It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019

Dorian lashes Florida coast, Walmart ends handgun and assault rifle ammo sales, Brexit vote
22:34 | 09/04/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot promote the campaign already had a top I think snow this Wednesday number one tracking hurricane Dorian I'm dangerous storm surges building along the Florida coastline of the hurricane on leases powerful winds and drenching rain after decimating the Bahamas. The storm is expected to remain offshore for now but the outer bands have already triggered flooding and power outages story and we'll continue to hugged the East Coast of Sicily moves north as a category two storm with winds topping a hundred miles an hour. And it could make landfall along the Carolina coast with seven feet of storm surge up to. To ten inches of rain in some areas devastation in the Bahamas is staggering seven people are confirmed dead. That number. Is expected to climb thirteen thousand homes have been destroyed emergency crews and ordinary residents are working around the clock to rescue the stranded. An estimated 60000 people need food and clean water. We have more on the rescue efforts on And number two the gunman who murdered seven people and wounded 25 in west Texas over the weekend. Use a loophole to obtain his weapon the shooter was banned from having a weapon due to mental illness. But he bought an AR style rifle in a private sale which is how the majority of guns and there are sold. Our background checks are not required meanwhile Wal-Mart has announced it won't end the cell of all handgun ammunition an ammunition used in assault style rifles. The NRA called the move shameful accusing Wal-Mart of succumbing. Succumbing to the pressure and tides on the leads and now Kroger has joined Wal-Mart and asking customers not to openly carry firearms in its doors we have to Hong Kong for number three where pro democracy protesters may have scored. Major victory after months of demonstrations this top official in Hong Kong is now expected to formally withdraw a proposed action official all the trying to. Which sparked the protest Hong Kong Hong Kong government is meeting today. Number for a new twist to the college admissions bribery scandal to parents charged in the scandal now claim the University of Southern California how the regular practice. But considering donations before deciding which students to accept newly revealed school documents allegedly name certain students and their failings potential to make big donation to the university. Schools as parents are just trying to divert attention away from the fraud charges. They face and finally number five new research finds girls perform better than boys on exams that lasts longer researchers in Europe found boys generally do better on math and science tests while girls have the upper hand on the reading exams. Over the math and science tests last longer than two hours girls move battlefront researchers say the improvement appears to be because girls can sustain their performance. For a longer time Sophie give us more time girls when it everything. I'm at bat. I let's get right to vick's story hurricane Dorian is approaching US coastline after wiping out. Part of the Bahamas. Thousands of power outages already reported in Florida here's where the storm is right now they I have Dorian is staying well off the coast passing east of Cape Canaveral. But tropical storm force winds can be felt 170 miles away from the eye wall here's the latest forecast now where a service hating the big concern is for the Carolina coast including Charleston tomorrow. Filed by the Outer Banks of North Carolina in addition to heavy rain. Coastal areas are bracing for storm surge that could reach seven feet up to ten inches of rain could fall in some areas and right now the first effects of Dorian are the heavy winds gusts could top seventy miles per hour as the storm crawls along the coast. ABC Serena martial begins our coverage she's in new Smyrna beach Florida and Serena we can see the wind and rain starting to pick up. Yeah I can't DNA the wind rain really has changed here in the past few hours we've seen that rain coming in sideways as the wind gusts can be. Quite intensive evacuation orders remain in effect from here all the way up to the outer banks. An overnight another emergency declaration signed by the president this one for North Carolina. Overnight the conditions worsening in Florida as hurricane Dorian begins it's trek north. The storm's outer began lashing the State's central coast packing wind gusts near sixty miles per hour already knocking helped power to thousands. Right now you can seat just in front of the flight here how bad the conditions are getting. And we're seeing that wind were feeling the rain and were expecting more. The hurricane is expected to hug dangerously close to the coastline were flood prone areas could be inundated with several feet of storm surge. Really the proximity of this storm gets so much closer to Charleston, South Carolina up through the outer banks that's our next. Real area to be worried about. This morning millions of Americans from Florida to North Carolina are under evacuation orders. That includes the outer banks were only one highway lets people on and off the barrier islands. In Virginia the navy is now moving ships from its Norfolk station to safer waters and warplanes are relocating