It's Morning, America: Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Trump's attack on minority Congresswomen, Epstein's bail hearing, Utah girl's police sketch may help crack case and more.
23:29 | 07/16/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, July 16, 2019
That's seeking stricter defeat thing is really really gross arm received since some crazy things on flights I think gap but nothing like that's and that I mean. Would be ashamed of getting like. Change by other. Passing he probably has the number one gross this thing that happens on flights if you like the comfortable that I off their shoes. I'm actually saw and the rest right behind you there's a correspondent. At this network who I won't name but she posted a picture of someone's feet on her arm rest. And well liked eagle. Yeah OR I mean it's pretty rude right quite route I don't consider I don't Ali's well that's what do you out yet. Well I'll look at the big story this morning president front stepping up his attacks on form minority members of congress saying they can leave the country if they don't like it the four freshmen lawmakers fired back calling the president races in Xena phobic accusing him of carrying out the agenda. White Nationalists and they're demanding he face impeachment while most republic. Ends remain silent the president insists many people love forty saying ABC's good puts our Abdi has more on the fallout from these attacks hey Mona. And mourning today good morning to you can at the president's races tweets seem to have unify the Democratic Party to rally behind these four congresswoman of color. That the president still continues to tack. Now it seems that it's the Republican Party that remains split now over whether to condemn or condone the president's behavior. The president reigniting his attacks on four freshman lawmakers that have been the target of his rhesus tweets they hate our country. They hate it I think with a passion and doubling down on his incendiary remarks telling all four women up collar. To quote go back and help fix the totally broken in crime infested places from which they came. But three of the four born in New York Michigan and Connecticut. Does it concern you and many people saw that tweet is racist fans. Bet I'll white nationalist groups are finding common cause review on that point doesn't concern me because many people agree with me. Only a hand Omar a naturalized citizen was born outside of the US in Somalia Omar heading back on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow now when I'm going to allow him. To continue and is. And throwing of the vial of garbage that constantly comes out of his mouth and so did congresswoman Rasheed to leap Alexander policy Cortez Anna on a costly air only his tweets a distraction and vowing to keep the focus on the president's policies. I encourage the American people that all of us. In this rural India and to not take debate that's why we fight for education for all children through college. And so we'll stay focused on our agenda for. The Republican Party remaining largely silent only a handful coming forward to denounce the president's tweets the president of that State's. Has a noble and unique role. To unite the country and to draw on all people regardless of their race their collar they're national origin. And house Democrats now plan to vote on a resolution that strongly condemns the president tweets. Delaying Kenneth. To pull OC is now urging her Republican colleagues to join none in supporting that resolution and we will be watching that one close and Mona thank you for joining us. And as you look both sides of the aisle react to the president's attack others are looking at the political strategy behind it to presidents. Police have now prompted Democrats to rally around those four congresswoman from with far left views who have been trying to shake up their own party for months. This morning Democrats are jumping to defend those four minority congresswomen urged by the president to leave the country. I'm used to flatten racist attack. You said they should go home. He should go home. He should go. Arena president Trump's attacks appear to galvanize the Democratic Party Democrats have been struggling with internal divisions those went away as soon as the president hit send on this week this has united Democrats and condemnation and is reminded them of the State's. What it needs to be united in opposing this president. And while some Republicans have tried to dodge the controversy altogether. Rich dad I don't know kick it out. Others are speaking out the party's only black senator Tim Scott of south true on a called the president's remarks. Unacceptable personal attacks and racially offensive language Maine senator Susan Collins called the tweets way over the line. But some trump supporters claim the tweets were not racist because he never explicitly mention race. I how can I say this was not Rihanna got wrapped how can you say this is not playing on people's prejudices about people of color about going back to your homeland. Because back because he didn't mention Collard. What did it connect the only right he has enjoyed just awesome undertake here is that when you disagree with the people of color that doesn't mean you disagree with them because of their color analysts say the president's strategy is to rally his bees look stronger border control and appear to be a political outsider. You