It's Morning, America: Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Desperate search for tornado survivors in Alabama, a potential HIV breakthrough and more.
21:19 | 03/05/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Good morning I'm Kevin mouton and I'm getting Norman near the top I think you know this Tuesday morning number one the search for survivors in the south dozens of people are still missing little regard Alabama where a tornado killed at least 23 people. The twister packed wind speeds of 170 miles per hour carving a path of destruction 24 miles long. If the deadliest to hit the US in the past six years. Number two Hillary Clinton makes it official. And her first TV interview since the mid term elections Clinton tells news twelve Westchester that she will not run for president and point 18. I'm not running but I'm gonna keep working and speaking and standing up for what I believe I'm not going anywhere. What's at stake in our country the kinds of things that are happening right now are deeply troubling to me. Clinton says she's taking an active role working with democratic candidates ever carry out possible medical. Breakthrough scientists believe that for only the second time a patient seems have been cured of HIV. It was twelve years ago that Timothy Ray Brown of California was cured of that disease that causes the patient is remaining anonymous but his case is similar to browns. They both received Bo rail transplants from donors who at a rare genetic mutation that make it resistant to HIV. Expect to learn more at a conference today in Seattle. Number four Volvo will be taking steps to control one of the most dangerous things in a car. The driver the Swedish auto maker plans to cap the top speed of its new model that 112 miles per hour. It says too many people are seriously injured or killed because of excessive speed higher speed limited US is 85 but the German Audubon as new speed limit. And number five so what has finally claim to the massive one point five billion dollar Mega Millions jackpot. And there's a good chance we may never find out who they are the ticket for the largest single jackpot win in US history was sold in Simpson bill South Carolina in October. The winner has chosen to remain anonymous we do know they've decided to take the cash ops option. That means they'll get a whopping 878. Million dollars. Got a call the cousin down there South Carolina. It's morning America we've got everything you need to know to make it the best of your day even if you didn't win that Lotto. Good morning everyone and welcome to its mourning in America. So that Lotto winner. I was reading through the press release yesterday. They've got a New York firm that truck in the unit set up a fight aboard most tax rules of law that everything else. They went through methodically and set this thing got so varies. Art spirited Smart and I'm pretty sure is my cousin down in South Carolina. We thought I hope it is. An annual basis for our sake it is our present you away because then we're out of here yet that the Davis in your lap but we love it so much. Need it so much fun. A lot to get to today definitely watching so we'll get straight to the search first survivors after about deadly tornado outbreak. Some of the sites where homes that haven't been checked yet officials are hopeful they'll find survivors. And fearful they won't. This morning an urgent search and rescue boomer Goran Alabama it's. One day you got everything is being in the. Much of the community devastated. After two deadly tornadoes tore through at nearly the same time. Bowl my god here. Sure it. Follow my god. One with wind speeds 170 miles per hour car -- path of destruction 24 miles long. At least three children are dead including fourth grader Taylor Thornton. Families had very little time to take cover ABC's David Muir is on the scene this tornado came in so quickly with so powerful even for families who had. You know safe places in parts of their home more places to run to a tornado were to hit. It simply was not enough. Beginning Sunday afternoon several dozen tornadoes ripped across forced each. Homes smashed to pieces vehicles overturned and the roof for this local bar ripped right off. The windows those. Front of the store build and blue on the Montrose. Yeah and it was. It was scary in Fort Benning Georgia people shouldering employees including this bowling Alley. I. One woman and her family huddled together in their bathtub and Nestle has been axles on announcement and business. And that tornado Rambo regard as the deadliest hit the US in the past six years and now rescuers will be working with temperatures. In the twenty's. Turning now to Washington in today's big story or president trump is accusing Democrats of conducting a fishing expedition. After the arched a sweeping investigation digging and everything from his administration. Whose business empire. House lawmakers demanded documents from dozens of people and an eighties linked to the president ABC's Elizabeth her. Joined us in Elizabeth that includes from his