Nancy Kerrigan is attacked with baton by unidentified assailant: Part 5

Tonya Harding says after hearing of the attack she was scared for her own safety because the person hadn't yet been caught.
6:34 | 01/11/18

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Transcript for Nancy Kerrigan is attacked with baton by unidentified assailant: Part 5
??? Welcome back to Joe Louis arena, the prime competitors are on the ice. January 6th, 1994. I was there covering the olympic trials, the national championships in Detroit. We were in Detroit at a typical practice at a national championship. When the practice was over, Nancy got off the ice. Mary and I were walking up, probably 150 feet behind her. I stopped to talk to somebody briefly that I hadn't seen in years. Nancy walked behind a curtain going to the dressing rooms. What happened? A man hit you? What happened? She said some guy hit her. Hit her? Right. Some man hit her. Please don't -- why? Why? Why? This man, large man, 6'2", 200 pounds, hit her a couple times with some type of weapon. I never heard a scream like that before. I don't -- I looked up, and I saw this guy running away. And, so, I started running after him. He crashed through a glass door that was locked and got out of there, and so I didn't get much of a look at him. I'm with a few other journalists and someone leans over and says, "Nancy Kerrigan's been mugged." I'm trying to get a description. He was a tall white guy with a leather jacket on. They said he went down this way. We got the Detroit police on the way. It's craziness. Absolute craziness in the press room. There's been a violent attack on an American athlete, Nancy Kerrigan. A breaking story, olympic bronze medalist Nancy Kerrigan has been attacked. She was struck several times about the legs with an instrument described as a Billy club or a tire iron. I go right to a telephone. I know where Tonya is staying. And I call the hotel. She sounds very, very foggy. And she says, "Anne, I've been napping. What's going on?" And I said, "Nancy's been attacked." And she said -- What? Are you kidding? Really? How could something like this happen? Then when we went to the rink, I couldn't focus. I mean, they never caught anybody, so how do we know that this person isn't here trying to take out anybody else? This comes on the heels of death threats against Tonya Harding at a recent regional competition. I remember thinking, wow, that could have been Tonya that got attacked. I was scared. For your own safety? Yes. And anybody else's. I mean, this is -- this had never happened. What's your take on the Nancy Kerrigan situation? It definitely bothers me. I know how she feels, and I feel really bad that this happened. I was looking forward to competing against her, and, you know, I just hope that she's okay. Observers were immediately reminded of the attack last April on the tennis star Monica sales who was stabbed at a match in Germany. Nine months earlier Monica seles had been stabbed, it turned out, by a fan of steffi Graf. That was everything that everybody was writing. And that's the way we looked at this for a good 24 hours. It was baffling. You just couldn't imagine that anyone would do something like this. It had to have been someone completely deranged and unhinged. Han this be happening? Why are people attacking our athletes? Why? I don't know. We all heard her scream, we all heard that "Why," and that pierced people's hearts. It makes you cringe, hearing it, you know, because you know how much that it had to have hurt and why someone would do this. What are they after? In the press room, a colleague, actually yelled out, "Where was Tonya?" When this happened. Because we're thinking, you know, was she involved? Well, of course, she wasn't involved. It's a white guy, tall. Call the captain. Tall white guy, they said. It was just like a big joke. Nancy Kerrigan will not be competing. The reason is a thigh contusion or bruise that's associated with knee swelling. I really want to skate today, but the doctors all said I shouldn't. It's sad. But she was your competition. Competitors, yes. Rivals, no. Was there any part of you that felt relief that you wouldn't have to compete against her to get on the team? Absolutely not. So you didn't think with her out of the competition, victory was yours. No, it's not. Any of us could've won. Any of us could have failed. A live shot of Nancy Kerrigan watching, wondering, I'm sure, what could have been for her tonight. Can you talk about the emotions that you have right now as you sit here and you watch this? Pretty upset, and I wish I could be out there. Huge. It really had a lot of height, very much in control. And here are the technical merit marks. Very high, all 5.8s and 5.9s. Tonya Harding is the 1994 national champion! Yeah, I won. But that's because nobody else did what I did and as good as I did. So I deserved to win. The nationals the year of the olympics is not so much about who is the champion. It's about who gets the ticket to the olympics. There would be two tickets punched. The first thought when Kerrigan goes down is, the olympics are probably over. Will she get a special kind of a check from the United States figure skating association to put her on the team? We are waiting for the olympic team selection. Everyone expected that Nancy Kerrigan would be named to the olympic team. That seemed like justice. Okay, it is official now. Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding will go to the olympic games representing the United States. Congratulations on this national championship. I proved it. I am the Tonya Harding that everyone always believes in. And I know who my true friends are.

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{"id":52295242,"title":"Nancy Kerrigan is attacked with baton by unidentified assailant: Part 5","duration":"6:34","description":"Tonya Harding says after hearing of the attack she was scared for her own safety because the person hadn't yet been caught.","url":"/US/video/nancy-kerrigan-attacked-baton-unidentified-assailant-part-52295242","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}