It's Morning, America: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

House passes resolution condemning Trump tweets, remembering John Paul Stevens, Apollo 11 crew member returns to the launch pad, and more.
20:53 | 07/17/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Good morning we begin with that rare rebuke from congress officially condemning president fox are racists attacks on four congressmen have color. The resolution passed with only four Republicans breaking ranks assignment Democrats they called out the president for urging the four congresswomen to go back to where they came from. The president is insisting he's no racist ABC's. Ludacris are happy begins our live coverage from Washington hey Mona. Good morning today good morning Kenneth partisan divisions were on full display as members from both parties stop to the respective corners. An overnight the president taking notice as he praised the quote unified GOP. A partisan showdown on the house floor I didn't know race isn't when asked Viet. I know race isn't print I fear that the mayhem igniting have a vote on a resolution condemning the president. His tweets telling before congress women of color to quote go back to the countries they came from. Every single member of this institution democratic and Republican. Should join us in condemning the president's racist week. To do anything less. Would be a shocking rejection of our values and a shameful abdication. Some of our oath of office to protect the American people. Republicans immediately objecting to her use of the word racist and calling for it to be removed from the official record. The hour plus long drama ending in a vote along party lines to approve the resolution. All but these four Republicans voting against it I believe this is about ideology. This is about socialism first as freedom. On Tuesday president Tron double down on his attacks and called house resolution a quote con game. Overnight adding in a tweet quote so great to see how unify the Republican Party was on today's votes concerning statements I made. Republicans have remained largely silent on the president's tweet most notably senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Who in his first public remarks echoed the president's criticism of Democrats not condemning which he called. Anti somatic comments by members of their own party. The most of vile accusations and insults against our nation have been home. Incredibly retain. McConnell then went on to issue blame on both sides saying from the president to the speaker to the freshman lawmakers. All have the responsibility to elevate public discourse today Kenneth. And say in Washington White House counselor Kellyanne Connolly had a bizarre exchange with a reporter while defending president trumps tweets about those for a congresswoman. Reporter Andrew Feinberg asked Conway what countries the president believes the congresswoman should return to in calmly fired back with a question of her own. What's your ethnicity. Why is that rode out because I'm asking a question. My ancestors are from Ireland and Italy so it might. This is who rode into the punishment yeah it is. About that probably later treated she meant no disrespect to the reporters saying quote we are all from somewhere else originally she added that she's proud ethnicity. In grateful to god to be an American. Not to the death of retired Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens this morning everyone from legal scholars and historians are celebrating his life as was them. And as fierce independence. This morning remembering a titan of American law retire Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens died in Florida. After suffering a stroke president Gerald Ford reported Siebert the 1975. Stephens were earned the reputation as a moderate. But would eventually lead the court's liberal wing. Voting to limit the use of the death ability and uphold affirmative action he was called the right to bear arms a relic of the eighteenth century. Saying his experience during a home invasion in the 1930s. Influences speaking on the issue his 2014 booked six amendments how and why we should change the constitution. Stirred controversy. Stevens told our doorstep and outlets why he believed the second amendment's right needed to be changed. In men would merely. That prevent. Arguments being made this congress doesn't have the power to do what they think it is in the best phone with interest but to be clear if congress passed a national ban. I'm individual gun ownership. That would be constitutional under your amendment I think that's right. A lifelong cubs fan Stevens joined the navy in 1941. He served in World War II as a code breaker. Steve has gained a reputation as a brilliant lawyer in Chicago eventually serving 35 years on the Supreme Court. The third longest serving justice in history. His onetime clerk called Stephens rice a fluke Berger there with lack of political connections and his recent autobiography he reflected on the 2000 bush V gore decision saying the court has not fully recover from the damage it inflicted on itself and may