It's Morning, America: Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Puerto Rico protests erupt, Mueller prepares to testify, Boris Johnson named next U.K. prime minister and more.
25:05 | 07/23/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Good morning M cannot vote. I'm getting Norman here's the top I think you know this Tuesday number one a warning from the Justice Department to former special counsel Robert Mueller a Mueller is set to testify tomorrow on his investigation into the Russian interference in between sixteen presidential election. The Justice Department has telling Mueller not to stray from his public report. In a letter from a top justice official motto was also told not to discuss the actions of people who were not charged in the Russian investigation. After slamming the pro for more than two years presidents from now admits he may be watching. Number two in the US is denying Iran's claim that seven hit a run against have been arrested accused of spying for the CIA some of the suspects have reportedly been sentenced to death. Iraq Nancy television says these images which we've blurred Joseph CIA officers who ran a network of spies allegedly targeting Iran's nuclear military sites. Present from dismissed the claim as totally false. Ox number three now violent clashes overnight between police and protesters in Puerto Rico entered rocks and bottles at police officers fired tear gas and rubber bullets on the crowned this afternoon vigorous protests. On the island and decades demonstrators want government Ricardo Rick Seau to leave office immediately but he's refusing to step down into his term ends next year. This all started with the league of offensive messages between Ross radio and its inner circle the governor is digging and saying he has already apologized. And it's making amends. Number four the severe weather coast to coast violent storms left more than 570000. Customers without power across five states. The hardest hit among the five isn't your seat in New York City but here a Brooklyn subway station how to tell the waterfall thinks the flash flooding. And severe weather extended to the midwest with this funnel cloud that was spotted over Lake Erie. And filing ever private childhood favorites and neighbor to millions of Americans for decades the. First trailer for the upcoming movie a beautiful day in the neighborhood has been released and Tom Hanks and nail bed as mr. Rogers and his right cardigan. It's a beautiful thing in this small book this beautiful fruit in the room and would you do you mind. I never. Mr. Rogge is neighborhood ended in 2001 after 31 seasons the movie comes out. This Thanksgiving. You guys you stop. Tomorrow we go out won't you be my neighborhood. Territories PetSmart and America. Good Morning America she's somehow found cereal from the time that we could it 52. And I think from my coat again with the Nevada card again how there's zero away dragging your cereal it morning. I don't eat during these hours. Anyway and fed a diet be in this cereal aisle to get an hour ago. Lot of it still works yes good morning everyone great to have you whether that's she's dealt with the cereal I combine a card again. We are excited about Tom Hanks performance and so excited and why do we are neighbor probably get to that big. Story of the day the Justice Department warning Robert Mueller not to stray from his report when he testifies tomorrow before congress in a letter from atop cute justice official Mueller. Was also told not to discuss the actions of people who were not charged in the Russian investigation. After slamming the pro for more than two years president cup now admits. He may be watching ABC's mega temper is Ian joins us now with the latest good morning maggot. Good morning had a well ahead today we're learning that Robert Mueller. Plans to bring a prepared statement tomorrow and that is expected to testify for at least five hours. After months of anticipation the former special counsel will testify before the house judiciary and Intelligence Committees. First president promptly and Sistine he wouldn't watch. Then. Now I'm not here to be watching probably maybe you'll see a little bit of it I'm not going to be while watching Mueller. Because. You can't take. All those bites out of the apple. Robert Mueller is a reluctant witness appearing under subpoena he had hoped his report would speak for itself in a report is my testimony. I would not provide information beyond that which is already public. In any appearance before congress. Bullish report did not clear president trump of obstruction but attorney general William Barr did. Democrats planned to push smaller on why he didn't clear the president. If we had had called confidence. That the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. This Maureen a newly released letter by the Justice Department is advising Moeller not to go beyond the redacted report. President trump telling reporters this week the Democrats are wasting their time we had dead no collusion. No obstruction if we had no nothing. And the president Ari tweeting this Maureen saying he completely credible report and it's wasted everyone's time and taxpayer dollars. ABC will have live coverage other testimony starting. At 8:30 eastern time tomorrow cannot. Maggots before you go yesterday you are not in studio you are in studio today because you have serious. For the studio. But if the issue is are you know a lot of attention Kenneth yes I bride feels today not as this thing yesterday. My outfit actually matches there any doubt looks degree meg and now including Megan have risen and we appreciate and regular while we have you here what do Democrats expect to hear from Muller if he's not really anything outside of the report. No one democratic congressman from Rhode Island says. He doesn't expect the testimony to reveal any new. 2016 election. But rather Muller's testimony will present the report's conclusions of president trumps. Potential misconduct to a public audience mega do you is that I had asked you the more serious question before asking about your outfit learned I just pentagon at