It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020

Sanders and Warren spar ahead of Democratic debate, Astros cheating scandal, fallout from royal summit and more.
23:10 | 01/14/20

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020
When I'm cannot vote. And Kimberly Brooks had a top five things he needed no this Tuesday number one the war of words in the race for president Elizabeth Warren has confirmed reports that Bernie Sanders ordered a private meeting that a woman cannot win the White House and when he when he but Sanders has the night making that remark. And despite the disagreement both candidates say they're still good friends helping out during tonight's debate in Iowa number two in the Ukrainian gas company that once employed Joseph Biden's son hunter has reportedly been hacked by the Russians guess security firm says Russian government hackers launched a cyber Phishing scheme against earnings amount holdings doesn't the company was thrust into the impeachment investigation experts believe it was an effort to gain control the company system that possibly look for dirt on the bites. On to number three the impeachment showdown in Washington speaker Nancy Pelosi could send articles of impeachment of the senate as soon as today she's meeting with house Democrats. Discuss which lawmakers will prosecute the case over the senate Susan Collins and Mitt Romney are pushing to hear from witnesses during the trial. And we had to number four people in the Carolinas are cleaning up from severe weather a tornado tossed cars around like toys in a school parking lot North Myrtle Beach. And a North Carolina three students were injured when strong winds tore through the roof of the chance. Of their medals and about number five LSU quarterback Joseph burrows says he's living the dream. He's now the Heisman Trophy winning record setting quarterback of the national champion LSU tigers. Pearl is responsible for all six touchdowns last night at LSU beat Clemson 42 point five this. What I wanted to do from the time I was five years old was host voices trophy. I guess we're in Louisiana but. Staying in Louisiana we were gonna let someone come in here and steal this from us and our home state. And with this five touchdown passes last night. Borough finish the season with a record sixty he's also set a championship game record. With 463. Passing I. Let's get to the big story in the race for forty to play up public you'd have escalated between two leading candidates just hours of where they face off. On the debate stage and Iowa. Yes senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are embroiled in a tense he said she said. Offering conflicting accounts of what Sander said about whether a woman can win the White House and 20/20. All of this as another candidate exits the race ABC's Corina Mitchell joins us with a new. Good morning Kenneth and Kimberly the Iowa Caucuses now less than three weeks away in his final preparations for tonight's debate are in full swing the clumps are coming off. Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders in Elizabeth Warren may agree on many things but one thing the two apparently don't see I'd ion. Is who can win that when each when he presidential election. Weren't alleging the Vermont senator told her in a twenty team meeting that he didn't think a woman could win the White House. In a statement she says among the topics that came up was what would happen if Democrats nominated a female candidate I've got a woman could win he disagreed. Overnight on CNN a spokesman 0% is denying that comment. But clearly Bernie sands did not say that a woman could not win. But clearly it's but not a what he said. The friction between the two beginning days earlier after a separate report claiming the sanders' campaign. Circulated talking points that criticized Warren for being a candidate for the elite. I was. Disappointed. To hear that courteous and has always hear us now to branch. Candy is not denying a report that saying it's a youth he doesn't support we have hundreds of employees yes. Elizabeth Warren has hundreds of some people sometimes think. But the truth you have heard me give good speeches and let us one. The one thing to do agree on is defeating Donald Trump. The president quick to lash out at another democratic contender billionaire Mike Bloomberg. Whose political ads criticize trumps efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Tweeting mini Mike Bloomberg is spending a lot of money on false advertising I was the person who saved pre existing conditions in your health care. Bloomberg firing back tweeting. Glad to sear watching our ads I know management isn't your strong suit so perhaps you don't know your Justice Department supports a suit. That would undermine protections for preexisting conditions now heading into what should be a lively debate tonight a new quinnipiac poll shows health care is at issue for Democrats. And the same national poll shows Joseph Biden leading Democrats followed by Sanders and then why aren't Kimberly. Yet religious wondering how does Cory Booker is departure affect the race moving forward. Yellow he certainly brought a lot of energy encouragement to the race and now that he and Kemal Harris and gone. There's only one other African American Deval Patrick left in the race. And on tonight stage there will clearly be a lack of diversity Kimberly Kenneth. Our agreement to err think you some other source for watching this morning authorities in the Philippines are on alert for massive volcanic eruption. I could threaten the homes of nearly a million people the volcano has been spewing ash and law but tens of thousands of people. A party evacuated the volcano is about forty miles south of Manila. Despite the alert normal operations resume today at Manila's. Airport. In climate scientists say the oceans are heating up so quickly it's as if five atomic