It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019

Trump defends Iran policy, more alleged mass shooting plots uncovered, remembering Cokie Roberts and more.
27:04 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot smoke and I'm on a costar Abbie hit the top five things to know this Wednesday. Number one secretary of state Mike Pompeo is in Saudi Arabia today dealing with a possible response to that attack. On the Saudi oil industry. US officials believe Iraq was behind the attack they are now gathering what's described as compelling forensic evidence from the remnants of about twenty drones and nearly. A dozen cruise missiles at the site. This morning Iran's president says Saudi Arabia should see the attack on its oil facilities as a warning to end its war in neighboring Yemen. Number two of the potential for life threatening floods in Texas today tropical storm formed in the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday and within one hour it slammed into the Texas coast. Now the remnants of tropical storm and Mel that curtain fell more than fifteen inches of rain in the Houston area creek in the city. This close to overflowing its banks is the same region devastated by hurricane Harvey two years ago. On to number three at buck a major donor to the Democratic Party. Has been arrested. He's facing drug related charges after a third man overdosed in his West Hollywood apartment. Buck is charged with operating a drug house. And he's accused of injecting a man with math last week police say that man survived but was already under fire after two men died in his home in the last two years vote overdosing. On Matt. Number four Major League Baseball star. Has been denied bail in a sexual assault case all star pitcher fully paid Vasquez of the Pittsburgh Pirates faces multiple felony charges. Related to his conduct with a girl who lives in Florida. Police say she was thirteen years old at the time. She is now fifteen in the league has played Vasquez on administrative leave. Officials say more charges could soon be filed and Ali number five an effort to raise money to buy beer. That's now turned into a massive fundraising effort. Carson king made a brief appearance during college game day on ESPN. Cameras spotted the Iowa State and holding a sign that read bush lite supply needs to be replenished. And then he gave the number out to has been while account. Soon at thousands of numbers aren't dollars started pouring into its account. I thought you know we'll be kind of funny thing to do Kurtz signed you know and then aisles like well. Maybe some guys would give me a couple bucks and I can buy a case bush lattes you know. Paulson bush locked days once his account hit 6000. Dollars king announced he'll donate the money to a Children's Hospital. Then even more money came in eventually hitting 22000 dollars and outlets like says it will match the donations nearly 50000 dollars. But that he get the bus like the bush lost. Non Hanna as it. As a responsible journalists aid and I did did the due diligence. And go ahead and test a story out of put my own been mom. Account I don't got. Yeah actually works out lawyer them it is acting on that is broke with that dollar sign on the ads go ahead is on the scene. Some liberal but lose that and got five dollars. If you see that Bob brought it up this Mona and don't get to it don't ask don't do it well don't do it. Forgot about that yet. I doesn't get to the big story of of the morning the growing fallout after the attack on Saudi Arabia's oil industry. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is traveling to the region today amid rising tensions with the U Ron. Meanwhile president trump is fighting back against claims that his policy on Iran has been weak ABC's Elizabeth her has more Elizabeth good morning. Not a good morning to you and yes. President trump is on the defense this morning responding to this latest critic one of the closest allies saying that the US needs to take this sights set action against Iran. This morning a team of investigators from the US military in Saudi Arabia recovering and examining what one US official says is compelling forensic evidence. That evidence according to the official collect a from the debris. Of nearly a dozen cruise missiles and some twenty drones that targeted and hit the Saudi or you'll facilities. They'll take things like flight control services and match them to known Ronnie and pictures of that cruise missiles they build. Senior administration official telling ABC news there is enough information children the weapons were fired from Iran. And now secretary of state Mike Pompeo is scheduled to meet with the Saudi prince leader today to coordinate a response to this attack. Iran has been accused of more attacks than ever since president trump pool of the nuclear deal last year including shooting down an American drones in June. At the time trump considered military action in retaliation but backed off. It's a move the president is now fifth ending on Twitter. After one of his close ally for each. Senator Lindsey Graham tweeting the measured response was clearly seen by the Runyan regime as a sign of weakness. To which president trump responded. No Lindsey it with a sign of strength that some people just don't understand. As for those