It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019

Iran won’t talk to the U.S. at any level as Trump plays down “locked and loaded” rhetoric, Elizabeth Warren draws crowds in New York and more.
27:19 | 09/17/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna move. We have Monaco's are happy here the top but things to note this Tuesday. Number one of rising tensions with the Iran Iran's supreme leader says there will be no talks with the US ending speculation about a possible meeting this month. His announcement came one day after president Tom played down talk of possible military action. The response to the massive attack on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities and US officials have pointed the finger at Iran for that attack. Number two a police officer in Tuscaloosa Alabama has been fatally shot it happened that he was trying to track down a suspect wanted for robbery and assault. Investigators say the officer followed the suspect into a house. They exchanged gunfire not suspect is now in custody the forty year old officer leaves behind two daughters and a fiance. He's the fourth officer and Alabama killed in the line of duty this year alone onto numbers three and other death is being blamed on. This time in central California is that seven deaths nationwide. The news came just hours after the state of California announced it will crackdown on counterfeit beeping supplies and devices. Meanwhile at the federal level the CDC. Has now activated its emergency operations center to coordinate its response to the rising number of anything related illnesses and deaths number of course Saturday Night Live inspired a new cast member before you can makes his debut on the show. Is reigniting the debate over what's comedy what's offensive Jane Gillis was fired after video and surface. Mimicking a Chinese accent using a racist slur to refer to Asian people including a joke. And I presidential candidate Andrew Yang Yang has come to his defense saying give us should not lose his job the two are now planning to meet. And finally number five Alex about his speaking exclusively with ABC news about his battle with pancreatic cancer talking while war without TJ Holmes who sent me on Ural reveal what he told his co workers when he got back to work. Posting jeopardy. I enjoy what's going on now it. I realize. It's there is an end in sight for me just says there is for everyone else. One line that I used with our staff in recent weeks and months is that when I do. Pass off one thing they will not safe at my funeral is oh he was taken from us too soon hey guys 179 years old had. One hell of a good life. As long as I can walk out and greet the audience and the contestants. And run the game I'm happy. He also revealed the recent setback. He says he's currently undergoing a second round of chemotherapy. And a struggle to regain his strength what we are all bring crowds to back this morning. Let's get right back breaking news Iran's supreme leader is speaking out after the recent attack on Saudi Arabia's oil industry he's vowing to cut off all communication with the US. It comes as US officials point the finger at Iran. For the attack on the Saudi oil field. ABC news has learned about a potentially crucial piece of evidence that has been found ABC's Trevor alt has all the new. Trevor good morning. Good morning Mona good morning Kenneth get attention in the gulf is still extremely high we nor Ronnie and officials have said. That they are prepared for full fledged war but on the US side. The reaction does seem to be saddling a little better at least being. A little bit more knew once we know that immediately this weekend president trumpets of the United States was locked and loaded. Now he sort of appearing to be willing to take its time he says there's no rush to respond as they continue to gather more information about this attack on it. Saudi oil facility and yesterday he was asked what is his message to Iran. Take a listen to what he had to say. I think I'll have a stronger message or maybe no message it'll when we get the final results of what we're looking good right now it's too soon to say I don't want war with anybody I'm. Somebody they would like not to have more. So several American officials including secretary of state Mike Pompeo after this attack happened immediately said Iran was responsible. President trump has banned a bit more cautious in his wording he says it looks like it was Iran. But the evidence isn't yet definitive in these kind of waiting to see. As that investigation unfolds and something that could help and that investigation. Is something that a source in the US government has told us we know that. Twenty drones and nearly a dozen cruise missiles were fired in this attack. Our senior US official tells us one of those drones and one of those cruise missiles. Have been recovered mostly intact so that should help in the process of maybe verifying. Who exactly is responsible in this attack we know that are Ron from the beginning has said. They didn't have anything to do with that they are staying. Steady in that response saying. That it wasn't them even though many US officials believe that it was an even so. The possibility may be diplomatic talks between these two countries it is not looking very good we know that in the past president