It's Morning, America: Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019

New details on mass shootings as President Trump set to visit El Paso and Dayton, a lawsuit alleges Boy Scouts hid abuse, and more.
23:37 | 08/07/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019
And good morning I'm GO Benito high functioning or any of the top five thanks to know this Wednesday number one the aftermath of those two mass shootings. Yep president trump is heading to El Paso and Dayton's day. To offer comfort to the survivors many residents are protesting the visit blaming him for fostering an atmosphere of hate. With his anti immigrant rhetoric the parents of both gunmen are offering condolences to the victims this year in Dayton was allegedly obsessed with previous mass shootings. His ex girlfriends had he had dark thoughts the FBI is now investigating the recent shooting at a California food festival as an act of domestic terrorism. Investigators say the nineteen year old gunman had a target list that included. Religious institutions courthouses. And both major political parties number two now lawsuit filed by a victim's advocacy group claims it found more than 350 names. That don't appear and the boy scouts of America as. In eligible volunteer filed the group claims to have found more than 800 victims of these young lawyers claim some of the volunteers linked to abuse still have access to kids. The boy scouts of America denies hiding any names. We turn avenue number three concerns about severe storms in the northeast today it's strong storms triggered this flash flooding and Baltimore that box there are nearly submerged. Credible car sprayed water in two buildings look at that right there. Dousing the people inside more storms are expected from DC I don't know if you. You. And tributes are pouring in for noble prize winning author Toni she passed away at the age of 88 more senate. Was best known for her lyrical novel such as the bluest skies Sula and they love it. Which explored the depths of the black American experience when that many parents remember. Her advice that she gave on the Oprah Winfrey Show about how to relate to chill from what's. What a kid walks in the room. Your child or anybody else is now. Alarm an in depth within the control when they see you they see the critical pain. What's wrong map. Then. If you'd let yet as I tried from then on to let your faith speak what's behind. Him because and they walked in the room. Does Clinton to senator. She's talking about presence right there Oprah called Morrison a magician with language he used words to royalist wake us. And educate us we will miss her. And finally number five if you're having trouble following a slate. Don't blame coughing yeah new study finds drinking tea or coffee within four hours of bedtime had no impact on the quality of sleep despite the caffeine. They studied nearly 800 people the researcher from. Alcohol and nicotine before bed did have a major impact on sleep. And I time cigarette knocked up to 42. Minutes off total sleep time. Drink the coffee all day and still pass have. All right guys look who it and we're so lucky to have you. Any bed dear to us I'm lucky to be sitting here with my law is that's the rest of the week. America. Will be here and it's more an America richer is we're gonna get right to that big story the new details about the gunman in the back to back massacres in El Paso, Texas. And Dayton Ohio as president trump has to both cities today. He's expected to face protesters angry about his racially charged rhetoric. And there are disturbing new revelations about the Ohio gunman's from the Ohio gunman's ex girlfriend saying he was obsessed with violence and wanted to hurt people. ABC's Megan tempers in has the latest she begins our coverage from El Paso this morning may in things for joining us. Yes highs today and GLA is really typical to express emotional hole. This shooting has had on the community here this memorial behind me has grown every day they are people here day and night are 22 crosses one for each of the victims and family members. Are carefully tending to them at all hours as a president plans to visit El Paso later today people here. Are demanding change. The investigation is gone into what led to suspected shooters to kill at least 31 people in two massacres the FBI now saying there is evidence 24 year old Connor bats and suspected Dayton shooter. Was exploring violent ideologies. Which shooter very specifically seeking out. Information that promotes. Violence his ex girlfriend saying they spoke openly about mental illness and suicide he showed or a video of a mass shooting on their first date. He I was interested in what makes careful people do terrible things. That that Stanley releasing a statement Tuesday evening. They offer their most heartfelt prayers and condolences. Meanwhile in El Paso disturbing new details on the Wal-Mart massacre. Authorities say 21 year old Patrick crew cius is showing no remorse after police say he killed 22 people. It appears to be in the state of shock and confusion grew cius is charged with capital murder federal authorities say there could be more charges coming. He Stanley issuing a statement saying quotes Patrick actions were apparently influenced and informed by people we do not know and from ideas and beliefs we do not accept or condone. He was raising a family that top love kindness respect and tolerance rejecting all forms of racism prejudice hatred and violence authorities saying he targeted Mexicans in particular. The community of El Paso steam strong. The