Mysterious Illness Strikes Texas Marching Band

Several students were suddenly stricken ill while at a H.S. football game.
2:09 | 11/05/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mysterious Illness Strikes Texas Marching Band
The game has been suspended for now it all happened around halftime again here Barnett -- you can see. All the fire -- all that ambulances it happened right around half time 830. When some band members started feeling sick we have a couple of Austin band members right now and they told us this number is accurate as well twenty people have now fallen sick at this those are Stephenson band members. A firefighter is well you were on the field. Yes what every things are happening tell me what you saw associate -- three dances just coincidence that site start -- And then as we got this thing is smaller decide trapping. And he saw a firefighter out there came to -- -- they apparently gotten sick by that point what did you see them. After it as they came in they see no heat but -- and -- other classified stuff yeah. And that's when he said he became. Really alarmed about what was going -- -- -- -- -- -- say that they think this is ample. Buyers now did you smell anything any chemical anything in the and -- -- -- DT start. He didn't feel any differently I -- you're able to complete. The program. What they have something like this going on in the middle of -- ball game. You com home I would think -- your parents are what did you talent -- things that. -- that people are advancing out there it was a lot of people getting city. And that's them they wouldn't let us know what was going on it and that was it. It will what did this will tell you if you would think that the -- -- -- -- exit -- standing in. And no further instructions that doesn't and it they won't let families leave it. OK so it's -- unfold. The situation here right now I get twenty people. 21 counting -- Houston firefighter. They have now been taken to the hospital the reports of nausea and light headed -- as shortness of breath from what we understand. Again still an unfolding situation the stadium evacuated.

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{"id":14888293,"title":"Mysterious Illness Strikes Texas Marching Band","duration":"2:09","description":"Several students were suddenly stricken ill while at a H.S. football game. ","url":"/US/video/mysterious-illness-strikes-texas-marching-band-14888293","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}