Navy Yard Shooting in Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Navy confirms that a gunman entered one of its buildings.
3:00 | 09/16/13

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Transcript for Navy Yard Shooting in Washington, D.C.
This is this special report from -- -- I'm Dan -- -- New -- -- -- CBC news digital special report police responding to reports of a shooting. At the navy yard in Washington DC where there are reports of one confirmed injury. From a shooting early this morning I wanna go now to our digital journalist Louis Martinez so with the latest on this breaking story -- -- what do we know about the shooting at the navy yard. Well -- we know that about almost an hour ago imaging center very large building cult -- sea systems command headquarters. On the Washington navy yard that's located on the -- -- river. We know that there -- three at least three shots fired and an eating out confirming to one injury. Initially personnel and -- buildings have rather large spilling about 3000 employees they were told to evacuate. But -- have been told to shelter in place. Allow this active shooter is -- -- on the -- And we're just now getting in a description a fact of the suspect. Both from the -- capitol police and also from the navy. Itself. That is a black male with black hat and a black shirt at -- at this point do we know. Exactly. Where the suspect might be hiding -- and they've been releasing any of the information on the search. Well we've received some unconfirmed reports. That he is. And one of the force in this building my satellite this disclose exactly where we think he is. But those reports are confirmed we're also getting burying various reports about the actual number of shots that were fired. The navy's only confirming three at this point demanding more. And -- stressed that this is an active navy base here located in Washington DC. It's rather large it's very historic it's located on the bank city and -- -- river. -- significant headquarters. Buildings aside from the ones that are located at the Pentagon. The quite -- number. Mainly personnel worked at the Washington navy yard. It gets its name because this historically it's -- chips -- -- duck. These -- is only one old destroyers that there's kind of like a museum piece. But it is an -- -- mostly office buildings. I am not a citizen -- rather large based so in order for anyone to get access to the base they would've had. To -- military ID. Or have reason to be on on the base for some kind of events on it's unclear then whether this is actually an individual who worked at. Election navy yard or may have been visiting. And we're to Salinas and the live pictures that you consider some of the fire trucks and some of the police -- -- been. Covering this and in canvassing this entire area. And now some choppers overhead. Perhaps from where the local news stations or or perhaps a police responding to this as well. Louis do we know it isn't building on lockdown or has been evacuated because -- -- obviously of a building that size and scope it it might be difficult to kind of be able to call both of those kinds of plans. Well initially that the plane orders to evacuate the building and that what they have in place and called they stay in space in the building I think in place order. That's what they have right now I -- speaking and making my reporting -- About this incidents. We a year. But this summit in opposite -- Steve do we know particularly -- which building mr. actually took place and so we have very little summation about that. -- we've -- -- is to stay in place. In a -- an affidavit that we get from my colleague purity she did not reportable from multiple sources that. It is believed that this suspect is carrying assault rifle. And in and who would be it would be responding to -- we saw some earlier reports the capitol police are responding to this as well. And we can -- fire trucks and some other first responders and emergency personnel on the scene there. What about navy police as well. Not a threat and this visit any base for the first few people to have -- would have been navy police. In this case the company the district Washington police force. -- -- along with the DC metro police which is our local police force here in Washington DC. They responded and then because this bases near -- Capitol Hill neighborhood. Others -- separate police force for guarding the US capitol grounds that the Capitol Hill police and so they have also been offering assistance. And if you -- just joining us -- to recap what's happening now there are. There is a shooting situation is unfolding on at the navy yard in Washington DC where there have been reports of three shots fired. I do 120 minutes after 8 eastern time this morning. With one victim has been confirmed. And you're taking a look now this is -- Roughly the approximation of where this navy yard is located in -- we were saying this is -- I'm fairly high traffic area of DC. It is it's actually after the the banks sitting at a concert can mean where is in Washington DC. If you look at the map that -- Potomac River along the -- which is the better known one. And they on the east side the at a cost curator which is a much smaller river. This is where the Russian Navy yard is located -- as a historic facility goes back the late eighteen hundreds. Used to serve as -- headquarters for the -- And then during World War I that was shifted elsewhere especially toward the having but -- there. Is a a location that is -- Mainly office buildings. Opera mini -- commands in particular the one where the shooting took place which is called Nancy. Which stands for -- -- sea systems command. There -- one of the larger command is that deals with yet building and the contract thing the navy ships. And -- what we're looking at here are obviously some of the road closures and some of the fire trucks that are blocking off. Various parts in -- around this this base. Is the is the facility itself in a -- in a relatively residential area or is it commercial business look at the right side -- -- -- that there might be apartment buildings. Right across the street there apartment buildings after the left. You -- office he probably. The nationals baseball park Nationals Park. This has been an area that there have been written redevelop in recent years so others modern apartment complexes for the -- up to the north of those the base. Is -- much more historic neighborhood of the Capitol Hill area actually. Just about two blocks to the north is the Washington headquarters fourth and every court. That this historic based -- as -- Marine Corps -- It's for the commandant of the Marine Corps at the top four star general in -- -- -- record lives. And where is the yes silence that -- can link -- team is based. It is -- history in that neighborhood. -- it runs the gamut from residents modern residential the historic. -- a little further east immediately in some industrial. So given that it is a military base and as you pointed out