It's Morning, America: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Pressure growing to begin impeachment proceedings, controversy over same-sex marriage in a children's cartoon and more.
22:31 | 05/22/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot vote. I'm Jane already had a top I think you know this Wednesday number one human devastation in the last after more than thirty tornadoes touching down across the plains right now an even bigger concern for the region is the life threatening floods floodwaters have already inundated communities forcing numerous high water rescues. Powerful system even closing a major airport and the conditions got worse overnight with at least three deaths now blamed on the storms number two the White House is on the defensive after an internal poll reportedly shows president from losing in key battleground states. The president's campaign manager took to Twitter to blast the report saying that polling this far ahead of the election this quote pointless. Meanwhile the president himself is getting ready to host top Democrats at the White House today to discuss a new infrastructure plan. But in a letter sent to. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer trump said congress should replace and now double for passing a bill. To fix the nation's roads and bridges on to number three now breaking overnight yet another small plane crash in Alaska. A single engine Cessna like this one crashed into Prince William Sound the three people on board rescued by the Coast Guard were flown off for medical treatment this incident follows. Tune with deadly float plane crashes in recent days the carrier involved in those two fractures. Has suspended operations number four McDonald's says it will begin new harassment training for workers and offer hotline to report abuse in the wake of a slew of sexual harassment claims more than two dozen female employees filed complaints against the company claiming they'd been assaulted. Harassed or suffered gender based discrimination. One young woman claimed she was harassed by manager with you just sixteen years old. This is the third round of complaints brought on by mcdonalds workers in recent years and finally number five now 34 years after it fizzled. New Coke is. Popping back up I think the less than popular drink is being revived thanks for season three of Netflix stranger things the show will feature. Some up 1980 five's top stories including new coax disastrous debut. In honor of the plot line Kobe is releasing a limited edition of the drink. Made with the original formula the so that goes on sale tomorrow yet a top model that you know Latin Latin. New Coke. Better than old Kook I had. It's morning America. Good morning everyone. New boat Friday. New Coke who gets so we've got some trivia for our question of the day how long the New Coke last the first time around. And that air raids as a reality told you but don't worry why don't we line was it 33 days Spain. 79 days be 108 days they. 101085. Days. Thousand a comment that if the public and no move will lingual Iranian threat in. All right let's move on to our big a story in Washington and the growing split among Democrats over impeachment as the issue a new round of subpoenas are former members. Of the trump administration House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding a meeting today aimed at camping down calls. For impeachment but some members were party are running out of patience with president trump stonewalling their efforts to get to the bottom. Of the mullah report. This comes as we learn about a new poll that reportedly shows the president falling behind. And some key battleground state CBC's voter closer Abdi has more from Washington this morning. Hey Mona. Good morning today good morning Tenet. It's a constitutional power struggle between two branches of government and for Democrats the impeachment debate. Gets more complicated it's 20/20 inches closer. Democrats faced with the dilemma as president dropped holds true to his bound to find all congressional subpoenas this situation growing more complicated after the White House instructed former counsel Don again. To defy a subpoena. Chairman Jerry now blur now threatening to hold began in contempt of congress hours subpoenas are not optional. On Twitter president trump fired back blasting Democrats for what he called a quote fishing expedition. This committee will hear is them against testimony. Even if we have to go to court to secure it. But Nadler not deterred by the stonewalling issuing eighteen or subpoenas to former White House communications director hope pigs and another eight. A growing number of Democrats now saying that's not enough and are urging party leaders to begin an impeachment inquiry against the president's House Speaker Nancy Pelosi caught in the middle will meet with members today to push for investigations. Over impeachment. Then speaker. This are you under increased pressure it's the president. When caucus. Today Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are set to meet with the president to discuss a pending bipartisan infrastructure deal but overnight president Tron shifted gears demanding his new trade pact with Mexico and Canada. Come first. President trump also looking added 20/20 that trump team dismissing reports that an internal polled showed the