Moving forward to conquer anti-Asian hate

A multi-generational panel led by Juju Chang discusses the galvanizing moment around standing up to anti-Asian hate, and what makes them proud to be Asian.
11:21 | 05/14/21

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Transcript for Moving forward to conquer anti-Asian hate
Yeah and welcome back we are continuing our fascinating discussion with our panel. Of women who are so dynamic and thoughtful Vivian ho and represented. Be wind door slam doctor Doris Chang here in the studio. You know a lot of that the success of conquering hate rides on this conversation this multi conversational generational. Conversation or having an end after champs curious you know usage you see so many of us trying to have these conversations. Grade so I speak with a lot of folks a lot of Asian American few days you are. Thinking a lot they're wanting to tock. They don't necessarily have the language in the frameworks to how those conversations within their own families but I know parents are struggling and wanting to have conversations with their young children. As well as their teenagers. And also their parents and and so what I would just really want to say it and to all of you are startling when these conversations. Is it still important to have these conversations. Into lists and to ask good questions. Should to be president and listen to what your elders are saying to you to not judge them to understand that they have their own life histories that. Bring this bring them to this moment and I and give them a different perspective on what is happening. And with our young children we want to start to talk to them about what it means to be Asian and the lessons we want to pass on to them in terms of our our own pride the joy of being Asian American. And also to being very realistic and helping them understand. What it means to be racial wised in this country. In to fill in some of those historical gaps for them around the history of Asian American including a history of oppression as well as history of resiliency resistance. Absolutely and it is I've had so many conversations with congresswoman grace Meng who talks about the tock. That she had with her young boys and should be forthright about the fact that you know some people into you differently because the way you look. And yet to be able to take that and and still take pride near care heritage and move forward without that you know. Angela you and I were talking about how. So many of these conversations were sparked by a then spot shootings in Atlanta and that there was a galvanizing moment in our community which. Involves fifteen plus different countries dozens of different languages even. You know different ends of the political spectrum but everyone seemed to stand up against hate in that moment. What kind of conversations do you see being Smart. So hey I think it is true eat away. Those some Asian American community wants to live. Krona virus can ruled kind of things on the fringes of his national news for an entire year. And then this. Shooting in Atlanta and we look it really was a galvanizing. Moment that. Think that this the kinds of conversations I mean this Asian bear king in town heritage month is like new mothers didn't in my experience. You know there are conversations happening at page appropriations or conversations and criminal law firm bound to come decisions having our law firm. There aren't convenient. The infant very sought after speakers Asian American speakers are aren't going you're in speaking out in a way that I really don't call on ever happening and everybody is kind coming together in an awaited I think. I know I hope it's a permanent and lasting thing. And you said though much of it was in many ways ricocheting off of the conversation that began a year ago. With George Floyd's murder and so many people taking to the streets and talking about a racial. Awareness a racial awakening. And a conversation that really has to do with a broader conversation about. Race I think that the idea. You know than did its other peaceful if social justice it's of the peace Swiss you know what happened in George fluid I don't. I assume he's a separate movement and I think said that that community was timing saying look here issues here's here's things have been happening for a long time it's finally visible we have cameras. You know we took our Smart when we get we gave visibility to something that happens. And you know and and so assume galvanized much conversations enemy I think these conversations that we possibly because people are finally listening to these issues. And you know and and so I think it's fat unveiling sheriff you know that the shootings in Atlanta was sort of an unveiling a Psycho here. Are things that are happening. Penalties from places absolutely and no one really knew about it. I want to bring in our young folks here that's tourists from Hong Kong and Vivian tuned in B for that matter but. A lot of these conversations are happening on lines some curious what you're seeing in terms of solutions. Com an online because you know Weathers clubhouse or Twitter or tick tock I mean my kids hate it when I admit that I love tick tock but. I've seen so many interest in on to talk a Cy Young activists saying you know she took it upon herself to. Translate pamphlets on how to report a com Doris and I'm curious what you're saying. Only I think the big thing is just sued. Be willing to talk about and will be willing to have conversations about it went to court serious. To educate them ministers. Not familiar with these issues because a lot of power cars have no idea what's going on Yond Hong