the flown here panic and I would with think we're time about Lawler but then we got back to my shoes and that's what we do you and sunamerica Roland let bitten and I exactly gotten meg and thanks for joining us this morning. Thanks and the top administration is expanding its powers to Fastrack deportation starting today immigration officers will have expanded authority to. Deport migrants in the country illegally for a less than two years. Without allowing them to appear before judge previously be expedited removal process was largely limited. To people arrested almost immediately after crossing the Mexican border. To Louisiana police officers were fired over a FaceBook post suggesting that congresswoman Alexandria caught your Cortez should be shot. One of the officers call the cause you Cortes a quote vial idiot. Who'll need to around and I don't mean the kind she used to surf when she was a bartender the other officer was fired for liking opposed neither will face criminal. Charges congressional leaders have agreed to a two year bipartisan budget deal that would raise spending by 320 billion dollars to suspend the debt ceiling. That deal would allow the government to keep borrowing to pay its bills the on the 20/20 elections and a berth the first ever the fault I'm US payments. President trump is calling it a real compromise ABC's Brett milky has the details. It has yet they're this question looming over congress with public drama around Robert Moeller skewering tomorrow. When Democrats and Republicans be able to reach a crucial spending. And this does not iron out which programs get what but it does get congress to limit the budget caps it needs to work within. And after a huge tax cut plan people are asked whether this was the time president trump could start enacting cuts. I spoke to ABC's Ben Siegel who covers congress and legally both sides have agreed to spend more money not less this. Agreement governs all the money the government spends that's money on foreign aid money on infrastructure money on social welfare programs. How much money was the subject of these negotiations and the outcome of course. Reflects money that goes into programs that impact people's lives and in a variety of ways and brother is something else hanging over all of us remember that deal between President Obama and congress in 2011 the budget control act. Really a focused on was reining in federal spending this was the sequester thing right we had to rein in spending or we're just gonna start painful cuts on everything. That's exactly right so the added incentive here for president trump and for congress was to make sure they did not trigger those automatic spending cuts under the terms of that agreement by President Obama nobody wanted that to happen. And at a crucial thing this does you guys it likely averts a potential government shutdown in the next year that is good news to anyone in Washington who say Mikey looking to win an election next year a lot more on the budget extravaganza on stark here later this morning. Listen on apple podcasts or if ever podcasting app. Generic and a. Our thanks to Brad. A growing wildfire has drilled a vaccine triggered evacuation notices north of Phoenix officials say the museum fire has burned more than 1000 acres near Flagstaff. After doubling in size between Sunday night in yesterday morning authorities believe the fire was caused by a humans. And evacuations are underway in northern California thinks so brush fire in Napa county. The 75 acre fire broke out yesterday afternoon crews say they are making progress against the flames. They're charges will be filed against the other main player in the asap rocky case the New York born rapper has been held but not charged since July 5 and Sweden. Following a street fight last month he says he was acting in self defense and a man harassed him and followed him his entourage. But Swedish authorities say it was the other man who is defending himself. An online petition calling for asap Rockies release has more than 600000. Signatures. The key to be more productive at work appears to be. Ignore your co workers and a half experts say the people you work with may be reigning human toll. Apparently every time they talk to you it takes 25 minutes streaking your focus. What experts suggest employees Wear headphones to send a message. That they should not be fair 25 minutes that's not look a lot to regain you're. You know what I'm saying. Cece because. If you're talking to the co worker depends on how longer talkie and Africa. By allying Oreo. I will not be ignored. Nobody had been corner coming up behind the thing that the better or roar campaign near the presidential hopeful had to say about immigration on the trip to Alice silence. And that's. Welcome back now to the race between forty and one of the issues figures understate. Immigration federal work took a trip to Alice island a gateway to America for so many immigrants. An ABC news was one of just two outlets to be able to tag along our campaign reporters bring out Stuart and thought ship has like that behind the scenes moments. Caylee Anthony Kennedy during his first visit to Alice island better or work. We talked about the similarities he filed with the historic Ellis Island. And immigration. US border today he cannot hard on Donald Trump yesterday take a look at what he cactus they. Flat out calling the president a rethink. Do you think president. It. Yes present as a racist. What we saw in North Carolina last week was almost an impromptu Nuremburg rally. Inciting hatred. And and ultimately I think implicit in that is violence against people based on the color of their skin. Based on the religion based on their difference from the majority. Of Americans and it is in keeping with the president. Who describes Mexican immigrants as rapists criminals who describes asylum seekers as animals or an infestation he says a Klansman. Or are very fine people. It's very clear in the past that he is taking us on. Yup Rihanna that we saw him really hit hard against the president that which is something that we've seen him do before but that definitely no holds