Mother Confronts Daughter's Killer

Man who strangled a woman and stuffed body in suitcase, faces mom's grief in courtroom.
2:00 | 09/07/13

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Transcript for Mother Confronts Daughter's Killer
That same person I was a year ago my party's -- -- -- -- that's right Joseph David Dorsey strangled 47 year old Christine Stewart stuffed her body in a -- case. And then left it behind at a motel in how way. According to the prosecution Dorsey then used Stewart's own credit card to buy himself for -- milk shake. That was in 2012. The facts of the case infuriate the family. I don't think the creature. -- me he eight feet below Crittenton murdered. Her in court today Stewart's mother then walked up to Dorsey and. Here everybody. -- -- -- the judge called Dorsey calculating and manipulative. Sentencing him to 56 years to life. We also heard from the victim's son. You know consumers -- Country -- who -- me. -- -- -- And the victim's sister talked about the impact Christine Stewart had as a drug and alcohol rehab counselor. His kind and loving and -- -- -- she ended with this group visitor in my bed room. I think it would be my sister. The family did leave the courthouse a little disappointed however they say they wanted to see Dorsey had strayed off to prison. But instead he'll be back here one week from today to deal -- -- fugitive warrant matter from another state rob MacMillan ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":20188920,"title":"Mother Confronts Daughter's Killer","duration":"2:00","description":"Man who strangled a woman and stuffed body in suitcase, faces mom's grief in courtroom.","url":"/US/video/mother-confronts-daughters-killer-20188920","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}