It's Morning, America: Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Search underway for teen "infatuated" with Columbine shooting, Notre Dame latest and more.
25:24 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Good morning I'm Kenneth mode and I'm getting Normandy near the top fighting snow this Wednesday number one Denver Public Schools are closed today after a woman made the rest of us poor shooting eighteen year old sold by east is described as armed and dangerous and is set to be infatuated with the shooting at Columbine High School. Police say she traveled across the country ahead of Saturday's. Twentieth remembrance did. Of the massacre final weapon once she arrived in Colorado the FBI speaking with the Florida woman's parents trying to figure out where she could be an exactly why she traveled last number two on new war of words between the president and senator Bernie Sanders this morning it files a Bernie Sanders town hall on FOX News Watch by nearly three million people. President trump now claims his supporters were shot out of the event he's also slamming Bernie Sanders tax returns saying the senator quote. Made a fortune thanks to the new tax curt Sanders responded saying it appears the president is scared of his campaign. On to number three food safety alert has been issued because the multistate outbreak of Salmonella poisoning they are linked to frozen raw ground tuna supply budgets and tuna. The company have recalled one pound back to the tune of that was distributed in seven states. We're people became ill New York Connecticut Iowa Illinois Minnesota North Dakota and Washington State thirteen people have been infected two of them were hospitalized. Number for the whole line an army marches on its stomach appears to be true and military study has found the key don't diet may help troops reached top fitness levels. Researchers say the low carb high fat regimen helps soldiers increase the lean body mount. The army has called obesity a national security crisis statistics show nearly two thirds of military recruits. Are obese or overweight. And that he don't diet works. Richard it works and finally number five V ivory Joseph and regular our guest homecoming has landed. Beyoncé about dot started streaming on Netflix at the ray Emmet features forty. That's right forty songs and gives fans an in depth look at queen bees do not perform at the Coachella. When she became the first black woman ever to headline the festival. The two hour film also details how the performance went from creative concepts to cultural movement and include behind the scenes interviews and actions from the historic night. Obviously fans including us are a lot of things the chance to re live. The talent but we haven't gotten much more beyoncé and about other it's coming your way as we got say America. Tell me are living. Ford this. Let me put it on the great quake of that might have now says that and it's only been doing this morning. Many new color probably watching too so that's our question of the day what do you think of homecoming treatise at ABC news live tell us what you thought tell us your favorite art when you cried. How you felt when spear John dowdy when you start to swap. I know for Netflix is that we got you the system is little hope he's ready we were survivors are yeah day that. You know we have here and a day in the next in the next him the next day because. It's some. Mouse will work well. Were switched gears now to some news turning to people France morning notre dom but Ballinger billed as we learn more about than initial response that devastating fire. Overnight regions gathered at a vigil to sing and pray thankful that their beloved people the State's total destruction. And a show of solidarity the empire state bowling here in New York City lit up in the colors of the French flag ABC's Elizabeth her house in. This morning the focus of French authorities securing what's left notre dom in identifying weaknesses in the structure. That according to the French junior Interior Minister telling reporters they have identified some vulnerabilities. So as a precaution nearby residents were evacuated and the work of seeding and removing what once appeared in the fire continues. Including this statue on the cathedrals facade. Last night per regents pausing to grieve the beloved landmark. Cheering for firefighters. Pierce's mayor even calling this man the purest fire brigade Chaplin I hero. For insisting on running into the burning cathedral with firefighters. To help recover the clone of born in the church's position for nearly 800 years. This video now providing dramatic look at what the firefighters were up against. As a timeline of the disaster is also emerging. The first alarm sounded 0620 PM Monday inspectors searched the building but found nothing then came another alarm at 643. This time there were flings and it was too late that 23 minute gap now part of an investigation authorities say will be long and complex. This as French president Manuel map crone is promising the cathedral will be rebuilt in just five years. As for a cause officials believe it was an accident possibly connected to the restoration work that was going on at the time of the fire so investigators. Now plan on interviewing workers from the five companies hired to do the renovations. Captain today all right Elizabeth and we know already about 700 million dollars have been pledged to help rebuild looking down the French president's thing that happened about five years. Elizabeth thank you for joining us this morning all of more on notre down in a minute but now to the urgent search for eighteen year old woman described as armed and dangerous. Police say she's infatuated with the shooting at Columbine High School she's now accused of making threats at several schools. Just as the anniversary of a column by massacre approaches and overnight we learned Denver Public Schools will be among those closing today as a precaution. Overnight the massive hunt for woman who said to be obsessed with the Columbine massacre she has had an infatuation with column line. And the perpetrators of column but she hasn't identified any specific. Threat to a specific school investigators say eighteen year old sole parties traveled to the Denver area from