It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019

Former President Jimmy Carter hospitalized, Supreme Court to hear DACA arguments, severe winter weather alert and more.
22:51 | 11/12/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019
The warrant cannot move cannot goes out the Carrot Top but things to know this Tuesday. Number 195 year old former president Jimmy Carter is in the hospital for brain surgery today the goal is to relieve pressure on his brain which. What's caused by bleeding after recent falls Carter has fallen at least twice a lot spot means. Number two the weather snow freezing rain and bone chilling cold is spreading across several states. Current radar shows a line of storms stretching from Texas to Maine with 65 million Americans in the hot. Some areas are bracing for temperatures dropping to near zero and afraid to extend into the south it'll eventually feel like 25 degrees it's far south as Houston. Aunts and number three president front says this week he will release a transcript of his first phone call Ukraine's president detailing the conversation. Months before the call that triggered the impeachment investigation he describes the call France spent as tantalizing and has declared himself the most transparent president in history. Meanwhile as Democrats prepare to begin public impeachment hearings tomorrow they've released a new batch of transcripts from closed door testimony. A pentagon official testified that aides were confused but a hold placed on military aid to Ukraine. And a State Department official sat there was concern that US policy would be shifted. To accommodate domestic politics we had deplore her number four where a police officer from Oklahoma is in custody charged with murdering his boss police chief of looking Miller front Manfred Oklahoma. Was found dead and at Pensacola beach books home room. Investigators say the chief than one of his officers Michael nearly. Got into a fight in Miller died from his injuries this to a reporter for conference newly is being held without bond and finally number five you're preparing to host Thanksgiving this year. A new survey ranks the biggest mistakes made. At Thanksgiving dinner. Number wine is not all of the cooking is done on time or the same time. I know all about that when Bob ran out of line with the third biggest problem followed by. This built. Dish and forgetting and it's until the ingredient camp and it's also the cheese and McEntee is. Called food or lack of food also made the list for getting someone's food allergy and up an artist Barack and I got a Carrick area. Actor. These things. Don't cry the Turkey. Or the half a clip that you had one job worth the cranberry sauce everyone welcome rigs possibly that's that. You have what everyone's great headline because a happy back. Other meg doing. If that would cover all yesterday on my got and the whole what happened that day. At a happens that. All the time to sit down slightly and I contacted via while people were glad to back here was born in America paint and you welcome back on the subject Lackey no. Down south grade was at South Carolina it was not South Carolina but not everything on her Virginia South Carolina to. A life or is down South Carolina idea that you've been I think the talk about south you know little bit stuff from there yeah. Art's let's get right to that big story overnight former president Jimmy Carter. Is now back in the hospitals he suffering from pressure on his brain ABC's Elizabeth her is here with the latest this morning good morning Elizabeth. Let at a morning yet another health scare for former president Jimmy Carter hasn't waking up in the hospital for surgery scheduled for later this morning this family. Now asking for prayers. Former president Jimmy Carter back in the hospital this time for brain surgery. The Carter Center confirming the 95 year old is at Emory university hospital in Atlanta for the procedure to relieve pressure on his brain. ABC news learning this swelling in his brain is due to multiple faults he fell back in May breaking a hit then he felt twice last month. I fell down and hit by far right. Or sharp vision and had to go to hospital. Carter seen here following his fall in early October the Atlanta Braves hat covering his fourteen stitches and a black guy. Another fall just two weeks later left Carter with a minor pelvic fracture. But despite his health issues in recent years including brain cancer in 2015 the former president never slowed down. Children who support here for one of his favorite causes and habitat for humanity bank in Nashville. And teaching Sunday school as recently as last week than earlier this month the longest living US president made headlines revealing he was at ease with death. After his bout with cancer in 2050. Yeah. Yeah. Hosted prayer. It is. It is okay. But Carter went on to say his only concern about dying was missing his family while right now he said to be resting comfortably. With his wife Rosalynn by his side. Mona thank Elizabeth for that appreciate it. Well the widow of Elijah Cummings hopes to succeed him in congress. My Iraqi more Cummings tells the Baltimore Sun that she is the best choice to carry out his legacy. Elijah Cummings died last month at the age of 68 his widow is a public policy consultant. Who ran for Maryland governor last year for consulting areas include health and education policy. And there may be another late comer in the race for the White House sources say former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick could announce his bid this week ahead of the filing deadline in New Hampshire. Patrick is a close friend a former President Obama. He ruled out a presidential run early this year but he reportedly doesn't think the other candidates have gained the necessary political momentum. