It's Morning, America: Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The White House refuses to hand over documents, chaos erupts at a Sacramento City Council meeting and more.
19:45 | 03/06/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, March 6, 2019
Good morning I'm Kevin mouton and I today Norman here the top viking studio this Wednesday number one another test site in California's capital city and Sacramento special City Council meeting have to be stopped as angry residents voiced their latest concerns about police. That meeting got so heated it almost had to be in recess for second time. This all stems from the controversial and deadly police shooting last year. Oven on arm stuff on Clark the state attorney general announced no charges will be filed against the officers involved with the US Justice Department. Well now investigate to see if those officers violated our civil rights never to the showdown between president trump and house Democrats over security clearance sources tell CNN that the president pressured officials to give his daughter Yvonne got a security clearance. Against recommendations. To sign a larger customer reportedly obtained his the same way. Now the White House is refusing to give congress information on commissioners parents. On to number three the FDA is warning that some clears cosmetics contain asbestos the three products for eye shadow compact powder and a Contra Pallet. There's disputes at the fibers found her asbestos but says the products have been removed from the store shelves quote an abundance of caution. We had to Colorado for number four family is speaking out after being caught an avalanche they were driving on interstate seventy to a ski resort. When he saw the snow sliding off the mountain. Too much snow fell in too short a time creating a category three avalanche capable of destroying a house. Literally shifted the truck you know sideways off off the road. I think time we were blind completely blind. It was scary when you know you can't really see anything going on in car with his moving with out of control. Amazingly no one was injured they were able to open the truck's doors and get out interstate seventy reopened after being shot for nine hours by another avalanche. And Ali number five a beard described as magically ridiculous it's all sold out hundreds of people lined up in Norfolk Virginia last weekend when the lucky charms later in the year when I failed. That's where they're only allowed to buy 24 packs each. The storm out brewing company says it has all been sold now some of the Bruins brings resold on line it outrageous. Prices. Authorities warn that's actually the legal and we've got so much more talk about coming your way magically ridiculous magically ridiculous it's morning in America. Are you reselling your. Pack of the lucky charms bar well it's a legal some not going to admit to you in the illegal activity here on camera. I remember reading this that story couple weeks ago about knowing they're gonna come out with his magic be ridiculous. A hub hub that beer is lucky charms flavored beer. And people lined up Ford to get it so it's pretty confident I was never a fan of that I can't do the flavored. Not a actually get through I can really only a couple of sips evident many. Just ending too much too much about that big story this morning the showdown between president trumpet house Democrats over security clearances. White House is refusing to turn over documents on here Christian or security clearance that was allegedly granted. After the president overruled his top officials now a new report says he did the same thing towards. Daughter our friend and colleague ABC Serena Marshall is down there in Washington with the latest good morning to you Serena. And today good morning to both of you and the questionnaire odds over is exactly what you said today did the president overrule his security had to intelligence officials including concerns raised by the CIA and ordered Jared Kushner be given a top secret clearance this is the president lashes out at Democrats and their widened ranging probe into his finances and questions. Of whether he obstructed justice. The white tells not complying refusing to provide the house oversight committee any information about whether president trump ordered the dissent in non jury Kushner be granted top secret security clearance. Against the recommendation of intelligence officials. Congress has an independent. Responsibility. And very someone to do oversight. The white dozens cold air requests overly intrusive. And standoff over internal memos which according to the New York Times were written by chief of staff John Kelly and White House counsel Don began. Urging against the clearance the president ordering any given anyway. And CNN now reporting he also pushed for his daughter of on the trump to also get clearance. Those memos contradicting previous statements like. That's the president had no involvement. Pertaining to my clearance from my husband's Clarence zero the president is not responding to questions about those security clearances instead lashing out at Democrats and their sweeping new investigations. It's a disgrace it's a disgrace to our country they just say presidential harassment. But that's okay. The Judiciary Committee demanding documents from 81 current and former drug administration officials his gambling and related companies. There has to be a check on the executive. Investigating everything from sit down with Vladimir Putin to that trump tower meeting and even whether the trump family are profiting from the presidency. Amid the flurry of investigations there are at least six on Capitol Hill the president's former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen is back up on Capitol Hill to testify again behind closed stores Kenneth Chang. Answer as you know we understand that Cohen wool brings some documents took robbery case testimony so we will be monitoring those developments right your ABC. News five Serena Marshall thank you it's good to see you guys NATO and former White House attorney Ty Cobb as if any special counsel Robert Mueller and the Russian investigation cop told ABC news that he doesn't believe Muller's report will arm the president politically. But he disagreed with the president's