to its naval station in Pensacola. In low lying Charleston, South Carolina which could see the highest storm surge hospital workers are racing to beat the storm. Trenton has many patients as they can to higher ground the mayor warning time to evacuate. And now. If you live and I residence. That flooded over the last four years you should evacuate your residence and moved to higher ground. While in Savannah Georgia families with little children and little means. Had to wait in the heat and long lines for a bus ride to safety. Yeah. I'm one of those people that have a vehicle and a finance. Robotics and incredible tale it. I guess she's eating her hair back in Florida the high tide from the storm brought this than usual site amenity and someone's French yard. Tide is still behind me actually have a manatees doing and Harry are right now. CM. Bigger. We really expected to be the worst of it for north Central Florida but it's going to continue pummeling the eastern seaboard going all the way up into the Carolinas. Here in Florida thousands of complaints. Have been filed already over concerns that water cases are being sold for twice the phrase and as people are trying to heed those evacuation ordered gas is being increased as well. Kenneth Penang. All right sort of Marshall they are in the storm zone thank you so much and please stay safe our friend. Now to the humanitarian crisis in the Bahamas at least seven deaths are confirmed but that number is expected to rise. An estimated 45% of all homes on the hardest hit islands are damaged or destroyed. From high above you can see the scope of the destruction in the Bahamas islands in utter ruin. Buildings obliterated roofs ripped off cars and boats tossed around. A warehouse roof blown away at the same act this school. An airport runway under water hurricane Dorian was parked over these islands forward day and a half with wind up to a 185. Miles an hour. At the height of the storm the storm surge coming ashore covering everything in sight. A family braving the high water fleeing their homes in chest deep water carrying their two dogs. Now that the storm is past the humanitarian disaster is emerging this. The clinic. Where. A lot of the injured have been treated at all souls lot of here with the as the number outside. Every hallway this every hole wasteful. Neighbors in Freeport using small boats in jet skis to evacuate people stranded by high water. Among the dozens rescued here one man telling CNN of gulf war he faced during a 21 foot storm surge. We were doing all right and tell the water kept coming up and all the appliances. We're going around the house like a washing machine. That's called the I got hit with something in there. And my four little wife. Got hypothermia. And she was standing on top of that. Kitchens. Cabinets until they disintegrated. And enact Ike Ike I kept where there and then she just drowned on me from the start. Rescuers still have not recovered her body. Their priority right now is the living facilities are overflowing this hospital clinic has become a makeshift shelter. Officials don't know how much longer they can stay open. The Red Cross estimates 60000. People here will meet clean water and food. That's because many neighborhoods are on livable. More than half the homes in marsh harbor are destroyed by one estimate thirteen thousand homes across Grand Bahama and the abaco islands are destroyed. US Coast Guard has planes and helicopters in the Bahamas delivering aid in helping with search and rescue missions you can. Starting helicopter behind me. Then they're running patient. The prime minister realistic but determined. BI in the midst. Of one of the greatest mass. Crisis. And our country's history the unions especially after Coleman's very resilient. And a top official in Bahamas says they are desperate for help shipping supplies from the US they need water food tarps and generators. Well now to other big news in the tragedy at sea in Southern California 34 people trapped in that massive boat fire. Are now presumed dead. Coast Guard video shows the smoldering diving boat after caught fire investigators say many of the passengers were likely asleep below deck. The flames broke out early Labor Day. At this church in Santa Barbara last night bell rang 34 times. The 34 victims. Include five members of the same family and Christie fence out of marine biologists and owner of the diving company leading the excursions. My sister was one of the most skilled and intuitive and vibrant loving compassionate. Woman that I've ever met in my life she had a skill set. That many don't have if there was even a 1% window of opportunity for her to make it out she live. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. That's what Hillard about so does in particular diet soft drink. A study by the world health organization of nearly half a million adults has found that just to gloss is of a diet drink per day increases the risk of an early death. But up to fifty by up to 52%. Mortality rate among those drinking for sugar drinks with also elevated but only by 8%. Researchers say B artificial sweeteners in diet drinks me and deuce. Glucose and tolerance and trigger high insulin levels. At least one expert says the take away message here avoid all soft drinks and drink only water or coffee and tea. But onto the unique birth overseas a 117. Days after she was declared brain dead a woman in the Czech Republic gave birth to a healthy baby girl doctors that the baby was delivered on August 15 weighing nearly five pounds. The 27 your mom suffered a severe stroke and brain hemorrhage sixteen weeks into her pregnancy. The baby is now living with her father. Many schools across the country's eight texting by students is out of control but it more cases these days parents are being blamed for the problem. Wall Street Journal found nagging parents sexting their kids to prompting more schools to band phones during class hours ago this mom or dad's it is often feel they must reply. Quickly. The coming up our and a grand days legal battle with forever 21 out of seven ring singer is saying the company used her image without her permission. But first thing battle over brags it's a big blow today prime ministers plan to leave the European Union. After that. All we turn out to the fallout from the recent string of mass shootings including the latest one in Texas over the weekend Wal-Mart has announced it will limit the sale of ammunition and handguns. Meanwhile world learning how the Texas shooter got his weapon and it's sparking calls for change in Washington. This morning after a month of mass shootings the announcement from Wal-Mart CO2 employees' to quote make the country safer. By ending cells of all handgun ammunition. And ammunition use an assault style rifles the retailer sells one in every five bullets in the US. This morning the NRA calling the move shameful but others crazy met. I think the steps they're taking really show the need for corporate America to step up and make a difference. Wal-Mart which stop selling military style weapons and 2015 says it will also stop all handguns cells in Alaska the last place in the US where it sold them. The chain will still carry hunting rifles in shark guns. But the company is also asking people and open carry states not openly carry guns that distorts and after the mass shootings in El Paso Dayton. And death attacks are. The government and that Rampage murders seventh in 125. Or it. Was banned from having a weapon due to mental illness but ABC news has learned he use the loophole. Why his a arsenal rifle in a private cell which is how the majority of guns and americorps sold. Or background checks are not required a bill to close that background check loophole pass the US house earlier this year. The remains stalled in the senate speaking Tuesday senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said in order for the senate to vote on any gun bill he wants president trump to supported first. If the president ordered. Took a position. On. Bill. So that we knew we would actually be making a law about traveling. Serial. LaRoche. Be happy to put Roma or. Gun rights advocates question the impact of any proposed legislation given that more than 300 million guns in the US are already in circulation. Sources say president Travis most interest at and a bipartisan approach and addressing the issue of mental health. Meanwhile Kroger is now joining Wal-Mart and asking customers not to openly carry firearms. In its stores. Now to the battle over Brecht sit and parliament where the new prime minister has suffered a blow to his plan to leave the US but without a deal. Let's go across the pond to Jennifer apple cinema London bureau for more good morning Jennifer. Good morning Kenneth all the drama on the confusion. The shouting hey continues on this side of the pond it civil war within the governing Conservative Party. Prime minister Boris Johnson lost his majority in parliament after conservative MPs who oppose a hard crash out of here at. Jump ship to vote with the opposition. And force the PM to continue the debate a bill to block a no deal Greg fit now in raids to PM food and those members of his party voted against him. 21 of them did so. It's really nice edge moments of the new PM he's only been in charge for a few months. And now there's a challenge to his leadership in the very real prospect for a national election right before that threatens a deadline. On Halloween. Now I know you guys can't get enough of this story lucky for you the feisty debate and that shouting that will continue. For much of the day. We do channel be shouting in parliament there pretty unique there. Hey moving on to Pope France's he's prepared to go to Southern Africa for the second time a region where catholicism is growing but where conflict and climate change. Have taken their whole also what's on the agenda. Absolutely he's eyes waits you out three African nations and the environment we're told is expected to top his agenda. In Mozambique leaded gas gar and boorish just. The punt to be used his last service at Saint Peter's Square in Rome trip urge action saying the world was experiencing. A climate emergency. This is this pope's 21 foreign trip with over 45 countries visited. A neat little V tail in Madagascar are poked Francis will travel around. You know locally made he handmade Pope mobile it's open topped accessible to the crowds and made by a little company called this. Roll all right the Pope on the move and also before you go Jennifer there's are frightening case there in Britain Alba. Seven general boy whose junk food dye it has apparently. Cost him his eyesight. He cautionary tale for parents and all of us really. A teen who ate nothing but Friday's chips and other junk foods for years slowly went blind as a result of this poured diet