know there's good percentage of the population that is going to agree with the president on this and also strongly disagree with how the media and have Democrats are gonna frame that's like calling erases tweak as we go forward and reporter on this story and look for reaction from Republicans. There will be a good number of Americans who say that the president did not say anything wrong. Republican senator Lindsey Graham who called trump a bigot three years ago on the campaign trail said Monday that the presidential quote knock it down a notch. When asked about Trump's tweets on Fox News he accused the port democratic congresswomen. Of being Communist. What we all know. That they OC in this Crowder a budget Communist. They hate Israel they hate our own country they're calling the guards longer border the Border Patrol agents concentration camp guards. They're anti Semitic they're anti America. And analysts say a key part of the president's strategy is trying to make this for congresswomen in the face of the Democratic Party meanwhile senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has yet to address the president's suite. He's expected to discuss them at a news conference today. We'll turn to other news a judge says he'll decide Thursday whether to grant bail to alleged sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein after a bombshell revelation about what was found in Epstein safe to. Make their case that have seen as a flight risk prosecutors revealed that piles of cash diamonds and a passport with the Saudi address. Were found in his safe they save you aspired. Passport had at seems photo but a different name the wealthy financiers accused of abusing underage girls. Two alleged victims confronted him in quarter once that have seen his. Too scary to walk the streets. The most powerful testimony. Was not from any of the lawyers and there. And what's on these two brave women who were prepared to step forward. And talk. App seems attorneys are fighting to keep him under house arrest and his New York mansion until his trial they say Epstein is willing to pay up to 500 million dollars to assure the judge. He's not a flight risk. After an employee is dead after an explosion destroyed his home in Southern California fifteen other people including three firefighters were injured. The explosion is blamed on the gas leak investigators say a contract those working on the property in Mariana. But didn't call that the gas lines marked before he started taking. Now to a shocking confrontation in Ohio all white security guard has pleaded not guilty after pulling a gun on a black police officer in uniform. Lucas county sheriff's deputy howling gas and visit a local IRS office Wally was on duty to the security guard told the officer he needed to put his weapon in his car. So the officer decided to leave the building instead. That's when the guard pointed his gun at the deputy. Basically prepare myself to be shot at that moment. Bracing for a shot. There's really no. Way to a you know I you're gonna act when there's a gunpoint and that you can when you think you're an illusion life. Deputy gas and is now suing the guard and security company. A young girl from Utah has quite a story to tell her artwork is now part of a police investigation. Officers near Provo U sketches by nine year old Simonyi to identify a suspect in a string of mail that's. Her parents say she saw the crux likes to drop and drew the pictures for police say her sketch of a truck with a carbon copy of surveillance image of the suspect's vehicle. Please are confident they'll find the owner. Very cool. Coming up America rescue California mother is found alive in the woods days after reportedly being chased by a man with a knife how she survived in the emotional reunion with her family. We're back from an important milestone for the town of paradise California. Travis Victoria Sinclair are the first people to move into a home. Rebuilt after last year's historic wall fire 86 people died in the fire which destroyed 111000. Homes so far that town. As issued only 84 building permits. And also we have more that California hiker found alive after she was missing for four days natural Powell says she was forced to leave the trail she was on after a man started chasing her with a knife. This morning and overjoyed Southern California family has been reunited in a hospital but. Rescue teams found sixty year old Cheryl Powell a lie after missing for four days in a remote part the national forest. This is the moment failing members were told Powell had been found dehydrated and exhausted but resilient. Her son's as Powell left their campsite to take her dog for a walk. And that's when she says she was chased by a man with a knife and got lost. Chasing down the hill straightaway she tease here. Because. I'd like she was where they. Expected her to be. Experienced hiker survival skills kicked in but after a certain point she could barely walk you down water she ate a cactus. Now it's her Brunette hands. News outlet night. Point too much dehydration. Using thermal imaging from the air in dogs on the ground search crews comb the dangerous to rain on Monday rescuers first found my elite that five pound New York keep who and a short time later they found Powell. And it's a long. Coming off now okay. It's often everything happened so fast persona. Jerrells family including her husband Al 42 years saying they kept faith