NAACP president on Chauvin trial verdict, shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant

Plus, the daughter of Rodney King reacts to Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict.
5:45 | 04/21/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NAACP president on Chauvin trial verdict, shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant
I wanna go to NAACP president and CEO Jerry Johnson for some reaction to both of Bryant case and the show in verdict Eric thanks for being here we heard of police there say that much higher Bryant was about to stab another young woman when the officer opened fire the mayor. Said the officer took action to protect another young girl in our communities so. What's your reaction to the use of force in this case. But you know we have a situation amid a solo where police were. Claim to be the region's oil taser or to god and our situation or IU sports here is should be used to India he shoots. We have to create a new standard of struts its CD Whitaker a lot of horse. And how did you are seeing slower that given all of us policy and security that would all bill. Kirby. Incidents they have. Luxury need to understand how. BS away their weapons are used investors says women who ran for a credit that's fair. NC investigation is completed in honor has come we don't know what happened. But unfortunately we didn't end the reality of where it is you are so much Levy's violence. Guess Americans are. Derek bread I guess you take a step back oh with a shoulder and verdict. Don't feel what do you see changing in any I'd be NAACP more than a hundred years old your predecessors leading. That important American organization. Mattel Rodney King so many others having to fight for justice do you think. That we've made Procter us as a nation that we do make progress is that just a comforting tale we tell ourselves. We are you know I didn't mention what it. I'm keen and situation mature in thirty years ago then claims where decades old. By your views concerning law enforcement officers across the country eighty car injury and yeah. Huge what we also witness Brad Stuart you blow that it was much more egregious that anyone that spread now. Be considered the past is too slow forty didn't grew up friends secrets should. And to establish trust our greatest seats. Comedian she's always there at Minneapolis bulls stood out and I can doubt the silence. How does create a policy for an region. People are. And Derek we also spoke with Rodney king's daughter earlier on our network and I want to share reviews some of her thoughts. For George Floyd's daughter and how she compared the showman verdict with what happened in her father's case. There or whether life and it. Because who can imagine myself out there and especially if she's I mean sugardaddies here and I'm Velshi in. There's not been hired her mother can do no longer healthy shouldn't even be going through is Gary acknowledged it. He was you know. It was sentenced literally guilty. The hull. Okay actually people are listening their attention you know NN of course. Juror has obeyed art and you know it was it was minorities a little bit everybody on jurors. Whereas my dad's case there was I don't think that was anymore. None to be clear in the Rodney King case one juror did later identified himself as mixed race but. That trial was moved from LA to a predominantly white serve the white suburb. And the jury was predominantly white so Derek do you think having a diverse jury made a difference in the showman trial. I'll see whether. Bring to the big loser whose it is a signatory journal keep thousands over the case is usually. The Olivier wouldn't reach hearts it was a New Zealand has stated originals to put together spiritual home CE. Was greeted whose taste they don't care. We've all witnessed what took place you don't does this new OK our rates and we have to go all we Jesse get a big issue. Just this. I tell us is Susan should issue. There has had to ask you what it. But there is the right. It's already a law doesn't British. News Comdex oh dear Charlotte had. It is. It's the hundreds. Are solidity out. All the rules. For so. You give it. Is. They want to. Be. Costs of its kind. Also got a is greed is. She is yeah. An urgent call it on traders all that she received. At least she didn't care. That's not how we should position and the to create multiple. Accidents or exert we have to work my bad apples spiritual. And we have seen bad cops like that. The one involved in the shooting to Mir rice. Who have left of it kicked out of some police forces. Getting a job elsewhere that national registry might help. Get a hand on that. And Evelyn Ruiz president Derrick Johnson thank you very much for being with us thank you good.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"Plus, the daughter of Rodney King reacts to Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77224721","title":"NAACP president on Chauvin trial verdict, shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant","url":"/US/video/naacp-president-chauvin-trial-verdict-shooting-makhia-bryant-77224721"}