It's Morning, America: Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Trump rehashes past grievances in campaign kickoff, decorated Navy vet on trial, rocket attack on Iraq oil site and more.
23:33 | 06/19/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna vote and Jane aren't here the top I think snow this Wednesday number one of the big campaign kick off president trump wants is reelection campaign in Orlando last night he unleashed on the media and slammed the Muller reports. And Hillary Clinton as the crowd chanted locked corrupt it comes amid another cabinet shake up acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan. Has stepped down after domestic violence cases involving his failing resurfaced. There were two more than 2000 people packed into a meeting in Phoenix to discuss the police response. Two alleged shoplifting incidents comedian turned into a wider discussion on police brutality the father involved in the accident in which people point their guns and his pregnant wife and young daughters that its family. Good lucky to be alive the mayor says she's sick over the case and many in the crowd. Use the meeting to address other frustrations with the city's police department. Something be done. So that this ever happening I can't. I am listening to what you said at the end of the day though the group hasn't put it. And one half and after this meeting. The police chief there was booed when she said real change starts with the whole community not just believes. The mayor announced that nearly all officers Wear body cameras by the end of summer aren't the number three more Americans are saying they fell seriously ill while visiting the Dominican Republic the latest claim involves a bride from Virginia who says she fell unconscious during her honeymoon. At a resort in front of conduct themselves yet what infection she's waiting for test results to determine the cost. Another woman claims her flight home from the resort with filled with people who have become sick at least eight Americans have died and the Dominican Republic this year. But the State Department denies there's been an increase in the number of American deaths compared to previous years we had to Philadelphia for number four that's where two crew members not partnership have been arrested and one of the largest cocaine busts in US history authorities seized 33000. Pounds of the drug worked. More than a billion dollars prosecutors say one of the crew members. Claims he was going to be paid 50000 dollars for helping loads of cocaine. On the ship they traveled from South America before arriving in Philadelphia on their way to Europe and probably number five a new poll may make you want to take a deep breath. And hold it for a war Ohio. Met nearly 40% of people we Cheney ages of eighteen point four. Don't use deodorant numbers improved slightly with age about 30% of when he pocket 34 your holes admit they don't use it up and apparently. It's not they don't believe in personal hygiene because their shower rates match most of society. They just don't think they need deodorant that studies stakes. I fee which it did there. Morning there F. Kate good morning let's get right epic story president front kicking off his reelection campaign by turning to his old playbook. The president bragged about the economy and his other accomplishments during his rally in Orlando last night but he spent much of the time rehashing a long list of grievances taking aim at familiar targets including the media the mullah report and Hillary Clinton. ABC's Mota costar Abbie has the highlights including what the First Lady had to say lot of good morning. Good morning today good morning Tenet president from spent the night positioning himself as the underdog rather than the incumbent beat visiting his 2016 campaign. That never really ended. And wanting to do it's my husband. The president. United States president trump officially launched his twenty when he campaigned in front of thousands of supporters donning his signature Red Hat. We're going to keep. Making America great again and then we will indeed. Keep America great. But that's not the only component of his Tony sixteen campaign that's crossing over into his reelection bid. The president hour and a half long speech rehashing many of his past grievances. 33000. It continuing the trip down memory lane by once again decrying what he refers to as a special council's witch hunt why did they come up way. No could. From telling his crowd of supporters he will not let them down as he touted a list of his accomplishments. Our economy. The envy. Of the world perhaps the greatest economy. We've had. In the history of our country the president hardly mentioning the nearly two dozen democratic presidential candidates vying to challenge him. Aside from senator Bernie Sanders who quickly fired back. An hour and a half speech of lies. Distortions. And total absolute nonsense. And former vice president Joseph Biden who recent polls show had a trump. Key battleground state Biden tweeting overnight the president trump quote inherited the good economy from the Obama Biden administration. And next week in Miami to two point one he democratic presidential candidates will face off. For the first time ever in their first debate today and I are our thanks to Mona. And top administration officials say they were not aware our president Trump's latest plan to crack down on illegal immigration. The president treated that immigration officials would begin the process of removing millions of undocumented immigrants next week. But a senior official tells ABC news that the deportations describe it the president are not imminent and Homeland Security expert said there is no way to logistically carry out such