2 NASA astronauts prepare to make historic SpaceX launch

The Crew Dragon spacecraft, propelled by a Falcon 9 rocket, will carry NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley to the International Space Station.
10:14 | 05/27/20

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Transcript for 2 NASA astronauts prepare to make historic SpaceX launch
We see them signing. Looks like they're signing something in their right now. Yeah we give them a black shark beat to sign the white room it's starting in each tradition from. And we didn't do that those guys that's awesome to tradition. And while we were in the video we saw Bob and Doug walk down the crew access arm and Leland at Scully that you know futuristic look that you talked about I mean what a G sixteen Matt how that. Kind of compare and contrast what that was like during shuttle. You know it's really it's really beautiful I think carrying you know back Quinn nor when I was flying on shuttle. Everything looked out of the thumbs up from by he's get excited this fuel photos at the end there. But it's it's has said dissidents totally different era I mean the SpaceX team. There's really looking to make something futuristic his slick looking like. You know something from the torch Jetsons or from other other movies that you've seen on television. And at the movies and I think it's something that inspires. Our country inspires our children especially to see that they wanna be these astronauts they wanna study hard and be that next generation of explorers. Watching from Cape Canaveral in a SpaceX rocket. You know or working for NASA working for SpaceX or any of the other. Companies that are trying to get off planet and I and I think that you know this this change in the way they were doing business is going to be are really great way of getting more people to the table to find space. And I was really important test track in receipt of the 21 century space ship in needs to look like a 21 century space ship it flies like a 21 century spaceship. So of course of course the ground support equipment should look like it's from the same parent the suits do. All of that sort of future facing. Technology and a static is super important it's actually right now you can see that docked in. That the hands of member number five there. That is an ECF's doctor environmental control system got. Once it's a rich local. We just we just went. With that Decker popped. Team analyst. Okay that list again is awesome. He's ahead of schedule how. I Thelma climb back out. And it is great he's ready. He's like Leland think we're joking earlier is we're gonna have to buckle Leland and his seat year to keep them from on an out there if we stayed outside now estimates from across the mode in. Run over and given them in the vehicle with Bob and president Bob Scanlon in. It's great that the C technicians are helping the crew climb inside. They're holding back the hatch seals to protect. That the seals on the hatch but also making sure the crew doesn't hit their head or anything on the way and even though they have helmets we still don't want that to happen. And you know they they climbed at a couple minutes earlier than we expected them to but. You know Lauren that you know SpaceX has rehearsed this over and over and over again with Bob and Doug and innocent and and I heard them say in how well we might be a little bit ahead of schedule for ready just isn't time to check things out you know yet. So right now that the crew that Dead Sea technicians are doing is. They're strapped being the crease feet into these restraints that the boots inside then in a close those five point harnesses. Around them and no viewing you talked about some of the hardest thing that you had in the past that the shuttle. Can I mean this is such more sleek design where there's one point to plug in to get cooling communications Sen and everything you know we had a five point harness week. You know had these hoses and things all over the place but I think this is so much more streamlined. Look into the future of space travel. Law. And similar to what was going in the Allen's seat building during this seat check outs that seat umbilical. Is going to connect to the right thigh. Of the spacesuit. There is safe fluid module that is connected to the spacesuit map provides fresh cooling air. And also night trucks for the leak checks that are gonna come up later but the audio system is also going through that umbilical. So by the crew is her mother via C techs are hitting the crew all all buckled in. They're gonna performed. A com check. And that's against similar to what was done at the island seat building but this time deep integrated two way communications between. Astronauts and the ground crew. He DR loud and clear. DLC a loud and clear. Court loud and clear and simple pump check complete stand by for ground station contract. And you hear him referred to CDR's Doug Hurley that's the commander PLT pilot that's Bob thank you. So that first coming courtesy of the umbilical so that communication link directly into their suit. Now they're going to do communication checked over the ground stations will also hear won over teachers that's the tracking and data relay satellites. Same satellites we used to talk to the International Space Station. That's will be using to talk contract dragon throughout its entire flight. So again just waiting for a moment for the teams that continue configure and everything they're gonna these ground check outs now. You're going to be hearing them talk directly to the core of the crew operations responsible engineer that's essentially the cap com if you've followed NASA missions in the past. It's a position right here in Hawthorne as SpaceX mission control which is just a few feet away from us. Where the team's going to be watching over about conduct their entire flight that's where the mean person whose job it is to talk to them is going to be sitting. We'll also hear the news and check outs with the launch director. Down there at the sheep inside fire. And you'll be hearing knows very characteristic being space. Effect dragged and we look reasonable. I think we have used. And just to further explain some of those boys particles that you're gonna hear. He might be used to hearing Houston station or Houston shuttle or Houston endeavor back we're flying those specifics shuttles. You're gonna hear SpaceX dragon that's the space sixteen calling the dragon team on orbit that Bob and Doug. We'll be able to respond. So they're gonna continue to configure we'll get these ground station check outs momentarily. And just her Heidi you're gonna hear that very. Very unique beeping sound what's called a Quinn dar and that's been something that's been used to route space to ground or air to ground communications throughout spaceflight history. And that's really just for teams who are in mission control or supporting a launch know when you hear that sound it's time to listen. Dragon SpaceX contract ground station. Jack and until I'm very much better get. And core loud and clear about this contract from. Completes them by port teachers' contract. Dragon SpaceX project keepers. They cut back I'm Rick. Core loud and clear teaches conflict we expect by four checks with the NB LP and the launch he. Edition. Dragon and GM count them on contract. They then we found him out later. Doing great. Hager has done and that. Stand by for comfort he wanted to him. Victory. Sentiment for context over senator. Dragon and the under an immigrant comfort. Not nuclear. And do you loud and clear. Jennifer contracts with the LT. During a lot stricter cut that was subject. Mike we've got to Latin player and that's legitimate. We try dragged gravel. Greg it speakers plus character Greg prevalent culture. Not Blair. Have you to say. Dragon SpaceX launched a creation projects are complete. Report what ready for C rotation for section two of four about 100. Thank god that we're ready for the third case. Copy ready for ski rotation we will report what initiating.

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{"duration":"10:14","description":"The Crew Dragon spacecraft, propelled by a Falcon 9 rocket, will carry NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley to the International Space Station.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70911274","title":"2 NASA astronauts prepare to make historic SpaceX launch ","url":"/US/video/nasa-astronauts-prepare-make-historic-spacex-launch-70911274"}