Nation braces for verdict in trial of Derek Chauvin

Marq Claxton from the Black Law Enforcement Alliance discussed the closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial and what the verdict could mean for police reform.
4:51 | 04/20/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nation braces for verdict in trial of Derek Chauvin
And I want to go right to mark clocks in at the black law enforcement alliance. For more on the show him verdict and what it can mean in a larger impact mark thanks for being here amongst other points yesterday the prosecutor argued. That this is not an anti police prosecution but rather he says a pro police prosecution. Because he says there's nothing worse for good police. Then bad police they also tried to make it clear the police aren't on trial Derek Shelvin. Is on trial here what do you think about that general point and why was it's so important to me. It's vitally important because oftentimes. People have a great difficulty in. It in rendering their decisions against police officers because. They be treated as it is it's an indictment if you will. A gifts of professional policing so I think the prosecutors were mindful of that concern that some jurors. And want to make sure they're isolated they're Sharman. And indicated that you know you have to charge a little cords and his individual actions in this case. As they hatched arson and yet to judgment accordingly so you think it was a wise. Susan soon to make sure to reassure the jurors to completely. Policing within that the conduct of terror terror Sharman treat him individually isolated and he will end and therefore you could then consider some of his actions to be aboard. Or even. Criminal. And then on the other hand the defense argued that dared showman was following training in acting as a reasonable police officer would. On May 25 what did you make of those arguments. Well at the defense is engaged largely in this skirmish hypothetical. Positioning and presentation so I don't think the evidence submitted in court that means the evidence of the expert witnesses. Supports that position. That didn't or shop in any way acted and prop up. As far as police tactics of concern. Not according to sue the professional standards. Narrow corridor according and that the record since she chiefs are Congo. Not even recorded their departmental stands and if he listens to these expert testimony. There was not a single shred. Validation for. What he engaged in there was significant compensation. About the disproportionate. Amount of force that was cheeseburger shopping. I just think the difference is donating and Kennedy is the war one opens opens things will cause some confusion. That what do you think this verdict could be in for the larger issue in terms of police and police reform. I don't think doesn't I don't think the verdict itself will have significant impact in. In the adjusting downward the calls for reform Korea imagination the police are thing. But regardless of the verdict. There will be continued coals. For us to restructure policing. There are incidents or refocus policing to re prioritize policing we allocate funds. And re imagine police scene indicates it's when he first century. I think everyone's kind of let the court where they understand. That. Requirement. Professional standing is that there is a constant upgrading. And not only training. But a lot of procedural aspects. So. I think girl divert regardless of the bird there will continue to be a significant substance and push. Total reform and you can see many jurisdictions. Are already engaging in certain components. Of law Jerusalem. Uses and we know tensions are high in Minneapolis and also around the country as we await a verdict here. What's your message to law enforcement tasked with keeping the peace in all of this. Do you job and here's in the professional standards. Remember don't personalize it. To remain discipline destruction and be professional and admit that really is the message that the community has been. Sending him yelling and screaming and demanding of law enforcement for many decades now. So it is up to the law enforcement communities you've seen. The and here's a those. Professional standards and unfortunately many villages imply because there are no clear national standards. But I think everyone's clear about the responsibility and expectations of law enforcement of police and and that includes. During the course of demonstrations regardless of power pull officers were so. All or potentially apparently dating Tuesday they are. Does maintain professional standards and do that wish that protects and preserves our classes. Human life. I'm mark Claxton of the black law enforcement alliance we appreciate your time is always mark thank you. Based and appreciate you.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"Marq Claxton from the Black Law Enforcement Alliance discussed the closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial and what the verdict could mean for police reform.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77192061","title":"Nation braces for verdict in trial of Derek Chauvin","url":"/US/video/nation-braces-verdict-trial-derek-chauvin-77192061"}