an operation. Meanwhile the president is now praising Mexico for quote earn a good job now that its National Guard troops are patrolling the border with Guatemala. Now to the shocking departure at the Pentagon acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has withdrawn his name to lead the Pentagon. Just hours after domestic abuse allegations and ball leaned his family resurface. Now many are wondering why the White House that no about the allegations one senator is even calling for an investigation. This morning the trump administration under fire following the sudden resignation of the acting secretary of defense. They don't like to vet all these assistant secretary's assistant this assistant that don't get very. And look what happens when you don't then. Patrick Shanahan withdrew his name from consideration to be Defense Secretary just hours after a report revealed allegations of domestic violence with and its family. The Washington Post reports in 2010 police were called to the Shanahan house to find him with a bloody nose broke Shanahan and his then wife Kimberly accused each other physical violence. Police arrested only Gemma hints wife he later dropped the charges. And in 2011 police were called after shelling hands then seventy year old son will got into a violent altercation with his mother. The arrest report says world grabbed a baseball bat instruct his mother on the back of her head. And a state may Shanahan says I believe my continuing in the confirmation process were forced my three children. To relive the traumatic chapter in our family's life and reopen wounds we have worked years to he you'll. The White House is now facing new questions about why the allegations didn't surface and 2011 when Shanahan was nominated as the Pentagon's second in command. And again before he was named acting Defense Secretary on January 1. I feel that they are was. Possibly a deliberate concealment here I think there ought to be an investigation. By the I key in the Department of Defense president trump defended his administration's vetting process while praising Shanahan. I had heard about it yesterday for the first time we have a very good Betty would take a look at our cabinet secretary very good but we have. A great betting is a terrific person and it's a difficult time for bad. But he's gonna take a little time off a family service and four. For working working things out. Meanwhile just days after shaming and approved sending 1000 more troops in the Middle East in response to rising tensions with Iran. The Pentagon now has four top positions vacant including secretary of defense deputy Defense Secretary air force secretary and chief management officer. This is a very difficult time. With everything going on in Iran and all the provocations. And counter actions. And to have no secretary of defense at this time is is a Paul. And it shows the chaos in this administration. The White House has named a new nominee the widely respected army secretary mark asked for or who will face senate confirmation. San Francisco is getting closer to banning the sale and distribution of in November. Families of those killed in the C Andy hope shooting are fighting back against people who say it didn't happen. Just this week a website pros has been ordered to watch what he says and a book that cost sandy hook a hoax. Has been important shelves ABC's prime Melky has more. I guess that's right a lot of these parents' lives were shattered in an instant and yet. The last six years a lot of it has been battling conspiracy theorists falsely claiming this entire thing is a hoax. Well yesterday these parents won a legal battle. Lenny Posner is the father of the youngest child killed at sandy hook he sued the authors of the book claiming the shooting was staged or posture won a defamation lawsuit and the publisher is now apologizing to him. I spoke to author and a Merling who studies conspiracy theories and I asked her why a lawsuit Y re leaving these memories was worth it to these parents. Posner will tell you that he started out at simply asking people. Huge try to consider how hurtful it was. For him and other parents to hear that but it's also important to recognize that went in things they're doing here is not just trying to get these people to stop spreading lies the to get people. She stopped actively harassing them it's not just that these people have web sites they. Call the families they show up at sandy hook elementary school in and in the town of new town over and over they really have devoted themselves to making people miserable. And this is the really disturbing thing you guys and a says that sandy hook was really. A catalyst for something has become commonplace the new reality in this country is if you survive a mash shooting. In idling in a deal with the grief you're also a deal with lots of conspiracy theorists demanding you wouldn't it it's a lie. While have a lot more on this lawsuit and start here live this morning listen on apple podcasts. Refuted podcasting and Kenneth. Federal prosecutors released aircraft surveillance video showing what they say is a dog fight in progress. They claim the dog fighting operation involved about a hundred dogs most of them have been recovered and are being cared for the suspects face up to five years in prison. A mother of three who are full opening in tubes removed just became a mother of four Elizabeth Q was shocked when she. Found out she was having another baby four years after undergoing the procedure that was supposed to prevent her from getting pregnant again. Jenna Smith pregnancy in gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Benjamin despite the odds. My doctor said that it was very low heat. It was as close to 0% and you could