Mother Who Drove Into Ocean Charged With Attempted Murder

Pregnant woman charged with three counts of attempted murder after driving van with kids into Florida ocean.
3:00 | 03/07/14

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Transcript for Mother Who Drove Into Ocean Charged With Attempted Murder
This is a special room. -- supposed to protect your children. I don't cults. Are supposed to be trying to kill your children. And our that that disappoints me greatly. The Florida mother who drove her minivan into the ocean in Daytona Beach charged today with three counts. On attempted first degree murder and three more. Of aggravated child abuse and debt that's -- or producing digital special report. We watched in disbelief a van full of children driven intentionally into the ocean -- And other charges of attempted murder for 32 year old -- -- South Carolina. -- on -- case since it first began joins us now on the phone from Atlanta. With more on this -- going out he was there ever question these charges were coming. -- -- some question that the charges were coming because there was so much concern about. -- mental health and whether whether she was actually in in in or metal situation. It would explain so there was there was some thought that. You know and they were evaluating or they may choose to treat this as a medical issue as the police said but it's very clear. That they don't think that's the case. This year who spoke today said that his is investigators spoke with her in the hospital. And got a completely different sense once. This situation in the past may call out she's -- -- -- it. And they say that they did say that you know longer conversation drifted from one topic to another vary wildly but. But they they definitely -- that -- this indeed was something that should be charged. And we -- will -- and actually spoke to police hours before the incidence. On a beach have officials said why they didn't move to take her into a psychiatric facility just then -- year. So what what happened was what it will actually kick it back at the -- before at the TD -- this incident. I'll -- percent was taken to a hospital by her sister according to the -- And admitted. That the friendly -- that she was -- a breakdown at that point. Be brokers say did not agree and checked herself out the very next today before this incident. There -- some sort of conflict with her family she leaves with the kids and while she's doing. Or sister then called authorities and says -- like a welfare check. On my sister. At that point -- hardest black Honda Odyssey is pulled over by -- Daytona Beach police officer. We -- question sir talks to her. On according to the police officer in his report that we were yesterday -- He didn't have any -- hard enough to detain her or to -- Kits were quiet and five -- on no. Com evidence. -- -- Which is what the police need clear evidence of -- Actually stopper. Fast forward two hours then back car that minivan -- seen driving down the beach. And then this whole saga -- -- The police are are are very adamant that there is nothing -- they could have done even after they pulled her over. Because the law says that she -- be showing clear signs of harm to herself or to someone else and the police officer at that moment. Did not -- And now today being charged with attempted murder. And heart breaking to hear this year Johnson. Describing what the young children told his investigators when a play -- -- actually told him close -- go to sleep here is taken to a better place. Joseph Max moms trying to kill us. And actually one of the children was kind of back and forth about isolating. -- but did also confirm that. Not everything that was done and said group that she was trying to take them into the sort of include. As all of your hosting video of hard drive and into the sort. Now another point that was made at the ship this afternoon by charging will Chris and they they actually get her into custody. Where she can be helped as well -- splash. You don't. Intentionally. Killed children. Witnesses observed this we had witnesses who actually saw her going for the sure we had witnesses who. Tried to get their children are the car which she tried to keep them from rescuing the children. We also have the proctor put two children have told us that the mother was trying to kill them so you take all this into account. And we're also take into account -- has a tragic -- And our goal is to get her into the system. So that we can protected children and take whatever action we need to help her -- And Steve -- -- for cutting you off -- -- what were you like to say. Well guess safely interviewed from the kids in the hospital on reading from the affidavit right now police just released. And this is under interview with the children just after pointing at the ocean -- mother -- the windows up in the -- Lock the doors to -- the steering wheel and headed straight for the ocean one of the children stated almost like -- drive us and the ocean and die. When asked what Bob did that he says she was crazy another child -- mom drove into the ocean for no reason was going to chill Lusk. Another child -- maybe one of the saint stated that he after the mother what she was doing. He advised his mother said nothing at first -- and then she stated. Keeping all of us -- he yelled to his mother. They're going to make assault -- One of the other children stated that -- stated again I'm keeping us all safe. All of this of course action of the video that we've seen from the incident where you see one of the children waiting for -- Outside the window and then of course those two man. Who happen to be watching all this unfold ran to the car to help. Obese children out of. Water and very young ages 39. And ten years old and and Steve what do we know what will happen with those children. We don't we don't know at this point police are telling us that they have passed the author of the children in South Carolina to come down and gossip -- down but he hasn't shallow and as of today. So right now the children are remain and stick just to. And it and they did not suffer any serious injuries from that -- -- we were as were watching the video you're going over and over as those rescuers. Made their way into the surface that car that ban is getting tossed around. That's that's that's a wonderful part of this story is everyone. Escaped from -- and uninjured. I'm no one which was -- an aunt and in the rescuers all were there was. One of the rescuers. Sprained his ankle but that appears to be the worst of the injuries here. The very latest on -- with that mother from South Carolina being charged with attempted murder. In that case ABC's Steve -- -- Steve thank you for that we appreciate that and of course you can keep up with this story in real time. By downloading the ABC news app and -- the -- for exclusive updates on the go. This has been an ABC news. New York.

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{"id":22822804,"title":"Mother Who Drove Into Ocean Charged With Attempted Murder","duration":"3:00","description":"Pregnant woman charged with three counts of attempted murder after driving van with kids into Florida ocean.","url":"/US/video/mother-drove-minivan-ocean-florida-charged-attempted-murder-22822804","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}