president losing in key battleground states. Sources tell ABC news the results surprised some members of team trump. Particularly in states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Jeanette. And at the president's campaign manager saying that polls at this point and stage of the game useless are. Point list are mark thank you we appreciate it. Holiday after getting campaign help from president trump central Pennsylvania Republican Fred Keller has won his congressional race. He be Democrat mark freed in bird I nearly forty percentage points in a special election for the heavily GOP district. Keller replaces Republican Tom Marino who resigned in January due to health reasons. Housing secretary Ben Carson is trying to make light of a bizarre exchange at a congressional hearing where he appeared to be stopped by a standard. Real estate abbreviation Carson said he's sending freshman congresswoman Katie Porter a package of Florio's. After he appeared to confuse the word Oreo yet the cooking with the Akron MR EO. Which reversed a real estate owned properties or foreclosed homes. But. Also lake Hughes to get back to me if you don't mind to explain the disparity in Oreo raced you know what scenario is. And Oreo are not not an Oreo and are he are let out Ruth thing. Carson is also facing criticism for his response to another congresswoman. Over. Public housing New York Democrat. Media the last west described Karstens beds it budget as a shameful and immoral sane it didn't include enough money to address the nation's housing crisis. Carson told her. We have to use our brains and think logically rather than jest emotionally. This is the busiest summer air travel season ever is about the and the TSA is having trouble finding and keeping security screeners. The chair of a congressional subcommittee calls the turnover unbelievable. The union representing the TSA worker says the pay is low in the rewards for good work are few. Both airlines and airports are now worried the result will be long lines and inadequate security. That historic in recent government shutdown like also did not you know how. We're learning about some incredible generosity of for the people paradise California the town was severely damaged by a massive wildfire last November. But that didn't stop the local high school seniors. From having their problem last weekend in this has some good news that's exceed those that were free for the guys in SA water sent dozens of makeup artist. To help the only be another big highlight for this from them. The plane of a 32. Videos that sent by actors musicians and crew at least they always pitches well and told them. The follow their dreams pretty cool there. Well coming up more controversy for the state of Alabama this over the decision to pull a cartoon episode about same sex marriage. Reason. Wife and the backlash. After this. The notification we'll dance has the best that today's stories trends in our social media good morning well that's how I feel like development while getting. I've found that about half got a right I will elect. Thanks to an NFL star when Texans defensive end JJ watt isn't earning sixty million bucks a year for tossing around a pigskin. He is apparently being a palace some of its biggest. Fans when sixth grade teacher Paula triple treated at a photo of her students class project which included a celebrity endorsement from watt. The football star couldn't resist creating his own mock commercial. Only one day that it gives you all the action. For the whole thing. They keep me. Each. While I don't know delicious. Does Clinton. Well anyone. Let's go triple later noted that she gave her student an essay on the project. Talk about calling in some reinforcements right through I hope your great get a little blues you know why he deserves an aide. That was epic that's so epic and it's twelve now that we get to see it I'm sure he's graduating atop his claws this summer as well. But now let's move onto an epic proposal video on top of bump a volcano. The couple. Has a travel blog together called. Our moving roots. And then we narrow that they made a hike to the top of that volcano. As is that you see the rain bear something big is about to happen they get to the top of it. And that's went down to lend me the proposal happens all my guy well if anything more magical this moment. OK well I mean all I'm saying is it's hard for me to get a text back and they're getting drone not funny at the top of the volcano. I mean. There is no hope is that pretty impressive. It is pretty impressive all right and let's move down to Florida all right let's do it Washington a newly released 911 call reveals the moment a Florida mom at home with their two kids. Woke up to this sounds of someone in her car outside. But bear with us is this isn't your typical smash and grab. And an outside aid and the carving out how to efficiently. Slinger I don't worry. A Florida mom jolting the week in the middle of the night to the sounds of someone in her car outside. Opened opened things. Simply that the that we get hung up to go up and coming you write an attack. Lights and sirens on the ground in overhead. He hit a helicopter had a helicopter in the area throughout. Finally police arriving to find the family's white Ford Explorer totally ransacked and the culprit still at the scene of the crime. It looks like it kids