Mother of Ronald Greene: 'It's horrific I can't close my eyes and not see my son'

A new audio recording is raising questions about how Ronald Greene died as his family and attorneys call for authorities to release police's body camera footage.
10:39 | 10/16/20

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Transcript for Mother of Ronald Greene: 'It's horrific I can't close my eyes and not see my son'
Tonight a family of a Louisiana man is calling for justice after new explosive audio that the Associated Press says was obtained from body camera footage that audio is now putting the death of Ronald green in the spotlight. Green died at the end of may in a 2019 car chase in northern Louisiana green's family was initially told by officials at the 49 year old died from injuries suffered in a car crash. Into a tree shrub at the end of a long chase that began over an unspecified traffic violation. The family is disputing the account from state police which omits any reference to troopers using force. They've released photos too graphic to show of green's body appearing to shin deep bruises on his face and cuts on the scalp. Photos of the car that he was driving show it only had minor damage. ABC news has obtained the audio from the body camera microphone state trooper Chris Hollingsworth authorities say that video will not be released while there's an active investigation going on. We do have to warn you the audio is graphic and disturbing. And yeah. It. The trooper that you just heard their Chris Hollingsworth he died in late September after a single car accident on the very same day he was informed that he was being fired. For his role in this incident. These are images from his funeral Hollandsworth. Was the only one of six troopers placed on administrative leave following an administrative investigation of the incident not opened until this August. The case is now the subject of a federal civil rights investigation and tonight there are growing calls for authorities to release the full body camera video. Joining us now is Ronald green's mother Mona hard and he is sister Janelle Harding and of the family's attorney. Leave merit they have all filed a wrongful death lawsuit thank you all for your time. And miss Harding to say that we are sorry for your loss of course falls so short end and comes very late as you know this case has done very little national attention. Until now now you won't recently met with the governor of Louisiana you've both seen body camera video of the incident we just heard that disturbing audio. Ms. Hart and walk us through what you saw and did you receive assurances that this video will be made public and Sinn. Or fatty big T a military units told me. Were it. We're told to us. That he was an accident he died in our prayers because this accidents. This video tells the whole different take. His death certificate and this video is two different stories. It's horrific I can't close violates and not see my son. It would what they need to him. IEI frank parts of sleep. It's been almost a year and a half it was heart before. It's even harder now. Philly it's unbelievable bit. This is gone this long but acting scene why. It hasn't been repealed because it's about this story here it's it's horrendous what happened to my son. And expect it this is being kept under wraps. And at bay that there are gonna keep it under wraps. Because they thought they thought there we would not do anything that this may just that this is going to be another. Yes another murder. Bad they got away with a net RIC. But did not see it. What happened to your son for for families who are just hearing about this story for the first time. You obviously know this and information really well but based on what you saw on the video can you relay. Two assault what did happen to him. I will say the relaying whatever new minute video for the Stanley will probably be entered biblical. I can save it as the vehicles came to a stop. Ronald green immediately surrendered with his hands in the toe law enforcement. That he was sorry yeah yeah actually kept repeating. That he was sorry and I and that he was steer without much time. The law enforcement officers. Approached the vehicle. Shouting obscenities. They immediately cease Ronald and drug come from the caller. I'd it was a matter of seconds with a boot by the time that they approached the vehicle. Once they had a moment brown officer. Chris Collins were. Herman Mitchell pull. Well need. Other officers. At least one other officer I'm not sure which officers chased him into going to second current. And a third crime. As he was. Christopher Robin turner continued to show put your arms behind your bed. But he made it impossible because of the choke openings place comment. While repeatedly taking. While that was going on them in continue to use obscenities pencils. Until four or minutes sustain millions of beating. You shall we need. Home before they put them in hang ups. I hope once they place him in handcuffs. The beating continued. US. And Mitchell can continue. The laces stop for a brief moment. A wash their hands of his blood. And then they return home to percent components be they marked only stomped on. It's. How big drug combine his see the change that the terrorists who speak for no apparent reason just for sport. And then they left about. You're saying they literally washed their hands of his blood a wanna fast forward for a secondly and just get a cent to were you surprised when you heard that the graphic audio recording. From that officer and what do you think needs to happen next. Oh we knew we were rumors we were surprising her progress could Oreo. But after seeing the video NBC news behavior. A mess. That audio. We know there there are additional officers who need to be arrested they should have been arrested. When it's PO. Was shared with. The supervisors. And and so there should be an investigation into why those supervisors or whoever responsible this that dead from this kind of thing happening. Why when they saw why don't these men fires the family is extremely disappointed that after seeing this video that they won't have the opportunity. To secrecy problems for prosecutors to Yahoo! certainly lunacy the other two officers crossed. Yes we did McCain didn't well. Question for you when you first heard the that your brother had passed away at what point did you realize that there might be more to his death and authorities were telling you. In our own. It I just fill Hawaii based on the information that they gave it's. It wasn't until we received. A notification and stand that on FaceBook the neighbor post says that. He died. You know ride in my neighbor's driveway. And and that's one marine we figured there was more to the story that he was actually. Beaten. And not in a car accident when they first heard it Ronnie died in listing. Died because of the car accident. We immediately went to release yen restate their total or nine days. And we had no cooperation it was also. Those nine days were at least we did have no corporation. No communication with none of the police though state troopers anything. And it was a back and forth they just ran us circles. We couldn't talk to Dolan and no one called us. We have you received any explanation as far as why this investigation is taking salaam. What would be it will initially responsible communion terrorists that he immediately. But now these are civil rights violations and should be referred opportunities. Department of just hasn't the he says since he reverted back and Tony nineteen. The cases as Bob just blatant wait. Ms. Harden of of course this year has been extremely difficult for so many to so called racial reckoning in our country spurring protests and some amount of reform that you've been calling for justice for your son for more than a year now of course served in similar calls for justice for. Rihanna Taylor George Floyd Jacob Blake and the list goes on. Many of those causes you know and gone unanswered. Do you have any advice for other grieving families at what's getting you through the first time in and what do you hope floor now. From what I can say is. Hello. It's it's it's so bitter sweet but it's the networking. And she renegotiate with so many damn is we understand each other's. Curry are last week we hold me net I hate using it description. That. When they order people you as you say. I'm so sorry for your thoughts. If it does and it does resonate on any level or women immediate unique east Cantonese. Well being during this kind of painful and horrific situations like those only thing that lives it's an unspoken bond it happened. And out for me. I I found there. It is lightens the bird not mean it I have someone I can talk to relate to and I can say is the networking. And T the network would positive and keep positive people. It's. It's it's unbelievable. Defecting here we are. Almost a year and a half later. And the thoughts in everything on this is it goes right there since day one. It's it's like I I I haven't awakened but was bad dream. Nightmare on shore Mona is an album art in. Believe marriage wheat we thank you so much for your time and for talking with Ellison and from sharing your. Your son and a stories. Thank you for helping thank you it's an educational. Thank you.

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{"duration":"10:39","description":"A new audio recording is raising questions about how Ronald Greene died as his family and attorneys call for authorities to release police's body camera footage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73644732","title":"Mother of Ronald Greene: 'It's horrific I can't close my eyes and not see my son' ","url":"/US/video/mother-ronald-greene-horrific-close-eyes-son-73644732"}