initial concerns about gas prices here ending US possibly dumping as much as 25 cents a gallon in the coming days. Well that fear could be short lived after a Saudi officials just announced. That 50% of its oil processing plant impacted by the weekend attack have already been restored Mona. Elizabeth thank you for that report. And today president trouble wrap up a California fund raising blitz aimed at wealthy Republicans across the state he capped off. The night with a dinner. At the Beverly Hills home of a real estate developer. One of several events expected to collectively raise fifteen million dollars the trip comes as the trump administration is poised to revoke California's authority. To set tougher auto emissions rules than federal standards. It's the latest move to roll back Obama era policies aimed at combating climate change state officials are vowing to challenge it in court. And we turn now to police across the country saying they four year old a three more school shooting plots and one case in Oklahoma teen allegedly says she wanted to shoot hundreds of people. For fine and all these three cases have one thing in common people who saw Sunday they said something. This morning a teenager in Oklahoma accused of threatening to shoot up her former classmates. Investigators say Alexis Wilson recently dropped out of school. And was frustrated that she wasn't allowed back to end she allegedly told a coworker that she was returning the school to quote shoot 400 people for fun. We do not want any more schools get shot there's nobody Davis. If so would it do you don't. Everything we can to prevent this inside Wilson's home police say they found a newly purchased AK 47. And six magazines along with the twelve gauge shotgun. Authorities are thinking her co workers at this pizza shop. Who called police investigators say Wilson made the threatening statements to another waitress and showed videos of herself shooting a rifle police say at the time of her arrest Wilson claimed she was only trying to teach her coworker. Not to be afraid of firearms. She's pleaded not guilty. I'm delighted that. I know that that the threat has been eliminated. Meanwhile a sixteen year old in Fresno California is under arrest accused of saying he wanted to shoot up a school on social media. And inject another case in California 314 year old are under arrest after someone alerted police to what they called troubling social media posts. At the teen agers is homes investigators say they found two handguns along with a replica ER fifteen. There right now. Officers think our this at a school. Out on the streets Owens upset the cart points and officers. Hawks say is it's the higher probability of the daily competition. And each of these cases authorities say bystanders did the right thing calling police. Because they were concerned. And New York is the first state to ban flavored. Experts say most of the flavors are intended to appeal to young the young people almost 40% of New York's high school seniors have use. Bait shop owners are considering a legal challenge to the band. The United Auto Workers spokesman says there have been there has been progress in talks and the strike against General Motors. The picket lines remain outside more than fifty GM facilities analysts say the strike is costing GM up to 100 million dollars a day. A main sticking point between the sides is reportedly health care. GM has stopped paying the striking workers coverage. Those workers are eligible for benefits paid for by the union. Another parent has been charged in connection with the college admissions scandal the woman from Canada is accused of paying 400000 dollars to get assign it to UCLA. As a fake soccer recruit prosecutors say he was admitted to the school last fall and awarded a partial scholarship. The mother was arrested and Spain and authorities are working to extradite her to the US. So far more than fifty people have been charged including actress's publicity Huffman and Laurie lock Clinton. Now to the effort to raise awareness to prevent the spread of triple. 4 new cases of eastern equine encephalitis. Were reported in Michigan including two people who died. And there are two more confirmed human cases reported in Rhode Island. Experts say the fatality rate is 33%. The symptoms of triple the include sudden fever chills and body and joint takes. Those younger than fifteen or older than fifty face the greatest risk. Anybody can get infection with it but if somebody is. Over fifty years of age under fifteen years of age they're not only more susceptible to it but also. More susceptible to getting serious infection. Many communities are spraying pesticides to kill the mosquitoes some schools have canceled recess and other outdoor activities. And people and high risk areas are urged to use insect repellent. And keep their windows close very serious situation there and this on also series three hunters are recovering from two separate grizzly bear attacks in Montana the first happened Monday morning when a bear charged two men in the beaver head deer launch national forest about twelve hours later. A bear went after two other honors. One of them wants hurt investigators are trying to determine whether the same grizzly was involved in both incidents. A New Hampshire mother and two