trump many other US officials it said. He be willing to meet with Iran with no preconditions the president now says. That is not true and then also you touched on that breaking news the Ayatollah. Now saying that there will be no talks with the US between Romney less. At any level. Guys and try to this situation expected to have an impact here in the United States and we may even see a spike in gas prices. Yeah then that's possibly happening very soon within the coming weeks analysts are expecting gas price spike of as much as a quarter per gallon which really does add up and especially problem could be happening. In California that state really relies more on the oil supply that comes from Saudi Arabia with. Apple Saudi Arabia's oil commission. That's really going to be a significant hit but president from. Is sort of downplaying the problem he spoke at a campaign rally in New Mexico. He accused the Obama administration of a war on American energy they he has sensed ended he says. We have a lot of oil we have a lot of gas a couple years ago says they'd be an aching. But he's very calm and says that Americans don't have it were up. All right Trevor. All thank you for the breakdown from Washington we appreciated. And the president made a surprising claim Monday while discussing how prepared the US military is to take on Iran or any other country he says shortly after taking office. Then Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told him the US is very low on ammunition. And asked him to hold off on a potential military strike. It's not clear what the president was referring to but there were reports last through the US was running out up bombs. Matt as house declined to comment. And New York City prosecutors have subpoenaed president comes accounting firms seeking eight years of his personal and business it. Returns to the district attorney's office had previously subpoenaed the trump organization for records related to hush money payments for porn star stormy Daniels. Apparently arranged the silence her. About an alleged affair with the president. Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren drew a massive crowd here in New York the biggest of her campaign so far. She did she took direct aim at president from calling him corruption. In the flash. Tenet did not I'm here in the massive sell you line outside of Elizabeth Warren's event she just wrapped up a little while ago and voters are here is standing in line eighty for hours waiting to take its stealthy character. You'll see here it goes all the way back here. Through apart sleep probably got winding through the pat estimated. Around when he thousand people it's the largest campaign events. Yet this cycle we spoke to some of the people here in these massive crowds now and they said that what really resonates with them is she's fighting for the little guy with her plans. Like rapid change in Washington and throughout the country. New York City it's getting harder and harder to let's hear every keeps it going salaries don't go up if it's sickening to me it. The smallest thing people have wealth. Let's. And it's time constraints that he's a fighter and she always says that I'm here to fight him. C it is. On lovable and he doesn't seem to ever be a little lost some very very well goes and. What's interesting is that the working families party he progressive group here and everything into restaurants seeing today that she had her massive rally here in Washington. There are putting it into team. Of course Bernie Sanders tonight endorsing Elizabeth Warren and that she's got her making her kids but when he went. A big night for Elizabeth Warren who has been surging in the polls but she still have a ways to go to catch up to. Sanders and front runner former vice president Joseph Biden. Moving on the United Auto Workers and General Motors are and nonstop talks what a source says they are nowhere near reaching a deal for a new contract. Nearly 50000 UAW workers are on the picket lines at GM facilities in nine states. A main sticking point seems to be the union's demand that GM bring some jobs that were moved to Mexico back to the US officials say talks are going nonstop. Until a deal is reached. Another US service member has died in Afghanistan NATO says the American was killed in action but isn't providing any other details as the seventeenth US combat death there this year. They've also been three noncombat deaths and the nearly eighteen year war 2400 Americans have died in Afghanistan. Now to disturbing results from the new nationwide study revealing the more than three will million women say their first sexual encounter. Was raped that's one and sixteen women between the ages of eighteen and 44 who were either forced or cool worsened to have egg sacks for the first time. The average age of the victims was just fifteen years old compared to 27 for the assailants. Researchers believe the actual figures would be much larger that the study was done after the need to movement and if women of all ages were included. Well for a boss or. Red Sox star David Ortiz is opening up about the shooting that nearly killed him big poppy met with reporters in Boston yesterday what he says when he was shot. He thought he was in the middle of a nightmare that's doctors tried to save him he had one concern on his mind. I remember