bar at the time. Yeah yeah amendment you didn't see yesterday. Bechtel taking that tore. In the museum at a Alice island really coming with a wealth. Of knowledge a very different after that we Tharp from the first democratic debate yeah I know we remember rug it was kind of a scuffle between him at his fellow 20/20 year from Texas cast of young pastor. Who hit hard seeing. That's so you have not done your homework on immigration you need to get to work here I'm so we saw a very interesting side but to asking a lot of questions of the historians that were with us. Wanting to read every plaque go to every single exhibit and learn as much as he could end. Taking his own experience. About immigration. And being from a borderline city. On the front lines of it's really taking that to inform the empathy and the knowledge that he was learning at Ellis Island and take a look at this fight. With the back to and listen to what he had this thing. He says essentially it is our hope. What do you dancing like. Homeowners Rupert or come here. One. And not as good news it's the best thing for us. You know stocks on our boat ride back once we landed I spoke to Bechtel about that Obama debates seats when Castro criticize him about not. Advocating for a deacon eyes borders and here's YE Heath that he's against it. If we worry to ensure that Hillary lawful orderly path toward you become your joints and or to work a job more to seek asylum and run without being criminally prosecuted. Then why would you fight in. Without inspection. In between our ports of entry now under my administration if you do that that you're Seeking Asylum seeking refuge. We're here with the family we will not and we. Prosecutor. But if we encountered you despite the fact we changed our laws giving you an orderly safe house. To come here trying to defraud United States of America we're gonna hold you accountable for doing that there will be just so. And make sure that we maintain integrity. Of our borders while re writing or immigration laws we. Sure that people who wants its safe legal path to come here. Really interesting thoughts from one of the many 20/20 candidates out there making his pitch to the American people and will seek both Kim and his wife later today on the view for their first national interview together. Should be a lot of fun yeah both biewer net should be interesting. Man Kana. Are things debris on it Sasha two of the many. Campaign Betsey and I prep fit reporters we have. On the trail but already this season yeah I already have things then they'll be doing great work for the next year and a half. Let your roster spot did you McFarland and New London or we have breaking news about the United Kingdom's next prime minister Juliet good morning. Good morning Kevin good morning tonight yes it is a another big men and in British history this morning we have just lunched. That as a widely expected to Boris Johnson is to be the next prime minister. All but the United Kingdom now at the electorate that has put him into office. Wrap presents less than Hoffa has sent. All of the total number of people in the United Kingdom party member is all of the conservative and Unionist Ponte. Have been very saying the last few weeks a calm a campaign. The run by Boris on that positive attain some Breaston. And missed importantly taking the UK. Out of the EU. Now what he is not coming in to of is at an easy time and even before the announcement was made a string of resignations was preemptively announced by. Cabinet ministers who say they could nab a sub under Boris Johnson administration. Well written it's likely that he will have to remanded UK at an EU without a trade deal without a political agreement. With thick EU. There's very little time remaining for him to somehow whack around the politics of bots businesses and the British public all waiting to see how this is gonna affect their lives. Definitely a big day for the UK I'm moving on to Venezuela where blackout at stake in the nation by surprise announced battle president Nichols meant bureau. Is calling that a criminal attack. I'm city Kenneth these power cuts I deeply politicized by the government is very difficult thrust on this on exactly what is going on what we know. Is that eighteen out of the 23 states and Venezuela how soft said Powell I shortages. And I'm of course this comes at a time why the country is correcting with a deepening. Economic crisis. There been a number of power of power cuts the last few months there was one in Mott that lasted for a week. Or 23 states lost power in that attack and that additional inches of power led to her riots and violence on the street and not a power attack. Sorry power cut in April. Lost it and if you Lau is. But the government says that this is a cyber attack that this is a results of a foreign government. The opposition say actually that this is down to corruption and yet is of under investment but really important guys of course four million people have left Venezuela. Since Kenny fifteen according to the United Nations things are really really not looking good in that country. And nearly a back on the other side of the world incredible video out of China where a little girl who was dangling from the side of the building she was rescued and is okay. But I mean breakdown force what happened here. Guys this. Rick quite a difficult video to watch I see what happened was this five year old. And that that this and and that's Chinese county of Kwon non. Mother left her apartment to go get some great series and as you can see she fell through on the balcony but she was left dining from hathead. How a head was sort of as you can see some of the railings and by the side of head neck and his left dangling national show. How long fall but frankly firefighters managed to rescue aren't they Riddick the had to winds her route there's no way of extracting has safely but just. Apps may be terrifying. I think we'll she is OK this morning a do or cry thank you so much we appreciate it. Thanks guys he's our last check our notification is now starting with an adorable exchange this year which you. Not signing photographs