frequent criticism of the probe. Cops that he's known Muller for thirty years as a prosecutor and friend describing him ask justice orient net and a class act. I think Bob Mueller as American hero I don't feel it investigation is a which found I wish it'd happen on quicker timetable. But it didn't and that's you know and that's unfortunate but. At the same time it's not it's not a real criticism. Of the special counsel that on the timing because. There were a lot of surprises. Kopp also giving some insight into his ten months at the White House he said he was largely able to curb the president's attacks on Mueller but he said the onslaught. Began after Rudy Giuliani joined prompt legal team. All 23 people killed in a tornado in Alabama have now been identified they include ten members of a single family. At least seven are still missing the funeral for one of the youngest victims ten year old Taylor Thornton will be had held on Friday the same day president trump plans to visit the area. He's already signed a disaster declaration and ordered federal aid. Now to the growing anger in California's capital city emotions were raw during last night's City Council meeting at Sacramento. Sparked by police reaction to Monday's protest the stuff on Clark shooting case demonstrators say officers use motorized response. To a peaceful protest. It's protesters at the meeting also demanded answers after state prosecutors declined to file charges against the officers who shot and killed Clark was on armed. Overnight chaos at a City Council meeting in Sacramento. That for every age. The protesters flooded the Chamber's eager to speak to officials about the police shooting death of step on Clark. We're asking you to match our courage we think tank answers. It comes after days of protests in the city which included more than eighty a rest Monday night and I. Police shot and killed park last year after he was suspected of vandalizing cars. Prosecutor said the officers wouldn't be charged because it appear. Clark was holding a gun while evading police that item turned out to be a self float. A separate investigation by the attorney general also cleared the officers. Our investigation has concluded that no criminal charges against the officers involved in the shooting. Can be sustained at last night's council meeting demonstrators demanded answers. This is public safety our community is so we'll tell what these all the coldest streak and he's got to hear this I don't know I don't sleep at night. I didn't. I don't know if you've got the memo but you need to fire the opposite is quiet office stairs and outside the council meeting. More protesters gathered agencies will Carr was there with officers have. A wall with their bicycle keeping protesters backed up. The window of the council chambers. And back inside the chambers all City Council members including mayor Gerald Steinberg briefly left the meeting. As emotion started to boil over high. The police chief says they are investigating the actions of police during Monday night's protest that resulted in 84 arrests. And how prosecutors are now opening a civil rights investigation into Clark's death. All right stand out west Racine has been suspended indefinitely about famous sports track near Los Angeles. 21 thoroughbreds have died at Sana and need cents. Christmas the most recent yesterday during training two of the biggest events on a sanity to schedule are scheduled for Saturday include me up limb and airy for the Kentucky Derby. Wetter than normal track conditions may be the cause for some of the accidents. Turning now to the frightening moments at sea for passengers aboard a cruise liner that was rocked by powerful wind gusts at least eight passengers were taking to the hospital. And Florida once the ship made it to port here's ABC's doctor back its. Getting in chaos. Terrifying passengers on board in the region cruise ship. Vegetable going down at the point they say this that it only predictable because it'll voting oval. Massive wind gusted to cruise ship tipping 45 degrees by some accounts. It was a a pretty steep incline for this road and it was literally like we were almost walking up and incredibly steep hill to try to get. To the center of the vote. Cable sent flying across the floor. This sounds of glass crashing off of sales as passengers held on to whatever they could. They have a art gallery there was owed destroyed everywhere there was glass everywhere there is there was a lot of damage. The Norwegian escape crews left in New York City on Sunday as a storm was hitting the East Coast. Winds reaching the equivalent of a category three hurricane gust up to a 115. Miles per hour he actually opened are on a regular at the balcony just always coming out of any closer look at you like we gotta get out of here several passengers and crew members were injured some carried off by stretcher. Ambulances were waiting as the ship arrived in port Canaveral Florida at least eight people were sent to the hospital. It's just sheer people running around screaming. Coming down people's faces. Just mean it was truly lacking a teen out of the Titanic who was so scary. Don your back is ABC news Los Angeles. Our thanks to Don it there all of passengers were hospitalized happened since released there's no damage to the ship and it is scheduled to continue to its final destination for the hot. This is scary moments they are those images to stare read a book and it's a long lists of Phillips she's been in the news thought about these cruise ships. Yep yep definitely aren't so spoiler alert coming up we'll take a look at the new trailer for the game of wrongs final season. Fans are going out of their minds with theories and speculation will tell you why. Just minutes. Welcome back let's go across the pond not ABC news London bureau at Julian Bartley keeping it. The biggest international news and Juliette try to scare there in London last night. Good morning guys yes say the metropolitan police's counts terrorism c'mon they are investigating something that happened yesterday three. Improvised explosive devices three IED's. Was sent to Heathrow apple its London says he apple it. And wore to the station of course London's biggest apple attend one of London's biggest Rell stations yesterday. Now what we know so far in