telling the doctor before a for the tourists leave rewards. Let me die in their kids that are when I would agree with him. And of the solar worry about my kids. Or T says he's not afraid to go back to his native Dominican Republic. However he says he plans to be more careful also said he was in the wrong place. At the wrong time. In the polls are now open in Israel for one of the most import elections. It's more than seventy years of existence Benjamin Netanyahu is already longest serving prime minister. But he's also the only party leader who couldn't form a government after winning an election ABC's Brad Melky has more front. It yet they're so much tension in the Middle East right now and today Israel could see its biggest political shake up in a decade. Israelis are heading to the polls deciding whether to elect. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at if this sounds familiar it's because we did this back in April Netanyahu on. Other parties refuse to work with him so today we've got to read you. Nothing about it to win that. That race Netanyahu had to overcome these huge corruption scandal prosecutors were calling for his indictment so I asked ABC's Giordano Miller in Jerusalem. How could he lose this today. Essentially there's been a rebellion in the right wing bloc that has cats Netanyahu in power for ten years. And suddenly one it is bigger players has said remain unfinished I'm done I'm in the tri tax relief. Bringing down and you know grab in steal some of those right wing voters and so. This time younger is in the toughest place he is being in his long home. Beautiful career he has a fractured base and he has a formidable rival in the center so he is up against. A wall into Donna says that is why you've seen more promises from Netanyahu. In the last few weeks to annex new lands to build Israeli settlements on disputed lands but Giordano says whoever wins today. Expect both men to be hawks army drawn we will preview this very important election on store here later this morning listen on apple podcasts refrigerant podcasting app. Kenneth Mona. Looking Fortier brat thank you. A young boy near Pensacola Florida gave his family the fright of their lives when he disappears Sunday. Three year old Ager accused has autism and doesn't speak very much his mother says he wandered away from their home into a wooded area when Ager it could've been couldn't be found. Police decided to bring in bloodhounds to help search the dogs were able to quickly locate the boy. It's a music into Graham twenty minutes later the mom was reunited with their sound so great day. Great day the best present ever heard in my life we found him. Atrix suffered a few scratches and bug bites during the more than two hours that he was missing. Police then presented him with a big stuffed dog at a news conference yesterday that dog. That located A Drake was also there. Organized and well coming up Saturday Night Live fires one of his new comedians before he made his debut on the show. Find out who's coming to his defense over racist jokes he made in the past that. First the British prime minister booed in Luxembourg is moved to suspend parliament over brags it in court this morning we'll go across the pond for more. After this. Welcome back we turn now to a neighborhood in Maine being compared to a war zone after a massive explosion killed a firefighter. Investigators are we back at the scene in Farmington today as we learn about a recent construction at that building. Overnight a community coming together in name. Remembering the fire captain killed in. And this massive building explosion. We decided to come today because we feel its import any even though he didn't know the firefighter personally to support the town and so that we care for our purchase partners new drone video this morning shows the debris littering the ground after the blast leveled the building. It was just total devastation in the law enforcement 35 years I've never seen anything like that for my wife shipped overseas. That was a horrible. The fire department responded to reports of a gas smell at the office building which was newly renovated and opened only for two weeks. While they were investigating the gas smell the building exploded. It just looks like a snowstorm all of this installation that was coming out. And coming in here. I heard like a bang in my windows in the back glass door was shaking the blast killed 68 year old fire captain Michael bell. The thirty year veteran of the department his colleagues paused to pay respects as his body was removed from the scene. And later they lined up outside the medical Examiner's office for procession to the funeral home we all know. Fire me I'll lose. Killed today. Seven other people were injured including four firefighters sent to the intensive care unit. And a maintenance worker who's being praised for reporting the gas odor early enough to evacuate everyone. So now to the United Kingdom where all eyes are on the Supreme Court they are considering whether prime minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend parliament for five weeks to push through his wrecked that plan. Was lawful. Those go across the pond to doing McFarlin who is there at the Supreme Court on Monday from war Juliet good morning. Morning head n.'s morning man yeah I think can see