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is also considering entering. The race and protesters are gathering outside the Supreme Court is the justices prepared to hear arguments today. On the fate of doc that's the Obama era program protecting hundreds of thousands of young immigrants known as dreamers. That a trump has been trying to shut down the program since Tony seventeen about for many dreamers we know. That they're fearing deportation in the US is the only home they know ABC's Brett milky has the details. And it's right you know a lot of people have forgotten about docket was two years ago that the trump administration tried to roll back will the courts that kept intact. And now to date will finally go in front of the Supreme Court. Under president Obama's executive order young undocumented immigrants unable to applied to stay in the US drug administration said we're canceling nest. So for courts have so that reasoning is not good enough I thought it's unclear whether these justices will agree. And to give me a sense of how fired up so called dreamers are about this one group marched more than 200 miles to DC to see these arguments on foot. In fact this morning. A line has formed around the court people hoping to Gideon. Actually spoke to one young man a 21 year old doctoral recipients and congressional intern in one. EC. It's abouts. Evan B people who have been here for the past two nights we've just been outside bearing the cold and I a and just keeping warm. Creating communities sharing food to sharing our stories that we sent an effort to a full night's. Yes so it does happen to be that one of the most historic cases that affects me directly. Is going to be while I'm out here so I said you know this is history in the making and they want to be here for it. And get this you guys one of the lawyers who will be arguing his case in court is a 31 year old dock a recipient himself as in. He is one of the people who could potentially be deported. If he loses this case a lot more on start here early this morning listened on am. Apple podcasts receiver podcasting app. Kenneth Mona big thanks to Brad there and the head of Hoover is under fire after calling the murder of a Washington Post columnist mistake similar to a car crash during an inner. You with a new side axial as a CEO was pressed about the company's ties to Saudi Arabia which is the worst fifth largest shareholder. He was also asked about the CIA's conclusion that the Saudi crown prince ordered the assassination. Of columnists Jamal to show be. I think that government. Said that they made a mistake well in the state and somebody's pants and it's. It's it it's a serious mistake we made mistakes to write with self driving. And we start driving and we're recovering from Mountain States I think people make. CEO apologized for the comment after a boycott Gruber. Became a trending topic on line now to breaking news overseas more violent protests and Hong Kong today police fired tear gas at pro democracy demonstrators. Who blocked roads and rail lines schools are closed because of safety concerns the escalation and violence follows this shooting at a protest but police. After months of silence the US State Department is urging both sides. To show restraint back here at home we're dealing with that wintry weather with snow freezing rain and bone chilling cold spreading across several states. On the radar right now a line of storms stretching from Texas to Maine. But 65 million Americans and the path. Some areas are bracing for temperatures dropping 20 near zero. This morning winter is arriving early for millions of Americans. More than a month before the season's official start a fast moving storms bring us. Ice and rain halo 2 so that I am a scraper. Loma booths snow fell overnight in new England and upstate New York were up to a foot it's possible in some areas behind the storm another round of Arctic air would temperatures below zero near Chicago. And freezing temperatures are now expected as far south as the Gulf Coast. I think no matter what you will all notice the cold out 25 that feels like in Houston seven below for dewine. And here New York City by Wednesday morning it will feel like fifteen. At least four deaths have been blamed on the deepest level. Conditions in Kansas City an apparent weather related crimes slip this car dangling over the edge of a highway unbelievable situation Eric somebody trapped in this car. That almost went over the edge. The driver rescued escaping we just minor injuries and a skiers snowy O'Hare international airport engine cargo. We're an American Airlines flight slid off the icy runway while attempting to land a lot of us I mean we're the number of us around us we felt we are gonna win so it was. Definitely scary those storms and ground at least 15100 flights. Nationwide. Detroit doctors have taken a drastic step to save someone from the effects of eight bank. They performed a double lung transplant on a victim of it's believed to be the first in the country. For the effects of a beeping related lung injury more than 2000 people in the US have become sick and after beeping