Stevens spoke to the Wall Street Journal giving this assessment of our politics today I think there are things we should be concerned about. The president is exercising powers the do not really belonged to him. What do you believe here legacy as like people who think they move lows should engineer injured. And in a statement Chief Justice John Roberts praised Stevens for his kindness and humility John Paul Stevens with 99. What checking our other headlines this morning an outpouring of love and Baton Rouge, Louisiana for civil rights leader. Who was murdered the vigil last night honored Sadie Robert Joseph Atkins museum established. She's found a hung up her car last week a convicted sex offender Ron Jermaine Beal is now charged with her murder. Police say he's attendant and a rental property shield police say he was behind the rent. Activists in New York City are voicing outrage at the Justice Department. They took to the streets of Harlem last night after the Justice Department's decision not to pursue civil rights charges and the Eric garner chokehold case. He's the man who die after being arrested by a white police officer. During this very tough to watch video that you saw there. And we know that half and five years ago today. The video. And the other evidence gathered in the investigation. Does not establish beyond a reasonable doubt. And Alter the whale acted willfully violated. Federal law. But what did not bid Betty do they just don't know I'm gonna. And that officer could still be fired is now up to the police commissioner who is waiting for the results of an internal NYPD trial. He has until the end of the summer to make a decision. Two hair raising moment in Greece watch as this British Airways jet was flying in the no no you know buzzing by people only a few feet away. Well landings are common at this airport on the island of ski at those but this but let's too close for comfort. Some people even have to dove for cover. Back in this country a pilot survived this hard landing in Ocean City, Maryland quite a show at the beach. These single engine plane was reportedly having mechanical troubles before it went down the pilots was the only ones on board. And of the blast from the past for one of the Apollo eleven crew members Michael Collins was back on the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center yesterday marking the fiftieth anniversary. Of the start of the first moon mission Collins stayed inside a lunar orbiter on Neil Armstrong and buzz cauldron. Landed on the moon he called the mission serious business. We crew felt the weight of the world on our shoulders we knew that everyone or be looking at us friend or foe. And we wanted to do the best we possibly could put our best foot forward and that required a great deal of work on our. Pardon. Looking ahead Collins said the US should skip another moon landing and concentrate on going to Mars his colleagues Buzz Aldrin marked the anniversary posting this video you're saying there god bless the 400000. Americans who helped let's get to the moon and back. Up next new details about the fire at notre dom cathedral in pairs and just how close the building came to collapsing plus why the Mona Lisa is on the move. Back now with the latest on the crisis in Puerto Rico major protest is planned today the governor there isn't. The fight of his political life and says he's staying an office no matter what he's facing pressure to resign because of the scandal over what he's sad. In an online chat ABC's Bratton Okie has details. A guys out wins are normal the seas are calm but right now in Puerto Rico there was a political storm brewing that goes all the way back to hurricane Maria. Over the last few nights we've seen protesters gathering demanding their governor Rick Carter was say he'll step down. It won't put things turned violent tear gas was fired all part of what is being called. Telegram gate ABC's Josh lawyers has been covering the fallout from those hurricanes since they hit the island. And he says they don't dislike Puerto Rico's Watergate is that big and that emotionally charged with senior government trying to hold on to whatever political capital they have. To remain in power. Nonprofit journalism group on the island got their hands on 900 pages. Of the private encrypted text message change between the governor and the number of officials. Cabinet members and he dumped it. From the governor to governor for a CEO and all his advisors and cabinet members. And the messages that all came out paint a picture of the government and these officials who were trying to change public perception towards news coverage to doing whatever they could to discredit journalist it was sexist misogynist to Tacoma for. Comments and criticizing opposition leaders who were asking for transparency in the process in the B years after American marine. And governor Rick Carter were Seau has fired several underlings but critics are saying. That's not enough they want him a gone. In later to date we are expecting to see perhaps the biggest protests of this entire ordeal we'll have more on this bizarre back story on start here