get to you it was one of the most effective birth controls if not he must affect the birth control out there they didn't ultrasound and they told me that he was in my uterus and he'd look signing he looked healthy everything was a normal pregnancy. The most likely theory here is that an egg migrated to the area near where the Philippine tube would have been attached them end of the uterus through a tiny track. Kids call Benjamin their their Angel baby and mom says she hugs them even tighter. Oh baby. Coming up the dad and baby who led by. Well for their filled conversation now taking the show on the road see what they're up to now when we come back. Welcome back we turn out to the navy seal on trial for murder and war crimes Edward Gallagher is accused of killing a teenager who was under his care and Iraq but the defense claims. That case is built on lies. This morning a decorated navy seal now the center of a war crimes trial. Chief Edward Gallagher is accused of stabbing and killing a wounded ice is fighter investigators say he celebrated after sending a picture of the body to his platoon member. With caption that read I got him with my hunting knife during his opening statements Gallagher is lawyer called the tax an attempt at dark humor. Telling the jury it was the photo in poor taste probably. Was a photo evidence of murder no. Albert's wife says her husband is innocent he should be retiring next month. And yet he's been entrapped and that's a nightmare Gallagher who served eight tours of duty in earned two bronze stars also faces two attempted murder charges. In the shooting of two civilians including an elderly man. And a young girl in Mosul prosecutors say he threatened to kill navy seal members who reported M. The politically charged case caught the attention of president trump who voiced his support for Gallagher on Twitter. And even before the opening statements the case was shrouded in controversy. A judge remove the lead prosecutor for tracking emails between Gallagher and his defense team. The defense clamped the next days some weeks is to annihilate the government's case to show that these witnesses are lying. The show that these charges have never been brought should never been brought. Eight Navy SEALs are expected to testify the defense claims the witnesses made up the allegations to get back at Gallagher for taking them closer to the lineup fired and they wanted. The tries expected to take about three weeks. Plus it up break from the news and check our notifications. Old starting with. Batting practice when this but it goes courtroom wrong for naps catcher Max Scherzer. Popped off their ricocheted into his face and broke his nose scherzer took assured her to that makes me sure sure did. He is supposed to start tonight who have. That's but our eyes and other sports as soccer game broke out at a tennis match that's right you're that right soccer and tennis match when one tennis player losses racket. They start to rally with their feet they go back him for the little bit there yeah that's good defeated candidate racket we're calling this to not care. Yes that that owned it since. Guy and in this. Both of them so work can be proud of those I don't southward. If you have a type a title every answer the question of the day. Another day you're Omega watch out tennis and soccer yes or would you calling give us your ideas tweet at best a comment is live. You know with a veneer premiere soon investigating what led to nearly 45000 people a sign an online petition for time magazine to name. Yeah out of Reeves for some of the year and residents are the petition argues that that John wick franchise star deserves the distinction due to its status as. It's been recently revealed that Reeves has been quietly running a private charitable foundation to fund cancer research and children's hospital and of course professionally he is roll while John what is still racking up profits yeah I was also went Toy Story four. Some bit about his name it repair companies so and so and the return of the bill and Ted branch of that been like speed. That you want them arts annex of the father son duo who are taking their act national. Cellular remember we first met comedian the prior and is chatty talk nineteen month old Kingston. This couple weeks ago in the video of this when I went viral where there. Chatting on the couch it looks like now they are in a national commercial for Denny's. Then big. Yeah exactly what I come again makes us feel better about them. Do burglar bruiser. Down. I thank. That baking was amazing. Q you're right. I live day and it elicits bad ends with a heartwarming hug and the tagline Bruce. We're made for quality time with that Ollie K tally how much we love back you know Denny is pilots say that Danny that it is the grains land. Hopeful thought. About a happy. Beneath his future is that you figure you artists and order record debt then it right. And it finally. Gotten that god Liggett and confused when he meets his mom's identical twin lagoons my mind knowing how hot that. Yeah I know you're my mama. Mama you've got to will be. At all. We have some breaking news this morning as Iraqi officials say a rocket has hidden oil drilling site there let's go across on June Harlan in the London bureau for more Julie good morning. Morning to name moaning Kenneth yes adding this morning on Iraqi officials. Said that's a Katyusha rocket. With five on an oil flight that's used up by a number of foreign oil companies including Exxon my vote. Royal Dutch Shell and then on an Italian. Oil company they say that two Iraqi oil elect has what injured from the attack the rocket landings sort of a hundred meters away. From a site that acts on label uses Gaza and alt under residential cents a