and and science Ayers but decided tilting your you know and. Yes way and despite the officer's request that the barbarians surrender with their paws off the furry families making a flick get away. Until the next day when they return to the scene of the crime and tried the family's other car luckily the doors were locked this go around. Thankfully no one was hurt for you already know filing that insurance claim is going to be. Unbearable. You know what you can ring the bell on now and that with a good Wendy's eating right behind you I think as well as we appreciate it Koran down to that controversy surrounding the popular kids show Arthur Alabama public television. Has refused to air an episode of the cartoon because it features a same sex wedding the station is defending its decision amid a growing backlash. This morning a children's cartoon at the center of controversy Alabama public TV is refusing to broadcast an episode of Arthur. The depicted the same sex wedding of one of its most popular characters. Meet. In the first episode of the shows Tony second season mr. read burn Arthurs teacher Mary says partner. To the surprise of his students who didn't know he's gay. Yeah ice can't fully. Yeah it's a brand new ruler of the episode title mr. Brett Kern and the special someone already aired on PBS stations nationwide. But Arthur fares and Alabama saw a rerun of a different episode instead. The director programming at Alabama public television said although we strongly encourage parents to watch television with their children. And talk about what they've learned afterwards Harris trust of the children can watch Alabama public television without their supervision he went on to say the vast majority appears will not have heard about the con tent whether there agree with that or not. Because of this we felt it would be a violation of trust to broadcast the episode in a tweet the gay rights organization glide slammed the decision writing LG BTQ people exist and every part of life. So the claim that someone could be too young to know that LG BTQ people exist. Is absurd. And through the dangerous message to LG BTQ you'd. The show's creator says he's disappointed with the decision in Alabama he calls the episode a teaching moment. But the more we talked about it the more we saw it as it an opportunity for are learning experience and this great way to represent another part of life that's those seldom gets portrayed on and on television. I I would hate. To live in a world that was sanitized. And censored and everything that's really something that I'm can't get. Behind. These are the secured his walking on the aisle but critics of the decision point to the fact the episode never really shows an actual Mir ceremony. This isn't the first time Alabama public TV has pulled an episode of aren't there. In 2005 it refused to air an episode about a character with two mothers. I owe us go across the pond out of Julie McFarlane and the London bureau to talk about our favorite topic. Wrecks it take it away Julia. Hey katic. I don't one the last time we revisited for exit but does not much to update in the sense that things are still. Getting a little but passionate but the latest in developments as prime minister trees of may. She outlined her latest. Rex that plan yesterday. It didn't gates so well say that you Maier member of that Britain has come up with. A withdrawal agreement how it's gonna leave Europe it's agreed that with old 27 of the member is of the European Union. Bought there is 27 countries have come to an agreement fight easy a ban British politician amongst themselves. I just want to show you how trees amaze lace idea has gone down in the British press look at not. Desperate to deluded. Deemed that says the teller Graf. You'll begun in the morning with a very flattering picture of trees and may looking. It's slightly. Sudden what's the web. Trees are down both King Fahd the seeds maes lost her rock I mean it. It is just all over the papers got trees of may is really. On Hamas likes because have final attempt at getting this deal cost in parliament. Is just reaching complete opposition from all from all sides including from her and party who are not really looking set to try and oust. I think if you people with say it's not going very well for May. But many this is going well I guess because a new record for climbing Mount Everest breaking the once sat just a week ago by the same guy. This is Ingrid Ilyce this is the story of the nepalese shot by news break in his very own record as. With summit saying Mount Everest he's 49 via those he's done it the second time. In a week I'd at a how productive you've been this week Osmond gift for Iran like ten days ago Russell how much to fit that in but this guy. Highs summit of Everest twice. In this amount of time and he says. That old ladies 49 is that he can still carry on climbing for a few more years I'm healthy can keep gay until I'm sixty as those with oxygen. It's now a big deal. Now how that make you feel for. The equity. You know what I need to get Phares focus I don't and it Cornell something you said earlier I don't wanna be pear shaped says cook we don't want to be. It that. Yeah I mean how about four from education is just it's just extraordinary here fuzz climbed Everest in 1994. And he helps he helps people summit the mountain. I mean. Yeah I get