sons and son in law. SA today family friends associates you name it Democrats say they want to talk to anyone who might have information who could provide them with documents and notes Bob. Phone conversations and meetings. There'd just doing their job but the president says. That's harassment. Overnight the White House blasting Democrats calling your lead as the investigation into allegations of corruption obstruction and abuse of how work. A disgraceful and abusive fishing expedition. White house Press Secretary Sarah standards writing a statement the Democrats are not after the truth they are after the president. Are you gonna quarry. Yeah. I cooperated all the time we've everybody. Yeah. Yeah. So. Let's look beyond the question of collusion House Judiciary Committee wants answers to everything from the firing a former FBI director James coney. To the hush money payments to stormed the annual to the president conversations with Vladimir Putin. And the problems are profiting from the presidency. Committee chairman Jerry Nadler on MSNBC laugh ninth. Our job is to protect the rules law. In this country remember we are talking about a situation where for two years the Republican congress did no oversight and the administration. Through Democrats on the panel are now demanding documents from 81 people and organizations close to the president. Including members of his formally signed Don junior and Eric and son in law Jared Kushner. Some of terms closest former aides and advisors like Steve Dan and hope picks and former White House counsel Don again. His current campaign manager Brad parks gal and the trump organization's chief financial officer Alan why so pork. They have two weeks to comply and if they don't Democrats say they will issue subpoenas and we have learned this morning that some of those people on that list have already started handing over this document to me two weeks and we'll be watching Elizabeth her thank you for joining us this morning. Police in California arrested more than eighty people overnight amid protests over the shooting of stuff on Clark. Demonstrators marched through east Sacramento demanding the officers who killed Clark B charts. After nearly three hours of protesting police arrested everyone who refuse to leave. Officer shot and killed Clark last year after he was suspected of vandalizing cars. Over the weekend prosecutors said the officers wouldn't be charged because it appeared. Clark was holding a gun while -- police that I don't he was holding. Turned out to DE self. And we have some breaking medical news this morning scientists believe a patient has been cured of HIV. Don't reveal more later today but if true it would be only the second known case of HIV being here. This morning a possible breakthrough in the fight against aids doctors say for only the second time in HIV positive person is now showing no Trace of the virus. It comes twelve years after American Timothy Brown known as the Berlin patient became the first known adult to be cured. Both patients underwent stem cell transplants from donors who carried a rare genetic mutation that made them resistant to HIV. Doctors say this second successful case shows that I'm proud was not an anomaly. We now have reason to believe that the Berlin patient was not a one off case meaning it is possible. To nearly or maybe even completely eliminate HIV from the body of an infected person. The patient in this most recent case known as London patient received the bone marrow transplant three years ago and stop taking medication eighteen months ago. Our doctors say it's too early to say he secured. Highly sensitive tests are unable to measure total amounts of HIV in his body. X were warned these treatments will likely not cure all HIV patients the procedure is expensive into risky and finding a match without genetic mutation is difficult. We're certainly optimistic that the London patients cured. But because we have only one case of confirmed cure so fine Amtrust scientists are working on not only how to cure HIV that helped confirm that HIV's cured. So big news there giving so many people lots of hopes watching happily. A top baseball executive is taking a timeout severance as the giants president Larry parent announced plans to take a leave of absence. After this yhency sports video showed a metaphysical argument with his wife. James has bear admits his behavior was unacceptable and is taking steps to make sure it never happens again. Last week the couple said they regretted having quote a heated argument in public and were embarrassed they're also apologize to his wife children and the giants organization. So two young sisters who survived nearly two full days in the wild weather now telling their story eight year old Carolina five year old Leah. She's really spent 44 hours in the woods behind their northern California home they were used skills they learn from a camp to survival. Flicking water off police say hydrated. Starting a fire to stay warming. Loss when they street too far from home. Re just playing a little more in any