Mustache Guide from A to Z

ABC News examines the many forms of facial hair by way of the alphabet.
2:47 | 11/21/13

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Transcript for Mustache Guide from A to Z
Hey this policy of Iraq from the Russian -- -- the winner Mike its namesake. Whose victories gave him fame. He is for about them it's half of a goatee its only missing one -- so your cheeks will remain free. See he's for chin -- it's thick and it's one -- can block the savvy look while he was still alive. Dean is the -- it curls up and knocked down. In this case your face -- never looks like a -- he is for the English it will come in handy. Perfect to accessorize with a cane and some -- at this for the 5 o'clock shadow you rock. You're not rugged -- -- but we're not trying to mock. She is for goatee one we've all tried and failed just like in your high school photo where patches prevail. H is for portion of the -- cold front dias this there. -- is famous leg drop. -- is for imperial this -- says it all. If Koresh is the cheeks with a wide facial -- case is buckling up a Star Trek like you the mustache is missing. Like tons last -- L is for lamb chops a good winter -- they cover the face but not your great -- And is for men -- a recognizable look. Two small wisp of hair that were based on a book. And is for -- skipper along chicken pox like it upside down tear drop it makes you look tough. Hope is for -- -- the name is not so small a full square beard upon your face but no mustache at all. He is the -- its rich just like -- made famous by the ever so handsome Clark Gable. -- is for the -- -- within shaped lines around like that he sent in his heyday would be experts -- crowd. -- is for soul patch it pairs well with your parade its heyday was the sixties. But not modern day. T is for toothbrush a small mustache trend. Chaplain called this -- their friend. The is for van dyke it's a menacing -- -- likes the look but he didn't behave. W is for -- was a large facial -- made famous by each -- who claim god is dead. X is for X rated think Ron Jeremy -- A -- -- that one with a porn book. Is for snap a two -- one here it's spirited and fashionable no matter the here.

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{"id":20972113,"title":"Mustache Guide from A to Z","duration":"2:47","description":"ABC News examines the many forms of facial hair by way of the alphabet.","url":"/US/video/mustache-guide-20972113","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}