bombs are dropped into the water every second. Last year saw the highest water temperature ever recorded one of the study's author says most of the warming is from man made climate change. Meanwhile we have a new warning about the wildfire disaster and Australia NASA says the smoke from the fires will soon complete a full circle around the globe. Back on the ground with smoke hasn't delayed the qualifying matches for the Australian Open after a player pier to collapse from the smoke Monday. Meanwhile efforts can T around the clock to treat the animals hurt in the fires this baby warm back. Rescue by the owner of a better prep. This and Amazon founder Jeff bases is facing some harsh backlash after making a donation to help with Australia's bush fires. Pesos disclosed that Amazon was donating a million Australian dollars or about 690000. US dollars to relief efforts. Plenty of all online critics point out that they Sousa said to be worth about. 117. Billion dollars one estimate said bases earns that 690000. Dollars about five minutes. The US have expelled 21 Saudi military seat is more than a month after that deadly attack at a Florida navy base. And those sent home were not linked to the shooting Rampage by a fellow cadet at left three American sailors dead. But officials say that most of them expressed to highs ideology on social media ABC Serena Marshall has more. 21 Saudi nationals returned to Saudi Arabia five weeks after the horrific mass shooting at the Pensacola naval station still none are connected to the December attack. Authorities say they needed chilling discovery at least seventeen military trainees were found the gee honey literature. And fifteen a child pornography on their computers US attorneys reviewed each of the cases and decided none would be is prosecution. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia determined. To disk material. Demonstrated conduct unbecoming an officer. In the royal Saudi air force and in the royal navy. It's a sensitive issue for the US fifteen of the nineteen hijackers in the September 11 attacks were saudis and Saudi pilots who fatally shot down three sailors and wounded eight others was a radical who the FBI says was secretly planning to kill us American colleagues for months. So this was an act of terrorism. The evidence shows that the shooter was motivated by jihadist ideology. New evidence suggests a lieutenant Mohammad Sayeed Al Sean Ronnie was planning a large scale massacre with more than 180. Rounds of ammunition for his handgun which had an extended magazine the FBI has no evidence the gunman killed at the scene had help but agents are scrambling to access is too badly damaged iphone's 3M Marshall ABC news Washington. Authorities claim apple has been unwilling to assist them in excess seeing. The gunman's too damaged iphones but apple says they've been cooperating and warn even told about the second phone until last week. There are new details about the attack on a Jewish grocery store in New Jersey authorities say could have been far more deadly investigators say the killers who targeted the store in Jersey City last month. Had a bomb in their van Mack could have killed people as far as five football fields away but officials say the plan was foiled when the suspects came across. I detective and a nearby cemetery police detective and three bystanders. In the store were killed. The woman convicted of urging her boyfriend that kill himself will not get her day. The Supreme Court. The High Court has refused to hear Michelle Carter's case she serving fifteen months for involuntary manslaughter she encouraged comrade Roy to take his life in text iPhone. Carter's attorneys argued convicted her based on her words violated the First Amendment and here in New York there was some real star power in court. Supermodel GG AD showed up for jury duty on Monday and she remains a prospective juror in the case. Against former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein the deed was among those who raised her hand when the judge asked potential jurors if they knew anyone involved in the case. She's scheduled to be back for further questioning later in the week. And a big announcement and auto industry they've North American car of the year is the new Corvette the new sports car salaries as fast Lamborghini but cost four times last. Meanwhile. Honor of the top SUV went to the Kia Telluride. And the top truck went to the Jeep gladiator which is part pickup and sport utility vehicle. Well coming up they have president of family summit called by acquittal as. But yeah what came out of that closed door meeting regarding hairy and make his decision to step back from royal life. After this. Hey there and welcome back we turn now to the cheating scandal rocking Major League Baseball. The Houston Astros have fired their manager and they're general manager. And it comes after an investigation about the Astros were stealing signs from rival teams but that question any he were asking is why no players are being punished. This morning anger and disappointment across Houston in Major League east. All I had was there through all the hard years and now like to see that they're just success taken away sort of bias. Mike breaking the rules of the game was a little hard to see. A league investigation found the Astros stole signs from opposing pitchers. Giving their hitters an advantage during their World Series championship season between seventeen. Those who are champion. The team fired manager AJ hits in general manager Jeff flu now shortly after the league suspended them is tough day. I've had a lot of tough days over the years. So yeah this is this is stuff one. Who now apologize and a statement overnight but denied he the cheater saying he did not know rules were being broken. I am deeply upset that I weather and informed of any misconduct because I would have stopped it. Hence also