out of breath walking out with us the outlines. That's make him get myself. I'm exactly what this actually definitely feel dead this next one I felt odd true rags to riches story this man in England he was struggling to pay its bills one moment and he's a millionaire overnight essentially. This is the main things say it Bennett does sky. In the UK he's study one yet though. He managed to find out that he. Is that son all the wealthy aristocrat who died recently and he he got a DNA tests to praise. That he is a sign that means he's. The rightful act to this huge fortune this massive massive estate this gorgeous country house. Which is west of 63 million dole says he now has funds from of family trust that gives him. That but that gives them an annual income of about 60000. Dollars the yet. You know and he's been talking to the day it two the son of the day be mad about inheriting this you know this 15100. A cat and state in the in court ruled a beautiful part of England and that you know this is really changed. His life haven night and he's midday and with his with his girlfriend that it just how to be baby. On its other isn't ready and stay because he's bad not pacing on instant crowned little snapshots of his new life there is with his pot Mac. My on I don't holiday he's got a new caught economists say eighties. He's sort of mouth and getting used to the five that his second thoughts as a completely changed overnight. And some you know but he said that's it's bad to sweep because yet he never really knew his father. And and he just wanted he would have loved to just gone to Manhattan. This is incredible story. Any chance you get the airing of Maury Povich over there across the pond. You get the what third Maury Povich. And so I think TU UR and the father and I think about it the very popular show you should look it up when you say like you are the father about just made me think of like leaks I will cry out new father I forget what it's well hang on but trust me you want my bed Maury Povich across the pond there. It's good stuff. All right well coming up but we're talking about a serious over achiever the seventy year old set to graduate from Harvard this season. Finishing high school. After this. You're not watch out for today the results of the investigation into Virginia governor rob Wilson your book her sexy. Police lawmakers medical school wants the probe about Walt culture and procedures used to pick photos. After a black face in the surface on his page Bertha maintains that it is not him in the photo. If president will meet with congressional Democrats to discuss infrastructure the two sides came to an agreement just weeks ago to spend two trillion dollars on a big and bolts infrastructure plan as the president's call that. For the president now demanding congress passes new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada before moving on. To infrastructure but don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines and. Politics. See notable about this time of year but all the great graduation. Yes. Cecily that morehouse or am still thinking about that we've got another great one for you all danced talked to this graduate. Who is very good and what is days yet not just line. But to double the fun double to graduation parties I guess if he will Braxton moral is set to pick up his degree from Harvard just eleven days after graduating. High school we spoke of the Kansas teen whose extra curriculars include over achieving and making the rest of us look like slackers. Like both seventeen year old Braxton moral feels good about graduating high school up north pretty great start but his grad party is going to be twice the celebration this year is he's getting a degree from Harvard less than two weeks later Audi manage that. Ice very nice. Couple hours. Each day work on. Some of arts curriculum for the past five and a half years Braxton splitting his time from your typical junior high and high school English classes and his favorite from the Harvard curriculum ancient Greek hero on the classic epics and mythology. As he expects that's not totally easy for a seventeen year old to managed sort. Don't think it sort. Of keeping focused. Actors Braxton is mom and dad so proud. But as fellow high schoolers. Now. Yeah. Aside from that whole Harvard degree thing or accidents like most of his peers and chilling video games sports movies but his recipe for success is anything but ordinary. Just visualize success. Seeking. When asked if this incredible academic as any final words of wisdom to impart here's a Braxton had to say you don't ask new products I. Air. Sen. Braxton next stop is law school to study constitutional lop but I told them. He have a career as a comedian of that whole lot in Iraq they Smart either comedian and he got a heck of Henry hair Alia great area Justin Bieber who. Van Braxton rugrats and we are to all the grads and graduating this across the between nineteenth and the future but. All right it's time to answer the question of the day we asked how long it New Coke glass and when it debuted Wayne back in 1985. Into their act. 79. Dean. Pick up your gift certificate in the background there's that gets you. They then there's now they've in the back. The baker plan. We appreciate it we'll see you tomorrow have a good one.

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