this investigation which is ongoing is that these three devices that rule roughly about the size of the sheet of paper one of them crashing quote fire is stopped at Heathrow at what they pendant but they seem to think pretty crane pretty basic devices. But of course triggering a big security rests spent Angela Phillips have. Endangered Annie lives that being said there are some quite interesting. Go Irish stamps on them so one of the things that police are looking out is whether there's any kind of linked to Irish. Republican groups possibly be new IRA. Whether as a possible terrorist threats. Say to the police are looking into that and that one of the insane things is that they was sent to. The office hour is not necessarily any of the transport pots of of these stations. And our London bureau staying on top of that Juliette op also some news out of North Korea just after president comes meeting with Kim -- gonna. Yes say there have been some new sauce like images imagine at its Hong Chang Luis sites in North Korea that's one of the main satellite. Launch areas the images they come from a couple of bomb analysts grapes but the happened backed up a South Korean. Intelligence and they appeared to show quite it's Iraq is progress in rebuilding. All of this little aside this is one of the sites that said the north Koreans pledged to dis manned slow. Often lost is told this part of baton denuclearization negate stations. It has been believed to be dormant since August that these recent images do seem to show. A builds up of a rebuilding process now it's not been used to and ICBM. Ballistic missile the lunches but it has been involved in testing for long range missiles and satellites. Say it could be an indication that north Koreans us on Anthony's face in the negotiation Paris us and right after that second summit. All right Julie thank you so much keeping an eye on those big stories. Let's get a check now of our notification starting with a spoiler alert. A new game a throws trailer has already been viewed about twenty million times on YouTube. It starts with a bloody and obviously scared REM running through what looks like the crips and water felt the character sir see is seen drinking what looks like why would she didn't do in the past. We'll presume you know why. We also hear from several characters. Our enemy does. Sorry guys I meant winter about winter felt hot water found in any sweeter. Fans will realize that the trailer raises more questions than it answers but all will be revealed. The final season games of game Rhodes begins an HBO April 14. So review can't wait for that also take a look at this this of course is water right there that giant Gator that's a dinosaur the villages of popular retirement community there in Central Florida. Where that gay head out to Central Florida is that's totally slowly. Whoa in the other and there are way end this were a big Gator you. My big tax go walking up and I don't have to. This guy can walk 26 not that once and not get tangled up and all those leashes what we're impressed what does he put his super scooper. How he pick up all the news all the bags. A man and when you have dogs you should know better than to try to deal. Around them that downward dog bear being done in front of his arm again wants to not have a net. I think that dogs him and then win there it isn't and a background playing their dogs being played lots of dogs and paradoxes. Dog heaven too hard to do any of that with. Art will coming up. Sexual abuse charges and several charges against him purity asked to say about the allegations when we come back. And historian ABC news live Homeland Security secretary vision Nielsen testifies before senate committee on topics including the or. Administration's immigration policies and failing separations on the border. A full coverage starting at ten plus don't forget to tune. And the debris everywhere for a breakdown of although it is headlines in politics. Now two RB singer. Kelly sat down forced first interview since this arrest last month and it was marked by anger expletives emotional outburst. This morning. Parents truly wanted to hold boom was newly homeless I would do. It allows you not true. In a fiery interview with CBS news Kelly maintained as an offense after being charged with sexually abusing four people including three underage girls. The embattled singer says he should not be judged by allegations from its past. And 2008 Kelly was charged with child pornography. After video surfaced of him allegedly having sex with an underage girl he was acquitted at Mack case. After Kelly denied it was him in the video and alleged victim refused to testify. Defense is relevant with he was under age girl absolutely no it's not YE because for one I beat my case. When you beat some very quickly you record we can't double jeopardy me like that you just not there it's not bad and nobody will you be education Vito case. Kelly has pled not guilty to ten new council sexual abuse investigators arrested the 52 year old last month following a lifetime doctor series surviving or Kelly. Which included claims that he held women against. There will how stupid would never held and aren't selling with all up and who might weighing whether you pass. To hold somebody. Let won't fall classic it's fit you say it. Why how stone would obviate the duel that I didn't say that a single big guy is I didn't resist cap on me in essence I guess. It. You insist. Don't forget the blocks the guy did Philip Baum. Me if you want to love me you want but just usually common sense how stupid would that be for me. So what my. Crazy pass and what I did through. All right not just. They got me go Neil. Stay at whole girls against a wheelchair didn't look in my basement and they don't let them eat and don't let us now. Unless they can easily shields downstream from local. Not happy not quit split. Quickly slid. Man I didn't pull this stuff. Gets. Yeah yeah. Yeah. An accord to the Chicago sun times bears and Kelly could be arrested again if he doesn't make a 161000. Dollar child support payment to his ex wife. Bite this morning as for the these allegations he scheduled to be back in court. March 22. Exactly not the last that we will see another. We'll see you tomorrow.

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