later this morning. Listen on apple podcasts or if ever podcasting app. Jeanette Kenneth. Our thanks to Brad there. Let's go across the pond now to ABC news is London bureau were to McFarland is keeping an eye on the biggest international news. And Joey we're learning just how close the notre dom cathedral came to collapsing and that massive fire. Tenet says this is such an interesting feature is an exclusive from the New York Times he'd been. Digging in to this story and they've been piecing together the timeline. All the events of what happened that night. In April and of course there is this investigation that is getting under way and that parts authorities are looking into exactly what happened that led to this. Fire and to some new. That's basically say that a serious miscommunication. An additional delays is what allowed the fire to spread. And they basically say the reason they can't do is still signing is just because of the massive past mill and enormous safety and security risks taken. By the finest Savvis now what happens four minutes off to the fest alarm went the New York Times reports. That the gods went to the wrong building he went to attic in the sight Christie knots the forest the name why the fire had originated. On instead of courting the flag the fire department he could his boss and couldn't reach him now in the fast few minutes of this five days delays are really really critical. And was imagining is that it's this historic monument came so close to being completely. Collapsing in that devastating fire. That's incredible and camps those Emmys are still just really Syria in my mind there on and off at what the restoration effort do we know the latest on that. I think we've got more over an update on the rest it on the restoration asset remember that president monument cones says that he wants to see it completely rebuilt within five years. Now of course that was a really ambitious common a lot of people said Gottesman has going to be that's a very very steep. Pledged to make but of course is so much goodwill. Behind this app but there is millions. Of dollars being poured in by private then as a lot of prisons on French people I'm people around the world to enjoy the beauty of this majestic building ready wanna try to make that happen. Right you're right about that and we got some good news is morning about some conjoined twins we understand. Hours after Aaron fifty hours but during the operation their surgery and it took a lot a lot of manpower. Tenet it is a joy to bring you such a positive story this morning tree remark two two euros. Conjoined twins from pockets on soft spot and mile walk they have been successfully separated these two goes. Joined by that crane is bite us goes had never seen each other had never seen each other's faces before they were born by caesarean section. That father died shortly off today. That month had given bus. Now they have been taken to London to degrade over and a street Children's Hospital it's a well as. Leading a pioneering the hospital. In this kind of surgery. It took them at three different surgeries. Fifty hours and take till a hundred stock -- may have some kind of gritty ground breaking tech was involved. But they used to be our virtual reality to create a two recreates. Twins' skulls so that the surgeons could practice. Because of who assess Skiles on the blood vessels were fused I mean this guy will. All of all of bed that the difficulty and and and the complex did the surgery. Is his mind but we males say it used 3-D printing to help rebuild. That skulls there a couple of complications in this century. One of the twins how to blood clot the others. Heart rate dropped and how to strike but the twins have been successfully. Separated and then you guys come began so really really great happy story for for us to bring you this morning that is really great I love that story. And apparently the Mona Lisa if her on the move. Sorry for the bus on and fourteen year is Lilian they'd have been she's wilds. Famous Mossad he's the man at least that is being made it out of the rim where it's held for the first time in fourteen years that's because they really need to renovate. The agreement and the operations amazing it is really quite extraordinary. What is committed to about the story is the fragility of this mosques apiece it is a very small painting of the event I had. The chance of seeing it in Duluth in Paris it's much smaller than you can imagine on his behind this sort of bullet proof glass case saying. You're not ready to pays to take flash photography because they're trying to. Because how things of this mosque Jesus so delicate it's on as a result nests more popular wood panel. And to the new stuff they actually. Creates it's a replica is all of the painting say that stop could practice moving its. Safely. His just quite scary to think how how fragile this is given the cult cultural sort of impact that this iconic. Must appease house but hit three. I you have renovating the grim means it's going to be while that talk champions cup. You know even after they're renovating the gun all of this work for the