quite a busy scene outside the supreme. Court win just on the corner from the Houses of Parliament. And as a lot of press sold was meeting at the length of pertussis just out of sight. And that's because the Supreme Court. Is just hearing. Two appeals with regards a team wrecks that as you say. Now Boris Johnson is possibly and a bit of hope more so because lost week hi the supreme court's Verizon and that Scotland. Rules and got his suspension of parliament was unlawful and that he'd misled the queen members of the opera house. Of parliament here in the UK they argue that by stones and actually wants to suspend parliament north for the reasons he gave. In order to bring forth new legislation. Fox two. Five costs parliamentary scrutiny because this is all about that how many wrecks that sidelined that is fox afraid saying. Now. That this I just have to tell you guys eleven out of the twelve Supreme Court justices have been the cold facts to hit this case outside legal. Some time I've been what saved I'd gotten just shaved. How important this is how the arguments on like me. To be very very finely balanced within expect. Decisions in the next. Couple of days. And Julie we talked yesterday about the prime minister referring to himself as the incredible Hulk. Others criticizing him as the incredible assault but he also got booed in Luxembourg people's livid about found. Yeah man I sure did concede. He's. Put away now that there was a mind just sort of wondering arrived just wet was standing right now he's dressed as the incredible Hulk. Wearing a belong to wake. We picked up probably unending war zones of what happened yesterday I was like don't you now on a cross court. We'll try to go to European leaders gave them lots of bank yesterday. And he basically comes whoa what course Thompson comes those a joint press conference with the lots of at premise that because he was surrounded by protested the I'm not attended that it would have been coyotes have been had gone ahead. Outside enough indication that they even teammates came and went. The premise of lots of back. But instead of me being done. That statement in the goal is somewhat quiet. The press conference when heads and then of course you. Vitamin but the night just stick to making towards an empty life sentence. Now it looks Bob Knight it doesn't want it custody says. There's images. What are rising banks of lake done quite well in bush stones in favor of a cousin put he's not getting. That you know big bad Europe is ganging up including person this is why we need stock up and leave the EU says. Fifth betting on which side of the argument you are it's not necessarily about image full force Johnson it kind of season has imagined I'd say it's pretty happy. I would how yes they went actually. Julie M my friend thank you so much. All right so let's check our notification is now starting Webb a lawmaker who wants to do something about a problem with pigeons who've been in a parking lot so he goes out there for an interview and then. Slat. Right there during the interview. With a local station. Yep. Bird targeted him saying I'll unity summit about me about you take that's. Book I write so we have a new world record for American swimmers Eric Thomas who just finished first on across English Channel. She's the first person man or woman to make us when. Four times nonstop. She finished her treatment for breast cancer just one year ago. And dedicated this win tell all the breast cancer survivors out there. She says she's not out of 100% just yet but to me shuttles which is up 1000%. I think so. I'm pretty sure she's awesome fish out there but she didn't see if this like this one thing alone that. Is a rat fish found off the coast to throw away a man was. This year for how Labatt blue how a bit and instead. He got this soccer there I'm apparently they're obviously rare but kind of go back. Lot of years Seattle it's Dora and the fact that he was able to catch this. Some skills there. He's and it was taste AA rat fish that name is there is gearing. The major defense Cynthia took comment. Let's just move on to a pewter and a law. A Bulldog announced her pregnancy. In style with a professional maternity she that's riot we're pregnant luck. The mom and mom to be is posing in. With a book that says what to do when you're expecting. Look at her there but those pups are going to be so cute they hey I'm probably a simpsons' fan tribute video that's worthy of Homer Simpson himself outside his Swiss tourists who just happen to be professional graphic designers. I'm recreated homers notorious hoops for a New Orleans frame by frame as Henson art by snide and yet there. And don't it took the two women an entire weekend 500 dollars in food to duplicate this segment which covers Asia restaurants in one minute and 27 seconds to side by side video that's racked up. More than one million views since it was uploaded barely a month ago. Now welcome to write a blog post about how does the best restaurants meanwhile had written it Oltmanns. We turn now to Saturday Night Live firing a new cast member before you he even made his debut on the shelf. As saying Gillis has been fired after video surfaced of him making racist jokes this fire has reignited the debate over what's comedy and what's offensive. This morning S and l.s new cast member has been fired