apologized and he didn't endorse or participate in the science doing practice but the league's investigation reveals virtually all of the Astros players who knew of the scheme. The league says the team used the camera on the outfield stairs that could see the catcher's signal to the pitcher. Someone from the Astros who have been said at this table with a monitor of the camera feed and being on a trash can to let the batter know what pitch was coming. One sports writer says you can hear the trash can be hit in this video. This game it's September 47 teams with week before the teen wolf seems. The Astros now face a record five million dollar fine and will lose several top draft picks in the next two years. But no players will be punished the commissioner noted in the league's report that punishing the players. Would be impractical given the large number of players and bald. And the fact that media goes players now play for other clubs the investigation now turns to Boston Red Sox manager Alex core. Who served as bench coach for the Astros before taking the job in Boston. The league's report calls core an active participant in the scheme. And now the Red Sox are under investigation for allegedly still in science or in the 2018 season when they won the World Series. ESPN reports the discipline for quarry is going to be hearts the Red Sox that not immediately comment. So that's our question of the day what do you think of this punishment is it enough should the players be punished tell us what you think in the comments are tweet us at ABC news alive. So now are moving on to Iraq where anger over the government's admission to accidentally shooting down a passenger jet is boiling over. And new video appears to show security forces firing on protesters with live ammunition. Let's go across the pond to Julie McFarland. Our London bureau for the latest good morning Julia. Morning candidate yeah that's right has spent a lot of video circulating. Protests over the weekend have continued yes today. On a lot of video that has to show a lot of these Prentice descending. End to violence security forces apparently firing live rounds and tea gas into crowds trying to spouse. These protests has been really interesting watching. Some of these scenes we've seen. Images all students on protest says avoid eating war came on Americana and an Israeli flags. People putting down posters of cost them some money he's Iran in general who was killed or not US gen strike. That is closest makes recent flare up in that ten sends. Also people pulling down paces of the supreme leader Ayatollah coming days. Just this morning we received an update the Iran in judiciary. Released a statement that was read out on Iran and state TV segment they have made arrests. In the accident related to the accidental shoot down of that Ukrainian passenger jet that killed all 176 people. On board that announcement coming shortly off to present house on honey sat in a televised speech. He court for a special court to be set up by the judiciary to start an investigation equal for a an independent judge and dozens of witnesses he said the weld is watching this course this is not know in any case he said. And let's move on to now. Or another big story that seems minor in comparison the queen. Agreeing to have pres Carrey and duchess megas wishes to step back moral duties but there are still some. Right Canada I mean all of us have been following this case will be. The house they said allow I think a lot of us had a lot of skepticism. McVeigh but whether a resolution that would be announced yesterday off did this extraordinary summit between the queen Prince Charles. And princes William and Harry. Simply because the kind of split that high in Megan. Mentioned in that statement lost week that cool as this storm. Not kind of model for a halfway in halfway out relationship with the wolf bombing. Hasn't already been done before and packed his derive therein. Like you would like you are seated member of to a comet or you Alex like some all of princess Anne's children have opted to be completely out of the formal. Whacking a royal son code. Now the queen issued a statement. A few is into the the evening just around 5 o'clock local time. And it was a really interesting statement guys because clearly. The queen this is not what the queen wants the queen said. I would have we what we would tell her fudge them to remain full time what can members of the royal family. However we respect and understand that wish to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valued pods. Of my family a rat pat snow remark from the queen who doesn't normally say these sorts of these sources that say is that she would've put fact that things get down a different writ however she says that. That will be a period of transition. And she once again repeated that these are complex masses. And that there is still a ways to get a still some time to be taken and says she hates. Got final decisions will be reached in the coming days. Yeah people who are keen for those glimpses. A grandmother really I think we're used to seeing the queen. It's that this pomp and circumstance than all this very formal. Yes this of duty and here we are seeing really just a grandmother here who wants her grandson and his new wife to be happy it appears. Grandmother I'm also a box on it could stake in all of an institution that is looking increasingly vulnerable. And fry job and so all of these complex saying she is having to walk a very fine line across number of different. GT's to have probably out of course to the crown. Graduation is due out things for some we've called a queen a boss. What she bought the Bakula and amp T the ultimate ago but I think you you're appreciated. Thanks that's checkered notification is now starting with this swimmer along the West Coast of Ireland mother nature is that cooperating. They drive the climb out