over kids are taking the scenic route to visit New York City for next week's UN climate summit. Today Mollie Morgan more again and her daughter's nine year old amber and seven year old NC begin their trip from Andover. To Manhattan by bicycle that's right my bicycle they want to raise awareness about climate change and they hope others. We'll come along for the ride. I've local new you're like thank me some kids and parents might want to join us along the way how are we feeling about this trip. Things can't get really. This. Our right they're excited and so are we there are also hoping to raise money for environmental causes and solar panels with the girls' schools. That is a great great effort of this wondered if he had lied to us like ten miles into the Joseph they why are we there yet he cut out there were out of cycle out. I I was gonna say they need to reserve that energy that they and could they don't need it. Master bedroom Labarca is not a way to pay back a woman who helped save some of their ally Israel love this story dozens of members of Milwaukee iron stepped up to buy drinks at a lemonade stand set up by Daryn searches daughter outside of Indianapolis. That is using part of the stories this search who is a nurse stopped by to help the bikers after a major accident last September. And she says now there kindness made her daughter's day that is so cool they're all lined up there to get back to. Family to help them as well he has the story about pay its followers she hoped then and now they're helping her daughter I love that. Hey coming up the former cup campaign manager battling with house Democrats refusing to answer questions. After this. Welcome back former trump campaign manager for England down ski battle it out. With house Democrats as they opened their first impeachment hearing. The president gave Lewin Dow ski his seal of approval for arriving at a fund raiser in Beverly Hills Tweety met his opening statement was beautiful. We were doused yes central figure in the Muller reports Stonewall many questions about his conversations with the president. In gazing combative exchanges and frustrated democratic lawmakers who are looking into potential obstruction of justice. ABC's Pierre Thomas has the details. Before but cameras president trumps former campaign manager. Quarry low and doused he clashing with house Democrats house. This house to deter at a house party you are here to participate in a continuing. Coverup. Flat out refusing to answer questions about his dealings with the president referring to this leather from the White House. Restricting the scope of his testimony citing executive privilege. How many times that he directed to deliver a message to a member of his cabinet. The White House is directed not disclosed or his advisors I take my ex giant company not only Stonewall me and my questioning. But that did not stop house judiciary Democrats. From pressing to learn more about a key scene in the Muller reports regarding potential obstruction of justice. President trump calling no one doubts into the Oval Office. And dictating a message for delivery to Jeff Sessions the goal to give the bid attorney general to limit the special counsel's investigation. Lo and dusty confirming the president made that request. Did you think a little strange that the president would sit down with you won all wanted to ask you to do something. That you knew was against the law. I didn't think the president has to do I think illegal. During a break from the hearing Lewin DOS he took time to promote a pack encouraging him to make a run a possible senate run in New Hampshire. Pierre Thomas ABC news Washington. Israel's two main political parties are deadlocked after our repeal bloodshed and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's job may be in jeopardy. Let's go across the pond to Julian MacFarlane who's in our London bureau. For the latest good morning Julia. Good morning meant it exactly prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu Israel's longest serving prime minister does is say his job is now on the line because. Exit polls and the results are still being counted David is around. Shade that his party the Likud Party and the party of his main challenge. A Sunday full my army veteran Benny got to stay off. Neck and neck in the polls. Now interestingly. Met his form defense minister. Big don't need a man and his Ponte has. Ultranationalists. You throw bay ten news pot T may hold. The balance. Although Powell now Lieberman. Norway is cooking to campaign rally yesterday and he was discussing. The way forward and he suggested that the way forward was to form a national unity government. With phase two pot tease. Benny Ganz has previously said that he would never sub in the government with Netanyahu says it may be the Likud Party are considering. Much. Forming a national used a government with someone else a leading the Ponte says. It's it's unclear what the results will be an of course whoa how the talks the coalition talks. I'm gonna shape Pat Knight of the pocket amendment. Set to form a majority you need 61 seats and Nick Masset. And based body's cooling considerably short of that. So many questions remain there moving on to something at. Her then you're really really really excited about Julian the big