sleep at 82 degrees heat what's your what's your settings ideally Fermi is not 67. OK I like seven. Tweet us your answer ABC news live or tells them. There's a whole ocean between those two numbers there really is an art celebs now. Let's get to OK so this story. Look perplexed as me it's a request to at a white wine MOG and it's been rejected. Crushing. Hopes and grapes everywhere a hot hall holds what do you you know there's already the red wine emerging but right thing about the white white she gets some love to you. But next it'll be rose. Way to stop forcing three where's the seltzer yeah drag its gas and then the blues he Selz there so they've just got to that the bloody Mary right red line and that's enough yeah. Anymore drinks if we and weaker economically have to the triple bock a water replied. And we haven't annual world record us Dutch rider for far the fastest. Hands sands. Motorcycle. Venture this man loved ones very. Okay. In this. Bank he said triple vodka. There couldn't move. And the Florida filed an alligator showed off its client. Yeah this is terrifying to skaters skilled that fit column at. Air station Jacksonville dropped down on the other side and then just casually walked away. The air stations FaceBook page posted the message we had several on the base. And they don't respect our security measures OK because why would they this pictures terrifying Albanian higher prices immediately asks. Now it's that's not okay. Yet. Won't stand for that route. Well we're getting our first look at tourists in South Africa racing against nature here a rhinoceros charge their van inning game reserve last month. It got pretty close to ramming a vehicle few times a couple of shark turns. Helped them shake it. And then eventually the runner just got tired. I this is crazy video the wind the last time you heard about a rhinoceros. Chasing. And he hung in the I don't. I want you make it a rhinoceros angry like Ryan it's a good thing that they can't run for an ally apparently or at least this one couldn't any got tired yeah fickle Fallon out. Yeah I don't let me. You know leave wild animals alone and and hit we're doing this it. You think all sick ever has appeared kind well behaved even so far. But he isn't known as the bad boy AM local news and he went viral because of. This. Title and a very emotional bump my coffee cupped his head phone now hold on I think that's really done some poor souls alarm clock went off at 615. They let favorite morning. And nothing imminent. Puzzle and not on board you hi this trying to. Throughout the an example of that one man's trash is another man's treasure prima things where I'm the trash did you could fit to pass along to the queen tell us that I'm upset import masses it a lot of people. So ever tell you yeah. And I are all time magazine wrote about it at time magazine member of the most ridiculous headline in history of our ideas the and bullet of local news so one idea that this was what I was that calling TV in Portland Oregon. Santa battling Jesse yes they do great work over there and. I had a lot of leeway to add them I would say things that I thought sound weird out of context yes I mean that montage from news called several out of context to send to my friends. And be like guess what I was talking about when I said this 88 game yeah yeah but then a friend shared it to read it and it. Went ballistic because that is a true friends. Yeah hiding he asked permission thought I was like okay writers and care about dad yep they said reporter saying dumb things turns out the Internet likes a whole lot we love it we love it and we're glad to have you here this week to say. Although this is that bus slid up. Others say yeah I get a live look. And bad the license local news is now no longer. That's quite pays about your shirt that says fat not yet. Got not a hundred makes ten. Anyway I doubt it I coming up we have the growing movement among women this the rock. They're natural that's how so many of us are making waves just by embracing her hair is natural curly beauty. Lawyer after that. And Nevada sports. Today president Tom we'll have lunch with vice president Mike pencil while welcoming the president of Romania to the White House for bilateral meetings. And lawyers for actor Jesse snow left holding court to seek dismissal of a lawsuit filed by the city of Chicago to recover costs of the investigation. Into small less violent attack congressman Elijah Cummings hosts a forum on preventing treating and healing childhood trauma in Baltimore following his recent feud with president from. Who called the city a rodent infested mess and more Democrats running for president we'll get the chance to speak directly to native American voters. Coddling terrorists who Castro very Sanders and more we'll speak of the native American presidential candidate forum. Watch live on Or the ABC news. But still it's tearing into the deep grief for nothing top stories and the briefing room. We'll break down believed to have life in politics. So how we Wear our hair kind of an important thing it's been a symbol of who we are represents our image too. The world and yep ahead but many women have felt the pressure to hide their hair's natural curls. That is until now. From twists her braids and he likes to lock a love fest as the height is their curls. This is curled fast a one of a kind celebration album all things natural hair. It's a growing movement inspiring change nationwide. One