Big Business of Murder Memorabilia

Auction Web sites are selling items related to notorious killers.
2:29 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for Big Business of Murder Memorabilia
The sites have names like murder auction in serial killers eight. Enter a name from -- highly publicized case and you most likely will find something for saying it just makes me you know in the physical closer to -- Dee Sumpter still -- a photo of her only daughter -- she was one of ten -- killed by Charlotte strangler Henry Wallace in the early 1990s. A sketch of his hands for sale -- line for 100 dollars. The way he killed Shawna was a personal killing it was with his hands. And again the unmitigated gall of him to sell a photo -- artist's rendering of such. I don't have words is Daschle letter from general Eric gene doesn't have Henry Wallace's hand print but he did show us a letter he'd just received in the death row inmates -- -- is the founder of serial killers ink and operates the -- billion sight out of its home in Jacksonville Florida. He hopes to soon start selling items from Henry Wallace on his web sites the business. That the threat here is is is his. Money to me and it's about profit who -- -- to tell me. What I can and can't sale as a going -- say it's legal. He made more than 600 dollars by selling these letters for Melissa baker who was just convicted of killing her step daughters are. Gene says it starts with the letter he writes for the murder and begins a relationship hoping killer rights -- we really did. And kill her of course -- hired to kill -- More notorious they are. The higher the price you kind of wonder. What's wrong some folks. State senator Bob -- was shocked when we told -- about these web sites. Because the killers don't profit directly from the sales it is legal for a third party to sell the items online. Like this letter -- receives from Olympic park bomber Eric Rudolph. While Richard doesn't want to infringe on a person's first amendment rights he is willing to push for new legislation that would keep serial killers in check me. They continue to have been notoriety expanded -- that's the last thing we wanted to -- to these murders we should isolate them and put them in. In -- jail and never let them come back out. Dee Sumpter still hasn't looked at the hand sketch from her daughter's killer but she is ready to fight to keep others from profiting from its. Have a conscience have a hard have a mind legislatively. Speaking I know date there has to be something that can be done. To stop this -- fair channel nine Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Auction Web sites are selling items related to notorious killers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14874567","title":"Big Business of Murder Memorabilia","url":"/US/video/murder-memorabilia-business-14874567"}