Navy Yard Shooting Leaves 12 Dead

Officials in Washington, D.C., say two potential shooters are also being sought.
2:52 | 09/16/13

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Transcript for Navy Yard Shooting Leaves 12 Dead
This is an ABC news. Hello I'm George Stephanopoulos miracle coming on the air right now to get an update on that shooting the navy yard in Washington DC. The mayor of Washington DC this in -- Jessica announced that there are now twelve dead. In the navy yard shooting including. The suspected gunman on -- -- -- ABC's Lisa stark in Washington Lisa. Some very disturbing news as you mentioned here -- we have now learned that twelve people have been killed here at the navy yard in Washington DC. In this morning shooting one of those twelve do you believe it is one of the shooters the suspect. The police chief Cathy Lanier said that they are still looking for two possible additional suspects. Both of them in military garb a white male and an African American male both aged forty to fifty. So this area does remain cordoned off they say it'll take at least another two hours. To continue -- search through the area to see if there are additional shooters. They wouldn't say why they believe there are additional shooters but they apparently have very credible reports and they are taking that. Very seriously the FBI is now taking the lead on this investigation. The police chief in the -- also saying at this point they have no known motive yet. For what has happened here but again -- horrible morning here at the naval yard. In Washington DC. Twelve people we -- confirmed dead in this. Morning she'll get her daughter alive thank you this all began and -- on 8:20 this morning and go straight to our justice correspondent Pierre Thomas also washing we just heard from -- the FBI. I'm taking the lead here -- no motive. According to the mail but is there any indication at all from your sources that this might be connected to terrorism. Right now law enforcement officials are saying no nexus no no nexus to terrorism right now they're in the process of taking the fingerprints. Of the -- suspect. That will give them official confirmation they hope one who this person is again -- -- pointed out -- mayor and police to talk about the possibility of two other suspects. The sources are telling us that the hard evidence points to a single suspect but there are some eyewitness accounts according to other sources. That need to be checked out they want to be completely certain what this is. That's a massive bill and they have to go -- room by room to figure out exactly what they have to. So lots of a rundown on the street Pierre Thomas thanks very much -- continue to follow this all day long as we said -- Washington DC. Has now announced that there have been twelve dead at least twelve dead in this Washington navy yard -- when the gunman. One gunman -- has also been killed possibly. Two more at large you can see this -- -- will full report tonight on world news. This has been a special. For me.

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{"id":20271708,"title":"Navy Yard Shooting Leaves 12 Dead","duration":"2:52","description":"Officials in Washington, D.C., say two potential shooters are also being sought.","url":"/US/video/navy-yard-shooting-leaves-12-dead-20271708","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}