that she would be okay. How are people are different miracle. Miracle of miracles. And show Stanley expects her to be released from the hospital soon police have not commented whether they're trying to find that man with a nine. Let's go across the pond now to ABC's to a McFarland and landing keeping an eye on the biggest international news Julie I know you're following breaking news and that American scientists murdered in Greece forty learning. Morning can add that yes exactly there's been a new development and this mysterious mother that we. Have been falling for the last couple of weeks Susanne. Nudge it a body was found but it and that KF World War II era Bamako on the Greek island of Crete. Greek police have now made. They've made an arrest in the case may say that a 27 year old man who has now confessed. To have much is now in police custody has not yet been charged. Not but what we understand. From police on the island telling an ABC news team. That's a security camera that was this network of tunnels. Made in that in the Second World War scared to come courts. The suspects moving around often he had told police he'd never been to the area so often they confronted with Penn had without. He breakdown and then confessed to her killing. While an and Julia from Greece now to Italy where. Police are raiding an alleged neo Nazi group made incredible discoveries a missile and a stash of automatic weapons. Affiliate made today say oh this is part of an investigation into far right groups. That may have been a fighting in the dawn Basque region in Easton Ukraine police have been. Investigating not whacks of far right extremists. And in a raid in northern its teacher and police say that they discovered a cache of weapons including an ad tech at. Miss sciele three people have been arrested. There was neo Nazi propaganda that was old say seized. And the police statement says that's the miss silent question it was a French made missiles that have been. Used by the qatari army and that it was in what king or to. An extraordinary. Seizure of back. I recognize what these guys opining on doing what that. Little much I think but sized to stunning. Really to have how have summing like mass in the hands of these extremists. It's extremely does certainly have firepower and a weapon and that big. Something much much much lighter I guess. Unless you're attacked by this jelly fish off the coast of England at her now I know you don't holiday. As we like to say across upon there any limits you go to these faraway lands Julia. But every holiday weekend vacation. Yeah. But I dare the author coast there's that giant jelly pesticides at a humid. Yeah let these extraordinary Paige says this is up thickest of court ruled that Weston and of the UK. These divers soul. This study fish items they need us why I'm right next to now these guys they are biologists say they are people he know that stopped. They recognized. This study says as a gentle giants it's a meter and a half long. And Lizzie daily she said you issue wasn't worried about is got a very mild thing she says and it pays is now a threat to humans. And she said that it was such a serene grounding experience swimming next TV. It. Adam old fish. Most I ain't mine she went I don't but she said that she would have reacted very differently. If the had been a Portuguese man of war right not housing fatal sting it does. You have to do certain things Julia as you know. But when it comes through we'll see another episode of friends Canada had any we need to revisit thank you did very want ads. Our Juliet I'm athletes stay here and the US there must be jelly cause jam don't shake like that. Thank you so much rye bread I appreciate us ha. I don't believe yum that narrowed. How about the fact that our notification. Starting lit. Duping clients who fought the law all the find some sushi they found a Holm undersea she stand at a train station New Zealand. That across a busy route to get there they removed but they can't back your hours later and then they were taken back again. Experts say it me looking for placed snacks and they'll probably. Be back up sushi yet. They'll be back either the new strategy to catch a Gator on a loser Chicago the city has now hired trapper from Florida the Gator depth chance the snapper. Has been hanging out and a lagoon and a city park officials believe it was a legally dumped there. The mayor ordered half the park close and hopes that the peace and quiet will lower the Gator to the surface thing. They are far every car ever remembers that infamous scene at the end of Titanic when there's no room for Jack on the floor with gross or why is there was. Leonardo DiCaprio is promoting his upcoming movie once upon a time in Hollywood with co stars Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie and Lille was asked. Jack has been on that door. We. Yeah. The no comment. Did you mention the time reelection individuals whose letters that I have no. It's not. Go funny how the Leos is he saying tight lipped on this one went twenty years after the movie came out Kate Winslet has said in the past that she thinks there was. Narrow and I'm with her. Paris that was that was their lives are tiger in the market for some gorgeous real estate you can live like reread that's Rihanna and her Hollywood home take a look. Her place includes six bedrooms. Eight full bathrooms billiard room a fully equipped fitness week a movie theater