Mona Lisa just move mirrors. Not very far I'm pretty sure she's gonna have that's my eyes on her face but this is why it's my to maximize. They need a very iconic one. I do what I came that came to mind as Wednesday when I had that they were meeting at I just keep thinking of like Asians eleven and thinking I'll put on the Thomas kind of fat I want anyone's gonna try their luck and. Pull off a heist could help arises when it we'll see about that I'm pretty sure you'll be there to cover for us across the pond under the hey we're all smile see you this morning doing it thank you so much. It's our time now to check our notifications. It would begin at the age filter that's taking over the Internet. Things like Arabs posting the pictures. Other girl with a free app call bass pat. How Bleacher Report uploading images of NFL greats of the happen and here's what. Tom Brady. Or around 2050. Might still be plotting their every 2040 depending I'm how stressful. Hadn't yet. Even even this guy Kenneth guidance on the final. See little reason to be afraid of aging. Not bad at all that they said that what you'll they got next year yet about that advocates job and for the benefit. There without a hat and world Modi day only getting your preview of this fall's new images that many of them focusing on diversity including and it racial and same sex couples. Is also a new you on the number OG generating buzz some people say they can't keep from yawning. When they see it something for everyone and finally a Texas woman who just be cancer cannot contain herself. Patient that her Oswalt got cancer free ballad the end of their tree. Mentality was so excited about finishing radiation she broke about. At their rights are celebrate gradually bring it. Coming up swapping the treadmills were working at real fight fitness we'll bring you up to speed on the new workout craze. That's next. Good look at the stories we'll be watching today the first relative of the hundreds of people killed in two Boeing airline crashes will appear before congress today. One man lost five failing members and the crashing Ethiopia he's calling for going to face criminal charges it wants the 737 not shed damage from returning to the sky. Convicted Mexican drug war helped topple will be sentenced today he was found guilty of trafficking hundreds of tons of drugs into the US. And mandatory sentence is life without them. For world. It would turn out to a new fitness craze is called a 305. Fitness. Yesterday it's Angie is on because we're about to bust a serious move we'll grants works out the deet tails of a new style of work out. Yeah. At 305 fitness they're swapping treadmills for tort case. Ditching footsteps proposing giving. I have. And intense Carty of dance class. I mean party. Complete with allied DJ spinning in every class. A new favorite celebs like drew Barry Moore and Hayley bold way and when I decided to hit up the real fight fitness in New York City. A certain and Bette Midler was also ready to get her group. Yeah. That I protests and seriously doubts Bette Midler not always. Dead I am not. I work out good enough for the divine miss M. Gotta be good enough. Founder and CEOs Haiti Kurzban ringing the colors the lights at a certain. Funky feeling to work out across the country. I think that that's that's that's the part it's just how simple and fine and just. Relentlessly rebellious and does but energy is super fun. And yeah some of the goods you do in the class certainly are relentlessly rebellions. But those dance moves are more than just good practice for your next Friday night out on the town yeah. On average and people have their heart rate miners in class they're bringing 70800. Calories and a session. Because it's super full body lick your working every part at once and it's also incredibly amazing for your memory. For your con sends us. Its range from 45 minutes to an hour. But the results are lasting how has your body changed since starting. 305 Y never like any perhaps the force of these are really neo. And squeezed in between those dance moves its voting section when you grab some weights working your muscles and your confidence. My dad. That self empowerment is that the debt brings fitness junkies back to 30 five's clauses again and again and I feel like me here itself I can just be free and expresses. And have fun fun check. Sweat check check. And it toppled that some nourishment for the soul to you. What I hope that you and let everyone gets out of this class is really feeling like where you are your best it's enough. So it's just about sharing this message that we are who we are and flaws and all I can still love yourself. Thank you and I don't live DJ in each class signing up. Got to find three or five fitness currently has eight locations here in the US and is expanding to ten this year. They've also certified 200 instructors to teach all over the world and you can find a class closest to you on their web site. That the press today say that ABC news live for breaking news throughout today I'm joining Norman Duncan a vote. Have a great day.

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