parent there. I can't think both fired. Catalyst Larry analyzed patient famous famous locked my sister crying when you sound. I think holidays and happy for I. Correct me he kept watch from us and it. Well there you go and I want to make sure correct that eight year old Lee and a five year old Carolina want to get it right because these are amazing and a bull. Incredible young girls here and two of the hundreds of volunteers who took part in the search found the girl's. Following their boot tracks the local sheriff call their survival and apps salute mere. And it seems like they really knew what to do getting water from the droplets off leaves. The older ones starting a fire I don't even know that I could do that so kudos yes there is. We. I think at the we might be due to debt even at this age. All right going up and up. Ford together in public for the first time this year and the royals reacting now to some toxic behavior on social media. Or accidents. Welcome back let's go across the bronze I'm through our London bureau or Julian Bartley is watching some other stories happening around the globe. Julia let's start with Venezuela we know opposition leader won why go return there even though they were threatening his arrest if he did. Exactly morning guys now one guy Dave the SF the Clinton term president Venezuela he just arrived back into the capsule Caracas. His supporters will be really pleased at how he came back there and forget that he faces. Arrest under a Supreme Court issued travel by. He wasn't allowed to leave the country which he did in recent weeks to drum up international support he visited a number of Latin American countries. But he's three straight back into the capsule went right to save immigration and sailed straight game because of the US. Here there was some speculation that he might cross the border in the dead of night trying to evade authorities. That he had quite a triumphant let's who was greeted with a large group of international. Officials and diplomats including a bunch of American officials so new. It's at presumably to help put pressure on avoiding you Venezuelan authorities from putting any arrest on him. And there's. Developing situation and Canada. What's going I would Justin Trudeau in his administration. Yes this is the biggest political crisis that mr. Trudeau has faced since he took office and finding fifty in this is quite an escalating row. This huge engineering construction company that faces charges of bribery. Not it's one of the biggest construction and and and companies in the wild. It faces charges that it opener on study six million dollars in bribes to Libyan officials. On a number of prominent. Minnesota's an aids have resigned from the government saying that they fed that was political Prussia. Are on the government by the government gave to the attorney general to try and that sort of help the a criminal trial. For the not fund says that they have clean house that they've got rid of back rocked executives and they want. To have a remediation agreement as at a very trial the government is concerned of course the thousands of jobs in the back. But recent Levy treasury of the top treasury minister she resigned. Citing her principles. A that it facets of bigfoot missed its you don't have questions about the kind of a game but the polls adult taiba. And before you go back to your site of the Atlantic we need an update on the apple that's. Yet a look see the fob for today this lunchtime. But says gave to be the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the invest its all of the prince of Wales but of course Prince Charles. Some of the queen Arab tyrants. To the cream and he is basically it's it's celebrating fifty years of his role. As our parents that's what we invest a chip means it's just pokes lead. Mocked king fifty is it has rolled his he had the role since he was a child but he took cop his GTE's. A fifty years again this yet and the growth are also responding to an increase an online abuse against the dot to says Kate and meg and they've updated the social media policy. I may have cost uses. Anyone engaging with all official media channels say Pepsi kindness and respect for all of the members. Abbas social media communities. Says that's going to be a bunch of celebrations in Buckingham Palace this lunchtime some Welch charities and businesses and organizations. Associated filed for reunite said and haven't looked upon. The duke and duchess of Cambridge in the UK and Dutch is a Sus six I would be in that have forced area that is B five. So Julie don't Miami I'm just a little math I I hope you're invited some way from seeing some form for that celebration. One day one can and it has all right our friend thank you so much we appreciated SPF social media let's check our their obligations C west trending now. Please keep your comments clean the day. Why why. I think one of others that you. The drug director Elizabeth rob yeah so what I read it I was like oh what did you do. I don't know either with it because he's dancing grooms because you trust me