South Florida purchased the gun in. And munition did meet threats to several schools which police are calling credible twenty schools in the county including Carl mine were all placed on lockdown. Meaning business as usual it's all right but no visitors allowed again. She obtained the pump action shotgun and ammunition because of her procurement of a weapon. Immediately upon arriving here you consider her to be a credible threat. The timing of the search comes just days before the twentieth anniversary of the shooting at Columbine. We're two teenagers open farther on their classmates. Killing thirteen people. I know that this opens a wound especially on an anniversary week. For those families her room who were most deeply impacted by this. The school has been the target of hoaxes in the past and authorities say the high school has seen an increase in the number of threats as the anniversary approaches in South Florida man at this home tells our station in Miami he's price his father was last time you heard from her and he hasn't seen her since Sunday he says he's in disbelief and urged his daughter to come back home. FBI agents were also at the house soldiers and an opening so just kind of you know ten. All next door neighbors say they're shocked. She was deepened but have sad she. Edward she never getting. Law enforcement has been consulting with schools about security public schools in Denver view Littleton Colorado are closed today. One of North Korea's nuclear sites is showing signs of activity again a Washington defense think tank says satellite images from last week. Just specialize rail cars on the site and they may be there to receive newly processed radioactive material. President trumps a lot summit with North Korea's Kim Jung ended in failure with an early departure after talks came between in past. President rob has vetoed a resolution calling for an end to military support for Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen. Trump called the bipartisan resolution and unnecessary and dangerous attempt. To weaken his authority US is providing billions of dollars of the Saudi led coalition. By being against Iran backed rebels and Yemen critics say it the saudis are targeting civilians. President drugs legal team is putting the finishing touches on a rebuttal that they plan to put out shortly after the Mueller report is released tomorrow. President fired off another tweet yesterday again declared no collusion and no obstruction. But sources say White House advisors are concerned about what else the report might reveal ABC's Brett milky has more. It as attorney general William Barr has of course summarize what's in Robert Muller's report but. Let's be clear here no one outside of a small circle has actually read the thing well that'll changes tomorrow. For nearly two years the White House focuses late on the legal side make sure everyone's on the right side of the law once the investigation wrapped up the focus won't. To the perception decide how do we respond. To the information that is now out there for everyone to see so what is the game plan for the big day. I asked ABC's Catherine folders what she's hearing from her sources in the White House. Well liked so the White House and the president everybody still. Uncertain about what exactly is going to be in this report but that regardless of that Brad there preparing a robust response so we'll see. A lot of that PR from the White House what I'm told is that. Bye bye sources in the White House that the president he's likely to read the full of redacted 400 page report but what's likely to happen. Is White House advisors will go through the report bill briefed the president. And then we'll see a statement from the White House perhaps more measured. In tone. Likely from Sarah Sanders now after that there is expected to be a TV blitz you may see. Some folks from the White House going on TV defending the president and reacting to a report as well. Cute all the skies even if William Barr did reflect Robert wilders findings accurately. There is concern in the White House that there could be details here the world has never seen before even in this for directed report. We'll have a preview of tomorrow's release on stark here later this morning. Listen on apple podcasts or if if it podcasting app today and a. We'll read on prosecutor in the Chicago liberal is a trove of documents offering new insight into the Jesse smaller controversy sixteen counts against the actor for allegedly staging a hate crime against himself. Were dropped that decision sparked a backlash from police. One message from prosecutor. Kevin fox to her top deputy indicates fox police Mawae was charged excessively. She even compares while its case of that at singer. Had to file with or victims ten counts washed up celeb who lied to cops sixteen just because we can charge something doesn't mean we shed. Fox accuse himself from the case and internal investigation is now looking into how the case was handled. Drivers near Washington DC got quite a surprise overnight look at that what appears to be a meteor striking across the sky. And and captured the moment honest dash K dash board camera this doesn't. Fairfax Virginia just outside the district no official word yet on in need years in the area. Well coming up a major development in the nation one measles outbreak of the so called patient zero who is now being blamed for infecting dozens of people traveling between states. Four this. We turn out to a major development in the nationwide measles outbreak we're learning about a man identified as patient zero who traveled from New York to Michigan while contagious. He's now being blamed for a major cluster of infection. Us this morning health officials in Michigan say they found the man responsible for spreading the life threatening measles virus to dozens of people. They're acting it out I think that has to chart that EEK that we have are all related huge New York. According to the Washington Post the unidentified patient zero was reportedly misdiagnosed by doctors twice during a road trip from New York to Michigan last month his cold like symptoms initially thought to be bronchitis. And by the time the mistake was realized 39 people in Detroit had already caught the highly contagious disease and