before the new season even starts. The show is dropping Shing Gillis after a controversial video of the standup comic surfaced days after he was hired ducks. And I didn't vote for Donald Trump. May soon a good Nelson Mandela central Pennsylvania. A 2018 episode of Matt and change the secret part cast shares Gillis molecular Chinese accent. Using a racial slur to refer to Asian people including a joke about presidential candidate Andrew Yang but he's also under fire for homophobic slurs on its part casts. Joseph has issued a statement saying quote I. I'm a comedian who pushes boundaries sometimes I miss I'm happy to apologize to anyone who's actually offended by anything I sat. I'm trying to be the best comedian I can be and sometimes that requires risk. But his words did little to slow down the Al reached. Published Moret of the ESPN program high noon tweet it settled down George Carlin it was only arrest because you and your hack Fran are dumb enough to record it. But Yang says Gillis should not lose his job and overnight he said the two are planning to meet. Other comics are also coming to deal with this defense including former SNL cast member rob Snyder a comedian Jim Norton. It is my hope the year old here. The scourge. It's ensuring you'll all a reference the current blockbuster hit chapter two writing jokes that upset you are not suddenly classified as serious statements. Just because they have set you. Wants a culture that lines up to watch a clown murder children so polarized over humor. And a statement NBC said it was not aware of change doses prior remarks SNL's new hires to see that also include bowling game. Who will become the first regular cast member of the show who's Chinese American. So that is our question of the day should Gillis haven't fired tell us what you think in the comments or tweet us. At ABC news live a British a lot of people a lot of thoughts about us and opinions on this one about what's comedy. What's offensive. That's definitely some that comes up time and time again in the standings. Well coming up we'll have a look at everything going on in the day ahead. Plus a little spice for your life on this Tuesday stick around. Here's what to watch out for today president profits traveling out west heading from Albuquerque, New Mexico to a roundtable with supporters. And fundraising luncheon in. Palo Alto, California and then another round table of fund raiser in Beverly Hills meanwhile on Capitol Hill three former trumpet advisors are due to testify to the House Judiciary Committee in a hearing on presidential obstruction of justice. An abuse of power the committee has sat at rob Porter quarry will endow ski and it Rick Dearborn were involved in president trumps extensive efforts. To obstruct the Muller investigation. However a number of former trump administration officials. Have the defied subpoenas in recent months Democrats running for president are on the campaign trail Joseph Biden Bernie Sanders Amy Klobuchar. Andrew Yang and others who attend the Philadelphia. AF LCI co workers president of summit. He footage edge it will hold events in South Carolina Kentucky. And bad old work will visit Skid Row and participate and equity and justice roundtable when Los Angeles. The United Nations General Assembly opens today at Iranian President Hasan will Hani is among those expected to attend. The White House has sent president from me meet with Ronnie. On the sidelines but Iran has dismissed the possibility of a meeting. The Ayatollah saying there'll be no talks with the US at any level voters are headed to the polls and Israel where repeat elections are taking place of her prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's. Political coalition collapsed. Now Yahoo! faces retired military chief for any games. Of the centrist or blue and white party and China is set to unveil the mascots for the 20/20. Two Winter Olympics. Which will be held in Beijing. Let's don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories and the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines and politics finally on. This Tuesday we leave you with a look at the season premiere of dancing with the stars and a little. Spice for your life. On one of those controversial figures. And celebrities on Dancing With The Stars but he made that debut last night and I think even the critics are enjoying. News. Lime green blouse there by former white house Press Secretary Sean Spicer dancing in The Spice Girls spice up your life he did get. Mostly foreigners though across the clearing airport across the board it was a big night for dance with the stars a lot of celebrities showing off their moves big night for. Christie Brinkley's daughter who stepped in for her after she it. Broke her arm had an injury there and very early on its very early on the scores were mostly low. But if they don't wake. You know who got really low scores hitting threes across the board has Lamar owed they said that he was ends who was a term they use. Units dancing. I was at a as. Mean I said there be a big thing Eilat then that's deadly virus and an adult man he's also like 76 power ads do you think he'll be right but. Our folks law that's it for us on this Tuesday morning have a great day we'll see you tomorrow. Vice have been last.

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