tragic events of Saturday while not to finance it will not to stories. And president trouble first visit Dayton Ohio then come here to El Paso around midday in both cities he's Stacy. Mixed reactions El Paso as mayor is welcoming the president but it is largely Latino. And democratic city a lot of people here are wary of the president's visits. Geo and announce an act TO right leg and thinking of joining us this morning. Yeah I think you make an out of the gun debate in congress where support appears to be growing for so called red flag laws but one prominent lawyer. Is sounding the alarm let's get right to Washington now ABC's Monaco's are Abdi is there. Mona good morning. Good morning G and good morning to you today it seems more Republicans in congress are warming up to the idea of a red flag laws which would. Help law enforcement officials take guns away from those who pose an imminent danger now often such requests are left to family and friends. Who are worried about a gun owner who expresses a desire to harm people or expresses suicidal thoughts now it signed into law this would be the most significant gun control legislation. In twenty years but. As you mentioned one prominent lawyer and trump allied. Who issued a who studied the issue rather Alan Dershowitz is raising concern now Dershowitz row in the Wall Street Journal quote if the government can take your guns based on a prediction today. What will stop it from taking your liberty based on a prediction tomorrow others say these red flag laws would not be nearly enough to address the wave of recent mass shootings. One Republican congressman from Ohio Mike Turner whose daughter escaped the shooting in. That he would support banning military style weapons and limiting the size of magazines others when tighter background checks but. Those restrictions will see a lot more push back here in Washington. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is key in all of this in right now he's urging his committee chairman to hold bipartisan talks. The senate right now is in a five week recess and McConnell has not indicated you originate if he is willing to cut that recent short. And we'll see what happens with that Mona think he's so much for joining us here and it goes back spec sheet mass shootings have left much of the nation nervous and on edge. Yeah there was a widespread panic in New York's Times Square Tuesday night crowds miss took off motorcycle backfiring. For another shooting now look at this earth can capture this chaotic scene right here. Several pedestrians were reportedly injured during the stampede to flee the area. A performance of the play To Kill a Mockingbird and did it early after audience members started running down the aisles. And ducking for cover just so scary but absolutely this is what people are thinking people are really on edge they are. Waiting and if they hear something like this this is what's gonna. They are re acting pitchers the state O Boyer Americans are today. And meanwhile Florida's governor has ordered a criminal probe into the handling of Jeffrey F scenes 2008 underage sex trafficking case under a plea deal. Epstein was allowed to avoid federal prosecution and plead guilty to lesser state charges. He was sentenced to eighteen months in jail but he was allowed to leave almost daily for work release and he only served thirteen months. Have seen is now in jail as he awaits trial for sex trafficking charges. In new York and now to that growing scandal surrounding the Boy Scouts and a lawsuit claims he organization is facing up had a feeling epidemic. Lawyers say they've uncovered hundreds of previously unannounced case's of scout leaders involved in abusing children. This morning to boy scouts of America under fire accused of under reporting sexual abuse claims that the time has come for a full accounting. Of what has gone on in this organization. Which in my opinion does nothing less than an atrocity. In it has to stop. At a new lawsuit lawyers have identified 350. Scout leaders. Allegedly linked to the abuse of children lawyers claim those scout leaders are not in the Boy Scouts disciplinary files suit cites evidence that the organization hit the extent of the abuse scandal. With lawyers now claiming they have nearly 800 clients who were abused as scouts. The kind of numbers were talking about now dwarf what we've seen in the Catholic Church cases. In Minneapolis attorney Jeff Anderson is now demanding the scouts make public. A list of 15100. Scout leaders accused of misconduct against children. Anderson claims at least twelve people suspected of links to abuse are working with children or have access to kids in their current roles. We don't know if they're teaching or schools. Yet there next door neighbors we know this summer still in ministry. Some are still in education and as we've tracked them some are still in child care and youth serving organizations. And we also know. The kids are at risk because of. The boy scouts of America has refused to release the list publicly arguing it previously settled the case with Anderson's client. And provided information from that list to law enforcement. The judge is now considering their quest for the files the boy scouts of America denies hiding any names as threatening a lawsuit organization took immediate. Says it took immediate action to report any appropriate information to launch. Port. All right moving on here a man save one of man's best friends trapped in a hot car. In New Mexico OK look at this he said he heard the dog struggling. To breathe in Albuquerque and all of