news from your slightly order rings fans Amazon studios has announced it will film and television series. Once again using New Zealand as a backdrop for middle earth the sole Julie let me ask you what do we know about this show so far. So this is. Us up creek club of sorts to the original. Trilogy. I was and they bought the rights into this a couple of years ago filming has now begun the super exciting and in the end the New Zealand's. That the kiwis their own super excited about hazing another fantasy epic they made so and what they had such opposed to benefits from. That the previous lieu of the rings installments being filmed. On vacation in New Zealand even if you gave it to be at put in Wellington may they had separate key that has a mcewing lions full walks and knows they really incorporates a bit the middle identity into that into that coach. The say it not loaded do you tell about the plot lines has been released but the house started is she saying. On vacation. In New Zealand's and it's something that the prime minister descend odd then she's super excited about as well. I was headed CL I wonder if our land of loans coming back. I think what I I think it's it's kind of incidents of what we know is it's a prequel is at a telling stories before the main that he before the main but it is set to be V makes expensive show. Adam made a billion dollars. Before this TV Shea say we can expect some pretty big things. From from the show I'm pretty excited guys. Yes we say have you with the viewer hey thank you do appreciate it thanks so much. Thanks guys the last check our notifications now. Are gonna start with an update to that chicken sandwich wore a loved one and I'd seen. KFC has now entered the game they decided that they were gonna commented this game changer at the that in quotation marks. It's a chicken sand wedge that's right with a don't net. For a bond and that remember the double down sandwich a few years ago that chicken was the bun. Now they decided to sweets and up a bit and me get a doughnut site. Speaking of all those calories take a look at this giant snit Serna. Made at a castle in Germany ways. 2663. Pounds. In. That's the last village. Remember those videos of navy pilots chasing UFOs in late when he seventeen in an early last year and well the navy sad forget about it. They want you to forget. A spokesperson for a high ranking naval official tell their intelligence web site the images were never cleared for public release in the navy officially considers the objects. Un identified. Aerial phenomena. Of course is not saying the aircraft are connected to aliens but the navy would rather you just forget about them. Lake men in black just pulled up. Thing and that you're at a Currie and shooter made its way in and outs of a California hall yet check out of Mountain Lion leaving through the bathroom window of a house outside Sacramento. Nice to sneak count for little lord just getting. Certain deputies say god and through the front door and that have been steal anything. Just getting line didn't sneak. And finally a special offer for fans of Downton Abbey. The highland has abated Downton Abbey movie is. Finally probably filings that they hit theaters this. Friday but for those fans seeking a more tumors in Downton Abbey experience there is. That's the real Downton Abbey hi Claire castle and Berkshire England. Air B&B. Has announced that for one night only November 26 the entire 300 room Cassel will be available for one party of up to two people. The price only 150 dollars but you'll need to. Ounce on the moment the listing Pope bands. Only one lucky party when habit. We had a lot of fun this morning but were also also celebrating the life. Of one of our colleagues. Who passed yesterday we turn to the passing that's impact him all of us here at ABC news. This morning we honor the memory of our colleagues and friend Cokie Roberts. Spooky house a way of complications from breast cancer to 75 and she once said that her career in journalism wasn't planned. And that it quote just kind of hotbed well we're all glad it dead ABC's Karen Travers has more on cookies remarkable life. Cokie Roberts was a fixture of Washington known for her sharp reporting and analysis. Her quick wit grace and kindness notably her support of women in journalism. O role model and a mentor Cokie encourage women to push for a seat at the political roundtable. The daughter of longtime US represented is hale Boggs and Wendy Boggs cook grew up with a front row seat to American political history. Her full name was Mary Martha Korean mores sitting Claiborn Roberts thank you for having me and please commie country she considered joining the family business but found her calling as a journalist. It was essentially reporting and writing very brief little stories and I loved it she spent ten years at NPR before finding her longtime home here at ABC news. First as a contributor on this week to what is your definition. And now when they see it senator. And later co anchor Sam Donaldson from 1996. To 2000 to become next week. Cookie was a key part of ABC news's political coverage for decades interviewing presidents politicians and first ladies. Several New York Times best sellers detailing untold and remarkable contributions of women in American history she received