and 39 died. The head of mass transit and the San Francisco Bay Area is apologizing to a rider after an incident. Involving a breakfast sandwich Steve Foster was eating a sandwich last Monday when a transit officer told him writers aren't allowed to eat on platforms. Foster refused to show his ID and was eventually handcuff key was cited for eating on the platform. And is gone apology from the system general. Manager. That we have says mad a little. Frustrated still an angry about it I'll that they just are focusing on set that actually matters like he was in a dove pop in the Bard argument in the stat. Officer admits to cursing at the officer and using homophobic slurs. As a situation escalated and he says he does not accept the apology he received. And may take legal action well coming up the veterans day gift that changed the life but one former Marines but first a Bentley fight for the right to keep their baby on life support. By the hospital disagrees and what it Johnson decided after this. We turn now to the legal battle over baby's life in Texas doctors say it's time to and life support for a nine month old because she's in pain. But the baby's family is fighting back and now her future is being decided in court. This morning a heartbreaking medical dilemma in Dallas that's our debate. We wanted to give her all the chances they're hawk. Nine month old Tinsley Lewis has spent her entire life in the hospital with a rare heart condition and lung disease. Now Tinsley medical team says her condition will never improved and the treatment keeping worldwide is causing her pain. The hospital gay family ten days' notice required by law and plan to stop the band leader yesterday. But a judge has now stepped in issuing a temporary restraining order. I thought they'd saleswoman pool pulled out having. I thank day she was going to still be here today and I so grateful for. In a statement the hospital called the decision gut wrenching. But said quote we feel it is in her best interest to free her from artificial medical intervention. And suffering this morning her family says Tinsley deserves a chance to fight. I finally that what apple role play. If that machine is giving her. It's nick you don't. Take it away. The hospital says nearly twenty other hospitals have refused to take Tinsley in as a patient. An agreed with the doctor's assessment the judge has now given the family until November 22 to find a hospital willing to admit her. Let's check our notification is now starting where this. Act wait for you to. He this and all that blur and action I'm naked man dancing to don't stop believing in this video he so guess why. He is actually. A police officer and Conway Arkansas. That man there now has thirty days off without pay in after being suspended for bringing quote discredit an embarrassment to the force. The nude and apparently drowned performance happened at a nightclub in Little Rock last month. The officer. Has not comment are you surprised by that that he hasn't. Setting words I mean that song does things the people. It didn't stop believing they get naked and a buyer. Aaron well next up watch this baby flamingo learn how to plot outline as is not in pink yet. So cute adorable and all learning to walk. Hey meg Scott where startled by a concealed lizard and the suspect's pocket watch this had a concealed let what are you got in there enemy will poke me and then. Yeah. It's Florida ha facing the Florida there have been on the hood right there. Vote bottle of good old ground. Look I imagine is there anything that. UN tell me the lizard in my pocket. Code for anything via. Listen. Maria god. Again the site or index of veterans today to remember as a marine lost his legs got the gift of the Smart home at. Oh incredible Gary submit its foundation. He is the actor from. Forrest god who play lieutenant Dan who we hear me and as Gary Sinise foundation skis me. And with that he label to build him the Sonics they would have them a Smart home obviously that helps them get around because he lost his legs while. Serving. Overseas for this country Amy's. As hip for tours of duty. And that now he has that beautiful Smart home base of the foundation there. Anderson time for our veterans of the possession have been. Well next to a snowy day in the midwest that didn't stop to College Soccer teams from playing. In Michigan farmers in Milwaukee Matt in the Horizon League quarterfinals. They played through more than a few snowflakes with nine inches falling in some parts of the motor city. Milwaukee finally broke that I scored the first goal 51 minutes into the match the Panthers line. Stu nailed it can defeat the field it's called. At a solid personal plainly act on and on timing along can't gone along jobs. At 61 why even the coach said look. I know about Wisconsin and about this weather but this is a little bit too much. With all that snow is beginning to look a lot like Chris matters even a Los Angeles where the world's tallest slide at Christmas tree. Has been let. I'll look at that he is lit and has evolved to woo. He's Guiding Light let a hundred feet on my ass and you thought tracked her top off that. It all right there inevitably Hugh I don't how about some. Of that plane yeah. Are a lot and this story I just love it it's a trip to a pet store turned into reunion for a Florida family check it out they went. Took bets Mark Jackson all over the weekend looking to adopt a kid in the that saw a brown and white dog about to go on