Nancy Kerrigan loses Olympic gold to Oksana Baiul, Tonya Harding comes in 8th: Part 7

Harding told judges her lace on her ice skate broke, but she was given another chance to skate.
8:27 | 01/11/18

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Transcript for Nancy Kerrigan loses Olympic gold to Oksana Baiul, Tonya Harding comes in 8th: Part 7
The 17th winter olympics officially opened in lillehammer, Norway, today overshadowed by the international uproar of Tonya Harding. Tonya Harding's first day in Norway. Dozens of shivering cameraman waited to record an historic event. I feel great. Ready to skate? I'm ready. The interest in what would happen as Tonya arrived in lillehammer was phenomenal. It was media that had never covered the olympics at all, especially not figure skating. Coming to cover these two people who were going to meet up for the first time after this attack. If you've ever seen a press conference. It was not a friendly environment for Tonya Harding. They're all very contentious questions. Why should we believe anything you say that you are innocent in the Nancy Kerrigan incident? I think we are here to talk about Tonya's skating. I agree with my coach. How much did the scandal overshadow the '94 olympics for you? All of it. I didn't get to see much, didn't get to do much, always had to be driven around. And you had a lot of people who thought you shouldn't be there? Yep. There was no sympathy for Tonya, at all. Everybody was rooting for Nancy. Tonya, I have this great idea to get rid of Nancy -- Those late-night comedians, they just went to town. And they had plenty to work with, didn't they? This just in -- Tonya Harding has just broken the world downhill career record. That's just in. Oh, my god. It was the ugliest cat fight, it had every single element that, that you would want in a bad TV movie. And finally tonight, the rehearsal of the day -- Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan finally stepped onto the same ice together. So we packed the place. There -- every inch was filled with someone. But while 700 reporters and photographers focused on them, the two Americans ignored each other. We suddenly realized that Nancy's wearing the very outfit she was wearing when she was whacked. Oh, my lord! This is sports. She is psyching out her opponent. She is psyching out her opponent. This was pure cinema, right here. There was not a news organization that didn't want to get an interview with Tonya Harding. CBS was -- had the olympics, I guess she felt obligated to do an interview with me. The Connie Chung interview was amazing to watch. Tonya kept on implying that the whole scandal was not a big deal. The world is not talking about you because of your figure skating. You know that, don't you? No, I don't. It has to do with skating and who's going to win the gold medal. She was as adroit as a politician on capitol hill. Two Czech judges said that they will be influenced by the fact that you failed to report what you knew about the attacks. I'm not going tanswer that. I told you. I'm done -- I'm done with this. Thanks, Connie. Tonya unclips her microphone, gets up, and walks out. That just throws kerosene on the flame. We go right to the short program. TV ratings think the super bowl. Think the oscars. Think the biggest thing you can imagine, and then double it. There's a 48.5 TV rating, the sixth highest rated show in television history. Half the nation watched. Tonya, who has not been hitting her jumps in her training, Tonya is a hot mess. Here's the combinations. Triple Lutz double Nancy comes out on the ice. With her hands raised, with her face glowing. Triple Lutz and a double toe loop. Beautifully done! And she skates beautifully. Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding have finally completed the first part of their olympic competition. It is a clean win for Nancy Kerrigan at this point. Tonya's future is still uncertain. I feel fine. I'm not giving up and I'm going for the gold. The drama that comes into this long program is like nothing in olympic history. Right now it is Tonya Harding's turn to skate. They make the announcement for her to take the ice, and no one shows up. It is her turn to be on the ice right now. And they announce her name again. With 45 seconds left to go, Scott Hamilton, says, "If she's not out here in 45 seconds, I think they are going to disqualify her." CBS had a lipstick camera pointed at the dressing area and it was all unfolding. Where is she? Where is she? The drama was just breathtaking. And Tonya Harding after the warm-up had a problem with her laces. It's not going to hold me! She tries her first jump. Doesn't work. The right foot single. She skates over the judges' panel, puts her leg up and says, "I got a problem." Her lace is broken. It was about probably this much too short. I had to stop 'cause if I would have even tried one jump, I would have probably broken something. My lace broke, of course it did. What a train wreck. I didn't understand why she didn't have an extra pair of shoelaces. Because when you're going someplace like the olympics, you know, you should have all that. They give her a second chance. She's not ready for a second, third, or fourth chance on this night. Tonya turned her triple Axel into a single Axel and lost her last chance for a medal. It was a performance of a woman whose career was over, it certainly wasn't a Tonya Harding 1991 performance. I went out. I did the best that I could under all circumstances. And you know what? I did well. I did great. I did all the jumps they did. At least I got to go skate one last time for myself and for my country. Nancy Kerrigan is only four minutes away from a possible gold medal. Nancy Kerrigan comes out again in a beautiful Vera Wang dress she hit all the jumps. Very, very nice. A standing ovation. Very good all the way around. And, boy, isn't she happy? She thought that she had done what she needed to do to win the gold. She does very, very well. So does another competitor named oksana baiul, who is from the Ukraine. Out of nowhere, a 16-year-old comes and wins by a tenth of a point. To this day I can remember oskana baiul getting the gold, and being furious at the injustice of that. It was Nancy's. Ironically, neither you nor Nancy went home with gold. No. After all that. Oksana. Oh, my god, she was amazing. And so now it's time for the medals ceremony. Nancy Kerrigan is wondering why there's this big delay. She's told incorrectly that it's because oksana baiul is reapplying her makeup. They catch Nancy just saying aside to another competitor, "Why are we waiting for her to fix her make-up she's going to cry it off again." America was shocked. Who she thinks she is? It's not sportsmanlike. Nancy Kerrigan got crow barred in the knee, fought her way back to an olympics. I mean, if anyone was, entitled to feel irritated, it was Nancy Kerrigan. She needed to stop whining. Let the gold medalist have a few minutes to absorb it. She just won the olympics. Give her a minute, you know. She has every right. And I just thought that that was rude of her. Tonya doesn't get to tell Nancy Kerrigan what to think or feel about anything. Ever.

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{"id":52295390,"title":"Nancy Kerrigan loses Olympic gold to Oksana Baiul, Tonya Harding comes in 8th: Part 7","duration":"8:27","description":"Harding told judges her lace on her ice skate broke, but she was given another chance to skate.","url":"/US/video/nancy-kerrigan-loses-olympic-gold-oksana-baiul-tonya-52295390","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}