countless awards and more than thirty honorary degrees. But the most important to coax her Catholic faith her beloved New Orleans and her family. Married to her husband Steve also a journalist for 53 years Cokie was the mother of two and grandmother of six in 2002 companies battled breast cancer and spoke candidly about being on television while wearing away these. I felt. Bruce going on the air and a wig that I lacked really goofy. It is that currently see that humanity that made her stand out amid the new ways of politics and white Cokie was so beloved by those of us here at ABC news. And by viewers across the nation. Karen Travers ABC news Washington. And that's our question of the day we want to hear from you what are your memories of Cokie Roberts tell us in the comments are tweet us at ABC news live. So when you will have so many memories human sharing him sharing them here in the halls of ABC. New York and DC just really across the globe. And I can't help but to think about my first meeting with coach he I was in the DC bureau and for some reason somehow. Someone decided to put my office. Right next to the legendary Cokie Roberts I saw on her nameplate. And I am I freaked out Mike some make had I had a pit of my stomach my heart is fluttering. And I remember. Within a few weeks I saw her. Higher heard her coming down the hallway issues and our office and I introduce myself and introduce myself I thought oh my ass from legacy to this legendary figure. And she is completely made me feel like family and me he felt like I was one of her kids grain kids. Out and it she treated everyone like that and I said earlier this morning that I don't. There think that I was special because she wanted ever want to feel like family and she treated them that way. And she would often say asked me we see new halls what are you working on. I would just give her a list of stories you know during radio and TV and digital for ABC news like. I'm doing this this medicine and she announced come so Vivian outlook stress and she would look at me and say. Good is good that you're working on all the stories in doing this much work that's what you're here for. And so. She inspired so many peoples who isn't meant for dobbs pro blazer. And just hearing so many stories come from people about her it's this. Really incredible remarkable look like that she led. That's Laney made an interesting point you say you know obviously. One they really stand out about her is her contributions to the world of journalism in. Packed the she's paved for. Female journalist but you said that she has also inspired. Both. Male and female Oracle co workers alike so your test meant that as well. I'm I am I but I will say that her legacy is what she did for the women and for the path that we mentioned we say the word TrailBlazer. Cokie Roberts was there for only the women in this building them throughout this network but for women in this industry across the globe and and that is quite a legacy to leave for that we appreciate her for coming up we'll have a look ahead at today's big events. And stick around to see what teen climate activist Greta fund Burke. Has to say when she met former president Barack Obama after that this. Here's what to watch out for today president comes starts his day in Los Angeles at a fundraising breakfast before. Roundtable in fundraising luncheon in San Diego from there he'll visit the border wall here OK mesa before returning to Washington. Meanwhile on Capitol Hill teen climate activist Greta fund birth wheel testifying before the house select committee on the Clinton the crisis FaceBook Google and Twitter officials. We'll testified to the senate commerce committee on mass violence extremism. And digital responsibility. And the house foreign affairs and Homeland Security subcommittees hold a joint hearing on white nationalist terrorism. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell announce a decision on interest rates following a two day meeting Powell has been the subject of much criticism from president trump on Twitter. You said Monday that Powell and the Fed don't have a clue. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on taller top stories and the briefing room for a breakdown on the latest headlines and politics. As we mentioned Swedish climate activist Greta fun berg is scheduled to testify today on Capitol Hill. First the sixteen year old who inspire young people across the globe met up with former President Obama he was impressed by her activism. Combat climate change saying she's not afraid to push for real action. And she told him there's a lot children can do to help. Now on it's too small to me to happening Paxton change the world so just. Do everything can. Be creative honorary working. Yes. You don't just offered to do believe business. It is. Number traveled to the US on a zero emissions so boat yesterday she told lawmakers quote I know you're trying but just that hard enough sorry. I'm waiting for its the president form president nobody fist bumps on line outright evaluate all of god goal the goal is a lot of cool things there and fighter for what she believes that after. Hey that's there for us. Thank you for joining us and we will see you tomorrow have a great lands end.

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