according to a a new report here in the UK. Now this case highlights a perhaps little known fact about unhealthy food consumption. And the lack of vitamins. In addition to being tied to obesity heart disease. And cancer a bad diet can also permanently damage the nervous system particularly your vision. Now doctors say this type of blindness can be reversed if caught early sadly that was not the case with Justine. It has not the case at all and sat there there's. New up and last check our notification is now starting with a man who proposed to his girlfriend for a month without her realizing that. Yes they put the ring in hand while she was sleep being. Even while they were shopping and out sightseeing. You put in certain areas that took these self peace. For a whole month. And toll finally popped the question we understand he popped that question but he won't tell us exactly. How he did it but it's amazing mission was I able to catch on. After all these images and an engagement ring of certain place and there you know the happy couple. Al we have a new world record a chef has broken the record for the longest. The world's longest Agnew what you see him there that she used didn't agree and ingredients to make sure that noodles stayed. Really. And altogether there. Over the long noodle so long that he was like 600 feet longer something yet 602 feet long. He said he felt the Newell and sesame oil to prevent breakage and then apply pressure while it was and a walk. To long gate a single piece apostle so progress and and a little girls love for country music on full display it happened on Morgan wall in concert in Virginia where. Parker sues mom captured her passionate performance take a look. Host you've stolen at. Media nearly two million views on Twitter for pursues mom says the country star. Even reached out to her to set up a meeting. Moving on Arianna grind they rocked the music scene five years ago with her getting over you anthem problem but this morning's apparently dealing with one of pretty big problem she's launched a new legal battle. Every tell team forever 21 to use what she says. There's an Ariane look alike here's our will dance. This morning a big problem for Arianna gras day. Pops are filing a lawsuit against reverence when he won. Claiming the retailer stole her name likeness and other intellectual property. To promote their brands for free the suit filed Monday in LA alleges forever 21 came to Ari at the beginning of the year for an endorsement deal. But her team turned it down and according to the court docs that's when forever 21 what you should the next best thing. The lawsuit claiming the brand used a look alike model. Sporting an outfit similar to the one Arianna war in her music video for seven Marines. This means in. Doesn't know this. And the caps on the post from Trevor Tony one. Gee thanks just bought it sound familiar. According to deceit that caption the models pose or pony tail all an effort to suggest that quote. Miss grundy endorse for average when he won its products and was affiliated with forever 21 using at least thirty unauthorized images associated with her. And her successful think you next album. Those images have since been taken down from forever Tony one social media pages and the company said in a statement that it does not comment on pending litigation. And while the brand disputes the allegations they are huge supporters of Arianna ground it. Arianna seeking at least ten million dollars in damages for copyright and trademark infringement and other alleged offenses. Well coming up we'll preview what you need to know before the day ahead and our question of the day. Was as many horse. Drawn on a plane. More after this. Here's what watch out for today hurricane Doris. Watching Florida's East Coast forcing more than two million people to evacuate. The storm is expected to move north into Georgia and the Carolina. The indecent assault and battery case against celebrities check chef Mario but holly returns to court today in connection with. An incident at a Boston restaurant where he allegedly kissed and groped a woman against her will and went seventeen. The college denies the allegations that this is the first criminal charge he space since the number of claims of sexual misconduct arrayed against him. And the British parliament is expected to vote to block a new deal breakfast a huge blow to the new prime ministers plan to leave the EU. Whether without a deal for Halloween. Plus number X two into the debrief for an update on our top stories in the priesthood breakdown of the latest headlines and home. Some passengers on an American Airlines flight were making any of hanging over a fellow trap. Cooler this miniature horse named flirting was the main attraction on a flight from Chicago to Omaha and seven year old may area is a service animal. Owner suffers from depression severe anxiety and PT esteem she's also allergic to dogs the most common service animal toys. This authorities first plane trip. His owners say flying will be reserved for emergencies. And that brings us to the question of the day what do you think about passengers being allowed to bring miniature horses. On airplanes. Tell us what you think in the comments or tweeters and ABC news lives we are expected to see what you have to say. And that is it from us today have a great day. We'll see you tomorrow.

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