so what dean is a problem no one has yet claimed responsibility. For the attack but this attack comes about a month off that the US evacuated load of its embassy. And backed died this took attack happened in Basra solicited outside the capital. But the US embassy. Withdrawing its stuff from from the country saying that. It it was responding to unspecified threats from Iran and its allies. In the area in a rock Ron of course is meant to support some Shiite militias operating back. And moving on Japan is on its today after a powerful earthquake shook the nation of forced evacuations amid concerns the quake may lead to a tsunami. Now we're hearing that threat has been lifted Julian. That's right kind of this tsunami warning was lifted often about two and a half is. Often with us issued a six point eight magnitude as quake. Hissing. This that the city and Japan 21 people were injured and that lack images on mad TV showing showing a lot of damage of the peoples and of rushing out of hey Ames quotes Japan is still. You know it's still me is still trying to rebuild off to that devastating outbreak in 2011. Not quit that near the fiction that you could react. That that area still still trying to rebuild off to the fallout from that Julia and they UN has some wearing these statistics. About little worldwide refugee crisis what do those number show. Exactly tonight 71. Million people odd refugees and the UN. Has come up with this number by touting together the total number of asylum because say they are refugees who have that claims accepted and I unprocessed. Refugees. And displaced people. Now the thing is a number that number could be allowed big because of course new things added to the mix Venezuela for example. They are about 300000 venezuelans officially recognized as refugees but we know that more than four million Hobbs left the country since 2015. The UN eight using this just ahead of weld refugees world refugee day tomorrow a to draw attention to the fact that. As new conflict the new issues sprang up adding more refugees out to the mix up old ones are still not been resolved and that nom but getting a behind. Wow 71 million Juliet thank you for joining. That's more. Well coming up the death defying stunt is set to take place this weekend a flying will let it is walking on a wire 25 stories about Times Square more. This. Did not watch out for today president trump participates in a roundtable what's important Florida before returning to Washington. We'll we'll present the medal of freedom to economist Arthur Laffer who is known as the father of supply side economics. But gained popularity until president under president Ronald Reagan Papa Pope wrote the book. From economics which raises the president's economic strategy former White House communications director who picks is set to testify before the House Judiciary Committee. President trump has directed six. Not to answer questions related short time asked his senior advisors citing executive privilege. Dicks was one of the president's most trusted aides and her name is frequently mentioned. In the mobile report also around the Capitol Hill miracle on the Hudson pilot Sully Sullenberger testified that he hearing on the status of the Boeing 737 Max. The company works to correct an issue with the plane stability system. But don't forget that it into the debris for an update our top stories and the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. And finally the death defying stunts over time square preparations are underway for an equal in this latest challenge walking from one skyscraper to another on a wire setting up that wire has been more challenging than the crew expected. More now from our will can't. It's a wired just three quarters of an inch thick 25 stories above Times Square. Stretching over five New York City blocks its nickel and his latest high flying and death defying tight rope walk he's already crossed Niagara Falls. And the Grand Canyon with no safety harness. When there were a worse than expected. The now nick and his sister Leon assets Lockett thirteen hundred foot tight growth starting at opposite ends of Times Square and meeting in the middle. This time in a heart of Manhattan. Nick on hand as 100 rigors and two cranes shut down Times Square to set up the high life. It was definitely. Probably the most difficult Reagan I've ever had to do you just because of all the pedestrians underneath and then all the obstacles of the city. This latest stunt coming only two years after this. If flying will lend its crashing thirty feet to the ground during a practice in Florida. Leon as suffering severe injuries to her face not getting back up on the wire. Until now putting her life on the line literally along with nick on live TV this Sunday night. But Weyers said inspiration coming from you know it is it it's just life mate by her grandfather's that life is on the wire everything else is just waiting for us. Through waiting and practicing four to five hours a day at a facility down in Florida ready to tackle one more death defying feat. 250. Feet above Times Square. This latest on comes four decades after nickel and his great grandfather die falling from a high wire and Puerto Rico so. Let's hope. And pray that they he will be OK. Absolutely I mean that this soul certainly be interesting to. To watch I've seen nickel Woolen though one time before du one of these and it's nerve racking but definitely course you can watch the two hour high. High wire live and I've heard that the letter right here on ABC. This Sunday at 8 PM eastern answer to an end of that and see just. How intense yet staff going art that's that for us have a great day. We'll see you tomorrow.

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