Kong so. A lot of times we have to talk about and start the conversation. Educate them. And that Vivian what are you seeing either online or in the real world. Working towards. Feeling. Well you know it's just it's so complicated is an end because you know I had. As are just talking about you know it's that such. Almost Chilean American issue. I mean this sort of racism though. Experience in the United States it's so ingrained in the history the CX what I really comes down to really is education. And that's where you note that that's where I had a you know public outcry feet Killen optimism which. It's a lot of the use a lot of the younger people are relieved just kind of getting down and really talking about the issues soundly talking about. The roots of where are all of these. Where all the teacher comes from where where it begins the end. The hottest stopping and how to stop believing the savings and. That's where we trying to stop the tests and be where we were soon running out of time I can't believe read this conversation has been so full sun but. You know when when I've interviewed at Chinatown activist or community. Organizers and asked them what can people do. To help 11010 activists said com have dinner. In Chinatown. Come buying things from. Has done more harm. Two on some of these populations you've lived in generational poverty. Com and then on top of the you know Asian Americans like. African Americans. Are disproportionately represented in small businesses often because you hit the bamboo ceiling or. African Americans weren't welcome in the corporate settings so we are disproportionately. Represented in small businesses. Which are disproportionately. Hurt during the pandemic and so in many ways you know I've seen of people put out apps for here black businesses so you can. You know contribute to or take part in an in the same goes for the Asian American community and then that we get to the social activism space where you live be a wonder what. When you look towards solutions on the horizon what kinds of solutions. Do you see. Well I I don't know legislative exactly and so we started seeing that hurt Intel engaged engaged debris builds one and is. To require congress Oscars TD cultural competency training and meet for their current tax. Dated curriculum exists it is not mean it more is optional and that is not being just for the Asian very needy but some bar all communities of color. Miyazaki. And diesel legislation when asked dean why mediatory and I won when translation services which somehow. Op. All right and the only CD you should be able teams. Calling 91 and have pleaded services to during times of emergency now her. Liberal arts teacher accidentally slipped and other Britons and Americans but it's around I'm it is requiring prior day leading to purchase a firearm in the city cheating. He says pregnancy is a higher same day he wins and and killed eight people. And New Jersey is leading the way we all Asians living in this country you matter what side of the eye all you are on and GE. People. Overwhelmingly. Won guns eighty masters and their real marquee acts you Christa had she. Forward that is so much energy around these issues and I'm so grateful to each of our panelists but let's and on one. Uplifting positive note if we can in the songs from the actress Sandra Oh and when I asked each have you what makes you most proud. Of being Asian American and so Vivian let me start with you. Now that you've come out. Oh yeah I mean what pretty unique and I mean it's just everything everything about being Asian XT healthy everything. That's a good fun I like that and the Doris in Hong Kong again such gratitude for you joining us. Just like Vivian loved everything about it I love our culture lover traditions I love our values fell over food doesn't know he does everything. That's off them and theme. I'm the mental CNN whereas in addition I think for me it has didn't need the ability to really be a better way Ian hundred CNN. What it's like to be other end cranky nine. Me. I can relieve myself and other people's she's and you just never really deeply into the clintons are back. That's amazing and Angela and home. We're really greedy determined culture and that's what I love about Asian Americans that think that we can share that absolutely I love that and doctor Chang. I I also really loved that came into town but I I think the thing that is most meaningful to me in nineteen distinguishes it passes in some ways is. Our focus on the group. Group well being. And collected mystic. Own sense of self and that we are responsible to one another and I'm your behavior affects me and my behavior affects you. That is such a brilliant way to end this conversation I appreciate it I actually think it's never one of your answers was brilliant. Thank you ladies so much for sharing your lived experiences -- sharing your insights it was a fascinating conversation. And to all of you at home and zooming in take some time first some self care and thank you for coming with us on this journey. And remember this is not the end of the conversation this is just the beginning to the right here on ABC news lives and happy Asian American Pacific islander heritage month. Have a good ones just.

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{"duration":"11:21","description":"A multi-generational panel led by Juju Chang discusses the galvanizing moment around standing up to anti-Asian hate, and what makes them proud to be Asian.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77698557","title":"Moving forward to conquer anti-Asian hate","url":"/US/video/moving-forward-conquer-anti-asian-hate-77698557"}