that heat there. Look at this video right now after calling 911 he just boom smashed one of the windows of the crowbar. The dog is okay but its owner faces animal. Cruelty and he saw about owner left the window cracked but that was not and not in the temperatures that to say how there could come home it's not just kids its the animals because that is not just forgetting that the dog is now it's knowing it's no AM and lowering the window to brands and no matter. So add the New York City past time of swearing at other drivers so. May soon be a thing of the past yeah global now no got right I know. Drive those cars are coming to the Big Apple the tech company optimists rides. Unveiled six self driving vehicles with an interest and look right there right now they're not being used in regular city traffic. The vehicles which look like a cross between a London taxi in the shuttle bus. Are operating in an enclosed area. And people just be swearing at these cars. They're happy knowing this we're right right right. Well coming up how one of farmer propose to his girlfriend in an utterly. Unique way utterly yet utterly was wait till we show you and yes it involved we'll see another. We've got the story right after this. Are welcome back here and out of the miracle survival story of one man who crashed his plane in the Canadian wilderness. That pilot is now speaking out about how he survived and why he decided to record that entire ordeal. He has. I just had a forecaster shoots. And in the middle come back. Trying to get my SOS to work that's experienced pilot met the tone and just after he crash landed in the Canadian wilderness. He was traveling from Newfoundland en route to Quebec city. When his plane began losing engine power. Instantly your decelerating like your on the freeway slamming on the breaks everything flying forward in the cabin and as a started to enter the tree line there is a loud explosion and they large tree came piercing right through the bottom of the airplane. I miss my leg by about an inch. The plane eventually hitting the ground wedding itself between these two trees once for you atone and began documenting his survival story and his eventual rescue reality Sen insisted this could be awhile. The bonds are sold. He made to split second decision to go back to the plane for his supplies despite the risk that the plane could explode at any moment yeah. Player. Sticks. To the risks and elect the plane. In my later. The Syrian news. He then sent an SOS on his GPS and started a fire. Hoping to create enough smoke to signal for help the whole ordeal lasting five hours bull the tone in hopes. The by releasing the footage it could be helpful to others for now he's just thankful to have both feet on the ground. I just feel grateful I mean they're the people that. That I am amazed on how and whether these guys that are jumping on helicopters put their lives at risk two to save one life it's just amazing to me. All right and Kim Jong-un says his country's launch of two tactical guided missiles is a warning to the US and South Korea. At a new report says they've stolen more than two billion in finance. To finance these weapons let's go cross upon now to Julie MacFarlane in the London bureau for more Juliet good morning lots of news there. Good morning Jane yes this is a leaked less about what cents to the United Nations. Security Council's. Sanctions committee now basically what it says. Is that North Korea has made as you say two billion dollars. Through cyber attacks. And say the theft. Of crypt Tenet currency now we noted that North Korea. Hasn't very I bonds. Cyber crime. Capability. They were of course behind not notorious how could saying me. But when this news that basically says that a Pyongyang has managed to target banks. And crypto currency exchanges say you know that that Korean and cryptic currencies. In and that sort of way they've managed to sort of mine this huge amounts of money which essentially means that United Nations sanctions. Targeting. North Korea based punitive measure is. The impact of that is being lessened if that making money illicitly in this way as you say to fund that weapons paper. This is ready serious more than five million people in Zimbabwe need to date according. Team the United Nations they say 2.5. People look and a half million people are on the cusp. Of starvation. Now is Zimbabwe has suffered news of time while they've had notorious. Hyperinflation would affect car in the C. They suffered. Dreadfully when there was a site claimed in recent years and they on now suffering drought. Crop shortages the price of fade. Has risen sharply a lot of people on the brink of starvation as United Nations is warning they are paying the amount of money that they need. To tackle food insecurity in the country. Our Julian let's let's get a little lighter here. Because now you can see the great civil maybe maybe this is dark the gravestone or Snow White hit in the German museum. What's this about. Got incredible. Ageless story by the Brothers Graham is apparently based on this. Judge men by our Nast she's cool it's. Maria sixty bow and arrow sciele. And she's from this little gem and town and she is believed to be an inspiration behind Snow White here a couple of similarities. Her father was a nobleman and off to his past wife's death. Cynthia step month had the reputation of being domineering and acting in favor of had not killed children. Sounds nearly hope father also and to gloss factory and there was this massive never. Which had this inscription all about pride at stone it also is on the