and independent east while over the pool. Homeless if you're gonna live like greenery in this study 100 square foot home. About a half her money across 35000. Dollars per month terrorists. It's so beautiful so much money I up next the most stressful cities in America also ahead we mark fifty years since Apollo eleven mission to the moon. The inside mission control in Houston. We're back but emotionally stressful cities in the united state accorded a wallet pop the top five are all in the eastern time zone Detroit and Cleveland are want attitude toward his top three of financial family health than its safety stress Newark Baltimore Philadelphia round out the top five. At least stressful city survey that was Fremont California near Silicon Valley. It's near the bottom in most categories except when it comes to work stress. All fifty years later today NASA flew to the moon with the Apollo 11 mission so this morning we're going back to Houston to mission control. National Geographic we're getting a look a rare images from that mentioned some that I haven't seen in years. Even hear reports from Houston. It was fifty years ago this week you'll Armstrong Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins the Apollo eleven astronauts suiting up as a miracle pleaded. Would speak to what they set foot on the move. Of grand new gold first set by president John F. Kennedy. I believe. They can shoot me now. More than they needed. Of landing a man on the loan and security in state league to be here. Fifty years ago families across the country gathered either living rooms hundreds of billions watching all over the world get. Immediate area gathering along highways beaches setting up tents children wearing space helmets. Ready for launch in Florida. I'm 32 AM Apollo eleven. Lifting off. After traveling 240000. Miles in 76 hours Apollo eleven enters into a lunar orbit. The next day to lunar module eagle with Armstrong and Aldrin inside separates from the command module where college remained. Hours later the eagle begins it's descent to the moon and it did not come with alarm. Back yeah. Well. Normal under. The twelfth two large piece lunar modules computer is overloaded. If the problem cannot be corrected the landing will be aboard. Given the reading orbit partner program are. The control room silent but peaks who decide to go. Her. Tranquility base here. Ankle Atlanta. I get going. McClellan really got me on the ground you gotta might be gotten about scrambling to liberate it again back a lot. Breathe again the mission control they break into applause in Houston some wiping away tears. ABC news showing Americans all over the country watching. Here is Central Park in New York where it's raining on the people who was unmoved or I guess you would call them wounding and cheers back up for that can America. Daniel Armstrong emergence. Ever her probable or around July 20 10:56 PM Neil Armstrong walks on the moon. And to most famous works. Waldman. Waiting for American flag. In this image we all now know. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong the reflection in Altman's visor. He's the chairs they sat and yes and the consoles they sadness here in Houston. They show us where they have restored Apollo mission control the consoles the screams the Apollo program on the monitors. Even the cigarettes and coffee mugs are right where they were left in separate tightly helped lead the project. Takes us to the console flick director gene Krantz are sacked he. Tells wrenching stories it after they landed on the mend their worst cheering and controlling in the hall bureau of Gainer missions cheering because they had landed on the man. And she shows us something else here in a room with no preserves all of that history mate. She takes us to the console with a flight surgeons said the doctors and would be on the screen a heartbeat they had Neil Armstrong's vital signs right in front of them the entire time absolute and buttons write and mr. Collins right. It is they guided him from this room on that journey home a message. Left on the moon and. I haven't got a plan under them. Good put a bomb America. I can't think yeah. People all mankind. Our thanks to David for that he's very cool to see every created mission control with so many of the I'm also Neil Armstrong's Spacey will be on display at the airspace museum. Just read recreating that room and talking about obviously what happened fifty years ago is set an incredible way to honor. On the feet by man and by a woman those who are behind the scenes to get those men into space to the moon. And back home because we know when it came to gain back home it was just as big of a feat they are us om and this. Seeing eye that that they were smoking a lot the coughing out there is innocent. We've seen this before in movies. That when it comes the Apollo missions. And when I would see those guys smoking is that he it was stressful entire back I don't I don't. Smoky because of the health risk but I understand different yes when it obviously stressed out there so. You know what they did ABC news I've got today for more ovens marking the Apollo eleven's. Anniversary fifty years later they'll also be live in Washington all day for more reaction and new fallout from president comes races that tack on those poor minority congressman. That's it for now. Have a great day we'll see you tomorrow.

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