of the water and galway. Apparently went for his daily storm despite a storm packing. Eighty mile per hour winds. He stayed in for about five minutes there. Then that. Next to an elephant that thinks it's at cat burglar watch it climb the Walt still some mango he goes right over that walk a couple of steps no problem the that he went right backs you know Maynard Agile and there's no it's only revealing what she keeps inside her infamous tiny purse. Yes a boy who wanted to noticed the Grammy nominee is showing fans on tic tac that are present a lot like Mary Poppins bags somehow holding. Up pencil the remote chips a bottle of wine in extra outfit. And so much more. The video had racked up nearly three billion views and less than a day I love that list. Are we turned out to the growing backlash over the Oscar nomination. Yes the list of prospective winners is once again being criticized for its lack of diversity fans and star say they're shocked and dismayed over who did not make the list. This morning's surprise and dismay across Hollywood in reaction to Oscar nominations. The Joker took the most nominations with eleven. Including one for best picture this year nine films are nominated in best picture none of them is about the African American experience so. That's the bigger issue critics say diversity is lacking across all major categories the only person of color nominated for an acting Oscar. Cynthia a reason for her role as coming. Harry. One critic tweeting the academy nominating exactly one performer of color in an acting category. But nominating her for playing Harriet Tubman. Feels like an on the nose joke in an episode of the critic repeatedly Longo was not nominated as expected for her role in us. And it's being called a historic snub for Aqua Fina. Who was not nominated after becoming the first woman Asian descent to win the Golden Globe for lead actress. The best director list this year is once again all main. Including Martin's course easy for the Irish and I hear his nineteen nomination of his career. Reading her wig was snubbed in the best director category even though her movie little women received six nominations. Including best picture in writing. No way any news yes. The movie's producer Amy Haskell said in the statement their honored to be a part of only. The third movie ever to be nominated for best picture that's written directed and produced exclusively by women and other big surprise you stole from everybody. Jennifer Lopez considered a sure bet for best supporting actress for hustlers left off the list. One fan tweeting Jennifer Lopez let's snubbed from her first ever Oscar nominations. So others could be recognized for playing the same basic white women characters. Meanwhile Adam Sandler is finding the funny side it is Oscar's sweeting congratulations. To his a lot of boy mama Kathy Bates for her nomination. Bates responding Levy Bobby Boucher you was route. The lack of diversity comes after the academy announced four years ago that it wouldn't make historic changes to increase diversity critics now saying those changes haven't been enough. Coming up a busy day ahead on this Tuesday January 14 we'll tell you what's watch out for. Plus the loss letter that inspired hash tag white thousands are trying to find endless bad we come back. Here's what to watch over today Democrats running for president are set to take the stage for the first debate that's when he twenty with the Iowa Caucuses. Now less than three weeks away the debate comes justice senator Cory Booker of New Jersey and that his campaign yesterday. Meanwhile president trump is scheduled to receive an intelligence briefing before traveling to a campaign rally in Milwaukee. And the bridge gate scandal heads to the Supreme Court today as two aides today New Jersey governor Chris Christie. We'll ask the justices to throw out their fraud convictions. For today and Kelly and bill Burundi were found guilty of conspiring to close traffic blames on the George Washington Bridge an act of political retribution. The jeopardy greatest of all time term limit is back tonight and hear comments Jeffrey dean Janes and stop. Here comes jeopardy games here comes jeopardy game at the James holds power is looking. Even the score Ken Jennings who leads the two matches holds power as wide and brat writer has zero. And it's up big anniversary in spring fair. The Simpsons became a regular series thirty years ago today after starting as a series. Of shorts. Art. But if we look with them since I finally from us this morning a letter discovered on the ground at Denver's airport is sparking new hash tag fine and that's that. Yeah Alex Roberts was traveling through the airport when she saw the paper on the floor. She's about to throw it away when she read it's you realize it was anything but garbage. It was a note from H happy to help regulate his handwriting. An and I read through it was. About the sweetest thing I'd ever read. OK so here's some of them as notes it says in all the things I do. I want to do them just like you although right now I'm sort of small like you I wanna be brave and Smart because I love you daddy with all of my heart. Very sweet let's hope that letter gets back our gets into the hands of him as dad. Again very Q under their wings we had a number of times though hopefully. Also could does that woman who saw some trash or what she thought was trash and it's not gonna pick it up and roared away absolutely can look people at the airport within our focus to. Lot of you don't want to touch with on the ground that's been Deborah hurt you back I don't want to have any letter here at. Our asset for odds are actively Brooks isn't great to have you here on his morning America I appreciate you come back next week right analytic come back next week we're gonna do it again. Can't wait we'll have a good one.

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