million merit Merrill on the war if your member of that. A scary Faris. Peaches new. The house in the original Brothers Gregg Brothers Grimm fairy story and there was a scary farce that was named a role that is. Near west if you live to sell a lot of similarities. And that and had grave has now being found and is on display in the. Easy to I mean that is fascinating and fascinated me I wonder what the what were the you know what was everybody else from the movie. Or they based on. And obviously we're blow the seven hills apparently shot across seven hills. To get to get to that house and of course there's a lot I mean does a lot of similarities and while it's not proven that she's inspiration. Funny number of similarities between parents and lights. If there's a poison apple it's her. All right countries. Theft but they did Joliet thank you so much. Sega all right let's check on education starting with a disaster on the road hundreds of bottles of wine 40000 pounds of wine bottles. Los in this tragic truck crashed fortunately no one was hurt just lot of broken hearts it. And a lot of Brooke model yeah they were major injuries to the bottle yeah next up here here's talented dog showing off its volleyball skills he can go impressive so cool keeping that beach ball right up in the air. Here's a how many people can do that. This like none not bad he's better athlete than most people go get it but yeah so that was good but this one's weird a far proposed his girlfriend. They call it creative I call it utterly. Discussing he put the ringing. And by her. It's not and who's also not what you think it is right Ry I asked if she really glad to share this fifth with a a rare or for your keys and yes. Coming up how I did your own phone without a digital detox. Vacation. Why so many Americans are going to extremes to unplug. Every boot I don't know why. All right here's a watch out for today president trump is going to Dayton and El Paso and we'll receive a cool reception both cities. President being criticized for his anti immigration rhetoric and no major gun control legislation. Enjoy your brown is scheduled to leave prison today granted clemency after fifteen years from that she was its sex trafficking victims. When she killed a man in 2004. When she was sixteen she will remain on parole for ten years. Congressman Elijah Cummings will speak at the National Press Club headliners lunch and he's expected to address president Trump's recent comments about Baltimore. Which he called a disgusting. Rats and rodent infested mess. And the world you rodeo contest kicks off today in Cleveland featuring more than 300 competitors vying for the title of world Yo-Yo champion. And an attempt to set a new Guinness world record for most people you'll yelling. Yeah the only the only simultaneously. I was over it and into the debrief for an update on our top stories in the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. Well the hot weather across the country is still keeping so many of us in vacation mode right thank you pick if you're. But a growing number of Americans are finding that vacations. Just don't seem to be. Still and they're blaming the is right it's nice knowing people are are now embracing the digital detox vacation. Didn't he spec you wearily. Vacation. West. Relax rejuvenate. Every three drinks. But the latest winter escape. Total digital. Detox people are now actually paint and other people impose. Disconnect action up Honda from which is a little bit crazy frankly we think about it no cell service and no Wi-Fi is starting to mean no vacancy. With a 300 person waiting list this converted fire tower in rural Oregon cost 200 dollars a night. More than 400 tonight on this island in the Caribbean or 2000 a night in Alaska to really really showed it all out crazy but necessary. You need to treat owned resort in northern California offers 300 dollar a night York's. And of course a human sad eyes. Bird's nest. And the fact that there's no cell service worldwide by forgets no service. Noble. Not. You should be very aware that the more you interact with technology on occasion the last time your acting meet present in your vacation itself the kind of rubs you the experience that you presumably just spent a lot of money to have. And it's not just for adults with growing rates of anxiety and depression in teens linked to devices. Unplugging is for kids to and that's an extremely good thing for your long term productivity. Your ability to focus all sorts of other aspects of your health. Your stress levels here ability to be president and happy in your own life and the moment that a lot of benefits proving that we can all use of digital downtime to truly. Read them. Right now for our question of the day if you didn't until detox Walt would be the toughest part. Won't be the hardest part for you in doing it digital detox vacation for me it it is it's always not checking work email because I'll start to a nothing note. No so I've gotten better rope in the and I won't check work email me like I used to be let go all I'll check it every day so I can delete or whatever it. Now and just like you know what I'm not can do it so the hardest part I feel like. Would just be like checking in street rumors and. Fair now just phones way. Or. The actual miles away but you watch if they're phone rang don't know don't don't know yet that they're not want us yet. Turn it off an intern and on the border watch the in the months and fortunately for you were done today to turn off what ago eight are up.

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