security very high for that. It is there is it open and alt the public is -- era their tours or is is it -- civilian. Contracts and jobs on the go on at this facility. Most military bases there are civilian contractors that work on the base the bulk of amid many civilian abuse particularly employees and all the military services. That they don't when -- can access the -- normally is but having. They have not period incurred. If -- the regular civilian life I've been on the base several times. And Natalie that you show up commission for why I am going to be on the base. And let's face some events or pre scheduled meeting him -- your name and analysts. I'm so it's not just every anyone can get on the -- either gonna have no security card or reason to be on the -- And we can -- the large fence and obviously surrounds the entire facility there and that certainly. It is something that that's been cordoned off is that as you pointed out that in fact it's in the building hasn't been evacuated but that in fact there's been a shelter that's been set -- in place there. They -- if you're just joining us we're looking at an -- situation in Washington DC where there's been shooting at the navy yard base. Reports of one confirmed injury. In this off following reports. Three. Shooting three shots. That may have been fired we can hear some of the audio from some of the feeds that are going back and forth. From this area fire trucks and some other ambulances and first responders are on the scene there -- -- -- police trying to. Get coverage and in sectioned off that -- From traffic and from anyone that might not have any kind of business or any kind of affiliation that are after the base themselves and -- -- and this is a as a pretty good sized facility. -- -- -- And of course not a stated that -- facility. But it is historic. -- because -- -- that history -- got some large ship parade grounds around on the outside. Some of the buildings. Historic in nature because they date back -- the late nineteenth century early twentieth century. But the once you get on there -- -- small confines. Narrowed street. And then ultimately UN fairly quickly on the banks -- Janikowski. And I wanted to look now apparently via Twitter we did did a picture potentially of one of the victims. That's was sent in Vietnam. Via Twitter this morning. And again of course that's something that the police going to be looking as -- trying to figure out exactly what the situation they have going on here. -- had read it and then hearing any kind of reports that there may be more than one shooter or is it just one suspect the police are working at right now. For now we're hearing from public sources that they -- -- looking at one individual. And it's believed that this individual is trapped -- one of the forest of that large building that we've been talking about the Nazi headquarters building. But. For now we're hearing is this one individual what that we are hearing varying reports about our that a number of shots fired. And the number of wounded for now wheels are sticking with the official reason number 0111. Wounded. And at least three shots fired. And do we know for certain where the shootings actually took place that they happen outside of the building or we know they if they took place inside the building. You know that that's -- -- -- -- it's unclear to me we're getting some reports that would indicate that this happened outside. But when -- Lebanese officials earlier during the reporting. For this story. Admit they made account -- -- it was indoors. Of course anything is possible because these offers and reports are getting and so first reports really you know some of them can be -- -- an accurate. Right exactly which is why we're trying to be incredibly careful. On reporting on this because -- -- fluid situation that's really when Tom just a little more than an hour old. We can see -- from some of these live pictures that there are great -- number of people that are lining up outside with looks like that a brick wall. I would assume then that that is the source rounds the entire facility there. -- that that's the brick while that -- -- that surrounds entire facility as well as you'll also see a black metal fence. That borders it and I think it here on one cent of the bill -- a may see a large parade ground in front of a large -- -- Bomb and that's where you see some of the drilling that goes on by. The navy honor guard that's where they practice you know Washington is home to. -- with the honor -- from -- port services and they make their homes in some of these historic basis here in Washington including an eighty. I drove -- that Washington in years. Is it primarily clerical operations are going inside the city -- inside this facility. I'm Elliott clerical is primarily. Look at that large commands like Nancy of the navy historical command is also located on the base. It used to be home to some of the other outlying command here and Washington for example the famous TV show and TI for the needle. Many criminal investigative service used to be out here. At the Washington the year before -- got. Larger facility more modern facility down seven Virginia so it's it's that the console wide range of -- -- man -- It's certainly a large facility there and obviously. A great deal of concern knowledge from capitol police -- but -- as you've been putting up from from may -- -- as well. -- trying to. Get that area secured first and foremost can get anyone out that they might -- to get up and as you've been point out -- that they're. Given the size of the building that it might almost seem more practical to keep people in in a shelter in place which is what's been called. It might be very methodical thing where they ask people to come out one -- line and it's it's unclear how -- is gonna take place. Com but the key thing here is that officials want to ensure that anyone who is still in that building remain safe and they determined that the best way for them to be so. Is by staying in place in our office. All right Lou we're gonna let you get back on this and gather more information as it becomes available we appreciate your time and you're reporting on that. And again and to recap of what's happening right now Washington DC reports of a shooting at the navy yard. One person has been injured that's been confirmed by the US navy but there are conflicting reports on the number of shots that may have been fired. Between 34 shots and again as we've been. Reporting there is believed to be a suspect inside the navy yard that police are now actively. Trying to get a hold -- we have a complete report on As those developments become available. For now I'm Dan Cutler in New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":20267333,"title":"Navy Yard Shooting in Washington, D.C.","duration":"3:00","description":"The U.S. Navy confirms that a gunman entered one of its buildings.","url":"/US/video/navy-yard-shooting-washington-dc-20267333","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}