calling the Washington spirited game this weekend Tony nineteen World Cup soccer champ Roosevelt. What surprised to meet this young fan. We really. You're like yeah. Perhaps you write it to them pose for a photo an exchange middle name is the older look wells is Kathleen the younger girls is. Julia what are the I. Flat at one animal shelter is taking advantage of a viral story. About stormy area fifty when we told you about it to help find for ever homes for their dogs in fact they even. Because of some of the pats as aliens as a way to get in on this hole by masses and gently you get those animals adoptive so they're saying. Or you are lose fat shelter yeah and then check out this dad so cute teaching. His baby sister lag serve. Happy if they're ready Maria and yeah. Flags so happy literally. Fit thinking that love that. I am moving onto a whining it was just mistake maybe she general purpose beautiful mistake if you've ever stole red wine on a white outfit I know I have. You might need to fly pack. The zona went above and beyond spilling even more on why injured when Ines goal to make it look like it was meant to be that way I gotta yeah. She said took it for glasses the Orion should it will only be a bit Johnson says she was quite drunk. When does have rights because I think that she was wet right from all of that why India over our so that's our question of the day these go Weiner yourself would you consider. During this would you go home and change or would you just. Live all at all. Let that comets or tweet a city BC news we've got to now. Our next up look at this perfect. A proposal up. Proposal yet oh I Phoenix did there. And this man popular let's talk the IO with a Golden Retriever dogs being noted puppies or some adorable photos there's no way to say marinara maybe she said. Oh yeah I think the puppy but now yet. That's your events. Less adorable illegally equally as fun Shaquille O'Neal and there is little doubt dim its best scene where he's not skin eyes dead. Yeah Brian didn't you know which one it's wait I don't know how old various. Yeah that's Jack Jackson big man to be going up against in the -- bad. He could hurt the value. Again there is about right. Having a good time. This is even aware of their care that he's literally just like living his bass line. You go check him. Well coming up a scary crash on the highway near Chicago good samaritans teaming up to save the driver trapped at a profit. One man says it restored his faith in humanity after this. Billups watch out for today president trump is scheduled to speak out the teen summit miss teen student action summit for turning point you have safe conservative nonprofit group. Then at lunch and secretary of state Mike Pompeo in the senate Republicans. Secretary of the army Marc Casper is on track to be confirmed as the next Defense Secretary in the new boat after the previous nominee Patrick Shanahan. But you're his name after domestic abuse allegations resurfaced involving his family at. BI director Christopher ray will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee today in an oversight hearing for the bureau of health Intel committee chair Adam Schiff will discuss what he hopes to hear from former special counsel Robert Mueller. At tomorrow's big hearing despite the Justice Department's warning Muller. Warning Mueller not to go beyond his written conclusion. It's plus or fifteen into the debrief for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines. In politics or not to an incredible rescue bystanders leaping into action. To help a driver tracked Ennis trapped in his truck that flipped over on a major Chicago interstate during morning rush hour. But it just certainly heart stopping but according to the driver of that truck speaking exclusively to ABC this morning the whole ordeal has restored his faith in humanity. Take a look. A miracle on I 88 outside of Chicago Monday morning the heart stopping moment a blowout causes this maroon pick up to lose control. Flip and spin you can even see the tragic coming off of the tire here. Very they had been likened. The rear for five seconds you know everything then afterwards they just laying there and you know just waiting for people who. To come and help. John Kramer blocking traffic with his own car running to see if he could help I just think it was the right thing to do is really the only thing today I didn't really cross my mind and Tom Myers on his way from his fulltime fire fighting job. To his part time firefighting job when he came upon the crash. Joining a group of good samaritans teaming up to flipped the car back onto its side of that point I knew we had to get the windshield and try to cut the seat belt using tools from nearby construction workers buyers in the others were able to break that windshield and cut off the seat belt freeing the driver. Do you stand on their race that I wanna get out. So we should probably wait for the fire department to show up. And that's when he proceeded jump out the window the group realizing he was okay started to each year finally he emerged out of the car came out we were all clapping it was. It was an amazing moment it's given me chills just thinking about it right now. The driver saying he felt lucky to be alive thanking everyone helped him before emergency crews transported him to the hospital. Where he was later released but just a few cuts and bruises. Just incredible video here and all they buy Sanders is jumping and help and Ulysses that you worked admire your know that area. I'm actually from that area. I'm from decal that an hour outside of Chicago which is right down I 88 a very busy roads. So incredible that people stop him on that interstate especially in the middle morning rush hour now. Times when it comes citizen's Texas that is who want to get involved because they're afraid. They can be injured or something like you back as well so newsdesk is calling hello to get a call right now the standby but thanks for joining if guys episode. We will see you tomorrow. Have a great day very big because it's ever stop dead.

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