a walk it turns out that dark. Maine don't be along to his family. Doping has been missing since August and was taken and as a stray last month that called out Adobe and dopey ran right to data that family. They'll all reunited. And it. Do things like there's a lot of questions that need to be answered. Are you looking for a game I think guys lose me ring how to and that here. Today ever get a cat. They denied what they had direct. To deliver dinner as of aren't so good his little dance. These robots are all that's Hough at the University of Houston. There are thirty of them rolling around campus all students need to do is download an app. Put in a form of payment and these robots will come with food anywhere on campus. Thanks so few good hits like didn't hits like a bigger rumor that just. Do you food if you actually may actually love the robot can complete their lot of really don't know what they're my mouth and upset they're running on the phone records and Cameron. They're super cute then they're very polite its chemical seen actually worked sinden doesn't run into people use veins. Is the first campus in the state of Texas to have its own fleet. Bob autonomous delivery robots here on campus although it seemed simple there's still a learning curve for some students currently. You're from her rumored. It's like Hoover tiny configures follower you wanna get delivered in south. Relative like Tony missing in my food and all I heard she even two so. I don't Donna and I yes not bad the robots travel 46 miles per hour and maneuver mainly on sidewalks using numerous sensors. That is a bubble of awareness around the robot and it won't get. Too close to anything. I think it's really cool like at first a little skeptical. It just goes and does its own job. So the robots can cross streets climb Kurds travel at night and operate in both of rain and it's now how fast that they go. 46 miles per hour case they've got food from the you know drug because the event so instead of doing the drug college students doubled now the robot can do it for you all that's certain that's look like it was a low rider. Alex I know just like add a little like heavy lake he left us out a I can go wrong. With this being a college campus like if you get towed. I mean get up parking ticket like I did for years that they can all turn my freshman fifteen into a freshman fifteen the real play Brill Brill but I well thank you think present but that is our question of the day do you want robots leverage your crew tell us what you think in the comments. Our tweet us at ABC news live will Ganz what's your answer I am a 100% want some robots delivering my good robots and an irrational they're robots taking over so nothing camp. Is it also come with music so we can do the robot. It is saying hey I had. Yeah. I doubt we'll tell you what the what's up or on this busy Tuesday but the emotional moment on last night's jeopardy that everyone's talking about. After this. Here's a watch out for today president from the scheduled to speak at the economic club that you are. Participate in a roundtable with supporters. And speak get a finally. Kitty reception before returning to Washington the Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether the trump administration's decision. To and the deferred action for childhood arrivals or doctoral program is lawful. Meanwhile docket recipients families and immigrant justice advocates say the home is here rally outside the court. Democrats in congress will follow the Republican controlled senate to pass the dream of provost act renews support for. Undocumented immigrants with a her temporary protected status. And the Disney plus streaming service launches today customers will be able to receive content from marvel start wars Pixar. National Geographic Disney classic and new originals Disney is. Of course the parent company of ABC news. Kind of losing an online I that you are I don't Lizzie McGuire. My right on top that. You know you're doing after his white America. Plus every advantage of the debris front of them are top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. And finally this sweet moment on jeopardy that just hugged at our hearts frank it happened last night on jeopardy is tournament of champions during final jeopardy. Contestant. Through our instead of writing and his question did something that took out extra backed by surprise. You. You're smiling I like that let's take a look at your response did you come up with a right one know. What is we love you out that's very kind thank you. Cost shift 1990 plant that left with a five bucks okay. Let's go to Kyle Jones. I hear the emotion there entry next voiced our. Left with only five dollars right away his shot at old Atlanta but it was clearly worth that but again he looks like he knew that he was not going to win. And the Boettcher there who. Hopefully some will face off with teams holds power she was the high score. And he's like look I'm not gonna when. Let us in this little message of love and support touts for vacuum that was received and now it's going viral this morning. And it's not gallons but James holds power power deputy song. I was in the term of the champion I was lightning debt Columbus triggers an outlet NN I they're they're back and we can't wait to see what happens. Herman of champions are right that's it for us as a great testimony here. Thank you so but she got NBC how to get one.

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