health officials finally tracked the man down and told him what happened he was clearly upset. The head of Oakland county's emergency services telling the post he put his head down and was very emotional. I could tell from the look on his face that he was devastated. He was doing the math in his head counting all the people he'd been in contact with but those sickened in Detroit are just a fraction of a nationwide outbreak that has infected 555. People across when he State's with more than two thirds of those cases from New York Cologne. Despite our best efforts this outbreak is not going away. If anything is now accelerating much as we feared need we wait for someone to die. Health experts in Rockland county New York are struggling to debunk vaccine mitts and taking drastic measures to curb the spread including a 2000 dollar per day fine for anyone who knowingly goes out in public when their infected with measles. We have seen multiple hospitalizations including an infant and even a premature birth. Who was by measles and infant. In these weasel outbreaks are affecting mostly unvaccinated children health officials say the vaccine is 97%. Of when I'll take a break from the news and check Arnaud patients to see what's trending. Online today. I'm at this little puppy wants to play with a cat on a placating ringing caused by Maggie the cat out of reach. Me kitty by now I don't do what you say how he. No not happened yet but it is super Q don't we think that puppy for that. Yes and some potential problems Freddie avengers this time. It's not get us who's at fault but just over a week until and game hits theaters rumors of potential leaks online are swirling. Fans of the franchise desperate to avoid spoilers on social media. The response the film's directors Anthony and there was or tweeting this letter saying they have worked hard us tirelessly. For the last three years with the sole intention of delivering a surprising and emotionally powerful conclusion of the infinity saga along with the has sagged don't spoil the end game. And just so you know old Disney is company babies loans I watch you limit at a photo shoot start running. But I wonder why it's I don't know if I think every one of those days where somebody stately manner or they just found out beyoncé homecoming just dropped what jumps into the pool to gain. But pick up close sir look Pennsylvania. In the upper left corner right there are you're fighting hard in a frame. Little bouncing a cadre of your route that's what happens in Austria that is what happened down on and I got down on that I gate and that was quite a scene there at that photo shoot. That I'm pretty sure. They are hopping. Matt was disrupted. Let's go across the part that ABC news London there were jealous fine King and I and the biggest international news Juliet good morning. We've been following me I'm dying of support for notre drama on social media once you've been seeing. Yeah Tribune so still pouring and people still responding I'm into this tragic fire Libya's. Amazing to say how much an emotional connection so many people around the woes seem to house. On this building and that's reflective I think in the share scale. Owed to nations that the touch has had recently mist net to book was begun talking about is three of France's wealthiest families. French. Power house families and companies have pledged hundreds of millions. Of dog says the companies behind a four under mean weak tone Hennessy. They have pledged hundreds of millions Dulles because. There are fans not that it could take action is and yes possibly even decades. To restore the fatal to its form. Glory president McCord said yesterday that he hopes. And then charge will be fully restored and five me as he says that we can make this happen. But there are a number of expense architects historians. Handmade Coleman's warning that it cannot she take. Decades. To bring the not Saddam back. Two of police are functioning state does a number of reasons for not there is. The sourcing of material of course precious materials and big there's big and convenes at how to be completely. Replaced a holiday gonna get mad there's also into something we mentioned that I Brad is not. The operation to festival studying what the damages day is going to be like can assess what has to be replaced and renovated as. Akin to excavation because people have to Kathleen sift standard debris to see what kind of fragile materials may be salvaged. It's it's fascinating there is. The chief executive. All that conservation organization here in the UK. He says some of the material that was damaged may be musical and as a painstaking exercise it's like an archaeological. Excavation. And of course there is beautiful stained glass windows. The suffering from some real shock how to know how delicate they now how. Tenure says the operation to. And restore and protect them and of course how is that how does the cathedral going to be brought to modern safety standards to trying to insure about such a project. And devastating fire like this is is going to be in the risk and that's going to be mitigated in the future it's gonna take a long time guys lent says there. Getting around. You're right about that it is going to take a long time is so many people are invested in this than you I mentioned earlier earlier Julia that. A lot of Americans. Going they have a stake in this a number of them are tourists who visit. That cathedral every single year a number of Catholics. I'm only in the US and across the world also donate. Two renovation of the back at people so everyone is paying attention to the rebuilding process. Are ready we're seeing people cross social media also chime in only to sharing their photos but reacting. To this as well let's move on because we know that in Venice where the first Red Cross. Eight delivery has a writer for a monthlong fight between the nation's president in opposition leader so what's the latest there. Yet in this is really important remember how politicized. Aides and the delivery of aid has been. In the last few months the embattled presidents and nickel last Madeira he has denies it's that the country is in the grip on the humanitarian crisis. He has prevented. International aids calming. Into the country not just gonna scale of how