that focuses not on what it looks like a rather what it represented making it clear that from now more than. Ever her hair dye his hair in their hair out here Tuesday the energy here isn't. And here seeing is believing I don't like yeah it's great that we're he's got a question about it. Interview with my parent that we believe in my well yeah I'm. Want to deal could be. Please read it is I think yeah. Deal low is a part of the Crowley girl collective a group of five friends passionate about honoring and celebrating natural hair. They're the founders of girl fest gathering meant to empower women of color now in its sixth year. For me it's a transcendent experience. For many students these changes can mean the difference between being bullied and being expected by classmates he wanted to meet her mind every home that Boone county is under a red flag warning over the past year I made the decision to Wear my natural hair on air documenting my journey with the hash tag free the curls. My story becoming a part of the conversation that we've been following for years one surrounding the regulation of natural black hair styles. The issue even reaching schools like this high school and Louisville, Kentucky when the dress code policy band dreadlocks twist an Afro is longer than two ranges Bakken twang sixteen it felt very impressed me because I warn us Harris. The school back down on the policy saying it was a misunderstanding. And a lesson alert the US navy is now allowing women to Wear tails three hanging brains as well slots even the military caught in the debate the army relaxing its ban on dreadlocks and twists for women and 2017. And last year they mainly joining suit. And then this past winter this video going viral. Chilling New Jersey high school wrestler Andrew Johnson being forced to cut his dreadlocks in order to compete. A referee giving him the option but his god given hair will forfeit. The students humiliation striking a call to action thousands of miles away for California seat senator holly Mitchell. From my perspective the way he was approached by that official. Bomb was really an assault. And that's what I knew that the time was right. On because the world now experience where I and many black men and women who we are here natural have experienced the world witnessed it. The video inspiring the state legislator to author and introduce the crowd of bill focused on protecting natural hair in the workplace we decided that we didn't this one and a draft a resolution and we want it to actually change the law. And sell the crown act SB 188 was introduced a last January and it was signed into law by the governor this past July California's crown act inspired other states to follow suit. Just last month the New York passed a new law to expand the definition of race to include hair textures and in New Jersey a similar bill is in the works. The battle also playing out on the shelves a beauty stores. Not in Accra fast I met 28 year old most gentle John founder and CEO of natural club how does that feel free being here. It's beautiful. I think this. Festival for a long time coming I think that natural hair movement started so long ago and now we accept state TV on conduct ourselves. Yemeni. Back. And Tony twelve LT Johnny was a junior in college growing frustrated with the lack of products available from her hair. So she began concocting national hair out of her former. Friends and cool and Oxford tutorials on YouTube Nader a hit its due fans are reaching out asking him by her trademark products can't homemade avocados and conditioner like 2015 per brands now to rob club was born. Singer hair industry is now including more thinking clearly hear types. And act not fall club we truly catered to that demographic because. It's being and it overlooks. Meant underserved in the past. According to its when he seventeen report by mintel of the black hair care industry was estimated to be worked 2.5 four billion dollars. Several air products making up a large share. The founders of pro fast are appreciative of the moments natural hair is having. The whole country watching. When you have issues like that was the only country outside his. Monumental steps in the right direction. I'll have a lasting impact. Packs and future generations can. Our. But wire. That was such a fun feast your shout yeah hold Nightline team for making that hot girl fest looked amazing it was so much and look like a blast them every we were talking about this mean that it's been amazing to see. The actual act of the representation and an admittedly this is an issue that I'm not. Historically aware of deeply ignorant of the of the fact that black woman would be forced to change your air for job you have any getting to see on social media on his or grammar Twitter and all of the with the direct impact it's having on. On black journalists in just black women I think it's incredibly cool and it's educational hip I hope that you know that aside from. Being empowering to black women like in terms of an educational thing it's a very cool let's go. Hunt thoughts they haven't Adam entered its Fayette into the apartment and to do stories like us. And it makes a huge difference right because I mean it's so I'll do anything that. People if people can be themselves break stupid exacts ago completely. So that's it for us today a word from summerall hey there you go. Particularly C a tomorrow.

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