Motorcyclists Chase, Attack SUV Driver in New York

Confrontation involving a group of 20 to 30 bikers and a Range Rover was caught on camera.
2:01 | 09/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Motorcyclists Chase, Attack SUV Driver in New York
This is they. Sort of a major stunt. Offensive -- and motorcycle -- from various. Locations come together -- ultimate goal is to get -- Times Square which they did last year. Quite frankly it was on anybody's radar screen -- here we were aware of it for this year and did a fair amount of enforcement now apparently. They are on the streets and they get on Tuesday. -- Henry Hudson vote. And -- driving. The south end here acting according to the complainant recklessly. Driving and he is somewhat erratic a manner. Individual and the car. Strikes one of the motorcyclists. And that person ultimately wants -- with a broken like. He stops he's surrounded by about twenty to thirty. Bicycle loses it describes it -- put -- those who should say. They take their helmets and is -- to attend his car. And apparently his tires are slashed there would -- -- tonight. He gets into cars and car with his wife he drives continues to drive and he drives 278. Street. And in between was worth -- news. And the the Henry Hudson. Where he is stopped again by a group of motorcycle -- he's taken out of the car he is assaulted. He received some stitches in Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. He has been the treatment and released obviously investigation is ongoing we're -- cameras. In the area. We had enforcement yesterday. Focused on these this group or groups made fifteen arrests -- Confiscated. 55. Motorcycles and we issued sixty. The summonses. And as -- say the investigation is ongoing.

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{"id":20424104,"title":"Motorcyclists Chase, Attack SUV Driver in New York","duration":"2:01","description":"Confrontation involving a group of 20 to 30 bikers and a Range Rover was caught on camera.","url":"/US/video/motorcyclists-chase-attack-suv-driver-new-york-20424104","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}