Mother Raises Money to See Daughter's Killer Executed

New York woman hopes to watch Donald Moeller put to death in South Dakota.
3:00 | 08/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mother Raises Money to See Daughter's Killer Executed
What -- put my daughter's room. The pain and torture and I think he should -- same -- -- -- Was convicted of breaking and murdering Tina's daughter in 1997. After more than twenty years in the South Dakota courts Mueller has finally exhausted his attempts to appeal his fate of death by lethal injection. And is scheduled to -- put to death by the first week of November. Tina who now lives near her family in late -- aren't says she wants to be in Sioux Falls to witness Muller's XEQ -- He watched my -- -- I -- watch and he watched her take her last -- -- see him take his -- -- way I'd like to see him take his flaps. But -- is facing a real challenge it witnessing her daughter's -- take that last Brett. She says she cannot fly due to a heart condition -- so she must drive but driving is also a problem teen as disabled and her husband recently lost his job. She says they can't afford the thousands of dollars it will cost to drive in state and motel for the week that -- is scheduled to be executed. To raise money for the trip -- has been asking local establishments to help her host fundraisers Bettina is once again running into obstacles -- that controversial issue over the death penalty. One by our rusty is roost in Queens very recently held a fund raiser the owner -- people told -- he was not. He said not exactly but I mean I had the right response I said how could you not her shoes you don't know. The fund raiser was poorly attended. But Tina says she's not giving up she set up an account at the Hudson River community credit union in current when he asked her what she'll do it for efforts -- she said. I'll sell everything I own. But I will be here. I don't know on the line. A husband's well and solid struck. -- were taken buying an inspirational. A -- -- -- -- -- there will get there.

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{"id":17050114,"title":"Mother Raises Money to See Daughter's Killer Executed","duration":"3:00","description":"New York woman hopes to watch Donald Moeller put to death in South Dakota.","url":"/US/video/mother-raises-money-daughters-killer-executed-17050114","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}