I'm not that into a pop pop pop. I mean it's really nice that they dance for the ride and that all news men whose party will get home wedding party about it. You know that as funding meant a little choreographed that reception. I'm not myself and it was behind so here's what's being called the band's challenge may have if you don't know sneakers that have a long tradition with skateboarders. Wearers are posting videos proving that no matter how do you throw your band's. They land. Laces. Some believe that happens because of the design of issues and their heavy souls. We should tell you for journalistic integrity here there is video evidence of Samir is not landing face up. Bands has not commented on this challenge. As people are still reveling in the fact that most are available and police since pretty. A driver experience of very dangerous surprise out of Austin highway watched is. Who and I he's off an overpass near Logan Airport practiced windshield. It's believed to snowplow. Push the snow off the overpass the Massachusetts port stories investigating. That driver was not hurt but so scary. You know it's amazing that somebody who have these dash cameras now they're not just for police anymore three gave folks have them. Ours are all all you're right LI before I feel like in other countries haven't but now here in the US some people have them. An Odyssey now this can be used for his insurance and four to really help him out there so. Well hey it's Marty gram. And Fat Tuesday deeper celebrate around the world. Here's a look at celebrations in new or limbs we'll explain what the holiday is all about. After that. Welcome back coming up later today on ABC news live the Ohio team. Who got vaccinated against the that this which is after asking for help online and other experts will testify. Some of a senate committee. Stopping for preventable diseases and it's Mardi outlook was just found celebration in. Leo and more effective date gets underway plus delegates into hinting that the debrief for an update on our top stories in a briefing room for a breakdown apparently. Headlines in politics. So we said today. Is the day before Ash Wednesday so of course that means only one thing. And Arctic. And proper days it's true Tuesday its best known as Fat Tuesday and it's the reason for. Marty drop storing it all out for us this morning. Our very own party boy will gay and it is also will Burt. I got laughs didn't yet. Syndicate web happy are headed for a burger at ease up my full name and the rest of for Stanley. But I'd take Fat Tuesday to heart and into the gut. Yes and this is all that's left for days the daily calories don't count golf. But the free start enjoying some kind of early mornings we treat like I am it's probably best to know what Fat Tuesday is and why we celebrate it. Okay. Thousands of years ago religious leaders in Rome incorporated local pagan rituals as a way to prepare for life. A season of fasting and penance yes the original Mardi Gras was an act of the church. Now not so much modern day Mardi Gras is a weeks long celebration called carnival. Marty got translates a Fat Tuesday and French in the heart of all season. Gets its name from the medieval Latin for removing meat. Back in the day it was all about getting rid of food in preparation for Lance and wild card of all is this season party guys just one day. The Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. This year New Orleans will welcome roughly one point four million revelers which translates to a whole lot of those in the misdeeds in fact between 2017 and eighteen. The city of New Orleans removed more than 93000. Pounds of Mardi Gras beads from the city streets the city and it strains. Decked out in purple gold and green which symbolizes justice faith in power according to tradition. Outside of New Orleans saint Louis Missouri claims to have the second largest Marty got celebration. And Mobile, Alabama letting loose claiming to have been home to the first ever American Marty gras. Back in 1703. Around the world Kart involved will be celebrated all over from Quebec to Germany to the rock is streets of real. Or if you're looking for more chill celebration grab yourself a king cake or birthday cake. And put the Graf in Mardi Gras all by yourself well. That's fine but we want to know what it over your birthday. Well after this I'm gonna take probably eighteen hour nap in the attic for awhile. The real celebrations are going to be this. You guys miss it what we are on a break but we actually just isn't karaoke. And cappella version of beyoncé is irreplaceable. And it was really great it was great we won't do for you now I'll spare you. At a Lansing we just a couple months now you must not know that being you must not know about me. I've got happy and I they. Or will have to pay for this. Here that we don't want to oh. Queen bee idiot you're an expert I paid enough and tickets and hey guys happy bird that a well we love this guy can you protect women meant. I'm yeah. Terror bombing. We do.

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