desperate that aid is needed there's hyperinflation. In Venezuela normal. Every day vital goods. And tens and tens of times the price that they movie off. Three million people have fled Venezuela. Because of the situation that but some good news lost we make less Madeira said that he had reached some kind of agreement with the International Red Cross. For the delivery of aid and on some of that aid the festival shipments of bots a lot of it from Panama. It's including fourteen power generates its of course Venezuela's having serious problems with power outages at the mamet really affecting hospitals. Fringes or not gonna stop. Several thousand leases of warts. Sanjay equipment Keds. Capable of signing tens of thousands of patients each that's according to the Red Cross. I just going over some of the things have been able to again back into the country. And of course opposition leader Juan Glen Day here's recognized by the international community has been in Trenton president. On Venice when he's claiming this is a major victory he has been of course on the board he's been in Colombia he's been. I Rinna trying to facilitate that age he's been appealing to the international community is trying put pressure on majora to let this aid and say he has been speaking on on how important it is up that they shipments have finally been allowed to. An affair very important indeed it Juliet think you for that before you go you know you have your royalty over there we've got hours over here in the US queen beaches. Drop I'm coming on NASA blames me. No news on the united and he knows the you know what the timeline it was at midnight West Coast hide so it dropped 3 AM here on the East Coast. So your time I can do the math wet heavy is sort of watching yet. Wet how is already it's oh my god Julia and I breaking news to. We avoid losing land not got along with yeah. And I don't know I'd say. Serious insult you pass again is understandable night's what's Dana threatens. A typical morning here in the UK I'm gonna do that again I'm going to adapt Martha's final. But to have Bob you're like yeah of the those odds and I out here I would you might I'm here from pinch me I'm all right thank. Julia what coming up the story behind the most press is relic rescue from notre dobbs the crown of stores believed to be worn by Jesus himself. We come back. Some things to watch out for today's church bells across France walked over notre dominate commemoration of a fire that heavily damaged cathedral. The reconstruction planning has already begun with billions of euros raised in the more benefits schedule. And president trouble meet with state local and tribal leaders on opportunity zones created as part of the 2017 tax cuts in jobs act. To spur investment in economically distressed areas but don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room for a break down. From the latest headlines in politics. So no lives were lost an ad devastating fire at notre comments so many that sacred treasures were saved most notably the sacred crown of thorns sent to be worn by Jesus Christ. ABC's James long as the repairs and Texas inside the bluff cathedral. Knocked her down now seats as an open wound. The Angel home to a false connection of Christian treasures from the immaculate rows windows and its iconic pipe organ to its most sacred relic. The famed crown of phones seen in National Geographic the story of golf with more. Freeman more than thirteen million. Every year yet only a fraction of them knows that he's vaulted ceilings. Powell's one of the most precious and closely guarded relics. And all christendom. Freeman was granted special access to see the crown up close and this is that this is it this is very era show it like that's the ground Christians believe. Jesus Christ himself wore on the road. I know you say. If there is a crown bonus this is it. Yes. Well this trade took surprised of course its apologists could even if it's not a true. And so we're remembering. OK he really laws on the he wasn't true man he could live acts. He could have effect on these very hats and this is no story this no good pay and all this been going on obstruction and this is history this is concrete. That piece of history along with many others rescued from the flames and taken to the move for safekeeping well how much of the artifacts have been saved. Tonight need to distance. 80% of the artifact is and saves yeah that's extraordinary nor let you want to get it on the clock down and proved they don't call. French president Emanuel and Michael vowed to rebuild mulch or down in five years. If somebody that could take months or longer a precise digital replica of the cathedral captain in 2015 has bolstered hopes for notre downs restoration. There's nothing written about it. I'm Mason's never stopped at the end of it and send what I built my cathedral this way because. And so I've been using more sophisticated technology these things to try to get you answers from the buildings. Bucket visual historian under talent painstakingly mountain Mildred. Delicate Beatles using cutting edge laser technology and tell his work will likely prove crucial to any future rebuilding efforts. Enters a major mission was to make sure that. As many people as possible. Understood the beauty these gothic structures didn't see Coca Vassar College inherited the project of the talents dead this is something that's becoming more and more crucial especially apple firing. James a woman. In Paris this religious relics from the crown of thorns to the statues are so important for so many Christians around the world and so. Knowing that many of those things were taken out what days before rattle him where the empire and I'm it symbolize a lot for. Those who were looking at this fire as something just so epic and something so meaningful and Ceci in the aftermath of trying to rebuild. S and actually an in as they begin to look towards rebuilding that'll be the next thing we're following in this. Awful story but so many people are pledging so much money 700 million dollars already. To help in that process and credible. That's it for us today we'll see you tomorrow and don't forget to treat us. Your thoughts on form really get right. Back to watching.

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